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  • Sunclan
    Leader-Applestar- Brown mottled she cat with blue eyes
    Deputy-Smokeheart- Gray tabby tomcat with green eyes
    Medicine Cat-Oakleaf-Golden tabby she-cat with green eyes (Apprentice-Moonpaw-Blue-gray she-cat with green eyes)
    Warriors-Toms and She-cats without kits
    Leafheart- Gray mottled she-cat
    Birdwing-Reddish she-cat with yellow eyes
    (Apprentice-Windpaw-White she-cat with amber eyes)
    Ripplenose-Brown tabby tom cat with amber eyes
    Thornheart-Brown tabby tom with white belly
    (Apprentice-Vinepaw- Gray tom cat with blue eyes)
    Blackfrost-Black she-cat with one white paw
    Brackenfang- Golden tabby tom with amber eyes
    Splashstream- Blue-gray tom with white belly
    Redflight- reddish brown she cat with white tail
    Sandfur- Ginger tom with blue eyes
    Hawkflight-mottled gray she-cat with white paws
    Morningdawn-tortoiseshell she-cat with white patches
    Bubbleburst- Golden she-cat with white patches
    Mudpatch-brown tomcat with green eyes
    Mintnose- Tabby tom with amber eyes
    Robinfeather-White she-cat with black paws
    Stormbird-Gray she-cat with white chest
    Falconclaw- reddish brown tom-cat
    Queens- She cats expecting and nursing kits
    Swanflight- White she cat, mother of Ripplenose’s kits: Palekit: White she kit, Dovekit: White she kit with brown splotches, Bushkit, Brown tabby tom kit with blue eyes, and Foxkit: Reddish tom kit with amber eyes.
    Featherbreeze- Silver tabby she-cat, expecting Mintnose’s kits.
    Daisynose- Yellow she-cat, mother of Brackenfang’s kits: Flutterkit: Yellow she-kit, Frostkit: Blue-gray she-kit with blue eyes, and Patchkit: Golden and White spotted tom-kit.
    Hollybranch- black she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Smokeheart’s kits: Birchkit: Pale silver she-kit with white chest, and Ashkit: Dark gray tom-kit with green eyes.

    Elders- Former warriors and queens, now retired.
    Sorrelnose-brown she cat with amber eyes
    Lionpelt- golden tabby tom-cat
    Brightfrost- Pure white she-cat

    Chapter one of Return of the Ghosts

    “But Swanflight, I wanna be an apprentice now!” Palekit moaned to her mother.
    “No, Palekit, you have to wait like everyone else, until you’re six moons old.” Swanflight replied.
    “But Ashkit and Birchkit are becoming apprentices, and I want to be one too!” Palekit complained.
    Palekit wished she was six moons old but she was only four moons. Ashkit and Birchkit were two moons older than Palekit and were moving to the apprentices den today.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highledge for a clan meeting!” Applestar called out from the great stone ledge that hovered over the camp.
    “Come on Palekit, let’s wake your littermates and go watch Birchkit and Ashkit become apprentices. Palekit had a sister and two brothers, all of whom were sleeping.
    “Dovekit! Wake up! Birchkit and Ashkit are about to become apprentices!” Palekit shook her sister with one paw.
    “Palekit… why did you wake me up?” Dovekit asked groggily.
    “Just get up!” Palekit was already prodding at Bushkit and Foxkit.
    As they went outside into camp, Ripplenose, Palekit’s father came running up to them.
    “Sorry I’m late! I had to do a border patrol!” Ripplenose explained
    “It’s okay, Ripplenose. The ceremony hasn’t started yet.” Swanflight told him.
    As they stepped outside, Featherbreeze padded out of the nursery and walked up to Mintnose and touched noses with him.
    “Birchkit, come forward.” Applestar spoke calmly and confidently. The young kit scampered forward up onto Highledge. “ Birchkit, from this day forward, until you have earned your warrior name, you shall be known as Birchpaw.”
    “Birchpaw! Birchpaw!” The clan called the new apprentice as her name.
    “Falconclaw, you shall mentor Birchpaw. You are honored for your strength and clever thinking. I hope you will pass these qualities onto your apprentice.” Applestar continued. Birchpaw stretched up to touch noses with her new mentor then sat down beside him. “Soon enough that’s gonna be us!” Palekit whispered to Dovekit. “Shush!” Swanflight whispered.
    “Ashkit, come forward.” Ashkit scooted forward, towards Applestar. “From this day forward, until you have earned your warrior name, you shall be known as Ashpaw.”
    “Ashpaw! Ashpaw!” The clan yowled to welcome the new apprentice.
    “Bubbleburst, you shall mentor Ashpaw. You are honored for your courage and strength in battle. I hope you will pass these qualities onto your apprentice.”
    “What are we gonna do first?” Palekit heard Birchpaw asking her new mentor.
    “Dovekit, Foxkit, Palekit! Let’s sneak out of camp!” Bushkit whispered to them.
    “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Dovekit whispered back.
    “Dovekit, your a scaredy-mouse! Come on Foxkit, if she doesn’t want to go then we have to go with Bushkit!” Palekit hissed.
    “Kits! Come back to the nursery!” Swanflight called from beside Ripplenose.
    “Okay! We’ll be there in a heartbeat!” Foxkit called.
    “When Swanflight’s asleep, we sneak out.” Bushkit purred to his littermates.
    “And if we get caught?” Palekit asked.
    “Uhhh, we say we were looking for Ripplenose. No one can deny us that!” Foxkit intervened.
    As they walked back to the nursery, Dovekit sped up her pace to catch up to them.
    “If you do this I’m gonna tell Swanflight!” Dovekit threatened. “You wouldn’t say a word if you came with us!” Foxkit glared at her.
    “But I’m NOT coming!” SHe hissed at him.
    “Dovekit, do you really want to be stuck in camp for two more moons?” Bushkit narrowed his eyes. “Because if you do then your the first kit ever to think that!”
    The kits crept back to the nursery and as Swanflight fell asleep, Bushkit, Foxkit and Palekit snuck out of camp.
    “Come on! Lets go this way!” Palekit murmured to her brothers. She pointed with her tail to an overgrown path with only a faint trace of cat sent. As they padded on, a new sent washed over them.
    “What’s that?” Foxkit wrinkled his nose at the disgusting sent.
    “I don’t know… Maybe it’s Darkclan, or Snowclan.” Bushkit spat in disgust. They walked into a mossy clearing and saw a shadowy shape moving inside a little hollow in the ground. Palekit gasped in shock as she saw the black and white striped face from the nursery tales.
    “Badger! Run!” She shrieked as the badger turned to face them.

    Tell me what you think! Chapter 2 will be out soon!

  • Prologue and Chapter 1 of this story is on page 502, you can also just look up “Heatherfrost and Silentscream” on google, and it will pop up in the first link. Scroll down, It’s right under Jayfeather x Poppyfrost Part 3.

    Chapter 2 (When The Stars Leave The Sky)
    This one’s gonna be sad, so read at your own risk.
    Silentscream watched Heatherfrost in adoration as she gazed at the herbs on the cave in total confusion. “How do you do this?” She asked him. “Well, I died as a medicine cat, not a warrior.” Silentscream informed her. Silentscream stood back before he fetched the last ingredient. “Don’t lay a paw on that before I’m finished.” Silentscream warned her. Though he knew it was most likely in vain. Heatherfrost wasn’t a fan of ‘don’ts.’ Silentscream lay the last ingredient down. “Okay. On the count of three.” Silentscream began counting slowly. But by the time he got to two, Heatherfrost was on thirteen. “Go!” Silentscream yelled. As she ate the mixture, Silentscream realized his mistake. “Spit it out! Spit it out! Spit it out! Out! Out! Out!” He screamed. “Ooops.” Heatherfrost said innocently. She had swallowed it .2 seconds before his outbreak. “I added juniper instead of deathberries! The deathberries were supposed to send us back to are dying bodies so we could try to return our spirits to- are you even listening to me?” Silentscream asked. Heatherfrost was chasing a butterfly down a path of overgrown grass. “Nope. Sorry!” She apologized. Silentscream sighed. “In an approximated 5 minutes you’re going to be alive again.” Heatherfrost’s ears twitched. “Did you say alive?” “Yep.” Silentscream said. “Why are you so upset?” We’re going to be alive!” Heatherfrost exclaimed. “You.” Silentscream corrected. “What? You’re coming too, right?” Silentscream slumped. “That was the last of the juniper berries.” He said sadly. “No! I can’t do this alone!” Heatherfrost cried. “I can’t handle going there without you!” She sobbed. Tears pricked Silentscream’s eyes. “You have to. You have to save the clans.” Heatherfrost’s paws became solid. “But- Silentscream! I’m expecting your kits!” She said before she was swept away from StarClan. Silentscream looked at his empty paw. That had seconds ago been full of Heatherfrost’s love. “What have I done?” He wondered sadly. (( This is ironic because you usallysee living cats having their mate die, but now a dead cat has his mate come alive. Same sadness, different reason.

  • This is Chapter 10! Enjoy!

    Dirtslide honestly didn’t know what he was doing on SavannahClan territory.
    He had seen a dappled grey tail while he was hunting. It reminded him of Streamheart. So he followed it. Through trees and bushes and open field, he chased the tail.
    Suddenly he had heard a ringing in his ears, a call. He followed it, and eventually he had found her. Streamheart, beautiful as ever, stood in a sunbeam.
    The call intensified as she disappeared.
    But the ringing remained. So he followed it.
    His ears began to buzz.
    And then a SavannahClan apprentice crashed into him.
    Tears streamed out of her blue-green eyes and her nose looked runny. She was panting and her forehead was brimmed with sweat.
    But the strange thing was, she looked like him.
    But it couldn’t have been his kit, could it? No, Melonkit and Applekit and Mangokit were safe in OceanClan with their mother. He’d probably see them next gathering.
    When the apprentice told him that Streamheart was exiled, and that she and two other kits were dead, Dirtslide was genuinely shocked. How could that have happened? What could she have done?
    Then he realized. He was an idiot.
    When Streamheart was kitting, she had said she didn’t need to go back to OceanClan for a while. Dirtslide should’ve guessed! He would’ve invited her to stay in MountainClan, and no doubt she’d have been welcomed with open paws.
    But he hadn’t done anything.
    And now she was dead.
    His stupid, mouse-brained self had cost the lives of three cats he loved.
    But he was, at the same time, joyous to see Melonkit- er, paw.
    He had never stopped thinking about her. Never.
    He didn’t tell a soul. This was his secret. His alone.
    Every night he dreamed about her. Every night.
    But one night while dreaming about Melonpaw, he had received a prophecy.
    And he had the strangest feeling it was about her.

    I hoped you enjoyed, and I hope you’ll like the next chapter, too!

  • Chapter 11! 😋

    Gorgestar was plotting. His only living daughter, Irispelt, stood beside his throne.
    Gorgestar was scheming . . . things. Deadly things. Gorey things. Bloody things.
    Each thing ended in the death of Streamheart’s last living kit.
    Irispelt despised her father’s evilness. But, as his number one servant, she had to put up with it.
    Blinking her almond-grey eyes, the silver tabby looked to the entrance, hoping someone, anyone, would come and end this session.
    But no one came.
    “I know! We get her while she’s training!”
    “Don’t you think her mentor would protect her?” Irispelt amended her father.
    “Ah, yes. Forgive me,” her father said. But suddenly his eyes lit up. “But what if we-”
    “It won’t work,” Irispelt sighed.
    “What about more fire? Spies? What about- I’ve got it!”
    Irispelt perked her ears. Gorgestar had never sounded this sure before.
    “Have you ever noticed my scar?” he asked, gesturing to and ugly gash on his neck.
    “Every day, Father,” Irispelt nodded.
    “Do you know how I got it?”
    Irispelt shook her head.
    “When I was seven moons old I saved the Clan. From an evil PineClan warrior. He had a scorpion, though. He told me to tell the king to obey him, and then he’d cure me. I killed him and cured myself instead. But alas, no one believed me. They just laughed and inspected the wound. They said I just cut myself. Playing by the thorn bushes. Imagining it. They said that PineClan was a Clan of goody two-paws and could never sire an evil cat. No one listened. No one ever listened!”
    Irispelt had never known that. Maybe it was possible, for PineClan to sire an evil cat, after all.
    “Do you know my plan?” Gorgestar asked as Irispelt’s almond-grey eyes widened with concern.
    “I’m going to give Melonpaw her scar.”

  • Rosetail x Bluestar because I felt like writing something 😛

    “What do you want?” Her voice came out angrier than she wanted, and she winced as she looked over her shoulder, realizing who she’d snapped at. Sorry, Rosetail.
    “I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.” A pause. “For everything.” Bluefur closed her eyes, letting out a sigh.
    “You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t apologize. Everything that happened is my fault.” There was a long silence that followed her words. She felt Rosetail move closer, twining their tails together. She kept her eyes shut.
    “You could have asked me to take care of them.”
    “I know.”
    “I would’ve helped you.”
    “I know.”
    “Please, stop.” Bluefur opened her eyes, turning to face the other she-cat with a look full of pure pain. “I know I could’ve done everything differently. I was selfish. Blinded by my own ambition. I was the reason Snowfur died. I was the reason Mosskit died.” She took a breath. “But I got what I wanted. Thistleclaw will never be ThunderClan’s leader.”
    “Is that really worth everything that you lost?” Rosetail’s voice was quiet. The deputy couldn’t bring herself to look at her.
    “It has to be.” Another long silence.
    “You have Whitepaw still. And Sunstar. And Thrushpelt. And…” She paused. “Well, you have me.”
    “I can’t face Thrushpelt. Not after all of this.” She looked up in a desperate bid to keep her tears from falling. “I have no clue if Whitepaw has even forgiven me for Snowfur’s death. If he even knows it was my fault. And Sunstar… He has bigger things to worry about than me. But you?” She glanced at Rosetail for the first time. “I may have you, and I’m grateful for that, but why?”
    “Bluefur, how mouse-brained do you have to be? I love you! I don’t ever want you to have to suffer alone. I wish you didn’t have to suffer at all, but that RiverClan piece of fox dung-”
    “Sorry. I just…” She sighed. “I don’t know.” Bluefur felt her heart crack as the she-cat’s shoulders fell, her head drooping. “I guess I just need somebody to blame.”
    “Blame me,” she mewed, the words heavy on her tongue. “Nobody else.”
    “I do blame you.” Rosetail looked up slightly, her eyes glittering sadly. “But you have to understand that you aren’t the only factor in the grand scheme of things.”
    Bluefur blinked, taken aback. “I… I guess that makes sense.”
    “I hope it does. I think about it a lot.” She flicked an ear. “I’m not as thoughtless as some cats think.”
    “I’ve never thought that about you.”
    “Yeah. I know.” Bluefur tensed slightly as Rosetail leaned on her shoulder, then relaxed, resting her chin on top of her head.
    “Thank you, Rosetail.” She paused. The words that waited on her tongue next had cursed her so many times. But she was done being cursed. She wouldn’t let anything happen to this one- not in her life.
    “I love you, Bluefur.” She took a deep breath.
    “I love you, too.”

    • I love this! Rosetail X Bluefur/star is a really cute ship.
      The Story Of Tonight

    • I don’t ship Rosetail and Bluefur too much, but I love this! It actually made me kind of ship them a little more. Great job! Your writing is always so amazing and I’m jealous 😛

      • Bro,,,,, You’re like one of my inspirations so this means a lot to me :000 thank you!!!!

  • Chapter 12! My third chapter today! 🤪 We’re back to Melonpaw now.

    Melonpaw knew she shouldn’t feel guilty. But she did. And it was hard not to.
    Before she could do or say anything, Clearrose swept her away for battle practice.
    She, Orangepaw, and Rushingpaw were brought to a patch of short grass. Small lilies dotted the ground.
    “Alright,” Diesel said, blinking his grey eyes. “So. First round’s gonna be Orangepaw verses Rushingpaw. Claws sheathed, please. Ready, set, go.”
    Melonpaw carefully observed each apprentices’ battle moves, knowing it would be important.
    Rushingpaw lunged. Orangepaw dodged and pounced onto his back.
    So, Rushingpaw is likely to attack first, and Orangepaw will try to dodge if her opponent lunges. Noted, Melonpaw thought.
    Rushingpaw flipped and Orangepaw’s back hit the ground. Quickly Rushingpaw grabbed her by the fur and threw her.
    Orangepaw reared up and landed on Rushingpaw’s head. He yowled.
    Yowch, Melonpaw said to herself. I do not want to be in that situation.
    The battle dragged on until Clearrose dubbed Rushingpaw victorious.
    “Next battle,” she said, “Will be between Melonpaw and Orangepaw!”
    Melonpaw stayed low to the ground. She waited . . .
    “You can’t hide, silly,” Orangepaw scolded.
    And waited . . .
    And now.
    Orangepaw began to leap. Melonpaw, however, sprung up and crashed into her jaw, sending her back.
    But before she could pounce, they heard . . . voices. The voices sang.
    The grass began to ripple. Blue waves made a dome around the training field.
    The choir echoed. The grass continued to ripple. The waves began to shine.
    The voices intensified.
    And then the field exploded.

    I hope you enjoyed! I would’ve done the exploding field later in the series but what the heck, it’s cool, right? BTW the choir is StarClan cats

  • Chapter 13! Fourth chapter today! 😝😜

    The explosion was blinding. But as Melonpaw ran, she heard someone. It wasn’t anyone she was training with.
    It was Goldenrip.
    “Am I dead?” she asked frightfully.
    “No,” her grandfather chuckled. “But I need to tell you something.”
    “Do you blame me for your death?”
    “Of course not!”
    “But it’s my fault, in more ways than one!”
    “I never blamed you for a second. But I need to tell you this: To think is a poison that will ruin the Clans. All that can stop it are a flame of courage, an eclipse of destiny and a leap of faith.”
    “But . . . what?”
    “It is up to you,” Goldenrip sighed as he faded away.
    Melonpaw was alone.
    And then everything went black.

    Like it?

  • Hey, guys! Any *ahem* ships for my fanfic?
    Any theories?
    Want to know everyone’s warriors names?
    Pikekit(not exactly mentioned, but in the allegiances)=Pikemuzzle
    Cavekit(not exactly mentioned, but in the allegiances)=Cavehunter
    Bravekit(not in the story yet)=Braveblaze
    Hopekit(not in the story yet)=Hopestep
    Fatekit(not in the story yet)=Fatemoon
    Twigkit(going to be born soon)=Twigtail
    Fernkit(going to be born soon)=Ferndapple
    Rootkit(going to be born soon)=Rootsong
    There’s going to be six books, titled:
    Melonslide’s Story
    Greencreek’s Promise
    Braveblaze’s Journey
    Hopestep’s Pride
    Fatemoon’s Justice
    Twigtail’s Savior
    And a super edition titled Gorgestar’s Wrath, but I’m not getting to that yet.
    BTW, try to guess which of the four (Melon, Spotted, Rushing, Violet) will become leader?

    • uhh i ship melonpaw and greenkit
      also i feel like brazekit, hopekit, and fatekit are the ones in the prophecy because a) they have their own book and b) their names relate to the prophecy like a flame of courage is braveblaze, (brave=courage blaze=flame) a leap of faith is Hopestep because hope=faith leap=step and finally an eclipse of destiny is fatemoon cause fate=destiny and eclipses happen with moons

  • I know I’ve already started three unfinished fanfics on this, but I’ve had another idea, so I’m going to start another one. I promise, I won’t start anymore after this until I finish one of my other ones! Anyway, it’s called A Flame in the Night. Here are the allegiances and the prologue:

    A Flame in the Night
    Leader: Cloverstar – Tabby gray she-cat with green eyes
    Deputy: Mousestep – White tom with brown splotches and amber eyes
    Medicine cat: Squirrelface – Tabby ginger she-cat with a white chest and yellow eyes
    Apprentice: Aspenpaw
    Lionripple – Golden-brown tom with yellow eyes
    Apprentice: Swanpaw
    Shellsplash – Cream colored she-cat with a white chest, paws, underbelly, and tail tip with amber eyes
    Apprentice: Wetpaw
    Pigeonswoop – Dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes
    Leopardspark – Golden-brown she-cat with brown stripes and green eyes
    Racoonfur – Brown tom with black stripes and amber eyes
    Applewhisper – Calico she-cat with green eyes
    Aspenpaw -White she-cat with black flecks and green eyes
    Swanpaw – White she-cat with blue eyes
    Wetpaw – Gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Deersong – Light brown she-cat with a white chest and underbelly with amber eyes; mother to Emberkit – tabby ginger she-cat with yellow eyes, and Cedarkit – Brown tom with a lighter brown chest, underbelly, and paws with amber eyes
    Silverfern – Light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes; mother to Splashkit – White tom with splotches of gray and blue eyes, Toadkit – Dark gray tom with amber eyes, and Fawnkit – Brown she-cat with splotches of white.
    Honeybranch – Golden she-cat with yellow eyes
    Jaggedspot – Tortoiseshell tom with amber eyes
    Doveshade – Gray she-cat with splotches of white and green eyes

    Leader: Mossystar – Tortoishell she-cat with green eyes
    Deputy: Weaslespots – White tom with brown splotches and yellow eyes
    Medicine Cat: Duskdream – Pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes
    Apprentice: Brownpaw
    Frostleaf – Light gray she-cat with splotches of white and blue eyes
    Apprentice: Flypaw
    Mapletalon – Calico she-cat with yellow eyes
    Badgerpatch – Black and white tom with amber eyes
    Runningshade – Light brown tom with a white chest, paws, underbelly, and tail tip with green eyes
    Tigerspeck – Brown tom with flecks of black and yellow eyes
    Brownpaw – Dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Flypaw – Gray she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, and tail tip with blue eyes
    Pinegaze – Reddish brown she-cat with amber eyes; mother to Branchkit – Light and dark brown tabby tom with green eyes, and Swiftkit – calico she-cat with amber eyes
    Flowerclaw – Pale ginger she-cat with white splotches and green eyes; mother to Thawkit – White tom with splotches of gray and blue eyes, Brindlekit – Brown and black tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and Ferretkit – Light brown she-cat with flecks of black
    Birchsting – White and gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Brightpounce – Goldenish she-cat with green eyes

    Leader: Alderstar – Reddish brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Deputy: Tinyfrost – Yellowish-she cat with a white chest and tail tip with green eyes
    Medicine cat: Wolfsong – Dark gray tom with a white underbelly and yellow eyes
    Copperwind – Light brown tom with amber eyes
    Apprentice: Sandypaw
    Dawnsky – Light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Apprentice: Goldenpaw
    Rippleleaf – Gray she-cat with white splotches and green eyes
    Apprentice: Nettlepaw
    Eelpounce – Tan and brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Cloudwillow – Gray she-cat with a white chest and underbelly with blue eyes
    Beewhisker – Golden tabby tom with green eyes
    Sandypaw – Pale ginger tom with green eyes
    Goldenpaw – Yellowish she-cat with amber eyes
    Nettlepaw – Gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Firefang – Cream colored she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, tail tip, and paws with yellow eyes; mother to Rainkit – gray and white she-cat with blue eyes, Pikekit – Brown tom with yellow eyes, and Frogkit – Gray tom with white splotcehs and green eyes
    Mothfoot – Calico she-cat with green eyes
    Lilydream – Light gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
    Ashshadow – Dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes
    Blackstone – Smoky gray tom with blue eyes

    Leader: Scorchstar – Ginger tom with green eyes
    Deputy: Rabbitchaser – Light brown tom with amber eyes
    Apprentice: Cherrypaw
    Medicine cat: Rubblespots – white tom with brown splotches and yellow eyes
    Apprentice: Doepaw
    Spidertail – Black tom with a gray underbelly and yellow eyes
    Apprentice: Pearlpaw
    Ivyfrost – Gray she-cat with white splotches and green eyes
    Apprentice: Darkpaw
    Pearsight – Light gray she-cat with a white chest and paws blue eyes
    Chestnutspiral – Light brown tabby tom with white paws and amber eyes
    Ravenears – Black tom with yellow eyes
    Beechwing – White she-cat with ginger splotches and yellow eyes
    Crowstep – Dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes
    Cherrypaw – Reddish brown she-cat with green eyes
    Doepaw – Cream colored she-cat with white splotches and amber eyes with a stump for a tail
    Pearlpaw – Light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Darkpaw – Gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
    Flameslip – Ginger she-cat with yellow eyes; mother to Nightkit – White she-cat with black spots and yellow eyes, and Beaverkit – Brown tom with light brown splotches and green eyes
    Molestep – Black tom with brown spots and yellow eyes
    Silversun – Gray she-cat with ginger splotches and green eyes

    Cats outside the clans:
    Jinx – White tom with a dark brown face, paws, ears, and tail tip with yellow eyes; a loner
    Bloom – Light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes; a loner
    Cookie – Brown she-cat with a darker brown face, paws, ears, and tail tip with amber eyes; a kittypet

    Aspenpaw trotted after her mentor, Squirrelface, wondering what would happen at the Starstone tonight. This would be Aspenpaw’s second time going. Last time, StarClan had come to her and accepted her as Squirrelface’s apprentice. Finally, they made it to the cave with the Starstone in it. Aspenpaw looked around. She saw SnowClan’s medicine cat, Duskdream, along with her apprentice, Brownpaw. She also saw PondClan’s medicine cat, Wolfsong, and HailClan’s medicine cat, Rubblespots. Standing next to Rubblespots was a cream colored she-cat Aspenpaw didn’t recognize.

    Rubblespots declared, “I would like to announce I have a new apprentice, Doepaw!”

    “Doepaw! Doepaw!” Aspenpaw and the other medicine cats cheered.

    “Does anyone have anything else to announce?” Squirrelface asked. No one said anything. “Alright, let’s go in then.” The medicine cats trotted into the cave with the Starstone. They all touched their noses to it. Suddenly, Aspenpaw was standing in a starry plain, a cat from StarClan walking towards her. Aspenpaw gazed around, the other medicine cats were standing besides her. This had never happened before.

    “I am Willowspirit,” the StarClan cat told them. “I come with a warning.”

    “What’s your warning?” Duskdream asked.

    “A tragedy will come to the clans,” Willowspirit answered. “But you will be saved by a flame in the night.”

    “A flame in the night?” Squirrelface muttered. “What does that mean?” But Willowspirit had dissapeared.

    “Wait!” Aspenpaw gasped. “Don’t go!” But she was already standing besides the Starstone again.

    “We need to tell our leaders about this when we get back to our clans,” Duskdream growled. Aspenpaw agreed. But she also worried. What could the tragedy that would come to their clans be? And what would be the flame in the night that stopped it?

  • Here is Chapter One of A Flame in the Night. Tell me what you think so far and if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism:
    Chapter One:
    “Take that! SnowClan frog-breath!” Emberkit hissed, batting her littermate, Cedarkit, to the side. Cedarkit pawed at her playfully claws sheathed. Emberkit pounced, pinning Cedarkit to the ground.

    “You win!” Cedarkit declared. “Now it’s my turn to be SandClan and your turn to be SnowClan.”

    “Can we play too?” a tiny voice asked. Emberkit turned around. It was Splashkit, who was one of Silverfern’s kits. His littermates, Toadkit and Fawnkit were standing besides him.

    “We can have whole clans!” Cedarkit gasped. “Okay, I’m Cedarstar of SandClan. Emberkit is Emberstar of SnowClan. Toadkit is Toadbrain of SnowClan. Splashkit is Splashstick of SandClan and Fawnkit is Fawnmumble of SandClan.”

    “Why do you get to decide these things?” Emberkit protested. “And why does SandClan get more warriors than SnowClan?”

    “Because SandClan is amazing and SnowClan isn’t,” Cedarkit stated simply.

    “I could be a medicine cat to make the fight more fair,” Fawnkit suggested.

    “That would work!” Cedarkit chirped. “SandClan! Attack!” Cedarkit pounced onto Emberkit. Splashkit sprang onto Toadkit.

    “SnowClan! Retreat!” Emberkit finally decided to yowl.

    “SandClan forever!” Cedarkit screeched. Emberkit felt a twinge of jealousy. She hated it when it was her turn to be SnowClan. She was loyal to SandClan and SandClan alone!

    “Now what?” Emberkit asked.

    “We could go ask the elders for a story,” Cedarkit suggested.

    “That would be fun,” purred Emberkit. She turned to the younger kits, “Are you guys coming?”

    Toadkit thought about it for a moment. “I think we should get back to Silverfern.”

    “Okay! See you later then!” Cedarkit mewed. “Let’s go!” Cedarkit and Emberkit crashed into the elders’ den. “We have come for a story!” Cedarkit declared.

    One of the elders, Honeybranch, muttered, “A story, a story. Ah! I know! I will tell you about Jaggedspot.” Honeybranch nodded at the tortoiseshell tom sleeping in a nest near hers. “Jaggedspot over here, is my brother, so I know quite a lot about him! For example, he always wanted to have kits, but for some reason he never could. No cat knows why. When he was younger he used to go on a lot of hunting patrols. Border patrols weren’t his favorite though, so he did those as little as possible. His favorite kind of prey is rabbit. That’s all I have to say about him.”

    “Will you tell us another story? An interesting one?” Cedarkit mewed. Honeybranch purred with amusement.

    “I will,” Doveshade, one of the other elders responded. “A little before you two were born, the medicine cats were meeting at the Starstone, like they always do every quarter moon. But that time, they were greeted with a warning. A StarClan cat, Willowspirit, gave them a prophecy, a warning. It went like this, ‘A tragedy will come to the clans. But you will be saved by a flame in the night.’ Neither the tragedy or flame in the night have come yet. But every cat worries for when the tragedy will come.”

    Honeybranch lifted her head and hissed to Doveshade, “Let me remind you not to give the kits nightmares about future tragedies.”

    “Okay, okay,” Doveshade responded. “I’ll be quiet.”

    “You guys better come out here!” Splashkit raced into the elders den and squeaked, “The hunting patrol is back!” Emberkit and Cedarkit scampered outside to go greet them. But as they did that, Emberkit’s mind kept on going back to what Doveshade said. What would be the tragedy that would come to the clans? And what could a flame in the night possibly mean? What could Emberkit do to help stop the tragedy?

  • Chapter 14! Wow. I’m nearing the end; I’m only doing 20-25 chapters. Oh well, I am doing five sequels and a super edition!

    Melonpaw aroused in the medicine den. Moorkit was curled up beside her, and, while muttering groggily, Pearlbloom was sleeping behind her.
    Melonpaw had a small burn on her paw, but otherwise she was fine. She sneezed.
    Moorkit wiggled. He blinked.
    “Hi, Moorkit,” Melonpaw said.
    “M-Melonpaw?” he mumbled sleepily.
    “Yes. Are you okay?”
    Moorkit sighed the whined, “My ear hurts! And look at my tail! What happened?”
    “You fell off a tree,” Melonpaw answered the kit.
    The ash-colored kit moaned and coughed.
    “Is everything alri-”
    A scream echoed through the camp.
    Melonpaw sprang up, despite her injured paw. She ran and saw Mia going into labor.
    “Sweetstar! Violetpaw!” she shouted.
    Melonpaw led Mia into the medicine den. The medicine cats were nowhere to be seen.
    With Pearlbloom’s help, Melonpaw kitted three adorable kits.
    The first, a brown and white tom-kit, was named Twigkit. The second, a grayish brown she-kit, was named Fernkit. And the third, a gingerish brown tom-kit, was named Rootkit.
    Mia licked each one. Rootkit squirmed as Mia’s tongue touched his forehead.
    Violetpaw rushed into the medicine den.
    “I heard calling, is everything okay?” she panted.
    “Fine, but me and Pearlbloom kinda just kitted some kits,” Melonpaw replied.
    “Wha- What . . .” Violetpaw glanced from the kits to Melonpaw. “I don’t believe it. Maybe you should be the medicine cat apprentice instead of me.”
    “No,” Melonpaw shook her head. Violetpaw had such a future as medicine cat, and so much training already! She could never remember all the herbs, anyway.
    “He-llo,” Mia broke the silence. “I’m trying to milk some kits over here!”
    “Right,” Violetpaw said. “I’ll get you some borage.”
    “Where’s Sweetstar?” Pearlbloom asked.
    “Collecting catnip. I think.”
    Then Melonpaw remembered the prophecy.
    “Um . . .” Melonpaw started. “Violetpaw? I kinda received a prophecy?”
    “What? Tell me!”
    Okay, so, um . . . ‘To think is a poison that will ruin the Clans. All that can stop it are a flame of courage, an eclipse of destiny and a leap of faith.’ At least I think that’s what he said . . .”
    “Don’t think!” Violetpaw gasped. Melonpaw’s heart skipped a beat.
    “Calm down!” Pearlbloom hissed. “There’s four kits in here, for StarClan’s sake!”
    “Waiting for that borage,” Mia huffed.

    Sorry I ended so soon; GTG!