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  • Breeze didn’t remember how old she was when the tortoiseshell cat first came to her.

    She knew she hadn’t been eight moons old, because that had been when she’d become a to-be, and the first dream had happened when she’d been much younger than that.

    She hadn’t been six moons old, because that was when her father had started teaching her and her brother Feather some hunting and fighting techniques, pointing out that it worked in the Clans and the two of them might as well get a head start.

    She hadn’t been four moons old, because that was when her father had taught her and Feather how to swim, and she’d already been having the dreams for a long time by then.

    No, she’d been much younger. She’d still been nursing. She couldn’t have been more than a moon or two.

    She hadn’t even realized she was dreaming until suddenly there was a cat in front of her speaking to her. “Hello, little kit.”

    “Hello,” Breeze said politely. Then curiosity overtook politeness. “Who are you? How did you get in the cave?”

    She looked around, but she wasn’t in the Tribe’s cave. That terrified her. She’d never been out of the Cave of Rushing Water in all her short life. She was in a different cave, much smaller than the one the Tribe lived in. This one was much darker, but she could see a tall spire of rock in the center. Other than that the cave was empty. “W-where am I? Who are you?”

    The cat laughed. Her fur was tortoiseshell pattern, with white patches. Her eyes were amber, but not a warm kind amber like Stormfur’s; they were a sharp burning amber. “No, we are not in your precious Tribe cave.” Her voice had a harsh mocking tone to it. “We are in a cave sacred to the Clans, not unlike your Cave of Pointed Stones. It’s funny, really, here of all places….What StarClan would say!” She laughed again, making Breeze shiver.

    “But how did I get here?” Breeze asked, edging backward nervously.

    The tortoiseshell cat didn’t answer. She tilted her head sideways, looking at Breeze consideringly. “So you are Breezekit…I’m sorry, Breeze That Rustles The Leaves.”

    Breeze liked her name. It was pretty. But the way this cat said it, it didn’t sound pretty at all.

    “You have the look of him,” the cat mused, her eyes darkening in a look Breeze had never seen before but that made her shiver. “You have the same color fur. But the rest of of you, your eyes, your face….You look like your father’s sister. And their mother. Oh, I remember when she died, when they both did….But they didn’t look a bit like him like you do, you know.” She hissed, her face twisted.

    Breeze had no idea what this cat was talking about, but she didn’t like it. “I want to go home now, please,” she mewed nervously.

    “Oh, you do, do you?” the tortoiseshell cat asked. She purred. “See you soon, Breeze That Rustles The Leaves.” She smiled suddenly, but the smile looked terrifying.

    And then Breeze woke up.

  • Chapter 28 of The First Warrior! Chapter 27 is on the previous page if you didn’t see it!

    Chapter 28

    Lionscar caught Brindlefur’s scent as he waited by the border. “Where’s Sorrelflower?” he asked as she came into the view.
    Brindlefur’s eyes were shining. “It’s just me tonight,” she told him. “Sorrelflower is expecting kits!”
    Lionscar gasped. “Really?” He felt a flash of so many emotions. Grief, that Lilywish would never have their kits, overwhelming sorrow for his own kits’ death, for Lilywish’s death. He felt powerful joy for his sister. She had told Lionscar that she and Mistpelt were mates, she told them how much she longed for a family of her own. Now, she was getting everything she had ever wanted. “That’s wonderful! Tell her how happy I am for her.”
    “I will,” Brindlefur assured him. “They’re due pretty soon, actually. She didn’t realize she was expecting for quite a while.” Her eyes softened. “She and Mistpelt already decided on names. Rainkit, Swiftkit, and Blizzardkit.”
    “After Snowypaw,” Brindlefur explained. “Mistpelt’s sister.”
    “I remember her,” Lionscar murmured. “She was so gentle and kind. Always helping out in the nursery for Rainmist and Sneezebird. She died in front of us.” His heart swelled as he thought more of the gesture of naming the kits after their lost kin. “Those are wonderful names.”
    Brindlefur swallowed hard. “I know. If only Rainmist and Swiftsnow were here. They would be so happy.”
    “What happens if it’s not three kits?” Lionscar asked suddenly.
    Brindlefur purred. “That’s what I said! I asked what they would do if there was a fourth kit, and they both just stared at me like I was crazy.” She shook her head. “Let’s hope for the fourth kit’s sake that there are only three,” she joked. A breeze ruffled her pelt and Brindlefur shivered. “Brrr! It’s new-leaf, but the mountains are still cold.” Her eyes filled with worry. “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but RockClan has been struggling to find enough prey. Hunting in the mountains is dangerous, and the birds haven’t been flying close to us.”
    Lionscar felt a stab of sympathy for his sister, but then remembered how RockClan had been stealing prey from them and anger rushed through him. Why did Brindlefur have to put him in
    that position? It wasn’t fair. Yes, she was his sister, but PineClan was where his loyalties were. If he ever wanted to be the leader someday, he couldn’t have a paw lingering in RockClan still. “You’re right,” he snapped. “You shouldn’t be telling me this.”
    Brindlefur huffed. “Honestly, Lionscar–”
    “I have to go,” he meowed abruptly, cutting her off. “I have an apprentice to train, and I can’t be too tired to do my job.”
    Brindlefur eyed him wearily. “Fine,” she muttered. “Bye, Lionscar.”
    It scared him how final that sounded.

    “Lionscar, wake up!” Grasspaw hissed.
    Lionscar opened his eyes and groaned. It felt like he had only just fallen asleep! He heaved himself to his paws. “Why can’t apprentices enjoy sleeping in anymore?” he mumbled.
    “What was that?” Grasspaw jumped in.
    Lionscar sighed. She never missed anything, did she? “Nothing. Are you ready to work on your hunting skills?”
    Grasspaw pouted. “I wanted to have another battle lesson!” she complained.
    Lionscar shook his head. “Owlpaw, Creekpaw, and Wasppaw are all practicing hunting today. We’ll do battle training tomorrow, alright?”
    Grasspaw brightened. “Okay!” She started running. “I’ll race you to the training hill!” she called over her shoulder.
    Lionscar trailed after her, letting her win. “You beat me.”
    Grasspaw narrowed her eyes. “Silly! I know that. I also know you let me win.”
    Lionscar grinned. “You can get back at me in battle training tomorrow.”
    Grasspaw bared her teeth. “I will.” She sprang up. “Can I try hunting a mouse?”
    Lionscar swished his tail. “Sure. If you haven’t scared off all the prey in the forest by now,” he teased.
    Grasspaw stuck her tongue out at him and tasted the air. “I got the scent,” she reported.
    Lionscar sniffed to make sure she was right. “Good,” he mewed in approval. “What next?”
    Grasspaw crouched down. “Then I stalk it right?”
    “Correct. And remember–”
    “I know.” Grasspaw rolled her eyes. “‘Remember to watch where I put my paws. The snap of
    a twig can clear out the area.’”
    Lionscar felt a rush of pride. “Very good. I expect you will return with that mouse.”
    “Don’t worry. I always do.” Grasspaw crept through the trees, and Lionscar watched as her brown tail disappeared quickly. Moments later, she came trotting back with a mouse dangling from her jaws. “See?” she mewed, dropping the mouse. “I’m a great hunter. You have nothing to worry about. Can we do battle training now?”
    “Don’t get too cocky,” Lionscar warned her. “And like I said, we will do battle training tomorrow.”

    “Lionscar, can you go report the RockClan scent to Needlestar?” Icestone called.
    “Yeah,” Lionscar answered. “I’ll go do that now.”
    He had led a patrol in charge of marking the RockClan border, and sure enough they caught multiple fresh scents. Lionscar spotted Needlestar at the prey pile and called out to him. “Needlestar? Can I talk to you for a moment?”
    Needlestar looked up in surprise. “Yes, of course, Lionscar.”
    Lionscar took a deep breath. “My patrol caught many scents of RockClan on our territory. There’s a Gathering coming up, and I think we should peacefully confront them about it.”
    Needlestar nodded thoughtfully. “Why are you so adamant about keeping this peaceful? I’m not against it, but is there a specific reason?”
    Worry twisted in Lionscar’s belly. Needlestar didn’t think he was being loyal to RockClan, did he? Because he wasn’t. He just didn’t want bloodshed. I’m beginning to sound like a medicine cat, he thought. “No. I just think we should try to understand both sides of the story, and come to a rational agreement. That way, we can figure out what is best for everyone, and no blood will be spilled.”
    Needlestar looked at him, approval gleaming in his eyes. “You’re starting to talk like a leader,” he murmured. “You’ve grown.”
    Lionscar shrugged. “I’m older.”
    Needlestar grinned. “Very well, Lionscar. We will go with your plan. I hope for everyone’s sake that it works.”

    “Are you okay?”
    Lionscar jumped at Dawnlight’s voice behind him. “I’m fine. Why?”
    Dawnlight stared doubtfully at him. “What’s wrong?”
    How could she read him so easily? Lilywish had been able to do that too. He expected the Lilywish-shaped hole in his heart grew more prominent, but instead warmth filled him as he was brought back to happier memories. Dawnlight did that to him. She made him happy. “Really, I’m fine,” he insisted.
    Dawnlight rolled her eyes. “Must I force everyone’s problems out of them?”
    Lionscar shook his head. “Really, I’m fine now that you’re here.”
    Dawnlight shot him a look. “Honestly, Lionscar. You’d think at this point that you would remember that I’m a medicine cat. You can’t flirt with me.” Her tone was light, but her words hit Lionscar hard.
    “I… I wasn’t flirting,” he stammered, his pelt on fire. “But fine. You win. RockClan is starving.”
    Dawnlight’s eyes rounded. She didn’t ask how he knew that, because she already knew how he did.
    “I feel conflicted,” Lionscar admitted. “I know that my sisters are starving, and one of them is expecting kits. But it’s not fair of them to just start stealing from us. I’m terrified that this will lead to a fight, because if Brindlefur was in the battle, how could I possibly fight her? I don’t know what to do, Dawnlight.”
    Dawnlight sighed. “I’m not really sure what you should do either, Lionscar. Did Needlestar agree with your plan?”
    “Yeah, he did,” Lionscar meowed. “But that’s not for me, that’s for PineClan. I’m just scared that it won’t work, and I’ll have to fight my sister.”
    Dawnlight rested her tail on top of his. “Lilywish said that she once had to fight Fernleaf, but you fought for her.”
    Lionscar remembered that. “Yes.”
    Dawnlight gazed at him. “I know I’m a medicine cat, but Ambershine taught me a few battle moves. If you ever had to fight Brindlefur, I would do it for you in a heartbeat.”
    Lionscar met her blue gaze. “Thank you, Dawnlight.” He purred. “But I know you wouldn’t do that. You’re terrible at fighting!”
    Dawnlight licked his shoulder. “Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? That’s what friends
    are for.”
    Lionscar stared at the sky wistfully. “Lilywish once said that to me. Izzyheart and I got into a fight, and Lilywish stood up for me. Runningbreeze saw and only punished me, but then Lilywish took the fall for me.”
    Dawnlight blinked. “That sounds like Lilywish.” She shook her head. “Oh, she was crazy about you, Lionscar. It drove me insane.”
    “I know,” Lionscar told her with a laugh. “You hated me.”
    Dawnlight smiled faintly. “I was jealous! She only ever wanted to be with you. She… she loved you so much. Once, tried to talk to her about how bad some of the herbs taste, just so she wouldn’t start talking about you.”
    “What happened?”
    Dawnlight let out a soft laugh. “What do you think happened?” She paused and then mimicked Lilywish’s voice. “‘Lionpaw can eat any herb. It doesn’t even faze him, Dawnpaw. How cool is that? Lionpaw is the best, don’t you think?’”
    Lionscar laughed along with her. It felt so good to feel happy when he thought of Lilywish. To remember her and remember how wonderful she was, rather than only feel crushing grief at her name. Dawnlight was the only cat who made him feel that way. She looked up at him and he locked eyes with her. They were the exact color of the sky. He had once felt like Dawnlight was cold compared to Lilywish. Now, he could see how wrong he was.
    Dawnlight truly was his best friend. No one would ever change that.
    Lionscar suddenly became aware of how close they were, how fast his heart was beating.
    Dawnlight opened her mouth to say something, but before she could speak, Grasspaw jumped in front of them.
    “Lionscar, you said you would do battle training with me today!” she exclaimed. “Can we go?”
    Lionscar nodded “Yes, we can. Do you want to see if Stoneskip and Wasppaw can join us?” Dawnlight was walking towards Feathersong. The moment had passed. Besides, it was Dawnlight. She was his best friend. She was Lilywish’s bad-tempered sister who fought with him when they were apprentices. She was a medicine cat. Of course he didn’t have feelings for her.
    Grasspaw’s eyes lit up. “Yes, please!”
    Lionscar scanned the camp for Stoneskip and quickly spotted him returning with Wasppaw, both carrying moss. “Stoneskip!” he yowled.
    Stoneskip looked over to him. “Battle training?”
    Grasspaw leapt into the air. “Yeah!”
    Wasppaw dropped the moss and bounded over to his sister. “Finally!”
    Stoneskip gave his apprentice a stern look. “Wasppaw, get over here and bring the moss you gathered to the elders,” he ordered.
    Wasppaw hung his head and trudged back to the moss. “Fine,” he muttered crossly. When he returned from the elders den, Lionscar could tell he was impatient. “Can we go now?”
    Lionscar’s ears twitched. “Yes, now we can. Follow me.”
    Once they were at the training hill, Lionscar turned to the two apprentices. “Right now, the first rule of fighting is that you must always protect your belly and your throat. If you leave one of those, especially your throat, you will be very vulnerable, and that one mistake could even kill you. Understand?”
    Grasspaw’s eyes flashed. “Got it.”
    Stoneskip crossed in front of Lionscar. “A simple move you could try is to ram into your opponent’s side. It will throw him off balance, and then you can give him a few scratches that he will remember you by. Do you want to try that?”
    Grasspaw swung around and growled fiercely at Wasppaw. She ran forward, quickly gathering speed. But just as she was about to slam into Wasppaw’s side, he ducked and rolled out of the way. Grasspaw slid into the dirt, dust flying around her, and Wasppaw sprang up and pinned her down.
    “That’s not fair!” Grasspaw wailed. “I was gonna win!”
    Lionscar’s whiskers twitched. “Yes, but Wasppaw knew what you were going to do. You need to perfect that move so it isn’t as obvious.” He turned to Wasppaw. “Well done. That was quick thinking. You will make a great warrior.”
    Wasppaw beamed. “Thanks!”
    Grasspaw scowled. “Can we try again so I can win?”
    “Sure,” Lionscar agreed. “Let’s try it again.”

    “What do we do first?” Grasspaw asked Lionscar, prancing around him.
    “Lionscar, calm your apprentice,” Duskrunner warned him.
    Lionscar dipped his head quickly in embarrassment. “Grasspaw, don’t make me regret being on this patrol. You need to stay calm and collected, okay?”
    Grasspaw stood up straighter. “Right,” she mewed. “Are we going to catch some RockClan cats?”
    “Hopefully not,” Lionscar muttered under his breath.
    Deerskip growled. “I think you spoke too soon.” Lionscar followed her eyes to see a tail disappearing under a bush.
    Turtlepelt slid out her claws and narrowed her eyes.
    Lionscar’s breath caught in his throat. “Don’t–” he began, but Turtlepelt cut him off.
    “Lionscar, I’m leading this patrol, not you,” she hissed. “And I know you don’t want to start a fight, which I get, but this has been going on long enough. I’m going to order the patrol to attack.”
    Lionscar inhaled sharply. “Please,” he begged. “I have a plan, and Needlestar and Everflame agree with me. Just wait a little longer and–”
    Turtlepelt shook her head apologetically. “I’m sorry, Lionscar.” She flicked her tail. “Deerskip and Duskrunner, I need you to surround them. Lionscar and I will attack. Grasspaw, can you run really fast?”
    Grasspaw nodded solemnly. “I can run faster than all of my brothers!”
    “That’s good,” Turtlepelt meowed. “Because I need you to run back to camp for a second patrol.”
    Grasspaw swiftly turned and ran towards the camp.
    Turtlepelt’s gaze hardened and she let out a loud screech. “PineClan, attack!”
    Lionscar’s paws felt heavy with dread, but he obeyed and ran forward. Please don’t let Brindlefur be on that patrol, he prayed.
    Hollyshade’s eyes widened in surprise, and Lionscar hurtled towards her, she tried to jump out of the way at the last second, but Lionscar knew that was what she would do. He leapt on top of her and sliced her ear. Hollyshade yowled in shock and pain, and swiped her claws across Lionscar’s face. Agony scorched where her claws had been, and he let out a roar of fury. He gave her a few more scratches that she wouldn’t forget before leaving her to help Deerskip fight off Moletooth. Once he was sure she could handle him, Lionscar ducked away to face his next
    His heart dropped as he met her blue eyes. The eyes she shared with her mother. Their mother.

  • The next chapter to my A Flame in the Night story:
    Chapter Three:
    “Pikekit, have you finished sorting those herbs?” Wolfsong called.

    “Almost!” Pikekit chirped in response. Pikekit’s only dream was to become a medicine cat. Wolfsong, the clan medicine cat. agreed to train him when he was old enough, but he wouldn’t teach him anything yet. However, Wolfsong would give Pikekit the occasional task.

    “Okay, Wolfsong, I’m done!” Pikekit mewed.

    “Good,” Wolfsong purred. He didn’t say it, but Pikekit could tell he was proud of how hard he worked. “Now, run along and play with your littermates.” Pikekit purred and went to go find Rainkit and Frogkit. Goldenpaw was trotting through camp.

    Pikekit ran up to her. “Have you seen Rainkit and Frogkit?”

    “Nope, sorry,” Goldenpaw mewed.

    Cloudwillow was sitting in camp eating a thrush. “Have you seen Rainkit and Frogkit?” Pikekit asked. Cloudwillow shook her head. Pikekit ran to Eelpounce.

    “Do you know where Rainkit and Frogkit are?” Pikekit asked.

    “Why would I know where a few pesky kits are?” The tabby warrior snapped.

    Pikekit ran into the nursery. “Mom! I can’t find Rainkit or Frogkit!”

    His mother, Firefang, looked up from her nest. “Well, I’m sure they’re around here somewhere, let’s go find them.” The two searched the camp, but found nothing. That’s when Firefang started to worry.

    “We’ll find them,” Alderstar assured her. “Copperwind, Dawnsky, and Beewhisker, all of you go look for them.”

    “They’re my kits!” Firefang protested. “I have to search for them too!”

    “And they’re my littermates!” Pikekit squeaked.

    “Alright,” Alderstar mewed. “Just stay close to the others, Pikekit.”

    So the search party set out, all calling the names of the lost kits. Finally, Pikekit got a familiar scent! He followed it until he found Rainkit and Frogkit.

    Firefang ran up to them. “What in the name of StarClan were you two doing?! Are you two alright?” Firefang’s mew had relief and anger in it.

    “We couldn’t wait till being an apprentice to see the camp!” Rainkit responded. “We had to go now!”

    “I don’t ever want either of you doing that again,” Firefang hissed. “As soon as we get back to camp, I want you both to go to sleep immediately!” Rainkit’s and Frogkit’s tails drooped as they hauled themselves back to camp. Pikekit could understand his mother’s anger. Every cat knew how dangerous it was for kits to go out of camp early, especially without anyone knowing where they were going.

    The clan deputy, Copperwind, walked up to Pikekit and remarked, “You’re quite some tracker, Pikekit. Experienced warriors couldn’t find your littermates, but you were able to scent them!”

    “Oh, I’m sure it was just luck,” Pikekit told Copperwind. But as Pikekit went to sleep that night, he couldn’t help but to wonder why he could so easily pick up Rainkit’s and Frogkit’s trail.

  • Chapter 2 of The Lost Warrior

    “A good technique is to blend in with your surroundings,” Pinewhisker said, “so you need to know what you look like. You happen to be a lucky brown, and the same color as each ThunderClan tree. Try hiding by one.”
    Nettlepaw listened to his mentor, then prowled across the small clearing to a large tree. Foxkit had once said that he looked exactly like all the trees. It was true, he could blend in with it like he didn’t exist.
    A plump shrew scrambled about two tail-lengths away from Nettlepaw. Was it blind? How could it not see him. The shrew sat for a while, then spotted Pinewhisker. It started to run away, but Nettlepaw pounced on it. It scrambled under his firm grip, trying to bite his claws with it’s teeth. Nettlepaw felt that he couldn’t hold it any longer, when Pinewhisker pounced on top of his paw.
    Pinewhisker quickly moved, then bit the shrew. “Thank you StarClan, for this prey,” he said, moving his gaze to Nettlepaw. “Great job,” he added, “You would have caught that by yourself if I hadn’t been so careless as to show myself.” Nettlepaw felt a burst of pride in his chest. “Thanks, Pinewhisker.”

    Foxkit watched her brother as he padded into camp with two shrews in his mouth. She wished that she could catch something like that, but Mudstar hadn’t made her an apprentice. Tigerfoot kept pleading for him to, but that just encouraged him to stay on the Highledge, watching patrols. Pinewhisker was the new deputy, but Foxkit wondered why. She had thought that Mudstar would choose a bad successor, maybe Larknose. But no, he had chosen Pinewhisker, a wonderful, kind-hearted warrior.
    Mudstar looked at Nettlepaw’s shrews. “Hey, mouse-brain, I’m up here.” He stared at Nettlepaw. “Why are you heading towards the elder’s den?” Nettlepaw shivered under the leader’s cold gaze. “I was going to bring these to Rosefoot and Slatefall,” he said timidly. Mudstar stared at the apprentice. “Bring me the shrews. I’m hungry,” the leader sounded like it was matter-of-fact that he would get the prey. Pinewhisker stared at Mudstar. “You really expect that, after killing my brother, and this apprentice’s uncle, that we are going to give you the elder’s prey? We are good cats, and uphold the warrior code. Elders eat first.”
    Mudstar glared at Pinewhisker. “Fine, have it your way,” he sneered, “but if you don’t obey me, you’ll go to the same fate as your brothers.” As Nettlepaw brought the shrews to the elders, Foxkit wondered what Mudstar and Pinewhisker could be talking about. Pinewhisker only had one brother, Froststar. And had Mudstar said that Nettlepaw’s uncle was Froststar?
    Tigerfoot looked at Foxkit’s confused expression. “Foxkit, bring your brother into the nursery. There’s something I need to tell you.” Foxkit ran to the elder’s den. “Nettlepaw, Tigerfoot wants to see us.” Pinewhisker stared at Foxkit. “She wants to see you two?” As Foxkit nodded, Pinewhisker’s expression became dark. He glanced at Slatefall. “I’ve got to go. Tell Rosefoot I said hi, and one of the shrews is for you, not her.”
    Foxkit led Nettlepaw and Pinewhisker to the nursery. She felt jealous of her brother, jealous that he had become an apprentice. Could Mudheart have waited until she was Foxpaw before he killed Froststar? And who was this Nettletuft that they were fighting over?
    As Foxkit entered the nursery, Tigerfoot looked at her with a pained expression. “Come,” she told her two kits, “Pinewhisker and I have a story to tell you.”
    “What is it about?” Nettlepaw asked, looking at his mother.
    “It’s about your father.”

  • Chapter Seventeen
    Quickleap sat. She was sitting at Sandykit’s funeral. Sandykit was Quickleap’s kit that had died during the kitting. Peacemaker, I expect that you brought Sandykit to StarClan, Quickleap thought to her mate, also in StarClan. Quickleap’s alive kits were mewling at Quickleap’s belly. They were behind Quickleap’s paws and right near her belly. They were suckling and sleeping at the funeral, since they were only 3 hours old. Mothkit shoved Peacekit out of the way as she tried to suckle. Peacekit mewled in surprise, and Bravekit ignored his littermates as he slept.
    “Let’s all say something kind to honor Sandykit,” Sunnystar meowed, “I’m sure Sandykit would have been very kind and a great Warrior if she lived.” Then Quickleap went.
    “I miss my kit who didn’t survive more than 1 second so much even though I didn’t know her,” Quickleap meowed, “And I feel like this is my fault, because I’m supposed to keep my kits alive. Goodbye, Sandykit! Goodbye.” Quickleap picked up Sandykit’s cold little body and cried. Then Quickleap set it back down. Typhoonstorm went next.
    “I miss Sandykit very much because I’m sure she would have been a kind, good kit, and she didn’t deserve to die without a chance to live,” Typhoonstorm meowed. Quickleap kept crying, though she was touched by what Typhoonstorm had just said. Every other cat went, and then it was time for Harewhisker to make everyone say goodbye to Sandykit and to let her spirit rise to StarClan. Quickleap was happy that all her kits had mewled at once when there was silence as though to grieve for their late sister.
    “Sandykit, may the prey run well for you in StarClan and you run free,” Harewhisker meowed, “Goodbye.” Then, Quickleap and her kits sat with Sandykit’s body for the whole night. Quickleap didn’t sleep, but since her kits were only a few hours old, she let them sleep. Quickleap cried and cried. She had felt like she’d been plunged into a hole when Peacemaker had died, and Peacemaker was at the top, getting farther and farther away, and now Sandykit was at the top too, under her father’s legs. At least Quickleap still had Mothkit, Peacekit, and Bravekit. The next morning, when the sun rose, the Elders(Brightsting, the NightClan-SandClan cat, and Dawnbringer, the WingClan-SandClan cat), came to bury Sandykit’s body.
    “Goodbye, Sandykit,” Quickleap whispered, “My sweet princess.” After the burial was done, Brightsting and Dawnbringer dipped their heads to Quickleap and padded away.
    “Let all those old enough to catch prey for themselves gather beneath this rock for a Clan Meeting!” Sunnystar called. Quickleap padded into the temporary nursery and put her kits down. Then she padded out and sat in front of it, where she could hear Sunnystar and see her kits.
    “We are going to travel again,” Sunnystar meowed, “To MudClan territory.” Quickleap felt anger go through her veins. She wants us to leave where Sandykit has just been buried, just like how she wanted us to immidietly leave SandClan territory when Peacemaker died instead of letting us stay longer, and go really far away when my kits can’t make it that far! Quickleap thought.
    “My kits can’t go that far yet, they’re only newborns,” Quickleap objected. Sunnystar looked at her. Quickleap didn’t see any anger in Sunnystar’s green eyes, just respect.
    “All right, I’ll assign cats to carry your kits,” Sunnystar meowed, “Can you carry one of them, though?” Quickleap nodded.
    “Of course!” she meowed. Quickleap padded into the nursery, where her kits were mewling because Quickleap wasn’t there. Quickleap curled up around them.
    “We’re going to a much warmer place, MudClan territory, now, kits!” Quickleap purred. Her kits just mewled in response. Typhoonstorm and Blossomflower padded in.
    “I’ll carry Peacekit,” Typhoonstorm meowed. Blossomflower stepped towards Bravekit.
    “I’ll carry Bravekit,” she meowed. Quickleap picked up Mothkit.
    “Thanks,” Quickleap meowed. Blossomflower was a RainClan-SandClan she-cat, just like Quickleap. 😀 for Quickleap. Quickleap followed everyone else, Mothkit’s scruff in her jaws, and she looked back once. Quickleap only cared about one thing in that place: that they were leaving Sandykit behind there. It pained Quickleap’s heart to have to leave with Sandykit buried alone. Quickleap kept going. About the time they left IceClan territory and entered SandClan territory, there was a small mew.
    “Mommy?” the mew mewed. Quickleap gasped.
    “Mothkit, have you opened your eyes?” Quickleap asked. Mothkit nodded.
    “Yes Mommy,” Mothkit mewed. Peacekit was mewing too.
    “Hey, where’s my Mommy?” Peacekit demanded. Bravekit mewled in fear.
    “Mommy! Mommy, where are you?” Bravekit mewled. Typhoonstorm and Blossomflower padded over.
    “Here, we’ll put these two on your back,” Typhoonstorm meowed. He and Blossomflower put Peacekit and Bravekit on Quickleap’s back.
    “Why does Mothkit get to be carried by the scruff?” Peacekit asked. Whoops, I might have named the wrong kit after Peacemaker, Quickleap thought with a laugh.
    “What’s so funny?” Bravekit asked, confused. Quickleap ignored him.
    “We’ll rotate,” Quickleap meowed, “Peacekit, you’ll go next.” Peacekit smiled.
    “Will I go after Peacekit?” Bravekit asked. Quickleap nodded. Suddenly, Quickleap felt the grief of Peacemaker and Sandykit leave her heart. Before, she hadn’t had a fragment of Peacemaker until her kits, and these kits were the littermates of Sandykit, so Quickleap had both those cats-sort of-with her.
    Peacemaker and Sandykit, I hope you’re watching from StarClan, Quickleap thought, I’ll be the best mother I can be.

    Peacemaker leapt up. He looked down at his paws, and saw that he was standing IN HIS BODY.
    “Wait, how is this possible?” Peacemaker yelped. He then noticed the stars in his pelt. I must be going to StarClan, Peacemaker realized. He looked at his black leg. It still had the black marks, but they seemed to be fading.
    “You are going to StarClan,” a voice startled Peacemaker. Peacemaker saw a black and white she-cat.
    “Hello, who are you?” Peacemaker asked. The she-cat didn’t blink. Those are some mysterious blue eyes, Peacemaker thought.
    “I’m Whiteout,” she meowed, “The winds of time have ended on yours, your story has come to a close.” Peacemaker blinked.
    “What the who now?” he meowed. Suddenly, Peacemaker had terrible memories. They were memories of being kitted in a nursery that wasn’t the RainClan one, being raised with an IceClan cat for a father and Hopeflight as a mother, having Whiteout as a sister, being in love with a she-cat named Clearsight, having three super powers(mind reading, future telling, and being able to control StarClan), being best friends with a SeaClan cat named Fathomleaf(a Medicine Cat), Clearsight being a Medicine Cat, wanting to be King, killing his own father, being betrayed, meeting Moonwatcher, being turned into Peacekit. It all came back. Suddenly, Peacemaker’s form shaped into a big black cat.
    “Hello, brother,” Whiteout meowed. Peacemaker remembered his sister being Whiteout.
    “Whiteout, no,” he meowed, with a deeper voice, “This is not me. I’m not Darkstalker. I’m Peacemaker. And I can’t be Darkstalker.” Whiteout smiled.
    “My fellow spirits told me that you would meow that,” Whiteout meowed. Peacemaker, turning back into a Peacemaker form, blinked.
    “Just take me to StarClan,” Peacemaker meowed.
    A few moons later…
    Peacemaker couldn’t belive it. His mate was kitting! Peacemaker’s mate was having Peacemaker’s kits when Peacemaker wasn’t even alive! Peacemaker watched her kit. Four kits. But then, Peacemaker felt a tug. One of the kits had died. Peacemaker went down to the nursery, where Quickleap was letting the alive three, Mothkit, Peacekit, and Bravekit, suckle and was mourning the dead kit, Sandykit. Sandykit’s spirit came up out of Sandykit’s little ginger body, and it looked around.
    “Hewo?” Sandykit mewed. Peacemaker curled up around his daughter.
    “Hello, Sandykit, I’m your father, Peacemaker, and I’m here to take you to StarClan,” Peacemaker meowed. Sandykit nodded. Sandykit understood, since she was a kit of StarClan. Peacemaker took his daughter to StarClan and showed her around.
    “Sandykit, we will watch over your mother and littermates from up here,” Peacemaker meowed, “Always have faith in them.”
    Peacemaker had never lost faith in Quickleap.
    He never lost faith in his kits, especially when they became apprentices named Mothpaw, Peacepaw, and Bravepaw.
    Then Warriors named Mothflight, Peacewhisker, and Braveheart.
    Never loose faith.

    That concludes Quickleap’s Choice! Now, I’ll be writing Cliffheart’s Side. Remember Dovestar’s Heart, a story I wrote about Dovestar(formerly Dovefeather) who became a rouge when her parents(THE KING AND QUEEN OF WINGCLAN) died? Well, we know everything that happened to her, but we don’t know what happened in WingClan while she was gone. So, it’s time to explain Cliffheart’s side of the story. Here’s the Prolouge!
    Smokeflame couldn’t contain his excitement. His mate, Queen Rubystar of WingClan, was having Smokeflame’s first litter of kits! Smokeflame pased outside the nursery. What if something goes wrong? he thought, No, my kits won’t have anything wrong. They’ll perfect. After a surprisingly short amount of time, the Medicine Cat, Sunflight, padded out of the nursery.
    “All right Smokeflame, you can go in now,” Sunflight meowed. Almost immidietly, Smokeflame ran inside.
    “How many are there? Are they okay? What should we name them?” Smokeflame asked, but he stopped when he saw. There was only one kit, but it was ruby red, like his mother. He was suckling, and he was adorable. The kit was fine.
    “I was thinking Cliffkit, since he had me on such a cliffhanger if there were more after him,” Rubystar meowed. Smokeflame nodded.
    “I like Cliffkit,” he meowed. Cliffkit kept suckling. Then something hit Smokeflame.
    “We’ll have to have another litter after Cliffkit to get you some heirs,” Smokeflame meowed. Rubystar nodded.
    “But that will be when Cliffkit’s an apprentice,” Rubystar meowed. Smokeflame nodded.
    “Right,” he meowed.
    For now, I just want to enjoy my son.
    Little did Smokeflame know, little did anyone know, this would be one of the kindest cats to walk the Clans right here.

    • First off, I’m excited to read about Cliffheart!

      I loved every bit Quickleap’s Choice and I’m so sad it’s over! You did such an amazing job writing it!

      Can you explain the epilogue a little? Was Peacemaker a reincarnation?

    • Chapter One
      Cliffkit opened his eyes and looked around the WingClan nursery. The first thing he saw was his mother. His mother was Rubystar, Queen of WingClan, a rich ruby red she-cat. Cliffkit then moved his head and saw another Queen, but this one more battle scarred and not at all regal. She was dark red, and she was sleeping. Rubystar was awake, though.
      “Mommy?” Cliffkit mewed. Rubystar looked down at him.
      “Oh my goodness you’ve opened your eyes!” Rubystar meowed, “And they’re yellow, just like your father’s.” Cliffkit smiled. Wait, where is my father? he thought. Suddenly, another kit padded in. This kit was bigger than Cliffkit, and he was a lighter shade of red. The kit had amber eyes. The kit ran over to Rubystar and Cliffkit’s nest.
      “Has he opened his eyes yet?” the kit asked. The sleeping she-cat woke up.
      “Leave Rubystar and Cliffkit be, Flamekit,” the she-cat meowed. Flamekit pouted.
      “Ugh, but my sister didn’t survive the kitting, so I have no one to play with!” Flamekit pointed out. Cliffkit blinked.
      “I have opened my eyes,” Cliffkit mewed quickly when he saw his mother open her mouth to answer for him. I do NOT want any cat to answer things for me, Cliffkit thought.
      “Yay, you have!” Flamekit mewed, “I can show you around camp!” The she-cat got up.
      “Flamekit, you shouldn’t harrass Cliffkit the first time he opens his eyes,” the she-cat meowed. Flamekit rolled his eyes.
      “Cliffkit can go, Infernofeather,” Rubystar meowed. Infernofeather shrugged.
      “I guess since it’s fine with you, Your Majesty,” Infernofeather agreed, and she went back to sleeping. Infernofeather obeyed Mother without objection, Cliffkit thought, I wonder why. But he followed Flamekit out. Cliffkit gasped when he saw the camp. It was huge! There were dens everywhere, and a big huge tree. There was a fresh-kill pile in the center of camp, and cats were coming and going.
      “I’ll show you the Apprentices Den first,” Flamekit mewed, “I’ll be living there in a moon. I’m 5 moons old!” Cliffkit nodded, to amazed to answer. Cliffkit followed Flamekit halfway across the camp. The Apprentices Den was nice, but it only had one nest at the moment.
      “That’s Mountainpaw’s nest,” Flamekit mewed, “She promised me that the day of my Apprentice Ceremony, she’d make a nest for me. I’ll make one for you when you’re an Apprentice.” Cliffkit nodded. An orange she-cat, not much older than a kit but bigger than Flamekit and Cliffkit, padded over.
      “Oh, hi Flamekit, are you giving Cliffkit a tour of the camp?” Mountainpaw asked. Flamekit nodded. Cliffkit studied the two, and suddenly, Flamekit seemed quite small.
      “You should go check out the Warriors Den next,” Mountainpaw meowed, “I mean, just the entrance. Don’t go inside. Anyone who’s not a Warrior or the King isn’t allowed inside. Speaking of, Cliffkit, you’re a Prince!” Cliffkit hoped that was a good thing.
      “What does being a Prince mean?” Cliffkit asked. Mountainpaw purred.
      “Well, being a Prince means being the son of the King and Queen,” Mountainpaw explained, “and you are. But your parents will have to have another litter after you for some she-kits.” Cliffkit was confused.
      “Why?” he asked. Mountainpaw looked at her paws. Then she looked back at Cliffkit.
      “Well, it’s just that only Princesses can take the throne,” Mountainpaw explained, “Princes are just an addition to the Queen’s Council.” Cliffkit didn’t want to be an addition to some ‘Council,’ but he didn’t complain. He was not going to complain, he was a Prince. Not a complainer. A Prince.
      “Yes, can we wrap this up so I can show Cliffkit the entrance of the Warriors Den?” Flamekit interrupted. He was probably jelous of the attention Cliffkit got as a Prince. They padded to the entrance of the Warriors Den.
      “Warriors sleep in here, and when one is chosen by the Queen to be her mate, that one moves into the Queen’s nest,” Flamekit explained. Cliffkit wanted to know where his mother and father slept before Cliffkit was kitted.
      “Where is that?” Cliffkit asked. Flamekit padded towards the big tree, but the side of it. In the side of it, Cliffkit found a gaping hole.
      “Whoa,” he gasped. Flamekit nodded.
      “I can’t go in there, but you can, since you’re a Prince,” Flamekit mewed. Cliffkit nodded. Flamekit looked at Cliffkit. “Well?” Cliffkit was confused again.
      “Well what?” he asked. Flamekit looked at Cliffkit expectantly.
      “Well, go in there and tell me what it’s like!” Flamekit mewed. Cliffkit looked. He wasn’t sure he wanted to go in.
      “Um, are you sure I won’t get in trouble?” Cliffkit asked. Flamekit shook his head.
      “No, you’re the Prince,” Flamekit mewed, “You don’t get in trouble.” Cliffkit didn’t know why Flamekit scowled as he said that. Cliffkit padded inside the den.
      “What does it look like?” Flamekit called from the outside. Cliffkit looked around. It was huge!
      “Well, it’s really big, there’s a dirt floor, and a huge nest,” Cliffkit mewed, “And the nest smells like Mother and another cat, I don’t know who.” Cliffkit wanted to get out out out as fast as he could.
      “Yeah, that’s your fancy royal parents nests,” Flamekit mewed. Cliffkit was hurt, but he didn’t want to say so. He left the den and followed Flamekit to the Elders Den. A golden she-cat noticed them first.
      “A new kit!” she meowed, smiling. The other two Elders looked over.
      “And one is a Prince!” an orange tom added. The last Elder was a red tom.
      “Shut up, I want to sleep,” he meowed. The golden she-cat ignored the red tom.
      “I’m Geniwhisker,” she meowed, “Hello, Flamekit. Who is this?” Geniwhisker was mostly focused on Cliffkit.
      “I’m Prince Cliffkit,” Cliffkit mewed, “But just call me Cliffkit.” Geniwhisker nodded.
      “In my day, we always called the Queen her name but with Queen first, same for the King but with King first, and same for the Princesses just with Princess first and same for the Princes but with Prince first,” the orange Elder meowed. Geniwhisker rolled her eyes.
      “Ignore Tornadoclaw, he’s the only one who did that,” Geniwhisker meowed. Tornadoclaw shot her a look. Geniwhisker didn’t seem to notice, and if she had, she didn’t care.
      “One last Den,” Flamekit mewed. Cliffkit turned to him.
      “Which one?” he asked. Flamekit sat down.
      “The Medicine Den,” he mewed, “We can only go to the entrance there as well, there are lots of dangerous herbs.” Cliffkit nodded, and followed the older kit there. They peered in, and they just saw lots of nests and herbs. And an orange and gold tom.
      “Oh, that’s Sunflight, the Medicine Cat,” Flamekit mewed, “We should go.” Cliffkit nodded. He was tired. He padded back into the nursery, where Infernofeather and Rubystar were. Flamekit told Infernofeather he was going to go out to play.
      “You must be starving, Cliffkit!” Rubystar meowed. Cliffkit nodded. He was. Cliffkit suckled, and when he was done, he fell asleep.
      For some reason, Cliffkit couldn’t shake off the feeling that Flamekit was upset about something that had to do with Cliffkit.

      Feedback is appreciated!

      • i see there’s already some division between cliffkit and flamekit because of cliffkit’s position in the clan! very interesting, i love the story C:

  • Emberkit: Male, Black cat, somewhat smooth fur, light green eyes, Main Character
    Ravenclaw: Female, Black cat, silky fur, green eyes, Emberkit´s older sister, Warrior
    Greyfox: Male, Grey cat, ruffled fur, short tail, dark green eyes, Elder
    Gemstar: Female, Brown cat, fluffy fur, yellow eyes, Clan Leader
    Dustclaw, Male, Dark grey cat, yellow eyes, ruffled fur, Deputy
    Lostflower: Female, White cat, green eyes, smooth fur, Medicine Cat
    Quietstream: Female, Orange cat, dark green eyes, short fur, Queen
    Emberkit yawned, slowly opening his eyes, he was a 4 month year old kit, soon to be an apprentice, he jumped up, oh he wanted to play! But none of the other kits were awake, so he ran out of the nursery to find his sister, she was with a few other warriors planning out a hunting patrol, he ran up to her and started talking to her, she sighed and ignored him, which caused him to pester more and more, the other warriors tried to tell her the patrol could wait, but she didn’t want to hear it, she turned to him and snapped. ¨NO WE CAN’T PLAY LEAVE ME ALON-¨ but before she could finish, he ran right out of the camp, her eyes widened, she started to chase after him but lost him at the river, she ran back, looking wildly around for somecat, ¨DUSTCLAW! EMBERKIT LEFT THE CAMP AND I LOST HIM!!¨ Dustclaw quickly rounded up a patrol and set out with it, Ravenclaw following close, by sunset they couldn’t find him, when they returned Dustclaw told Gemstar what happened, for the next few days, patrols were sent out, but Emberkit was not found, Dustclaw tried to tell her that it was no use, but it was to late, she wouldn’t listen, ¨I know he’s out there! If you wont help I’ll do it myself!¨ she ran out of the camp and began looking for Emberkit again, she tracked his scent after the river, he must´have crossed again! but froze, she saw a bit of his fur, and blood.. With his scent gone

    Here you go! If you want your oc in send me it!
    Moons Old:

  • I got this idea of a new fan fiction! It’s my first, actually!

    The Silent Clan


    A waterfall crashed down into a lake, the fierce water glowing silver as the moon shone down into a small clearing. A pale gray she-cat squeezed out from a bush, flicking her bushy tail irritatedly at the loud waterfall as she gracefully leaped down and neatly curled her tail over her white paws. Her ice-blue eyes held no emotion as she gazed into the trees, as if she was waiting for someone.

    A moment later, a slender black she-cat slithered out from the shadows, her gaze narrowing into slits as she saw the gray she-cat. The gray-furred cat rose to her paws and dipped her head briefly before sitting down again. The black she-cat jumped onto the rock and her eyes suddenly blazed with fury. Her dark fur rose up and she unsheathed her long claws.
    “This is all your fault!” she snarled, rage pounding in her ears.
    “If it weren’t for you and that wretched message, we would still be able to reach the clans!”
    Unable to control her anger, she leaped at the she-cat and jerked her head around to fasten her teeth into the silver cat’s neck. Screeching, the two she-cats rolled over the grass.
    “Stop!” A deep, commanding voice rippled through the clearing. A huge, fluffy golden tabby tom was standing on a boulder, his outraged eyes raking over the battered she-cats.
    “This is not the time to fight! We have come here to discuss the Clan’s future. Not to claw each other’s fur off,” he snapped.
    The black she-cat still looked furious, but she settled down and sat down with a thump, her tail waving back and forth. The gray she-cat just glared at the slender cat and studied her paws.
    “You would say that, Lightstar,” the gray-cat muttered.
    Lightstar’s amber gaze softened as he turned to look at the gray she-cat.
    “I know it’s not your fault, Streamstar. You were only trying to protect them from the badgers.”
    Streamstar dipped her head. Then, a fourth cat strode into the clearing, his white coat shimmering like a patch of starlight among the misty trees.
    “But, Darkstar does have a point.”
    Streamstar bristled.
    “The Moonpool is frozen, and StarClan can’t reach the Clans. You caused that, Streamstar,” the white tom glared at the gray she-cat.
    “Icestar, we have to concentrate on the problem! Not the cat who caused it!” Lightstar’s voice was thick with exasperation. Icestar only snorted. Suddenly, Streamstar jerked. Lightstar hurried and steadied his friend by the flank, as Streamstar closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, they were deep with wisdom.
    “A cat will come,” she rasped. “A cat carrying the light of the sky, who will warm the Moonpool and save the Clans from the terrible times coming.”

  • Emberkit: Male, Black cat, somewhat smooth fur, light green eyes, Main Character
    Ravenclaw: Female, Black cat, silky fur, green eyes, Emberkit´s older sister, Warrior
    Greyfox: Male, Grey cat, ruffled fur, short tail, dark green eyes, Elder
    Gemstar: Female, Brown cat, fluffy fur, yellow eyes, Clan Leader
    Dustclaw, Male, Dark grey cat, yellow eyes, ruffled fur, Deputy
    Lostflower: Female, White cat, green eyes, smooth fur, Medicine Cat
    Quietstream: Female, Orange cat, dark green eyes, short fur, Queen

    Emberkit yawned, slowly opening his eyes, he was a 4 month year old kit, soon to be an apprentice, he jumped up, oh he wanted to play! But none of the other kits were awake, so he ran out of the nursery to find his sister, she was with a few other warriors planning out a hunting patrol, he ran up to her and started talking to her, she sighed and ignored him, which caused him to pester more and more, the other warriors tried to tell her the patrol could wait, but she didn’t want to hear it, she turned to him and snapped. ¨NO WE CAN’T PLAY LEAVE ME ALON-¨ but before she could finish, he ran right out of the camp, her eyes widened, she started to chase after him but lost him at the river, she ran back, looking wildly around for somecat, ¨DUSTCLAW! EMBERKIT LEFT THE CAMP AND I LOST HIM!!¨ Dustclaw quickly rounded up a patrol and set out with it, Ravenclaw following close, by sunset they couldn’t find him, when they returned Dustclaw told Gemstar what happened, for the next few days, patrols were sent out, but Emberkit was not found, Dustclaw tried to tell her that it was no use, but it was to late, she wouldn’t listen, ¨I know he’s out there! If you wont help I’ll do it myself!¨ she ran out of the camp and began looking for Emberkit again, she tracked his scent after the river, he must´have crossed again! but froze, she saw a bit of his fur, and blood.. With his scent gone

    Here you go! Heres the redo of Emberkits story! If you want your oc in it, just fill this out

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    Also sorry for this repost i couldn’t find my other one-

  • This is a story that I am writing for my Jayburger contest. Just so you know, it’s not an entry, it’s an example. I really wanted to write this, so here it goes.

    ~The Last Burger~
    Jayfeather sniffed the wound. Baypaw’s bright eyes shone with sadness, but the medicine cat couldn’t see. “Will it be okay?” the apprentice asked sadly. Mousewhisker stood at the side of the medicine den. “Of course. It’s just a little scratch.” Baypaw had jumped over a large bush, trying to catch a mouse. But he had gotten his leg scratched while trying.
    Jayfeather chewed up a poultice and put it on the apprentice’s leg. “Alderheart, I need cobweb.” Alderheart brought a cobweb and wrapped it around Baypaw’s leg. “Don’t go hunting anymore today,” Jayfeather said, “and come back later for fresh cobweb.”
    As Baypaw left, Jayfeather’s belly hurt. He turned to Alderheart. “I’ll be right back. I need to get something.” As Alderheart started organizing the herb store, Jayfeather’s belly hurt even more. He was hungry, and needed something extra-special. He needed . . . a Jayburger! Yes, that would be wonderful! But first, he had to find someone.

    “Jayburgers?” Jayclaw said, “I thought they were all gone.” The gray tom was on a patrol with Owlnose and Reedwhisker. “I know where the last one is,” Jayfeather said, “come find it with me. Only the power of jays can find Jayburgers.”
    Reedwhisker stared at Jayfeather. “You aren’t taking our warrior anywhere. If you’re going, I’m coming with you.” Jayfeather’s blind blue eyes looked angry. “You can’t come. Like I said, only jays can find Jayburgers. If you come, they’ll just hide.”
    “If I can’t come, then neither can Jayclaw,” Reedclaw put his nose in the air. “Let’s go, Owlnose.” Jayclaw looked at Jayfeather. “I’m sorry, Jayfeather, but you’ll have to find it yourself.”

    Jayfeather walked through the tunnel. He had traveled far, and wished Jayclaw were here. Would he even have enough power to do it on his own? Leaves crackled beneath Jayfeather’s paws, then he saw something. A beautiful Jayburger, with so much power, Jayfeather wasn’t blind anymore. Jayfeather padded over to it, and took a bite.
    The Jayburger tasted like feathers. Eww! It was just a pile of feathers. Then, Jayfeather realized something. A pile of feathers wouldn’t make him see. He was dreaming! Jayfeather then woke up. He was in the medicine den, with Alderheart looming over him.
    “You’re alive!” Alderheart exclaimed, “Come on, I have something for you!” Jayfeather followed Alderheart to the herb store. Inside, instead of herbs, Jayfeather could smell . . . a true Jayburger. He bit into it. It tasted true, like a jay. Forever on after that, Jayfeather was always happy with love for his Jayburger.

  • If anyone remembers, I wrote a chapter one and two for my fanfic Rippling Shadows a while ago. Well, I have rewritten it with the help of my friend, so now it is combined inot just chapter one. But I do now have 1-6, so those will also be out today. Here is the new chapter 1!

    Chapter 1

    Dewkit was dreaming, deep in a dream she had for many nights. She woke up with a start as a ball of fur rolled into her. It was Dawnkit, coming to wake her up.
    “Wake up sleepy-head! Come out and play mossball with us!” It was her half-sister Dawnkit, already awake like the rest of her littermates. Dewkit crawled out of her nest and trotted out to join her siblings. She noticed that Silverkit and Tealkit, the two older kits, were not there. She shrugged, and ran over to her brother, Jaggedkit.
    “Hey Dewkit! Come and join my team!” She stood next to him and got into a pounce position.
    “Ready when you are Dawnkit!” Dewkit called, and Dawnkit threw the moss up high. Juniperkit ran out after it yowling, with Echokit running up behind him. Dewkit had leaped to her position, ready to stop the moss from getting in the goal, when she heard Jewelstars voice behind her, calling out the ceremonial words of a meeting. “Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words.” She ran to her foster mother, Swanflower, along with her step-siblings and siblings. Goldenkit got there first, out of breath.
    “Swanfeather, can we watch the meeting?” She gasped, right as Juniperkit and Dawnkit skidded to a halt behind her, with Echokit, Jaggedkit, and Dewkit trotting in the back.
    “Of course, as long as you are quiet.” She answered, already getting up from her spot in the sun. The kits all stumbled behind her, eager to listen to the meeting and trying to keep quiet. Moonkit ran over to them just as they came in earshot of Jewelstar. He had already begun the meeting, and was speaking.
    “..these two kits are ready to begin their training. Silverkit, Tealkit, please step forward.” The two older kits walked up, their eyes gleaming with happiness. Their mother, Fawncreek, was standing behind them, a proud expression on her face. Dewkit then realized that that’s why they hadn’t been in the clearing earlier. Jewelstar continued.
    “Tealkit, from this moment on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Tealpaw. Mistriver, you have shown courage and skill as a warrior. I hope you pass on these traits to Tealpaw.” Tealpaw trotted up to Mistriver, tail waving, and touched her nose. Dewkit zoned out after that, as she already knew what would happen. Silverpaw got Salmonfur as a mentor in the end, and the two new apprentices bounded around the camp with their mentors, their eyes gleaming with excitement.

    That evening, as the sun began to set, Dewkit, Dawnkit, and Goldenkit were sitting in a circle, talking about what they would do tomorrow that would get them in trouble. Dewkit was in the middle of explaining her idea. “…and we would quickly drop them in his nest and go hide in the cattails over there! Then, we wou-” Dewkit stopped mid-sentence as she looked at her friends. “What is it?” They were staring at something behind her. Dewkit felt a shadow fall over her.
    “Well, whose nest is it again?” Jewelstar asked her, a friendly twinkle in his eye. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Anyways, I have a surprise for you kits.” Goldenkit started questioning her father.
    “What is it that you are going to show us? Is it a new fish? Or maybe some kind of treat? Are you going to teach us to fish?”
    “Goldenkit, slow down,” Dawnkit muttered, shouldering her sister. “Before we learn to fish, we have to learn to swim, dingbat.”
    “Anyways, I am going to teach all of you kits to swim, starting tomorrow, with the help of Lightfur.” Dewkit wasn’t surprised, everyone in the clan knew that Lightfur was one of the best swimmers in Riverclan. She could outswim any of the cats and once beat an otter to the mouth of the lake. At that moment, Swanflower came up to them. “All three of you, why are you not in the nursery yet? It is almost sundown!” She exclaimed.
    “Mother! Jewelstar is taking us to learn to swim tomorrow!” Dawnkit said, bouncing happily. Swanflower looked worried. “What? But you are all too young! Jewelstar, you can’t possibly mean this?”
    “No, I mean it alright. I am taking all of them tomorrow to the creek with Lightfur to help. I could always take another helper, there are so many of them after all.” Jewelstar looked at his mate. “They will be fine, Swanflower.”
    “Well, I still don’t feel very comfortable with this.” Swanflower sighed.
    “Why don’t I take Seaflight and Stormpaw as well? He is practically a warrior by now.” Jewelstar offered. “Yes, that would make me feel much better.” She agreed. “Now you three, get in the den now! Don’t wake up your littermates on the way!” The three she-kits ran off giggling.
    “I am going to tell the others!”
    “No, I am!”
    “That’s not fair, you two always get to say everything before me!”
    Jewelstar looked at Swanflower. “Kits sure are hard, aren’t they.” Swanflower’s eyes shined.
    “They sure are.”

    Outside of the den, Fernwing was giving orders to cats around the clearing. “Salmonfur and Mistriver.” She called, “Take Tealpaw and Silverpaw, and show them the territory. I would also take a few warriors with you, in case WindClan or ShadowClan decide to start a fight.”, “I’ll take Wolftail and Canyonblaze. Do you agree Salmonfur?” Mistriver called to the warrior, “That’s fine.” He called back, “Now I want a Fishing patrol.” Fernwing called out again as Wolftail, Canyonblaze, Salmonfur, Mistriver, Silverpaw and Tealpaw headed out of camp.
    “Alright kits, let’s head out!” Jewelstar called, and walked out of camp. The kits followed her closely, with Lightfur running up to walk behind them.
    The creek was beautiful, and Dawnkit ran into the water, splashing Moonkit along with it. Jewelstar had taken Goldenkit, Jaggedkit, Echokit and Seaflight further upstream with him, leaving Lightfur and Stormpaw with Moonkit, Dawnkit, Dewkit, and Juniperkit. Lightfur started. “Alright kits, today we will be wading into the water and staying afloat. Then we will learn to kick. Everyone, come up to just above your thighs.” Juniperkit, being one of the biggest kits, went almost to the dropoff in the middle of the stream. Echokit and Dewkit were farther back, being smaller than Dawnkit and her brother. Lightfur took each of her paws off the bottom and rolled onto her back. “Try this kits! I will make sure you don’t get swept away.”
    “How are you doing that?” Dawnkit gasped as Dewkit touched down with her paws, “It’s in our blood.” She teased, “No, just move your paws, like you would run. Try it!” Dewkit nudged her adoptive sister and Dawnkit reluctantly started paddling, “Look Dewkit! I’m doing it !” Dewkit splashed in behind her, laughing they swam deeper in, “Dewkit, Dawnkit! Come back here, you’ve gone out to far.” Lightfur called. Dewkit stopped what she was doing, but as she stopped paddling she felt herself being dragged down the creek, faster and faster the current brought her, Dewkit let out a yowl as her head went under the water, dark blue murky water dragged her down, she coughed as her head emerged. Dewkit saw a cat running down the bank, keeping up with her, Stormpaw? Lightfur? She caught sight of white fur as her head submerged under the water again. Strong paws pulled her tired body up to the surface, Lightfur carried her limp body to the shore, her strong paws pushing against the current. Stormpaw was standing in the shallows, his amber eyes shining with horror and relief as Lightfur dragged her out of the water. The last thing Dewkit saw was Stormpaw’s amber eyes before everything turned black.

    “Dewkit? Wake up! Are you alright? Do I need to fetch Sweetmist? Or Swanflower? Oh, she is going to be so mad, We won’t be able to go swimming anymore!” Lightfur looked down at Dawnkit, and smiled. “You will continue to learn, especially if Jewelstar wants to continue. No one needs to fetch anyone, it was just a little bruising. Stormpaw, go fetch Jewelstar and the others. Kits, let’s head back now.” Dewkit leaned against Lightfur as they followed her back to camp. Almost the second they walked through the entrance, all four kits were driven to the ground by their mother, who had been waiting for them to come back. “Where have you all been? It has been ages since you left! Where is Jewelstar, and Juniperkit? Or Goldenkit or Jaggedkit or Echokit? And where is-” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw Dewkit. “And what happened to you? You look like you have drowned in the lake! Sweetmist, get over here!” The medicine cat ran out of her den at Swanflower’s urgent call.
    “What is it?” She asked when she reached them.
    “Look at Dewkit! She looks like a monster has run her over!” Swanflower urged her on.
    “Well, she looks a bit battered, but nothing serious. What happened?” She asked Lightfur. “A branch was coming down the stream and knocked her into the current. I swam out and grabbed her, and I looked her over on the bank. She seemed just a bit bruised.”
    “That seems about right. I will put some dock on that and you will be better in no time.” Sweetmist told Dewkit as she steered her towards the den. Jewelstar came into camp just then with the other kits in tow.
    “What happened?” He asked, and Lightfur went over and explained. Swanflower looked around camp, then, setting her eyes on the dripping huddle of kits behind her, she leaned down and licked Goldenkit on the head. “Oh, I hope this never happens again!”

    • i hope that doesnt happen again :0
      does jewelstar have some kind of malicious motive for this? why is he training tiny kits to swim?

      • Dawnpaw/petal (Call me Glory or Dawnpaw, and no, don’t call me dawny or anything. That’s meadowpaw’s nickname.) says:

        He is the kits father actually, and they aren’t that tiny.

      • Dawnpaw/petal (Call me Glory or Dawnpaw, and no, don’t call me dawny or anything. That’s meadowpaw’s nickname.) says:

        But that was not the worst thing that will happen to dewkit. She is in for some real big things

  • WoF OC’s (for WoF Junior, for my brother):
    Trustkeeper: Grayish black female NightWing dragonet with purple eyes, indigo-purple under-wings, and white star scales. Foretells a prophecy.
    Dreamtwister: Pure black male NightWing dragonet with red-grey eyes, super-pure black under-wings, and dark silver star scales. Can twist thoughts.
    Aurora: Pastel color-changing female Rain/Ice/NightWing dragonet with blue-black eyes, navy blue under-wings, and silver star scales. She cannot turn colors such as red, orange, yellow, black, brown, and grey.
    Flashflood: Cornflower male SeaWing dragonet with opal-colored eyes, fern under-wings and underbelly, and pine green spirals. He is an animus, but can only control water.
    Hyena: Dark sand-colored male SandWing dragonet with black and amber eyes, pale yellow under-wings and underbelly, and a chocolate colored barb. He wears a purple vest, and owns a monkey with a matching vest.
    Raptor: Mahogany female SkyWing dragonet with dark red eyes, yellow under-wings and underbelly, and a tiny pink scar on her nose. She wears glasses.

  • Chapter 15! Hope you like it! I was inspired by you, 🐎 🐍 Snake that slithers through horse stampede ^^ Snakepaw 🐍🐎!

    Melonpaw had slept the rest of the day. By morning her paw had healed.
    “Melonpaw! Melonpaw Melonpaw Melonpaw Melonpaw Melonpaw Melonpaw! Wake up, wake up, Melonpaw!”
    Greenkit was shaking her, saying, “Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up!
    “No,” Melonpaw yawned. ‘Now, nighty-night.”
    “No!” Greenkit mewled. “I’m three moons old today, and Mommy’s getting a game ready! I want you to help me! Wake up wake up wake up!” He jiggled her shoulder.
    Melonpaw propped herself up. “Alright, if you insist,” she said. “What are you playing?”
    “Mommy hid a dandelion!” he squealed. “Whoever finds it first wins a shrew! And those are so tasty!” Greenkit leapt up and down, bouncing on Melonpaw. “And then we play more!
    Melonpaw left the medicine den and looked around.
    “Kits!” Pearlbloom called. “Time to play!” When she saw Melonpaw, she added, “I hope this isn’t any trouble for you.”
    Pearlbloom had a dandelion in her paws. When all five kits were seated in front of her (Moorkit insisted on coming), she asked Melonpaw to cover their faces with her paws while she hid it.
    “Ready, yet?” Melonpaw asked after a moment, struggling to conceal the squirming, excited kits.
    “Okay, ready,” Pearlbloom replied, sitting back down. “It’s by the leader’s den. Ready, set, go!”
    The kits ran off in pairs. Waspkit and Silverkit snooped around the medicine den, Pinkkit help Moorkit search under the tree, and Greenkit bounded off to the leader’s den. Melonpaw followed.
    “It’s gotta be here!” Greenkit said, kicking up dirt. “It’s gotta!
    Melonpaw could see Waspkit and Silverkit going inside the medicine den. Did they think it was in there?
    I FOUND IT!” Greenkit yelped. Sure enough, he had found the dandelion. Melonpaw had studied it hard, and could see all 67 pale orange petals, and the 13 green leaves beneath.
    Greenkit carried the dandelion in his mouth with pride. “Hey, I found-” he stopped abruptly.
    Melonpaw noticed what he noticed. Silverkit had padded out of the medicine den with a dandelion, with 48 bright yellow petals and 19 green leaves. So that’s what they did in the medicine den, Melonpaw realized.
    “You cheated!” Greenkit hissed as much as a kit could hiss while Pearlbloom handed the two cheaters a big, plump shrew.
    “Don’t be a fox-heart,” Pearlbloom soothed. “They found it under the-”
    “Under the dirt by the leaders den!” Greenkit flicked his tail at the location.
    “Eavesdropper!” Waspkit accused.
    “Look, I have dirt on my paws! Not you!” Greenkit stated angrily.
    “Admit it! You’re a fox-heart!” Silverkit yelled.
    “He’s telling the truth!” Melonpaw said, but the kit’s bickering covered it so no one heard.
    He’s telling the truth!” she repeated.
    Pearlbloom gave her a sorrowful look. “Don’t take his side, honey,” she said plainly.
    HE’S TELLING THE TRUTH!” Melonpaw stamped her paw on the ground.
    “Liar!” Silverkit said. “We can’t trust you!”
    “Alright, ENOUGH!” Pearlbloom shouted. “Silverkit and Waspkit won. Leave it at that. Greenkit, no lying. Melonpaw, I know he trusts you, but please, don’t encourage lying! I don’t want him to end up in the Dark Forest! Please, don’t support it!” She flicked her tongue and turned to Greenkit. “As for you, no shrew for the next moon! That’ll teach you not to lie. And the next time you tell a lie-”
    “I’m telling the truth!” Greenkit wailed.
    “So you didn’t want shrew for the next two moons, did you?”
    “Would you like to never have shrew until you become an apprentice?”
    “No,” Greenkit mumbled, kicking the dirt.
    “Thank you.” Pearlbloom sighed.
    Melonpaw watched as Greenkit ran away sobbing. It wasn’t fair! she thought. Greenkit won fair and square!

    Hope you liked! BTW I did not copy you, 🐎 🐍 Snake that slithers through horse stampede ^^ Snakepaw 🐍🐎, I was merely inspired. Next chapter coming soon!

  • I decided to make a poem about one of my characters
    (POEM ONE) (dang it doesn’t rhyme)
    Why? Why me? Why do I make a fuss about such a cat? But I cared about her! I dunno, it feels that StarClan has abandoned me. But how? How will I ever resist her becoming such a Fox-heart? But why am I making a fuss, just because I lo– I cared for her! She won’t be her anymore? Why won’t she just listen? Why can’t someone move to another clan without asking? If only I was a traveler, if only I had the right to get in to the clans, if only! But no, life can’t be that way, it’s an age of blood and bone, what you want will never come true! But what if they retreat, will I ever see her again? Please StarClan! Give me an answer! Please…

    (How’d ya like it?)