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  • Small silly dialogue thing that I wanted to write lol. It’s between a cowboy and a Halloween witch.

    “You mean to tell me that you chase cows around all day? As a job?”
    “You mean to tell me that yer unemployed and fly ’round on a broom fer fun all day?”
    “Okay, okay, good point. Just… Cows are mean.”
    “Nah. They’re pretty nice. Just dumb.”
    “More people die from cows than they do sharks!”
    “More people die from vendin’ machines than they do sharks, hon.”
    “That cannot possibly be true.”
    “Eyup. Sure is. People shake the machine an’ it falls on em’.”
    “Okay, but cows literally trample people to death.”
    “Y’know, the shark thing’s not a good comparison.”
    “Why not?”
    “Well, if ev’rone were herdin’ sharks instead of cows, I’ll bet the statistics’d change.”
    “What? Who in their right mind would try to herd sharks?”
    “Marine biologists.”
    “You’re really an insufferable smart-alec.”
    “Eyup. But’cha love me.”
    “Yeah, I do. Be careful, okay?”
    “I will. Don’t go into marine biology.”
    “Wasn’t planning to.”
    “Welp, ya never know. You do need a job.”
    “Hush. Go chase your cows.”
    “Will do. Seeya.”
    “Bye. I love you.”
    “I love you too. Oh, an’ watch out fer them vendin’ machines. They’ll really getcha.”

  • I decided to write a short story

    It was a stormy night. Me and my littermates, curled up with mother. We were told we would go to StarClan, by someone, her white pelt gleaming like the stars. “Get up” Sorrel mewed. I woke up, my blue eyes shining with happiness. I hit Hazel with my paw and she woke up too. “Oww, that hurt, Puddle” “Sorry” All my siblings, Lark, Flint, Hazel, Primrose, Bracken, and Thorn all woke up. “Before we try to escape to ThunderClan I’ll let you guys know, if we loose one of you, you will go to StarClan” Mother purred, “Your father promised me, now let’s go” Thorn sprang to his paws and waited to go. Lark hesitated, but grabbed her clump of moss and followed. Thunder shook the ground, and rain came crashing down like falling rocks. The sun finally set and we strode of into the distance. We got somewhere, a river. The only thing connecting us was a log. “Hop on, kits” We jumped on the log, it’s slippery surface making us shake. The only thing clinging us on was our claws digging into the wood. Lightning struck and in made the log shake with fury. Lark, Bracken, and Primrose all tumbled down into the stream. “No!” Sorrel cried as she jumped down in effort to save them. “Mama! Mama!” they squeaked as Lark and Bracken helplessly kicked at the water, for some reason primrose was, really chill. Sorrel go back on land, knowing that she couldn’t save them. Then Primrose started to swim, she was kicking her legs and splashing with her paws. I took that moment to learn from her. “Mama! Mama! Mama Primrose is gonna escape!” I mewed. “I know, Puddle. We have to move on from them, let’s go” We sadly padded away and into the forest. They ran into a black sun-bleached tom. “Who are you?” he snarled. “S-sorrel and tho-” “Follow me” We stepped into a camp, well made dens and many cats. “Windstorm!” Mother exclaimed. A white tom came towards us, his fur was a very very VERY light mint. “Sorrel! Kits!” he exclaimed, “Follow me” We followed him into this den, there was a white tom with black splotches seated on a bed of bracken and moss. “Ah, I see this is Windstorm’s mate” he mewed. “My name is Swiftstar, and I welcome you to ThunderClan.” “What will be my new name? Also, those are my kits: Puddlekit, Thornkit, Hazelkit, and Flintkit.” “You can be… Sorrelberry” Swiftstar decided, “Now you can follow Windstorm to the nursery” I felt glad I was finally in ThunderClan, and I couldn’t wait to grow up and maybe see Primrose again.

  • Meme Fan-fiction because I’m back

    Hawk sat. “No!”
    Moonstar kept reasoning why Hawkwhisker should orginize patrols. “Please, I’ll buy you a latte?”
    A Wolf person named Never walks in. “Who called me?”
    “What?” Never yeeted a frappe and a latte at them.
    “May StarClan light your path, I guess?” Hawkwhisker said to Moonstar.
    “You’re still orginizing the patrols though.” Moonstar mewed.

  • Here’s the names of my soon-to-be-written super editions!


  • Chapter Two
    Cliffkit groomed himself. He had nothing better to do, since it was the day that Flamekit would become an apprentice. Infernofeather was grooming Flamekit.
    “Mother, my pelt is groomed!” Flamekit objected. Infernofeather sighed.
    “But I’m not done!” Infernofeather meowed to her son. Flamekit glared at her.
    “Well, I’m done tolerating it!” Flamekit swung his paw on his mother’s muzzle(with his claws sheathed, of course). Infernofeather put her son’s paw down.
    “Flamekit, no, that’s only how kits act, not apprentices,” Infernofeather meowed. Flamekit immidietly started being good again, but with a grumpy face. Will Mother do that to me on the day of my apprentice ceremony? Cliffkit thought with a gulp. His mother was slipping out of the den to call the meeting of Flamekit’s apprentice ceremony.
    “Let all those old enough to hunt prey for themselves gather beneath the WingClan treetop for a Clan meeting!” Rubystar called. Scorchflame, Flamekit’s father, padded into the nursery.
    “Are you ready?” Scorchflame asked Flamekit. Flamekit nodded. Cliffkit watched Infernofeather and Scorchflame take Flamekit out of the nursery. Cliffkit scampered after them but just watched from outside the nursery. Infernofeather and Flamekit sat down on the roots of the treetop with Smokeflame, Cliffkit’s father, and Sunflight. The King, the Medicine Cat, and the Prince or Princes always sat on the roots of the treetop. The Queen and Princess or Princesses sat in the treetop, and at a ceremony, the cats in the ceremony sat on the roots. Cliffkit then remembered he was a Prince and scampered over. He sat down in front of his father. Smokeflame brushed his tail on Cliffkit’s shoulder to acknowledge him.
    “I, Rubystar, Queen of WingClan call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this kit,” Rubystar started, “He is 6 moons old and ready to become an apprentice. Flamekit, until you become a Warrior, you will now be known as Flamepaw. Firetail, you will mentor Flamepaw. StarClan honors your hunting skills and knowledge of when to flee from a battle, and I hope you pass these traits on to Flamepaw.” Cliffkit watched his friend touch noses with Firetail and pad to the edge of the cats. Infernofeather padded back to Scorchflame.
    “Flamepaw! Flamepaw!” everycat chanted. Cliffkit joined in. Then Rubystar leapt down from the treetop, and the meeting was over. Everycat went back to what they were doing. Scorchflame and Infernofeather watched Flamepaw pad out of the camp with Firetail for a tour of the territory. Cliffkit sighed and watched his father lead a patrol. His mother padded to the entrance of the nursery to watch Cliffkit play. Cliffkit wished that he could be an apprentice, but he was only a moon old. Cliffkit padded over to his mother.
    “Mother, there isn’t anykit for me to play with anymore!” Cliffkit mewed. Rubystar looked down at him.
    “Well, when you’re an apprentice, you’ll be with Mountainpaw and Flamepaw,” Rubystar meowed. Cliffkit pouted. I don’t want to wait that long, that’s 5 moons! Cliffkit thought.
    Later that day, Cliffkit saw Mountainpaw and Flamepaw doing apprentice chores together. At least I don’t have to do that, Cliffkit thought. Then Mountainpaw and Flamepaw got prey and ate together. Cliffkit felt left out. He wasn’t hungry for milk yet, so he padded over to them.
    “Hello, Mountainpaw!” Cliffkit mewed, “Hello, Flamepaw! What’s the territory like?” Flamepaw looked down at Cliffkit.
    “Go away, Cliffkit, you can find out yourself when you’re an apprentice,” Flamepaw meowed. Mountainpaw just looked away. Cliffkit felt tears spring up in his yellow eyes, and he ran away. Rubystar was in the nursery, so she couldn’t see Cliffkit.
    “So Flamepaw becomes an apprentice and suddenly I’m not good enough for him?” Cliffkit muttered, “I don’t need him anyway. I can make anycat play with me, I’m a Prince!” Cliffkit padded inside the nursery and suckled. Why wasn’t I kitted with littermates? he thought, No cat wants to play with me anymore! When Cliffkit went to sleep, he dreamed of being an apprentice with Mountainpaw and Flamepaw. Flamepaw wouldn’t be like ‘Cliffpaw, you just became an apprentice, you’re not good enough’ or ‘Go away, Cliffkit, this is the Apprentices Den.’ Cliffkit sheathed and unsheathed his claws in his sleep. Well, when I’m a very important figure in this Clan, he’ll be sorry! Cliffkit thought.
    And then he slept a dreamless sleep.

  • Heres an old fanfic i wrote last year

    “I can’t bear it any longer!” snarled a black cat with a white paw. “You all treat me like fresh kill that rotted in the sun for two hundred moons!” “RavenClaw! Calm down now!” yelled Firestar. “I’ve had it with this clan and these cats!” snarled RavenClaw launching herself at FireStar. FireStar knocked her off rolling in the dust, then he pinned her down. “RavenClaw this is unacceptable!” growled Firestar. “So what?” she snarled. “Guys stop!” Shouted HollyPool. “We don’t need to go down like this!” Crowpelt meowed fear rising in his voice. “Then I will leave!” RavenClaw snarled in fury.“It’s been a while since RavenClaw has left.” HollyPool mewed sadly. “Yeah she probably died…..” CrowPelt muttered grimly. “Don’t say that!” Said HollyPool in shock. “She could still be alive!” “Doubt it.” He mewed even more grimly. HollyPool sorted her herbs and then laid down to rest. When she woke up her Clan, RiverClan, and LakeClan were on a huge piece of driftwood holding on for their lives. “Where are we?!?!?!?” she said in panic. “Were here hanging on for our lives what does it look like!?!” Spat a LakeClan warrior. She growled a little but kept her mouth shut. “We have to jump!” said FinStar. “We can’t we’ll drown!” HollyPool blurted out. “She’s right if we jump we will be dead.” said WeedStar. Then WolfFang hissed at a ThunderClan cat. “No I will not be your mate i’m a LakeClan cat!” She hissed in anger. “Besides I don’t mate with other cats outside of my clan unlike you!” She spat lashing her tail at DirtPelt.


    “FireStar! I had a dream!” HollyPool said quickly. “It said Lakes connect to Rivers and listen to the thunder.” “That sounds a bit weird who gave you the dream?” FireStar asked. “She was a beautiful grayish blue she~cat and she said her name was BlueStar.” Meowed HollyPool. “She was leader before I was she was a good leader.” Firestar sighed. “She must have been a good leader” HollyPool said twitching her ear. “Hey look land!” pointed WolfFang. “We should stay there and make a huge camp for all of us!” FinStar suggested her eyes wild with excitement. “Well if WeedStar is ok with it i’d love to!” said FireStar. “I guess I just want what is right for my clan.” WeedStar said confused. “That means you cat be my mate now.” said DirtPelt inching closer to WolfFang. “Not gonna happen DirtPelt.” said WolfFang. “They don’t really look like friends to me.” HollyPool joked. HollyPool and the other cats jumped on the island and found a nice looking abandon cave and all stayed in there. “Hi HollyPool!” said the Red and white apprentice she saw before. “Hi FalconPaw.” she purred. “I’m becoming a warrior tonight!” FalconPaw said excitedly. “Hello other clans.” Said WeedStar “Tonight my apprentice FalconPaw will becoming FalconHeart.” she said proudly. “I’m a warrior!” she said jumping up and down. HollyPool purred and congratulated her.

    They all worked hard to make a good sturdy camp FalconHeart caught a good sparrow and she found a bunch of herbs and made a storage place. “HollyPool.” said her brother. “Do you ever wish you could have kits?” he asked a little wary. “Not really i’d rather help deliver them instead.” she replied. “Look at that bird that WillowPaw caught!” he exclaimed. “It’s bigger than her!” he said in shock. She looked at the apprentice the bird was much bigger that her but she dragged it. “Look CrowPelt!’ she said to her mentor. “I know it’s awesome!” he said. “You deserve a decent bite to eat.” he purred. The very small apprentice went to fresh kill pile and grabbed a small mouse and gobbled it down. DirtPelt walked in her den. “I need cobwebs now!” he snorted. “Why?” she asked, grabbing them and handing them to him. “My apprentice got snagged by a thorn.” he exclaimed. “Im fine DirtPelt.” said AmberPaw embarrassed by her mentor. “Nonsense!” he said putting it on her ear. She gave a small laugh.“I guess I do wanna have kits a little bit.” she said to herself. Watching the kits rough house. “You can’t catch me SkyKit!” BarkKit teased. “Oh yes I can!” she said catching up to him. She ran into HollyPool’s paw and fell. “Owww.” she said. “Are you ok?” HollyPool asked concerned. “Im fine.” SkyKit muttered. “Alright.” HollyPool meowed. “Intruders! There coming!” yowled FalconHeart. She jumped back in surprise when she saw the cat she thought she would never see again.

    “RavenClaw!” She gasped. “Why hello dear sister.” RavenClaw meowed evilly. Then she spotted…..SmokeStar. “Looks like we got companie.” hissed CrowPelt. “I will be more powerful than the darkforest itself!” RavenClaw hissed. She launched at FireStar without a warning slicing his throat open leaving him gagging and coughing up blood. It was a blur then they all attacked! I can’t let them die! She thought. As she launched herself into the battle not knowing who was who. She grabbed a cat by the collar and tried to choke it. All the medicine cats saw her and attacked too. “Kill the kits! And take their prey!!” RavenClaw yelled. HollyPool dashed to the nursery and hid the kits just in time. A Calico cat was standing in front of her. “Aye I dont wanna hurt you so just give me the kits and it’ll all be over.” he meowed. “Over my dead body!” she hissed launching at him. He knocked her off and sat down in front of her. “Okay then….Fight me I dare you too.” he meowed “No.” she said sitting down in front of him. “Are you even a warrior?” he asked. “Well……No not really.” she replied. “Hmmm really? You fight like one.” he replied tilting his head. “Oh I’m Brindle by the way.” he said. “Im HollyPool.” she mewed. “Get out of our territory rouge!” snarled WillowPaw. “It’s all right WillowPaw he won’t hurt you.” HollyPool meowed. “Oh……Okay!” WillowPaw mewed cheerfully. “HollyPool! Your a medicine cat stop fighting!” yelled SnakeTail. “No way I’m going to fight till I can’t any more!” she meowed confidently. He sighed “I guess I can’t stop you huh?” he meowed. “No No you can’t.” she meowed back.

    “R….RavenClaw?” StripeHeart said examining the BloodClan leader. “She’s dead!” yowled BloodClan. “I…I” RavenClaw gasped barely. “Shhh RavenClaw.” meowed StripeHeart. “Brindle, why don’t you join ThunderClan?” HollyPool meowed. “Hmmmm…..Not a bad idea!” he replied. “Well let’s go see BrambleClaw and ask him if it’s okay.” she purred. “Sure Do you want a warrior name or keep the name you have?” BrambleClaw asked. “Hmm I guess I’ll have a warrior name.” he meowed. “Okay your warrior name shall be BrindleFrost.” Meowed BrambleClaw.“Hey ummm you should go hunt BrindleFrost.” meowed BrambleClaw. “Okay!” he meowed. “If he makes one mistake HollyPool you and him are out!” snarled BrambleClaw. She went out of the den. “Hey let’s um…….gather herbs?” suggested HollyPool. “Uhhh……ok I wanted to hunt but that’s fine too i guess…” he meowed. “So……Why do I need to gather herbs with you?” BrindleFrost asked grabbing a mouthful of dock leaves. She sighed “BrambleStar will kick you and me out of the clan if you do even one thing wrong.” HollyPool whispered. “RavenClaw’s up!” yelled CrowPelt running around frantically. HollyPool dashed to the medicine cat den to see WolfFang and StripeHeart sitting with RavenClaw, muttering. “RavenClaw…..” HollyPool hissed quietly “That Traitor!” yowled StarryWaters flinging herself at Raven claw. StarryWaters Bit down on RavenClaw’s leg, RavenClaw flipped herself out of reach and snapped StarryWaters’ tail.

    StarryWaters fell to the ground and yowled in pain, RavenClaw sat watching the cat suffering With amusement in her silvery blue eyes. “She won’t survive those scars I gave her!” RavenClaw said contently. “You’re right she’s practically all ready dead…..” sighed StripeHeart. “StarryWaters you wont make it the wounds are too deep…..” StripeHeart said. StripeHeart held a pawful of death berries. “Eat these” Said StripeHeart. As StarryWaters ate them she began to choke and then she went still. “That was entertaining.” meowed RavenClaw licking the blood off of her. HollyPool looked from her mentor to StarryWaters. “Why?” she asked StripeHeart. “She was going to die anyway so I put her out of her misery.” StripeHeart replied. “But…..but……” HollyPool stammered.”You sometimes have to do things like this to help a cat…..” Said StripeHeart. She could see the sadness in StripeHeart’s silvery blue eyes. Weird her eyes are just like RavenClaw’s……… thought HollyPool. “So when can I leave this dirt place?” asked RavenClaw. “When your better.” murrmered StripeHeart nuzzling RavenClaw. “Stop treating me like im your kit!” Hissed RavenClaw scratching StripeHeart’s nose. “RavenClaw you are my kit!” StripeHeart blurted. “What? Y…your our mother……? What about DeadSight?!?!” HollyPool exclaimed. “I’ve known all this time…..” Hissed RavenClaw. “And you never told me?” HollyPool asked in shock. She could barely look at her mentor. StripeHeart looked away from her kits. “Who is our Father?” asked HollyPool. “BadgerClaw……….” sighed StripeHeart. “But he’s gone now.” Meowed RavenClaw looking at her razor sharp claws.

    “CrowPelt……..Did…..did you know StripeHeart’s our mother?” HollyPool asked stunned. “She is!?” he Cried. “Cats of the clans who are stuck here! Gather beneath The large spruce for a clan meeting.” called BrambleStar. “Today CrowPelt’s apprentice WillowPaw shall become WillowTree.” Meowed Bramblestar. The small she cat looked arounded shocked, then CrowPelt walked up to her purring. “WillowTree….Will you be my mate?” he asked softly. “Woah!” said HollyPool. “I……I would!” said WillowTree nuzzling CrowPelt. “Now I get to tease you all the time that you gotta a mate!” she joked to her brother. He began to play fight launching himself at her. She squealed in happiness and leapt away batting at his face. She jumped on him and bit his uninjured ear lightly. “Rawr! I’m a badger!” she laughed “Ow!” she fell to the ground in pain, like something had kicked her stomach. “Are you okay?” asked CrowPelt. “StripeHeart, Jayfeather, Alderheart! Something’s wrong with HollyPool!” yelled CrowPelt to the cats. “Are you alright HollyPool?” her mother asked nuzzling her. “I…….I think I might be having kits……” she whispered so only StripeHeart could hear her.“Oh my! Who is the father?” asked StripeHeart. “I think……BrindleFrost…..” HollyPool stammered. “Also I think the kits are coming here now!” HollyPool closed her eyes,then opened them to three little kits. “Oh…..I already have names for them.” Purred HollyPool “The Gray and blue one over there? That’s going to be Bluekit. The orange gray and white one? CopperKit. And the last kit the white and orange one? That’s GingerKit.” she meowed looking at her kits. “Hm…..What about that other kit?” asked StripeHeart. “What other……Oh my! Another kit?” exclaimed HollyPool. She looked at the Black,gray,white, and orange kit. “AutumnKit.” HollyPool meowed “Mew?” “Mew.” Mew!” her kits said.

    “AutumnKit,CopperKit, BlueKit, GingerKit!” Yelled Bramblestar. “Today you all will be apprentices. AutumnKit you mentor shall be WillowTree, and you will now be known as AutumnPaw. CopperKit your mentor will be RockPelt, and you will now be known as CopperPaw. BlueKit your mentor will be FinStar, and you will now be known as BluePaw. GingerKit your mentor will Be FalconHeart, and you will be now known as GingerPaw.” said BrambleStar. “I’m going to be a way better Warrior than you!” BluePaw teased GingerPaw. “Okay……..” said GingerPaw. “GingerPaw, let’s go hunting!” said FalconHeart. “Alright.”Said GingerPaw Following the she~cat. “I think you now see why I had you RavenClaw, Crowpelt, and……SnakeKit……” StripeHeart muttered. HollyPool shook her pelt and trotted to BrambleStar’s den. “What is it?” BrambleStar asked whipping his head up. “More rouges?” he asked. “No But Could you keep an eye on BluePaw and AutumnPaw?” she asked him. “Why?” he yawned “I saw AutumnPaw bring a live squirrel to the fresh kill pile without even killing it….and BluePaw injured it.” she whispered. His eyes widened. “What!? So they just let the squirrel suffer?!” BrambleStar yelled. “Y…yes…” she stuttered. BrambleStar burst out of his den. “AUTUMNPAW BLUEPAW TO MY DEN! NOW!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. HollyPool’s kits walked into his den. “Yeah?” Asked BluePaw. “You two let a squirrel suffer?” he snarled in the faces. “Yeah, so what it’s just prey?” Said AutumnPaw. “JUST PREY!?” Snarled BrambleStar. She watched in horror as BrambleStar sliced a horrible wound on AutumPaw’s flank, Then turned to BluePaw and tore a huge piece of her ear off. “Get out of my sight.” He snarled at the two terrified apprentices. “You foxheart!” HollyPool yowled at BrambleStar. “You stupid mouse brain, fox hearted, mouse heart!” She hissed at BrambleStar. “Get out before I tear you to pieces.” he snarled at her. SHe ran out quickly to see BluePaw and AutumnPaw talking to their mentors about BrambleStar. “I can’t wait to kill BrambleStar one day!” hissed BluePaw. “You kits think that but when you are warriors it will be different.” she told them softly. “Well I better go tell CopperPaw and GingerPaw what happened” meowed AutumnPaw.


    HollyPool sniffed the snow, looking for any catmint that may have survived the harsh, cold, Leaf~Bare. A fluffy orange and White shape bounced around. “Huh?” HollyPool turned around. “Hi mother!” Said GingerPaw “I’M doing my warrior assessment!” She watched as GingerPaw put a paw into a gopher den, and yanked out a fat gopher. “Great Catch!” Said Falcon Heart staring at her Apprentice. HollyPool began to dig away snow and then dug up a catmint stalk. “Ill plant this in the camp!” she said like an excited Kit. “But what if another snow storm hits?” she said to herself. “Hey HollyPool! We need another medicine cat! The rogues are back!!!” Howled FalconHeart. HollyPool began to run faster than a WIndCLan cat her claws barely touching the grass. At her side FalconHEart and GingerPaw dashed away in front of her. She put on an extra burst of speed and almost knocked over GingerPaw. When they got to camp GIngerPaw flew at a cat attacking her brother. “Any Injured cats to the medicine cats den now!” she yowled above the fighting. CopperPaw stumbled to the medicine cats den and collapsed in HollyPool’s nest. “AutumnPAw…She’s…she’s going to die out there!” CopperPaw rasped. “What! AlderHeart! Can you go get AutumnPaw?” she asked the cat. He nodded and flew out of the den. RavenClaw, who was still in the den sat near the exit and watched the fighting cats. “Ha! Never thought my clan were a bunch of mouse brained burr pelts!” Said RavenClaw. CrowPelt Limped in the Den his leg looked smashed. “Ouch!” said RavenClaw looking at his leg. “Tell me about it.” said CrowPelt. She walked her brother to StripeHEart’s nest were RavenClaw has been staying. “Getting kinda crowded.” growled JayFeather. “A bit” agreed RavenClaw. WolfFang entered the den. “The fight is over…We won.” she meowed. WolfFang went over and layed down next to RavenClaw. “I missed you.” WolfFang whispered barely loud enough for HollyPool to hear. “You too Mouse Brain.” Said RavenClaw. HollyPool paused for a moment afraid if she moved they would remember she was here. WolfFang nuzzled RavenClaw. “Gross! Bleh!” said ALderHeart walking in the den with AutumnPaw. “Everyone who is not StripeHeart, RavenClaw,HollyPool,CrowPelt,ALderHeart, or me….GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!” Screamed JayFeather.

    “CrowPelt your leg will be like this for a bit, and even after it heals you might not be able to walk the same.” StripeHeart told CrowPelt. “Alright.” CrowPelt muttered. GingerRoot bounced in the den her jaw filled with catmint and borage leaves. “Hly Ool! Hly Ool! Lok I fond Ca mnt!” Said GingerRoot through the Catmint. “Good this leafbare we’re gonna need it.” HollyPool told her daughter. “HollyPool! Go find tansy and Watermint now!” she heard JayFeather call from outside the den. “Alright!” she called back. HollyPool padded in the snow sniffing for tansy with GingerRoot. “Shhhh. Somethings following us.” GingerRoot meowed softly. HollyPool turned around to see a wolf standing over her and her daughter. “Run!” HollyPool Yowled as she grabbed GingerRoot by the Scruff. “Wait!” the wolf called. “What do you want!” HollyPool yowled. “I’m lost!” The wolf replied. “How do we know it’s not a trick?” asked GingerRoot. “I just need to know where the river is.” The Wolf said. “Over there.” said HollyPool pointing a claw in the direction of the river. “Alright i’ll be out of your cats way.” said the wolf. GingerRoot began to breath very quickly, before fainting right there. “GingerRoot!” HollyPool cried. HollyPool began to haul GingerRoot back to camp. WHen she got there she laid GingerRoot in the medicine cat den. “What’s wrong with her?” asked StripeHeart. “I don’t know! She just fainted!’’ Cried HollyPool. GingerRoot’s head suddenly popped up. “I….I had a Vision from StarClan!” GingerRoot gasped her chest heaving like she couldn’t breath. “What did they say?” HollyPool asked GingerRoot. “They said ‘Trust the former leader and embrace the old, Protect the new…and hide the bold. For only the strong and the brave will make it past this horrible frame’….’’ GingerRoot meowed. “What does it mean?’’ asked JayFeather who was chatting with RavenClaw. “Well…..” AlderHeart started. “The ‘Former leader’ could be RavenClaw… She was BloodClan’s leader…’’ AlderHeart suggested. “That could be it….” HollyPool agreed. “And Embrace the old……Mabey listen to the elders stories and embrace them?” StripeHeart Added. “No that makes no sense.” Meowed GingerRoot. “Maybe take better care of the elders?” Suggested GingerRoot. “And…Protect the new means protect new cats in the clan like the kits!” HollyPool said confidently. “And hide the bold obviously means hide the strong and bold cats.” Said JayFeather. “For only the strong and the brave will make it past this horrible frame…. What in Starclan does that mean?” Murmured StripeHeart.

    CHAPTER 10

    “SO the prophecy is ‘Trust RavenClaw, Take care of the elders, protect the kits, hide the strong and bold cats, and we have no idea about the last part?” asked AlderHeart. ‘’I guess……’’ murmured GingerRoot

    Thats all for now but i may make more later.

  • Okay I really don’t need another fanfiction to work on, since Thrushpelt’s Trust is far from done 😛 but I had an idea, so I guess we’ll see where this goes. If you’ve read my short story, curiosity killed the cat, some of the plot will seem familiar. It’s not the same story, but it’s similar.

    Of Shattered Stars —- Prologue


    “Greetings, Clear Sky,” the silvery tom murmured, the dim starlight turning his fur a dusty slate color. He dipped his head to the approaching cat, smiling slightly at the other tom’s affronted expression.
    “Skystar, you mean?”
    River Ripple shrugged casually, staring out across the clearing. “I’m in a nostalgic mood.”
    Skystar, or Clear Sky, as River Ripple had never quite been able to stop thinking of him as, frowned and followed his gaze. A puzzled look drifted across the pale cat’s face, evidentially not catching what they were looking at.
    What they were looking at, River Ripple thought grimly, was nothing. And that was exactly what made it all so important.
    “You, nostalgic?” a voice scoffed, and the two toms spun to find a third figure behind them. Despite the utter absence of any tree coverage, Shadowstar had still managed to slip in without River Ripple noticing. The black she-cat’s pelt was wispy with stars, but her eyes were as piercing as ever. “Out of all of us, you have always been the best suited for this place.”
    River Ripple shook his head slowly, folding his tail lightly across his paws. “If you say so, Tall Shadow.” They could say what they liked, but in truth, all five of them were perfectly suited for life in the stars. They had no choice but to be, for it was the destiny the universe had hand picked for them long ago. River Ripple had just accepted that the soonest.
    “With entire forests at our disposal, why would you choose to meet at this place?” another voice shouted, laden with irritation. Wind Runner’s slim form appeared over the gentle crest of the terrain, her strides long and agile. She stopped beside Tall Shadow, her gaze baleful.
    “I was wondering the same thing,” Thunder added, padding up from the other direction.
    River Ripple glanced over his shoulder at the border, vaguely amused. While they had walked among the stars with each other for what seemed like an eternity, apparently they still couldn’t decipher what was going on in his head. Perhaps that was what Tall Shadow meant. Mystery, if not the stars, did seem to fit him the best. “I thought we might want a bit of privacy.”
    “The young’uns aren’t invited to the party?” Clear Sky asked, glancing around as if he expected more cats to join them.
    Young’uns. While the five of them were old, very very old, the so-called youths Clear Sky was referring to were not young at all. Firestar, Bluestar, Tallstar, Crookedstar, that whole generation of leaders from what they now called the Golden age, all were getting to be quite ancient as well.
    “I thought this might be best left to us five,” River Ripple murmured, with a thin smile. “The others would likely have difficulty approaching this situation from a logical standpoint.”
    “This situation?” Tall Shadow echoed softly, her eyes drifting to the border.
    “Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean,” River Ripple replied gently, flicking his tail around him, “We’ve all noticed it.”
    The pretense of lightness that they’d all been holding onto slipped away as they turned to observe the border grimly. In some ways, it looked the same as always, one side green and healthy, with an abrupt fade to rotting leaves and wilting grass. But beyond the ground, there was very little difference. Both sides had a murky look to them, Starclan having taken on a sort of dullness, and Dark Forest’s sheer darkness having faded to a foggy grey.
    The elegant oaks and the towering monstrosities of trees were still there, if one was looking for them, but their outlines were blurred and fuzzy.
    “Are you sure?” Clear Sky asked reluctantly. River Ripple glanced over at him, noting the fear in his eyes. After all these years, the Skyclan leader never had quite escaped that.
    “Look at yourself, Skystar,” Wind Runner snapped, giving the pale gray tom a sharp jab on the side. Clear Sky’s expression stiffened, his eyes flashing with stubbornness.
    “It can’t be.”
    “It can,” Tall Shadow growled, stretching out a paw and placing it over Clear Sky’s. Through her cloudy black fur, River Ripple could see Clear Sky’s pale grey paw, and just barely past that, the misty ground. Thankfully, he couldn’t see through that. Yet.
    “How is this even a discussion?” Thunder asked, staring at his father. He glanced around at the rest of him, his gaze hard. “None of you have even acknowledged that he’s not here.”
    “He wasn’t invited,” River Ripple replied gently, “There are five of us, not six. He is his own type of importance but he is not one of us.”
    “Oh, so now you’re doing it too,” Thunder snapped, his ears flattening. “Riverstar, I thought you were above such foolishness.” For the briefest moment, River Ripple was reminded of back when Thunder had been the youngest leader, still trying to grow into his huge paws. He was, of course, still the youngest, but a few seasons meant nothing in the final scale. “Honestly, when was the last time any of us saw Gray Wing? He wouldn’t just abandon us. He’s faded, like the rest of them.”
    “That,” River Ripple admitted, staring at the border, “Is definitely a possibility.”
    “What’s the point?” Wind Runner demanded, fixing him with an angry gaze. “Yes, cats have faded. Gorse Fur, Violet Dawn, Sun Shadow, Star Flower, Night, and now Gray Wing. We’ve all lost cats.”
    Tall Shadow nodded her agreement. “Gray Wing was the last of our generation besides us to remain. Then there’s the group from the Golden Age, and then the newer ones that still have family and friends among the living to remember them. Beyond that, everyone’s gone.”
    “But what can we do about it?” Clear Sky asked, staring at his own faded paws. “Beyond the medicine cats and a few leaders, no one believes in us. Hardly anyone tells our tales anymore, they’re all too busy dying.”
    “Cats are fading faster,” Wind Runner added grimly, “The living have too much on their paws to remember the dead.”
    “What we need is another miracle,” Thunder suggested, his gaze brightening slightly. “Like back in the Golden age! We had future seers, mind readers, invincibility, a reincarnation. We even all went down there at once. A spectacle like that would renew their faith.”
    River Ripple dug his claws into the ground, then lifted a paw, watching the soil fade off of his fur as it fell. Slowly, he shook his head. “Our power comes from them, Thunder. The newcomers do not know how to interact with the stars, and I doubt they’ll last long enough for us to teach them. Starclan’s not capable of what it used to be.”
    “Then why bother bringing us here?” the ginger tom asked, his voice regaining it’s hopeless tone. “It seems we’ve got no choice but to sit around and fade.”
    “Because,” a deap, rusty voice growled, making all but River Ripple jump, “Starclan can’t do it alone. But we can do it together.”
    Wind Runner, Clear Sky, and Thunder all bolted to their feet as a massive dark brown tabby strode across the border, the shadows clinging to him like a ghostly second pelt. His fur was matted and torn, but his eyes were gleaming with haughty cunning.
    Tall Shadow shot River Ripple with a questioning look, and he blinked at her. “Put your claws away, friends,” he murmured to the other, nodding a greeting to the ragged shapes that slunk out of the Dark Forest one by one to stand by the first cat. “They’re here on my invitation.”
    “I thought the Goldies dealt with you a long time ago, Tigerstar,” Tall Shadow murmured, eyeing the tabby with narrowed eyes.
    “You of all cats should know by now that darkness never goes away, it just waits for the next night,” Tigerstar replied, dipping his head to Tall Shadow in something that might have been a semblance of respect. Tall Shadow had founded the clan he had taken control of, and Tigerstar had driven her clan into a dark age that had lasted many lifetimes. Neither thing could be easily dismissed.
    “The clans need our help,” River Ripple began, rising to his feet. “The obstacles they face are not so unique, but their results certainly are. Everything has a solution, but the living can’t find it this time.” He turned to the gathered Dark Forest cats, a slim smile on his face. “Our powers alone are useless, but together we should be able to walk among the living and guide them.”
    “What’s in it for them?” Wind Runner asked, her eyes narrowed with suspicion. “We know we can’t trust them, how can we be sure this isn’t some kind of trick.”
    “Because we’re no fonder of being forgotten than you are,” a scarred tortishell and white she-cat replied. River Ripple could make out the shapes of her clanmates through her fur, just like with the Starclan cats.
    “Besides,” a white and black tom added, “You’re all…well, how should I put this?”
    “Weak?” a second dark tabby with a flat face suggested, shooting the Starclan cats a cruel smirk.
    “That’s the word,” the white tom agreed, nodding. “These next few generations are going to be a turning point. Hard decisions are going to have to be made, and I doubt you’ll have the guts to make them.”
    River Ripple dipped his head slightly, closing his eyes. This was the part he hated about this plan. The Dark Forest cats were right. If the clans were going to survive, sacrifices would be required. The Warrior Code wasn’t enough anymore.
    “Funny, I seem to remember all of you getting killed by us ‘weaklings’,” Clear Sky muttered, and River Ripple shot him a warning glance. Many of the gathered cats bristled, but Tigerstar just shrugged.
    “True or not, we both have our skill sets.”
    “Tigerstar and I have come to the conclusion that we have enough power between our two groups for five reincarnations,” River Ripple mewed, glancing between his allies and the Dark Forest cats. “We’ll walk among the living and help them prevail over their challenges, much like how we orchestrated the Golden Age’s Three. Tigerstar, have you made your final picks?”
    Tigerstar nodded, flicking his tail. Four other cats stepped out beside him, their pelts dark and misty. “Hawkfrost, Darktail, Mapleshade, Ashfur, and myself.”
    “No Brokenstar?” River Ripple asked, glancing at Ashfur in puzzlement and relief. He wasn’t the choice he had expected Tigerstar to make. In fact, the spotted grey tom had once been in Starclan until they’d thought wiser of their decision. He certainly wasn’t trustworthy, but at least his resume lacked kit murdering.
    Tigerstar waved a translucent paw through the air dismissively. “Brokenstar lacks tact.” From behind him, the other dark tabby let out a hiss of anger, and Tigerstar added, “ Besides, we can’t leave our newer member completely without supervision. I’m assuming the five of you will be representing Starclan?”
    “It seemed only fitting,” River Ripple replied.
    “Wait,” Thunder interrupted, his brow furrowing. “Five Starclan cats, and five Dark Forest? That’s ten cats! I thought you said we only had enough power to send down five of us.”
    River Ripple exchanged a long look with Tigerstar. He could tell by the suspicious looks on the Dark Forest cats that Tigerstar hadn’t told them about it either. The tabby gave him a wry smile, before turning to face the gathered cats. No one was going to like this.
    “Really, Thunderstar, you can count to ten? I’m impressed. You’re going to have to share,” Tigerstar said with a smirk, as if this was just another way for the Dark Forest to get under Starclan’s fur. “Five bodies, ten souls.”
    “You’re kidding,” Tall Shadow murmured under her breath to River Ripple, at the same time that the Dark Forest cats burst into turmoil of angry outbursts.
    “Why can’t we just split it?” Clear Sky asked, shooting a nervous glance at the Dark Forest cats. “Three Starclan, two Dark Forest, or vice versa. You can’t seriously expect us to share a physical form, the poor cat won’t even be able to decide what direction to walk in.”
    “Because,” River Ripple explained with a sigh, “Our powers alone are both quite weak. Only with multiple souls will we be able to maintain an anchor to a living form. And….you won’t exactly have the opportunity to argue.
    “This has never been done before, so it’s all theoretical, but Tigerstar and I are fairly certain that the pair of souls will mix, instead of remaining two halves of a whole. You’ll become one cat.”
    “Can it be reversed?” Clear Sky demanded, his pelt bristling with alarm. “Once this is done, will we be able to separate again?”
    “Does it matter?” Tigerstar challenged, fixing the pale grey tom with his harsh amber gaze. He took a step deeper into Starclan territory, waving a paw around at it. “If we fail, we’ll simply cease to exist.”
    “No, I suppose it doesn’t matter,” Clear Sky agreed reluctantly, his blue eyes dark with worry.
    River Ripple glanced around at his friends, his expression grim. If they were anyone but the five they were, he would ask them if they were sure they wanted to do this. He could tell no one was too keen on combining with a Dark Forest cat. But the clans were their creations and their responsibilities. It had to be them.
    “You’re not going to involve the Goldies at all in this?” Tall Shadow asked, her expression neutral but her gaze filled with turmoil. “Firestar would want to be involved.”
    “You’d expect them to agree to any of this?” River Ripple prompted, gesturing to Tigerclaw. “Would Firestar be willing to work with Tigerstar? Or Bramblestar with Hawkfrost? Squirrelflight with Ashfur? Onestar with Darktail? No, it’s better this way. We have no personal conflicts with them. Besides, someone has to stay behind and guide us.”
    “When are you going to tell them then?” Wind Runner demanded.
    “Never, they’d try to stop us,” River Ripple answered with a thin smile. “But as soon as we go, Firestar and the others will be able to sense our host’s connection to Starclan. They’ll figure out what we’ve done soon enough.”
    He took a deep breath, then waved his paw through the air. He could sense the strain that even this simple task took on the territory, but with a bit of prodding five blurry shapes appeared in the mist beside him.
    “Tigerstar, would you like to demonstrate?” River Ripple asked, and the dark tabby stepped forward.
    “Wind Runner,” Tigerstar called, flicking his tail towards the wiry she-cat. “Come here.”
    The WindClan leader hesitated, scowling. She shot River Ripple a baleful look, which he responded to with a calm nod. “Do what must be done,” he murmured.
    Tigerstar dipped his head to the she-cat as she came to stand beside him, looking tiny compared to his bulky shoulders. “That,” the tabby said, reaching out a paw to touch the transparent form of a small, black kit, “Is going to be Stormkit very soon.” With a scowl, he received, “We are going to Stormkit very soon.”
    The Dark Forest tom hesitated for a brief second, before stepping forward into the mist. His form seamlessly melted away, there one second and gone the next. Wind Runner glanced back at them one last time, then vanished after him.
    River Ripple let out a long breath. Now, it had begun. There was no turning back. “Clear Sky, Hawfrost, you take the ginger and white one,” he instructed, gesturing towards what was going to be a cat named Valleykit in just a moment.
    “Great, I get the spineless one,” Hawkfrost grumbled, before striding into the mist with a nervous looking Clear Sky on his heels.
    “Thunder, you and Ashfur get the yellow tabby, Bumblekit” he continued, trying to ignore the stirring of fear in his chest. Soon, it would be his own turn, and although he knew it was necessary, there were few things less terrifying than the prospect of losing one’s self.
    River Ripple paused as Thunder’s ginger pelt faded away, studying the little unborn calico tom in front of him. All of the matches had potential to result in monsters if they didn’t retain their Starclan benefactor’s virtues, but this one was especially dangerous, he felt. “Tall Shadow, Darktail, you will be Elm,” he murmured, hoping he hadn’t just made a fatal mistake.
    “You expect me to go with the cat who almost destroyed my clan?” Tall Shadow murmured, rising slowly to her feet.
    “Yes,” River Ripple replied simply, and she dipped her head ever so slightly.
    “So be it,” Tall Shadow said, sizing up the white tom. Head held high, she lead the way into the mist, her dark fur fading like all the others.
    That left only River Ripple. He turned slowly, gazing steadily at Mapleshade. “Shall we?” he asked, looking at the last cat, a plain brown tabby with white paws. Orchidkit would be her name.
    “Your clan has taken so much from me,” Mapleshade growled, meeting his gaze with narrowed eyes. “If Tigerstar had warned me that I’d have to collaborate with you fish faces, I might not have agreed.”
    “Are you backing out?” he replied, his voice light but not without a hint of a challenge. He needed a Dark Forest cat, not specifically her. If she wasn’t up to the task, River Ripple would make do.
    “Of course not,” Mapleshade replied curtly, brushing past him. Without another word, she stalked into the mist, her dapple form mixing into nothingness.
    River Ripple shot one last glance around the territory, taking in the wilted paradise one last time. He had no way of knowing if he’d ever be able to return.
    Part of him wished he had asked the other four to stay back a minute longer. None of them had said their farewells. That might have been the last time he’d ever speak to them as himself.
    But, he thought, closing his eyes as the mist grew heavy around him, even if the cat he was never saw them again, the cat he was about to become certainly would. Fate demanded it.

    • this is an extremely creative idea and i love where this is going
      im very curious about how this “soul mixing” will work and IF it will work in the first place
      nothing scarier than if a cat ends up with two souls pulling apart within it :0

    • Wow. That was…. amazing. I love the pairings and the entire concept, and PLEASE keep writing this!

    • This is really intriguing! I’m kinda nervous just thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Great storytelling!

  • Ok this is a part of my fan fic about my oc rosefur. Enjoy!

    The tabby apprentice heard his mentor grumble in his nest as he nudged him with a paw. “Hey, Blazewhisker! Wake up!” Rosepaw mewed. The red she-cat looked up with a scowl. “Rosepaw, I said we were going to train at sunhigh. Can’t it wait a little while for me to sleep?” Blazewhisker mewed. “Nope!” The fluffy apprentice replied and pounced playfully on his mentors back. Blazewhisker stood up and the tabby apprentice fell off of her, landing on the ground with a surprised squeak on his back, showing his plump, fluffy, belly. Rosepaw lept up immediately and trot alongside his mentor as they padded out of the warriors den and out towards the main camp. He heard a yowl and Beepaw pounced on top of him. The long-furred apprentice squeaked and dodged out of the way just in time. “Hi Beepaw!” Rosepaw mewed in a friendly tone. “Hi! I saw Nightpaw, Roughpaw and Amberpaw headed out of the camp earlier, so after your training maybe we can go explore or sun ourselves with them.” Beepaw meowed. Rosepaw turned to his mentor. “Is Beepaw going to train with us?” The young long-furred cat mewed hopefully. “Yes, quite indeed.” The red she cat meowed, jerking her head in the direction of Shadowpounce, Beepaws mentor. “Let’s head over to your mentor, Beepaw. Then we can begin out patrol.” Blazewhisker mewed. The three cats padded over to the black tom. “Greetings.” He mewed in the middle of grooming his ear. “Are you three ready?” Blazewhisker nodded. “Indeed.” She mewed to Shadowpounce. “Ok, let’s go!” Beepaw purred excitedly. They met up with Roughpaw and his mentor, Eaglefur, later on in the patrol. Roughpaw droppped back with Beepaw and Rosepaw. “Rosepaw, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what was it like when Greenstar captured you?” Roughpaw meowed curiously. “It was… scary.” Rosepaw mewed. “He had Twigsnap and Frosteye swoop in out of nowhere and grab us, and it was stressful to escape the prison.” Rosepaw meowed. “Wow! I’m surprised you and Blazewhisker recovered so quickly.” Beepaw meowed. “Well you three, alongside Amberpaw and Nightpaw, are ready to become warriors tonight!” Shadowpounce meowed. Blazewhisker nodded approvingly at Rosepaw.

    Later on, they reached the camp and Featherstar called up a clan meeting. “Cats of Riverclan, it is time for one of the most important times in the life of a clan, the making of new warriors!” She yowled to all the cats in Riverclan camp. “Amberpaw, Nightpaw, Roughpaw, Beepaw and Spottedpaw, step forward. Rosepaw eyed Spottedpaw. He had always been a rule-loving cleanpaw, and had never hung out with Rosepaw and his friends. But it was a good feeling that they were all being made warriors together. “I call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard in the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warrior in their turn. All of you, do you promise to defend this clan and follow the warrior code, even at the cost of your lives?” Featherstar meowed. The apprentices meowed “yes” or nodded. “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names. Amberpaw, you shall be known as Amberwing. Roughpaw, you shall be known as Roughpelt. Nightpaw, you are now Nightwillow. Beepaw, you are now Beeflight. Spottedpaw, your are now Spottedtail and Rosepaw, you shall be called Rosefur. The clan honors all of your bravery, courage, fighting skill and intelligence and accepts you as full warriors of RiverClan.” The gray leader finished speaking and the clan acclaimed the apprentices by their new names. Rosefur felt as though nothing could be better than this.

  • Hello! I haven’t been on the fan fiction page much nowdays, but I’ll try to be more active! 😀

  • Chapter 29

    Dawnlight looked up to see Everflame. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
    “There’s been an attack. Our patrol and a RockClan one. Ambershine is gathering herbs and Owlpaw is fetching her, but we need a medicine cat over there…”
    The rest of what he said faded away as cold terror washed over Dawnlight.
    Lionscar was on that patrol.
    “I’m going!” she yowled, shoving past Everflame. She bounded to where the patrol had been heading, cold air burning her lungs. Lionscar had to be okay. He had to. She wouldn’t be able to survive if he wasn’t.
    The screeches of battle were getting closer and Dawnlight pushed herself to go faster. She had to get to Lionscar.
    There he was.
    Dawnlight let out a shriek as she burst forward. Lionscar was lying in a pool of blood.
    “No!” she screamed. “Lionscar!” A new chorus of yowls rang out as another PineClan patrol came closer and she spotted Stormfrost.
    Dawnlight had not spoken to her mother once since Lilywish died. Stormfrost wouldn’t even look at her. But Dawnlight needed her at that moment. She took a deep breath, and called out to her.
    Stormfrost looked over and after a moment’s hesitation, ran over. Her eyes widened as she saw Lionscar. “Is he…?” She lifted her face to the sky. “I promised Rainmist I would watch over him! I can’t…”
    Dawnlight let out a shuddering breath. “I don’t know!” she wailed. How had she forgotten to check for a heartbeat? What was wrong with her? She pressed her ear to his chest and cried out as she heard the steady drum of his heart. “He’s okay!” She looked back up at her mother. “I need help getting him somewhere safe. Please.”
    Stormfrost nodded once and dragged Lionscar out of the way of the battle. “He’ll be okay?” she fretted.
    Dawnlight felt a stab of envy. Why did Stormfrost care more about Lionscar than she cared about her? “He will be fine. Go help PineClan.”
    Turning her attention back to Lionscar, Dawnlight searched for the wound. She quickly found it; a gash on his side. It wasn’t deep, so it probably wouldn’t get infected, but she had to close the wound before he lost too much blood. She grabbed a mound of cobwebs and pressed them to his side. “Please,” she begged. “Wake up. I can’t lose you!” Tears stung her eyes. “I love you.” The words were out of her mouth before she knew what she was saying. Before she could process what she had just done, Lionscar’s eyes opened slightly.
    His eyes, deep amber, met hers and Dawnlight’s heart beat so loud she was sure he could hear it. “Dawnlight?” he whispered.
    Dawnlight sobbed with relief. “You’re okay!”
    Lionscar tried with effort to sit up. “Brindlefur,” he murmured.
    Dawnlight gasped. “Your sister did this to you?”
    Lionscar shook his head. “No. Shrewtail did. Brindlefur and I just stared at each other for a while… and then she let Shrewtail attack me.”
    Pity filled Dawnlight and she let Lionscar lean against her. “Oh, Lionscar.” Her troubles and her mess of feelings would have to wait. Lionscar needed her.

    Dawnlight pressed cobwebs to a gash on Lynxnose’s shoulder. “Do you know when the battle will end?” she asked, trying her hardest to keep dangerous thoughts out of her mind. Owlpaw arrived with Ambershine, and Dawnlight let the older medicine cat take over watching Lionscar.
    Lynxnose shrugged. “Does it matter? We need to show RockClan that they can’t just push us around.” She shifted on her paws. “Are you done? Because I would really like to get back in there.”
    Dawnlight sighed. “I suppose so. Just please be careful.” Why did all warriors have to be so battle-hungry? Before she could stop herself, her eyes wandered over to Lionscar. Did she really love him, or did she just say something she didn’t–she couldn’t–mean in a moment of panic? Did she even know what it felt like, to be in love? Even if she was in love with Lionscar, she could never act on her feelings. She was a medicine cat, and Lionscar loved Lilywish. Her sister. Horror washed over Dawnlight. How could she betray Lilywish like that? Yes, she had been dead for moons, almost two seasons, but none of that mattered. Lionscar’s heart belonged to Lilywish, and Dawnlight would just have to live with that. She shook her head. Why was she even thinking
    such thoughts? She had a job to do, and she wasn’t about to let Lionscar ruin that.
    Izzyheart stumbled her way, favoring one of her paws. Branchfur hovered over her, looking worried. He let her lean against him and licked her cheek comfortingly. Were they mates? Dawnlight felt a stab of jealousy. Izzyheart could fall in love with whoever she wanted and no one would stop her. It wasn’t fair.
    “What happened?” Dawnlight asked as they neared.
    Izzyheart winced. “I think I sprained my paw,” she meowed.
    Dawnlight padded closer to her. “Let me see.” She looked up and Branchfur, who was pacing anxiously. “You can leave.”
    Branchfur moved closer to Izzyheart. “But I need to make sure she’s okay.”
    Dawnlight scowled. She couldn’t deal with this right now. “I’ll make this quick for you: she will live. She’s fine.”
    Both Branchfur and Izzyheart looked taken aback. “Alright, geez,” Brnachfur muttered as he reluctantly walked away.
    Izzyheart narrowed her eyes. “What did you do that for?” she demanded. “He was just worried about me.”
    Dawnlight felt stupid. Why had she done that? “I’m sorry,” she murmured. “You only twisted your paw. Stay off it for a few days, and you will be fine.”
    Izzyheart glanced up at her. “Oh, I think I will be staying off my paw for more than just a few days,” she mewed.
    Dawnlight tipped her head. “What do you mean?”
    Izzyheart appeared to glow with happiness. “I… I’m not sure yet, but I think I’m expecting kits,” she whispered.
    Dawnlight felt a rush of joy. “That’s wonderful, Izzyheart!” she exclaimed. “Branchfur’s?”
    Izzyheart nodded. “We haven’t been mates for too long, but I really love him, and I hope he’ll be happy.”
    “Of course he will be happy,” Dawnlight assured her. She felt Izzyheart’s belly. “You, Izzyheart, are a moon along. No more fighting for you today.”
    Izzyheart purred and gazed at her belly. “Of course not,” she said softly.
    Dawnlight’s eyes flickered back to Lionscar. She could never love him, because she was a medicine cat and she loved her job.

    “Prey is running well in ShadeClan, especially for leaf-fall,” Nightstar boasted. “One of our queens, Fernleaf, has given birth to one tom and two she-kits, named Birdkit, Nutkit, and Jaggedkit. And I am pleased to announce that Yarrowtail has given birth to two toms, named Yellowkit and Badgerkit. We also have four new warriors, Mintblaze, Aspenbark, Tulipstem, and Daisyleaf!”
    “Mintblaze! Aspenbark! Tulipstem! Daisyleaf!”
    Dawnlight could see that while Nightstar was acting confident, she was actually worried. Leaf-bare was approaching in only a few moons, and ShadeClan was overpopulated.
    Reedstar cleared his throat as he stepped forward. “LakeClan would like to thank RockClan for sending Bramblebush to us. He is training Mallowpaw, the daughter of Lightningstripe and Riverpelt. We hope that she will be given her full medicine cat name soon.”
    The unfairness of the situation made Dawnlight’s belly churn. Mallowpaw was only five moons old. She shouldn’t be expected to be a full medicine cat before her brothers were even apprentices.
    Beside her, Feathersong leaned over. “I didn’t know those kits were six moons old yet,” she whispered, sounding confused.
    “They aren’t,” Dawnlight whispered back. “Mallowpaw is only five moons old. She was apprenticed when she was two moons old.”
    Feathersong’s eyes sparked. “That’s not fair to her,” she hissed. “She’s only a kit, and they’re already taking away her freedom.”
    Dawnlight was surprised by the passion in Feathersong’s voice. She was about to say more, but Needlestar had started speaking.
    “PineClan has been doing well,” he announced. “One of our warriors, Izzyheart, has moved into the nursery, and prey has been running well for us as well.” His gaze darkened. “It gives me no pleasure to tell all of you that we have run into trouble with RockClan. Our patrols repeatedly caught them hunting on our territory, and it led to a border skirmish. Dapplestar, I am going to give you the offer to settle this peacefully, for I do not want unnecessary violence.”
    Dapplestar glared at him. “You are going to give me the chance to settle things peacefully? It was your patrol who attacked mine!”
    Needlestar huffed. “Against my orders. And are you admitting that you let your warriors cross
    the border?”
    Dapplestar avoided his eyes. “I did what needed to do for my Clan to survive.”
    Needlestar sighed. “Dapplestar, we have been allies for so long. You could have come to me for help, and we would have solved this without bloodshed.”
    Dapplestar rolled her eyes. “Would you have, though? Because I don’t think so.”
    Needlestar growled. “Dapplestar there is no need to start another fight,” he insisted.
    Dapplestar blinked. “Fine. Prey is low, and I have to feed my Clan. Your forest has more prey than you need. Can my warriors, with your permission, hunt on your territory, at least for the kits and elders?”
    Dawnlight could hear the pleading in her voice, and she hoped that Needlestar would agree.
    But Needlestar shook his head. “I’m sorry, Dapplestar. I can’t do that with leaf-bare approaching.”
    Cries of outrage rang around the camp.
    Graycloud bared his teeth. “You liar!” he screeched.
    Echodust gaped at Needlestar. “But you said you would help!” she called.
    Betrayal reflected in Dapplestar’s eyes. “Why would you offer to help,” she murmured slowly in a low, angry voice, “if you were just going to refuse?”
    Dawnlight found herself agreeing with the RockClan leader.
    Needlestar looked away. “I have to think of my Clan, too,” he mewed warily. “Fine. What if I give you a small part of our territory that we can share?”
    Dapplestar still didn’t look happy, but she nodded anyway. “That sounds fair. We will use it as little as possible and I will give it back once we are back on our paws.”
    Needlestar dipped his head. “Very well.”
    Dapplestar turned back to the Clans. “Now that that is settled, I will make my announcement. Two of our queens, Sneezebird and Sorrelflower, have given birth. Sneezebird had a single kit, a tom, who she named Tallkit. Sorrelflower gave birth to three kits, two she-kits and a tom, who she named Rainkit, Swiftkit, and Blizzardkit.”
    Lionscar will be pleased, Dawnlight thought, and guilt swarmed her. Why was she thinking of Lionscar? Because he’s my best friend, she insisted to herself. It was all so confusing now. Why did she have to fall in love? And with her dead sister’s mate, at that. She turned to Feathersong because she needed to get Lionscar off of her mind, but only to find that her friend was gone.
    Where did she go?
    “This Gathering is over,” Reedstar decided with the flick of his tail. “You can leave my camp now.”
    Feathersong came rushing back to Dawnlight, her eyes bright. Dawnlight could guess where she had been. “We’re leaving?”
    Dawnlight gestured to the rest of the PineClan cats, who were leaving. “Yeah.”
    As they walked side by side, Feathersong glanced back at the lake, shimmering in the moonlight. “Don’t you ever hate the rules? The boundaries? The spilled blood over a piece of prey?”
    Dawnlight stared at Feathersong, startled. “I guess…?”
    Feathersong’s gaze wandered to the sky. “If I could be anything, I would want to be a bird.”
    “A bird?” Why was Feathersong talking nonsense?
    “Yeah, a bird.” Feathersong shrugged. “Then I could be free.”
    Dawnlight followed Feathersong’s gaze to where a songbird took flight, swooping over the shining lake.
    “I would love to be free… free of these stupid rules,” Feathersong murmured.

    “Hey, Dawnlight,” Lionscar mewed, making his way over to her.
    Dawnlight’s heartbeat quickened. She had been trying to avoid him, but it was hard, since he was her best friend. “Hi Lionscar,” she squeaked.
    Lionscar beamed. “Did you hear about Sorrelflower’s kits?”
    Dawnlight purred. “I did. Three is a good litter.”
    “She named Rainkit and Swiftkit after our parents,” Lionscar told her, his voice thick with emotion. “They would be so proud of her if they were here.”
    Dawnlight stiffly moved closer to him, uncomfortably aware of every move she made. You aren’t in love with him! she told herself, hoping it was true. “They are proud of her,” she promised. “They are watching over all three of you in StarClan.”
    Lionscar brightened. “You really think so?”
    “I know so,” she meowed. His eyes met hers, such a beautiful shade of amber, and Dawnlight’s heart skipped a beat.
    “Lionscar!” Everflame called.
    Lionscar broke away from Dawnlight, and she felt a tug of disappointment. “I have to go,” he mewed apologetically. “Hunting patrol.”
    Dawnlight nodded. “Okay!” she replied, way too brightly. “I’ll see you around.”
    Once he was gone, Dawnlight was crushed by confusing emotions, and she found herself agreeing with Feathesong. Why did there have to be so many rules? It wasn’t fair. She couldn’t control her heart. If she could, it would all be so simple. It wasn’t like she wanted to fall for Lionscar.
    “Are you okay?”
    Dawnlight whipped around to see Everflame staring at her in concern. “Yeah,” she rushed to say. “I’m fine.”
    “You looked upset.” Everflame sat down next to her. “You can talk to me about anything, you know.”
    His words just made Dawnlight feel all the more miserable. How she wished she could tell the cat who had practically raised her about her problems, but she couldn’t. This was one thing she would never be able to tell anyone.
    “I know that Lilywish’s death was particularly hard on you,” Everflame continued. “It was hard on me, too. And I know that Stormfrost hasn’t exactly been here for you during all of this, but I just want you to know that I’m here, okay?”
    Dawnlight fought back tears. “Okay,” she choked out. Overwhelming guilt flooded through Dawlight, making her feel sick. Lilywish. Her sister. How she was betraying her!
    “My kits! My kits are coming!”
    Izzyheart’s panicked shriek snapped Dawnlight back to reality. She sprang to her paws. “But they’re a moon early!” she cried. She turned to Everflame. “Get Ambershine!”
    Poppymoon was guiding her daughter to the nursery, and Dawnlight raced after them. Izzyheart’s eyes were wild with pain. “Where’s Branchfur?” she asked in a strained voice.
    “I’m right here!” Branchfur called, bounding over to them. “What can I do to help?”
    Dawnlight looked him in the eye. “You can help by giving Izzyheart space,” she responded evenly.
    Dawnlight held up a paw to silence him. “These kits are a moon early,” she told him. “It will be a difficult birth. Ambershine and I need as much space as possible, and Poppymoon is going
    to want to be there. She’s an experienced queen so she’s allowed. Please, Branchfur, trust me when I say that the best thing you can do right now is give us space.”
    Branchfur bowed his head. “Very well. Promise me you’ll tell me if–”
    “I will,” Dawnlight assured him, knowing what he was about to say. She rushed into the nursery, where Ambershine and Poppymoon were already with Izzyheart. This is going to be a long, painful birth, she thought to herself before stepping forward to help.

    Izzyheart’s eyes were glazed with exhaustion. The moon was high, and she had been kitting since sunhigh. Not one kit was born yet.
    Dawnlight held soaked moss to Izzyheart’s muzzle so she could drink.
    “When will it be over?” she rasped.
    Pity for the young queen filled Dawnlight. “I don’t know,” she answered truthfully. “Soon, hopefully.”
    A contraction hit Izzyheart, and she screeched in agony.
    “Here’s the first kit!” Ambershine exclaimed, relief in her voice. “Push, Izzyheart!”
    Izzyheart whimpered. “I can’t.”
    “Yes, you can!” Dawnlight insisted. “Think of your kits! Think of Branchfur!”
    Izzyheart struggled to focus. “If I do this… will the kitting be done?” Her mew was hardly audible.
    “Yes, it will be over soon, Izzyheart. Just do this one thing!” Dawnlight encouraged her, truly afraid for her survival. Would she have to get Branchfur and Sparrowstripe before Izzyheart was too far gone?
    “You have a daughter, Izzyheart!” Ambershine cried. “It’s almost done.”
    Dawnlight scooped up the kit, a tiny dappled tortoiseshell, and placed her at Izzyheart’s belly.
    By the time the sun had risen, Izzyheart had three kits.
    Ambershine let out a long breath and turned to Poppymoon.”It’s done. Stay with her. Don’t leave her side. She had a hard birth, and I’m worried about the survival of all of them.”
    Dawnlight glanced at Izzyheart, who was sleeping. Her three kits were so tiny that they looked like mere scraps of fur. She had to look closely to see if they were still breathing. “Should I get Branchfur?” she asked.
    Ambershine blinked. “Yes.”
    Dawnlight peeked her head outside the nursery, where Branchfur was dozing. “Branchfur!”
    she hissed.
    Branchfur was wide awake. “What?” he yelped. “Are the kits here? Are they okay? Is Izzyheart okay?”
    Dawnlight hesitated. “The kits are born. You have two daughters and a son. But they are all very weak,” she warned.
    Branchfur’s eyes rounded in fear. “Can I see them?”
    Dawnlight stepped aside so he could enter, and when she looked back, her breath caught in her throat at a sudden realization.
    Why such a difficult kitting for a young, healthy she-cat when prey was plentiful and no sickness was present?
    The birth was an omen.
    The darkness was getting closer.

    Hmm. Don’t hate me for that little plot twist. Actually, I want to know what you think of it.