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  • Chapter Five
    Cliffpaw watched his sisters pad out of the nursery for the first time. Dovekit’s fluffy red coat shone in the light. Her sister didn’t come out as gracefully, Cloudkit fell out of the nursery and landed on Dovekit. The two immidietly started play-fighting. Cliffpaw purred. The two kits rolled around. Cliffpaw padded over, but Dovekit and Cloudkit kept play-fighting, unaware they were being watched by their older brother. Cliffpaw sat down next to his mother, who was watching happily.
    “I see you two are having fun,” Cliffpaw meowed to his sisters. The two of them stopped and stared.
    “We might be, but you could inform us of who you are before we supply you with our answer,” Dovekit retorted. Cliffpaw smiled. She’ll be a perfect Queen one day, she’s suspicious immidietly, he thought. Cloudkit nodded.
    “I’m Cliffpaw, your older brother,” he meowed. Dovekit narrowed her eyes.
    “Okay!” Cloudkit mewed. Dovekit nodded.
    “All right, I guess I’ll trust you, but if you loose it, you will have to earn it back,” Dovekit mewed. Dovekit would have scared Cliffpaw if she werent a small, fluffy kit who was barely a day old. Cliffpaw kept purring. Smokeflame padded over.
    “Hello you two,” he meowed. Cliffpaw braced himself for another reaction like the one he’d recieved.
    “Well, looky here, who do you happen to be?” Dovekit mewed. Cloudkit stood tall next to her, which wasn’t very tall, given that she was a kit.
    “I’m Smokeflame, your father,” Smokeflame meowed. Dovekit and Cloudkit nodded.
    “Well, Dovekit, let’s play-fight with him!” Cloudkit mewled. The two of them play fought with Smokeflame. Cliffpaw laughed and purred.
    Cliffpaw watched sat down on the roots of the treetop. Rubystar, Dovekit, and Cloudkit were up in the treetop. Smokeflame, Cliffpaw, and Sunflight sat on the roots of the treetop. Cliffpaw watched Firetail and Flamepaw pad out of the Apprentices Den. Cliffpaw sighed. His best friend was moving off to be a Warrior and would probably forget about Cliffpaw. Again. Flamepaw sat down on the roots of the treetop next to Cliffpaw. The twined their tails. Good luck, friend, Cliffpaw meowed to Flamepaw in his head. Flamepaw, of course, didn’t hear it, since no cat could read minds. Firetail went off to sit in the crowd of cats.
    “I, Rubystar, Queen of WingClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Rubystar started, “He has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I hope you let me make a Warrior. Flamepaw, do you promise to uphold the Warrior code, even at the cost of your life?” Cliffpaw waited for his friend to say it.
    “I do.”
    “Then I name you Flameclaw,” Rubystar continued, “StarClan honors your bravery and fighting skills.” Rubystar leapt out of the treetop and touched noses with Flameclaw. Then she leapt back in.
    “Flameclaw! Flameclaw!” Cliffpaw chanted the loudest for his friend. Rubystar took Dovekit out of the treetop and then Cloudkit. Flameclaw went to guard the camp. Cliffpaw felt lonely as he padded into the Apprentices Den and lay down in his nest. Cliffpaw looked at Flameclaw’s old nest and sighed. Cliffpaw remembered when he and Flameclaw used to talk as long as they wanted without Rubystar or Infernofeather saying ‘Lights out!’ No one had to make them follow the rules of the nursery because it was the Apprentices Den! But now, Flameclaw was a Warrior, and Cliffpaw was alone. A cold wind blew into the den and made Cliffpaw cold. He then envied Dovekit’s fluffy coat, and anyway, Dovekit wouldn’t be cold, she was in the nursery. So was Cloudkit. On nights like these, Flameclaw had actually let Cliffpaw move his nest closer to Flameclaw’s. Cliffpaw knew that Flameclaw had a crush on Mountainrose, and now it would only get stronger since they were sleeping in the same den. Cliffpaw padded out of his den and looked at the stars.
    I wonder which ones are mine, Cliffpaw thought, Well, obviously they’re WingClan royalty ones, so they must shine the brightest.
    But Cliffpaw wasn’t sure, because there had been a bad Queen once in WingClan.
    Scarlet, formerly Scarletstar. Cliffpaw looked at Flameclaw, who’s fur was bristled, claws were unsheathed, and was staring out menacingly. Cliffpaw rolled his eyes and padded into his den, Flameclaw was going a little extreme. Cliffpaw then fell asleep to a cold sleep.
    A dreamless sleep.

  • I’m writing a story called ‘fiery shadows’ which is book one in my series ‘gorge of stars’
    i would appreciate feedback because nobody honestly responds to my other stories so hopefully this is the one!

    Blazepaw stalked through the woods, his orange pelt gleaming under the moonlight. He picked up a scent, it smelled strange. He noticed it was prey, and stalked it, the scent of a bird filling the air. Then the trees above him started to shake. He shivered in fear, but then just realized it was just his friend. “Stormpaw you scared me! Plus, why are you in the trees? You’re not a SkyClan cat” Blazepaw hissed. Stormpaw jumped from out of the trees and her amber gaze shifted to Blazepaw. “There’s an eagle up there” she mewed, “I was just in the trees looking for what that was, mouse-brain” Blazepaw rolled his eyes and continued walking. It was hard not to appreciate the she-cat’s sass, though. “There it is” he muttered, “This is a team effort, no trying to steal credit here” Stormpaw nodded cheerfully as she eyed the eagle. “How do we get it down?” Stormpaw asked. “It just swoops down eventually” “Ok, looks like someone has been training” The eagle swooped down and the apprentices pounced on the eagle. Stormpaw swept at it’s wing to stop it from flying too high and Blazepaw went in on the neck. Before the two could know it, the eagle was already down and dead. “Nice job,” Blazepaw mewed. “I can’t wait to see the reversed kits” “Wha…?” “Y’know, kits eating something that would eat kits” “Oooooh, I got it” The two apprentices chatted as they walked back to camp. Birchstar sat properly in the middle of camp. “Nice catch you two” Birchstar purred, “That could feed Cloudpelt’s litter of seven!” Blazepaw nodded and went to drop the eagle in the fresh-kill pile.


    “So, what do you wanna do?” Stormpaw asked. “I’m going on the patrol, you?” “I’m gonna entertain the kits” Stormpaw padded into the nursery and sat down by Featherdrift. “What are you doing?” she asked the kits. “Stormpaw!” Heronkit squeaked. “We’re playing moss ball! Noonkit’s still asleep though” Lightkit replied. “I’m gonna be a medicine cat!” Leafkit exclaimed. Stormpaw nodded cheerfully and watched the kits play. “Stormpaw!” Stormpaw looked at the entrance of the nursery, “Greyfox, patrols are no fun!” she whined following her mentor. “Blazepaw’s gonna be there” “Ugh, fine” Greyfox smiled, “Even patrols can be fun too, Stormy” Stormpaw let out a small sigh, “Ok, Blazepaw’s gonna be there, my mentor is, this might be better” she thought as she followed her mentor.


    As a dusky brown tom and a black and white apprentice fought in the distance the murdered kit laid helplessly. A misty gray she-cat walked up to it, her pelt gleaming like the stars, and frost glittering in her eyes. The kit’s spirit looked up at her, wide-eyed. “Don’t worry,” Mistfire mewed curling up with the kit, “You’re safe now”

    • I like this story! :] Though when a new cat starts talking, you need to start a new paragraph, it was a little hard to tell who was talking. Good job though! :]

  • I think maybe this got buried underneath all the new comments so I’m going to repost the prologue of the fanfiction I started writing. It’s called The Prophecy Keeper.
    Prologue- Bleakstem
    Control the living and you control everything- That was the goal. That was the goal that these three cats had died for. But revenge was supposed to be simple. Clean and swift, delivered with no consequences, affecting no one but yourself and those you’d killed. But that wasn’t the world Bleakstem lived in. I can make it that world, She decided fiercely, looking down at the kit she’d orphaned. Now I have to make it that world. When Windclan woke up they were going to be very confused. Bleakstem couldn’t be around when that happened. With a sigh and one last glance at the helpless kit who was completely oblivious to the fact that their parents had just been murdered, Bleakstem’s insubstantial spirit floated through the roof of thorns above her head, vanishing into the sky where the stars were slowly dwindling in the light of the rising sun.
    Abruptly the scenery changed. A dark forest sprung up around Bleakstem as her soul returned to the place of no stars, fungus glowing on dead trunks, the sky above dark and twinkling eerily even though dawn had been breaking in the land of the living.
    “Did all go as planned?” A cold voice drawled, the source leering down at Bleakstem from a gnarled elm.
    “Could you for once look a cat in the eye instead of sneaking up on them, Foxeye?” Bleakstem hissed, not angling her head backward the tiniest bit as a heavy weight hit the ground behind her.
    “Oh, I could,” The ginger tom answered, light glinting off his one working eye- The other had a long scar running through it. “This way is just more fun. Though I must admit it is slightly more amusing to ambush Fungusstar who, one: Never hears me coming. And, two: Always jumps out of his pelt whenever I do it. Can’t believe the mouseheart is technically in charge here. It would be smarter to just slit his throat instead of letting him believe he’s still in command.”
    You’re one to talk, Bleakstem thought with disgust. If you really think anything we’re doing right now is your idea. Remind me to find a reason to gut you once I’m in charge.
    “Would it be smarter, or just more fun?” Bleakstem scathed.
    “Both,” Foxeye insisted seriously, sitting down next to her, their pelts brushing. Bleakstem subtly edged away. On second thought, I won’t need any reminding whatsoever.
    “My brother is a weak-minded fool. He’ll listen to anything Starclan says as long as he doesn’t have to make any actual decisions and gets his moonly supply of catnip,” Foxeye continued. “If I were in charge, Starclan wouldn’t be able to bully us like that. So did everything go as planned?”
    “Yes, it all went as planned,” Bleakstem snapped, frustration at Foxeye boiling over. “Now move your tail or else I’ll slash your one good eye.”
    Foxeye laughed nervously, edging away from Bleakstem and moving his tail, which he had been slowly entwining with hers.
    “Are you playing hard to get or something?” He wondered.
    “I will not even justify that question with a response,” Bleakstem snarled, swiping her unsheathed claws a mouselenght from his muzzle. “Now go.”
    Foxeye briskly obeyed, fleeing the clearing and quickly vanishing from sight in the dense undergrowth.

  • Allegianges
    Leader Ebonystar – small jet-black she-cat, with yellow eyes
    Deputy Birchtail – brown and white she-cat with blue eyes,

    Med.cats Starleaf – black she-sat, with dark green eyes

    Warriors Rippletail – gray longhaired tom, with yellow eyes
    Stormfall – black she-cat, with amber eyes
    (apprentice Dewpaw)
    Wildfur – golden tom, furr sticks out in all directions,
    green eyes

    Sunfoot – yellow she-cat, with green eyes,
    (apprentice Vinepaw)
    Sky – pale gray tom with blue eyes, former kittypet
    Tendrilfoot – brown tom, with long fur, and yellow eyes

    Wingpelt – gray she-cat with yellow eyes
    Pheasantflight – brown long haired tom, with a white chest and green eyes

    Dewpaw – white she-cat
    Vinepaw – brown tom

    Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    Needlefeather – tortoiseshell she-cat mother to Glowingkit (tortoiseshell she-kit )and Elmkit.
    Swanfeather – albino she-cat,
    Rainsong – gray-blue she-cat with blue eyes
    Ebonystar – small jet-black she-cat, with yellow eyes,
    mother to Emeraldkit(a black and white tom) Shadekit(a black she-kit) and Swishkit(a brown tabby tom)
    Dayfall – cream she-cat with blue eyes
    Brownstripe – brown tom with blind eyes
    Cats outside the clan
    Honey- light brown she-cat with brown stripes and brown eyes
    Happy- he looks like honey but with yellow eyes
    Smoky-jet black tom with yellow eyes
    Sasha-rushen blue she-cat with green eyes
    Patch-white cat with light brown spots and yellow eyes
    Lily – tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes
    Dust – grayish-brown tom with yellow eyes
    Zoe – large black she-cat with amber eyes
    Bounce – black tom with a white chest and yellow eyes Hiss – gray tom with green eyes
    Falcon – pale brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes


    Nightstar and Cloverear sat at the edge of the salt lake. “Are you sure we should tell them and not the actual cats?” “Are you sure they’re even the right cats ?”asked Cloverear “certain”replied Nightstar “we’ll give one directly to one of them and the other one to the medicine cat” “but then how will we know if the other one gets it?” “Starleaf is a talented medicine cat and is great at understanding prophecies, I’m sure she’ll know” “but what if she tells the wrong cat?” “That could really mess it up” “I’m sure it will be fine”said Nightstar “okay,but don’t come to me if it fails”said Cloverear and stalked off into the shadows.Nightstar sighed and turned to the badger “midnight”he said “are you sure you can do this?” “yes” said the badger and then she too stalked off into the shadows.Nightstar looked into the water at the kits playing in the camp yes he was certain these were the right cats but what if i’m wrong? That would mess up everything ,it could kill a few cats at the least,at the most it could kill the entire clan.

    Chapter #1
    Glowingkit sat in her nest, her friend shadekit sat beside her “i can’t wait to be an apprentice!!”said Glowingkit. “I can’t believe you’re gonna be an apprentice before me!”complained shadekit. “Only a moon before you,”said Glowingkit. “I still have to wait 2 moons,” complained Shadekit. “And i still have to wait a moon”remarked Glowingkit. “Let all cats old enough to swim gather here beneath the waterfall for a clan meeting”Ebboonystar had jumped onto the high rock and was staring down at the cats who had started to gather on the warm rocks below the high rock. “Neddlefeather and Rainsong sat outside the nursery and Shadekit,Emeraldkit,Elmkit,Glowingkit and Swishkit gathered around them. “Never before has Nightclan had so little warriors,”said Ebbonystar. “So i have decided to speed up the training of our apprentices.” continued Ebbonystar.Dewpaw and Vinepaw looked at each other excitedly, “there gonna become warriors!!!!” said Glowingkit.
    “Vinepaw come here” said Ebbonystar.Vinepaw bounded up to her, “Vinepaw from this day forwards you will be known as Vinetail”Ebbonystar touched noses with the tom then continued “Dewpaw please come here” Dewpaw bounded up to her leader “from this day forwards you will be known as Dewfrost”Ebbonystar touched noses to the new warrior and stepped back. “Dewfrost !!,Vinetail !!”chanted the clan.Dewfrost and Vinetail ran up to Glowingkit and Shadekit,who had moved closer to the crowd of cats “Don’t worry little kits it will probably be your turn sometime soon…if you somehow become smart enough!! ”said Dewfrost meanly then bounded over to a group of warriors in the corner. “Or big enough ”added Vinetail then ran off to join his sister. “Stupid furballs” muttered Glowingkit.

    “Come on let’s go see the elders,maybe they can tell us a story!!!” Glowingkit and Shadekit bounded of to the elders den and where about to go inside when Neddlefeather called “where are you going?” “to the elders’ den” replied Glowingkit as she and Shadekit disappeared into the elders’ den.
    Glowingkit grabbed a mouse from the freshkill pile and dragged it over to her brother, Elmkit and they sat outside the nursery sharing their meal for a while, when Glowingkit was done eating she went into the nursery to wake Shadekit.Glowingkit nudged her with one paw, “wake up lazy furball” she said , Shadekit opened one eye,mumbled something and turned back around. “Ebbonystar says we can learn to swim today”mewed Glowingkit. Shadekit sprang to her paws “let’s go!” she said,and ran to the nursery entrance and stepped outside,it was snowing. “Tricked ya!”said Glowingkit “stuppid furball you ,can’t swim in leafbare!!” said Glowingkit then took off running,Shadekit bounded after her ,then jumped on Glowingkits tail and ran.Glowingkit chased her around the camp Shadekit almost ran right into the river but she made a sharp turn and kept running but Glowingkit couldn’t stop in time and skidded right into the river.Glowingkit plugged in the frozen river cracking the thick layer of ice that had formed on top of it she winced in pain but gasped at the cold of the water as she was plunged into darkness. Shadekit kept running, “bet you can’t catch me”she yowled ,there was no reply “give up?”she called still no answer,she turned around and Glowingkit wasn’t there.
    “Glowingkit?”she called,where could she be? Thought Shadekit.The river she thought and ran to the river ,she could see Glowingkit below the surface. She panicked for a second should it jump in and save her? She thought no,that would be mousebraind i can’t swim either, that would just cause more trouble then she decided what to do. I’ll have to call a warrior.“Help!”she called, “Glowingkit fell in the river!!”
    Glowingkit strugled in the dark,barely able to keep her eyes open. I’m gonna drown, she thought in a panik.With all of her strength Glowingkit tried to pull herself out of the water but ice had formed again on top of it and Glowingkit fell back down and unable to keep her eyes open she drifted into total darkness.

    Chapter #2

    Glowingkit woke up in a forest ,This must be starclan!! She thought I must have died!! No,no,no i can’t die ,Starclan doesn’t let kits die!! Then she remembered her mothers littermate who died two moons after he was born. She started to panic even more. Then a tomcat approached her. It had stars in its pelt and it looked like it was glowing ,Starclan!! I did die!! “Do not worry young kit”said the cat, “you are just dreaming”
    “About Starclan!!”said Glowingkit in disbelief “only medicine cats dream about starclan!” “wait does this mean i have to be a medicine cat?!” “I want to be a warrior not a medicine cat!!”
    “Don’t worry little kit you don’t have to be a medicine cat”said the stary cat looking amused “w-who are you?”stammered Glowingkit “i’m Nightstar”said the cat. “Nightstar!!” Glowingkit mewed in awe.Nightstar was the cat who created Nightclan. “Yes”said Nightstar “Follow me”. Glowingkit followed Tom through the forest to a lake,except it wasn’t just any lake it was gigantic and smelled of salt, “where are we?”asked Glowingkit “look into the water” he said so Glowingkit stepped closer to the surface and looked down,she saw Shadekit yelling for help and cats darting towards the river the one cat tried to run into the water to get her but instead of going through the water he stayed on top of it it must be ice thought Glowingkit ,the cat stepped of the ice and got a rock from the waterfall and dropped it on the ice it was small but it cracked the surface and the cat dove into the water and came out a second later with a limp body that’s me!!! Glowingkit thought just then a cat rushed thro the dirtplace tunnel and stopped beside her body. That’s Needlefeather!! “look into the water again” she said.Glowingkit looked in the water again this time she saw herself but much older grieving for a small black cat that’s Ebbonystar!! She thought in horror, then she saw Starleaf lead the older her out of the camp and to a cave filled with water.Then she saw herself standing on highrock calling to her clan i’m leader she thought.Lastly she saw herself in the nursery with three kits cuddled close to her belly but this one seemed more important than the others she looked at it again and realized one kit seemed to be glowing but she was too far away to see which one it was.When the vision faded she turned to look at Midnight “what does this mean” she asked in confusion “There will be three of great ability to shield us from both shadow and sun.”said the badger “but what does that mean?” asked Glowingkit but the badger had already begun to fade away and she drifted once more into total darkness.Am i really dying this time? She thought,then she remembered the vision that told her she would be clan leader. So i can’t die!! She thought excitedly.yet she added to herself and erased all the thoughts about skydiving off the waterfall and battling badgers when she was still a kit,that might be pushing my limits.

    Chapter #3
    Glowingkit opened her eyes but they stung from the water so she closed them again,her whole body hurt and her breathes were shallow, “where am i ?” she whispered weakly “your in the medicine cat den”mewed a voice that sounded like Starleaf “She’s awake!!” called Starleaf,as she pawed a few fish eggs towards her “eat these”she said “they’ll make you feel better.Glowingkit ate them as Needlefeather bounded into the den “finally!”said Needlefeather in relife.How long has it been? thought Glowingkit,surely it had not been that long. “Where’s wildfur ?” she asked weakly. “Shh..he’ll be back soon”she said “ he’s at the Starcave with the other warriors” The starcave!! She thought, then it’s been almost a few sunrises!! How could it have been days when it had felt like just a few minutes? She wondered if she should tell Starleaf about her vision,but decided to wait a bit. “Glowingkit,Glowingkit !!!!” Shadekit was running towards her. “Starleaf told me this awesome story about a vision she had about a badger and a big salty lake !!” said Shadekit. Glowingkit’s mouth dropped open. “Shadekit please go play somewhere else” said Starleaf “the patient must rest”. Shadekit opened her mouth to protest but knew better and slumped out of the den. Glowingkit watched her go and closed her eyes to let sleep take her.

    Glowingkit paced around the den, she had felt much better when she woke up but found it a little hard to breath. Starleaf gave her fish eggs to help her breathing and Glowingkit was getting bored of the medicine cat den. “You can go back to the nursery tomorrow” said Starleaf “but for now you’ll have to stay here”.
    The next morning when she woke up Starleaf let her go back to the nursery. She bolted to the entrance and ran to the nursery but she could only run a few tail-lengths before she found it hard to breath so she walked the rest of the way and made her way into the nursery “Shadekit,Shadekit !!” she yowled as she ran. “Glowingkit !!” said Shadekit, “come on !!” “let’s go play !!” since she had been running earlier she hadn’t noticed the bitter cold outside. It stung her fur,as she went to fetch freshkill,all of the pieces were ice cold. “Maybe we can wait for the dawn patrol” said Glowingkit “good idea” said Shadekit and they turned and headed back to the nursery.
    As the dawn patrol approached ,Glowingkit and Shadekit ran to get the prey it had brought back, they each grabbed a mouse and carried then back into the nursery.

    “Let all cats old enough to swim gather here below the waterfall for a clan meeting” Ebbonystars voice rang out across the clearing. Glowingkit sat at the edge of the nursery as Needlefeather groomed her and Elmkit. As they approached the clan Ebbonystar called out “two kits have reached six moons today and therefore will become apprentices” “Glowingkit pleas come here” said Ebbonystar, Glowingkit stepped forwards “from this day forwards until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Glowingpaw, Sky will be your mentor” Sky stepped forwards and touched noses to the new apprentice. “Elmkit please come here”continued Ebbonystar “from this day forward until you receive your medicine cat name you will be known as Elmpaw” Medicine cat name?? Thought Glowingpaw was Elmpaw gonna be a medicine cat?? “Your mentor will be Starleaf” Starleaf stepped forwards and touched noses to Elmpaw. “Glowingpaw,Elmpaw !!” chanted the clan. Glowingpaw looked at sky “what are we going to do first ??” she asked. “Well first i’ll show you the territory then we can go hunting” . Glowingpaw and sky made their way out of the camp and headed towards the forest.


    Glowingpaw and sky made their way to the edge of the lake “there is usually lots of prey here” said sky . Sky taut Glowingpaw how to stalk mice and rabbits “can i try now?” said Glowingpaw, “I don’t see why not” said Sky. Glowingpaw dropped into a hunting crouch eyeing a rabbit that was eating by a tree unaware of the cat stalking it.Glowingpaw got as close as she could,she was about to pounce when the rabbits ears twitched and it ran for cover but Glowingpaw was fast and sprang,landing square on top of it and she killed it in one quick bite.She carried her catch back to Sky “good job !!” he said “very little apprentices catch something on their first try”. Glowingpaw carried her catch back to camp and dropped it in the piel as Sky went to talk with Ebbonystar.Shadekit ran out of the nursery and stopped in front of Glowingpaw “i caught a rabbit on my first try”said Glowingpaw “i put it on the fresh kill pile,you can have it if you want”
    “Thanks!!” said Shadekit and bounded off to the pile of fresh kill.

    Elmpaw padded out of camp with Ebbonystar,Starleaf had died last night and Elmpaw was going to the starcave to see what to do since he hadn’t had any training.Glowingpaw did battle training and hunting every day and usually brought back at least one thing but today was bitterly cold and there was no prey out.So they headed back early and Glowingpaw curled up in her nest to try to get a good nap before battle training at dusk. Glowingpaw woke up at dawn the next morning i slept so much i missed battle training!! She thought,running out of the den. She couldn’t see Sky “Shadekit!!” “Where’s Sky?” she asked “he’s sick” said Shadekit. “Oh”said Glowingpaw “wanna play tag?” “Sure!!”said Shadekit.They spent the rest of the afternoon chasing each other around camp.Until Glowingpaw got tired and headed back to bed,she felt like she could sleep for a moon!!! Before she fell asleep she remembered something “shadekit!!”she mewed “remember that story you were telling me?” “the one starleaf told you?”. “Oh yeah!!”said shadekit remembering the dream Starleaf had told her about. “Well there was a badger named Midnight and a big salty lake with rocks!!” “and a prophecy!!” “There will be three of great ability to shield us from darkness and light or something like that.” “I had that same dream!!”said Glowingpaw. “With the badger and the lake?”asked Shadekit “yep”said Glowingpaw
    “And the prophecy?”asked Shadekit “yeah!”said Glowingkit “and nightstar!”
    “Whoa,”said Shadekit “do you think we’re destined to be medicine cats?”asked Shadekit “no,you weren’t the one who had the dream, and in my dream I saw myself on high rock,I’m destined to be leader!!!”

    The next day all Shadekit could talk about was her apprentice ceremony,it was only a few days away and Shadekit couldn’t wait.She bounced around camp and Glowingpaw taught her the few moves she had learned in battle training.

    Chapter #4


    “Your mentor will be Sunfoot”finished Birchtail she had been acting leader because Ebonystar was still out with Elmpaw.Shadepaw ran over to Glowingpaw as the clan called out the names of the new apprentices. Later Sunfoot led Shadepaw out of the camp “wait!!” yelled Glowingpaw “can i come?” “I guess” said Sunfoot, and Glowingpaw followed them out of Camp. They explored the territory for a while until they came across a big thunder path…with a dead fox on it.Sunfoot bristled at the sight of it “we should get back to camp”said Sunfoot. Glowingpaw and Shadepaw followed behind him slowly then Glowingpaw saw something orange and soft moving in the bushes “do you see that?”she asked Shadepaw ,Shadepaw looked where she was pointing and her eyes grew wide “fox cubs”she whispered,they stared at the tiny creatures for a few more seconds,then they turned and headed back to camp.

    The walk to the starcave was a long one and Elmkit had just returned with news that they would find a new medicine cat to train him.

    But all Glowingpaw and Shadepaw could talk about where the fox cubs “maybe we could raise them as cats!!”said Shadepaw “yeah”agreed Glowingpaw “let’s go see them” she and Shadepaw headed out of the camp to the fox cubs where.when they got there the fox cubs were still there “ maybe we can make them a den”said Glowingpaw “good idea”said Shadepaw “and name them!!”said Glowingpaw. There were three small cubs “what about Red for that dark orange one?”suggested Shadepaw “and for those two what about Russet and Tawny?” added Glowingpaw “ok”said Shadepaw “Russet for the small one and Tawny for the biggest one?” “That sounds good,”said Glowingpaw. She dug out a hollow in a small tree “this can be the den” then she got some brambles and moss and covered the moss in garlic and stuck it around the brambles “there”she said “it works as a fence and disguises there sent!” she said as she moved the brambles around the tree and slipped the cubs inside.They snuck inside the den with the cubs and put some moss under them as a nest.Then they went back to camp Glowingpaw grabbed a vole and Shadekit grabbed a mouse ,they shared the mouse and brought the vole to the fox cubs they split it between the three cubs and the cubs ate it quickly then they went back to camp.

    The next morning Glowingpaw and Shadepaw woke up early to check on the cubs before training they were up walking around the den. Glowingpaw gave them the bird she had brought. I hope they like bird thought Glowingpaw that was my breakfast. The cubs were growing restless and Glowingpaw decided to make the den bigger, so she moved them to a fallen tree with a hole in the side and she hollowed out the inside to make it bigger then covered the ground in moss then added the bramble wall so they couldn’t escape and wouldn’t be scented by her clanmates or other cats.
    When she got back to camp she padded over to the medicine cats den to check on Sky,he had gotten better but he was still dizzy and would keep on falling into his nest.Sky was lying in his nest when Glowingpaw got there, Elmpaw was crouched over him,he looked at her as she entered his eyes sparkled with worry. “I can’t figure out what’s wrong with him”he said miserably “I need a mentor!!”.Glowingpaw agreed with him,he needed a mentor.Glowingpaw padded into the clearing,she could feel a nice newleaf breeze.She padded into the pond below the waterfall and lay on one of the warm rocks to let the sun warm her pelt there wasn’t much but she tried to make the best of it..Shadepaw padded up to her and lay down and together they napped on the warm rocks.
    They woke up to chilly winds and rain sigh thought Glowingpaw nothing like waking up to a wet pelt.She and Shadepaw ran to the shelter of the apprentices den.Well it was shelter until a big gust of wind came and blew it away. “Wow”breathed Glowingpaw as she and Shadepaw huddled together. “Are you guys okay?”Emeraldpaw and Swishpaw were running towards them “we’re fine”said Shadepaw but Glowingpaw could feel her shaking. “Ebonystar says there’s gonna be a wind spiral”said Swishpaw, wind spiral? Thought Glowingpaw “what’s that?”she asked “beats me”said Emeraldpaw “but she wants everyone in the lower storm den” the lower storm den was a small underground cave used for wind spirals,there was also an upper storm den,a cave near the top of the waterfall that they sheltered in and stored food and herbs in during earth storms,floods and tsunamis.Glowingpaw was on her way to the lower storm den when she remembered the fox cubs,she edged towards Shadepaw “the cubs!” she whispered to Shadepaw who seemed to share her worry “let’s go find them!” said Shadepaw.They ran to the fallen tree where the fox cubs sheltered.They snuck inside and sat beside the cubs “we should head home”said Shadepaw “they’ll be looking for us”.Glowingpaw looked outside fox dung “we may have a problem”she said “what?”said Shadepaw “look outside”replied Glowingpaw. Shadepaw looked outside,there was dust flying everywhere and they could barely see a few tail lengths away. “Well we can’t stay here”pointed out Shadepaw “good point”said Glowingpaw “one sec”she dug a hole underground and put the fox cubs in it “there”she said and they padded out into the forest.Big mistake.The winds almost swept them off their paws.They cautiously padded forwards,they were halfway to the camp when a big shape started moving towards them “run!!”yowled Glowingpaw and they ran to a tree and quickly hollowed it out “come on!!”she said and she and Shadepaw dove into the tree.“we better start thinking of an excuse”said Glowingpaw, Shadepaw opened her mouth to reply but then the tree they where in started rocking and started to fall.They ducked as low to the ground as possible and closed there eyes as tight as they could as the tree came crashing down onto them and pain shot through Glowingpaws body and she was sweeped into darkness as the world slowly disappeared around her.

    Chapter #5

    Glowingpaw opened her eyes and felt pain in her back,she turned to Shadepaw and padded her awake “hmm?”said Shadepaw opening her eyes,then she sat up and looked around.Glowingpaw noticed a cat sitting in the corner “who’s she?” asked Shadepaw “i’m Falcon”said the cat. She told Shadepaw about her suspicion “oh yeah”agreed Shadepaw “we have to bring her back to camp!” Glowingpaw tried to pull herself to her feet but a sharp pain went through her back. “Your bone’s fractured”said Falcon “you’ll have to stay here for a while” “but i have to get back to camp!”complained Glowingpaw “i’ll go get Ebonystar”said Shadepaw. “No you won’t”said Falcon “you have a bad scratch on your side that will open if you try to walk” Shadepaw slumped back into the nest Falcon had made for her. Glowingpaw lay in her nest if i can’t get up i might as well take a nap.

    Glowingpaw woke up to hissing outside of the makeshift den.She stood up ignoring the pain in her back and limped slowly to the entrance, a warrior patrol was outside with Ebonystar leading it “let them go !!”Ebonystar was hissing at Falcon. “Let them pass whispered Glowingpaw and lay down in her nest once more.Falcon looked like she was going to hiss again but stepped to the side to let the patrol in.Ebonystar raced inside and stopped beside her and Shadepaw “what have you done to them!!” hissed Ebonystar glaring at Falcon, Falcon was about to answer when she spotted Elmpaw in the warrior patrol “you!”she said and ran to the apprentice “are you trying to kill all the apprentices?”hissed Ebonystar,Falcon ignored her and grabbed Elmpaw “come with me” she said leading him to the back of the den.Suddenly Birchtail ran to the den “Rainsong is kitting!” she said “where?” said Falcon rushing out of the den, Ebonystar stopped her “why, so you can try to kill kits too?” Falcon pushed past her and started on Birchtails sent trail. Ebonystar had enough and threw herself on the she-cat spitting and hissing, she went for the neck and bit down hard and Falcon fell to the ground. Glowingpaw and Shadepaw stared at the body of the she-cat that saved them. “What did she do to you?”said Ebonystar,sniffing them. “Nothing”said Shadepaw under her breath. Birchtail ran back into the den “Rainsong and her kits are dead!”she said in a panic. “What!”said Ebonystar. Falcon stirred and got up “i told you to let me go”she said darkly “i killed you!”said Ebonystar “you can’t kill a spirit” said Falcon “you’re from starclan!?”said Ebonystar “yep,i was here to train your apprentice but it’s clear you don’t want me”said Falcon “and i like to go as Cloverear”she said and stalked off into the bushes.

    Ebonystar looked like she’d just seen a ghost-and she kind of had just seen a ghost.
    “C-cloverear?”she called after the spirit but she had disappeared. “Let’s get back to camp”said Ebonystar and exited the den Glowingpaw and Shadepaw followed ignoring the pain that shot through their pelts as they limped back to camp.
    Phesentflight ran into the camp,panting, “there’s a group of cats at the border” he said “they want to speak to Ebonystar”. Glowingpaw darted out of the apprentices’ den as Ebonystar and Phesentflight left the camp, Glowingpaw followed them out of camp to the sent markings where a group of cats the size of a clan was waiting. “Greetings” said the cat in the front of the group “i’m Blizzardstar, and this is snowclan, we are looking for territory.”

    Chapter #6

    Territory? Thought Glowingpaw, even Ebonystar looked taken aback ‘‘what do you mean territory?’’ said Ebonystar, ‘‘don’t you have your own?’’ ‘‘well….’’started Blizzardstar, ‘‘we did but then twolegs came and tore down trees and put up big monsters that hung from a string, and started to build dens near the bottom of the mountain,but it wasn’t until twolegs started racing down the mountain on flat sticks and ran over rockpaw that we realised we couldn’t stay any longer, and we set of to look for another mountain, we looked for days, this was the only one we could find’’ he said flicking his tail at the large mountain beside the lake.Ebonystar looked like she was gonna say no, but eventually she gave in ‘‘okay’’ she said ‘‘you can have the mountain, but no further than the stream.’’ Blizzardstar dipped his head in acknowledgement and signaled for his clan to follow him ‘‘but’’said Ebonystar ‘‘first i will take you to our camp,we are giving you a lot of territory and i must make sure it’s okay with my clan’’ ‘a few of Blizzardstars warriors tried to protest but Blizzardstar silenced them with a flick of his tail,and led his warriors to the camp.


    As they walked back to camp Glowingpaw saw Cloverear peeking out from the bushes.She padded towards the group of cats,and stopped beside Ebonystar “Cloverear!”she said loudly “shhh”said Cloverear “what?”asked Ebonystar “i will join your clan tomorrow as a medicine cat,but i will never go as Cloverear”said Cloverear “then what will you go as?”asked Ebonystar “i will go as falcon and that is final”said Cloverear and she padded back into the forest.

    As they entered the camp cats gathered in the clearing,drawn out by the smell of new cats.Ebonystar jumped onto the highrock to address the clan,she announced the arrival of snowclan,and that the clan had a new medicine cat named falcon,as the clan began to leave chatting excitedly about the news,birchtail called her over for training.As they headed to the clearing where they did battle training,Glowingpaw looked around at the damage that the wind spiral had done,trees had been up-rooted,grass had been torn from the ground,leaving big patches of brown that stuck out in the other green grass,and,worst of all,there was twoleg rubbish littering the forest floor.They reached the clearing and birchfall told her to stand on one side,and went to stand at the other,she ordered Glowingpaw to lunge at her,but Glowingpaw was to busy worrying about the fox cubs to pay much attention to her mentor,and when the session was over she started to sprint towards them when she realised they must be hungry and she should probably hunt for them,unfortunately,that meant she had to hunt for the clan first.As she looked around she realised that the wind spiral had scared most of the prey into is nests and there was almost nothing to chase,she was growing desperate,tired,hungry,and thirsty,and it was beginning to affect the way she thought.She knew she had to bring back something,to the clan or else she,the cubs,and the clan,would starve,so when she saw an eagle flying by the mountains,she began to creep towards it.that will feed the clan and the cubs,she thought,as she got closer.When she got within a few tail-lengths of the giant bird,she stopped,was this a good idea,or was she walking towards her death?Before she could make up her mind she heard a screech and looked up to see that the eagle was speeding towards her,she froze in terror well,there’s no point in just standing here,she thought,well,i can stand here and have no chance of survival,or,i can try to catch it and possibly live and catch something the choice wasn’t hard and she swiped at the birds wing,slowing it down,and jumped on its back and bit down on its neck,the bird slammed against the rock and they started to crunble.Glowingpaw dragged her catch into a big cave to avoid being crushed as the rocks started falling around her.she pressed as far back into the wall as she could and closed her eyes.

    When Glowingpaw opened her eyes she was surrounded by rocks,in complete darkness other than a tiny crack in the rocks big enough to stick her tail out of,but not big enough for her to climb out of.She called out,hoping there was someone out there to help her,the crack was just big enough to look out of but she couldn’t see anyone.She was sitting on a rock that let her peek out of the crack without having to sit up,the crack was in between two rocks and it would be impossible to fit anything bigger than a kit through the hole.Ther was a decent amount of room in the cave,enough for her to be able to walk around for a many tail-lengths at each side.She still had the eagle,so she had food,and there was a small stream that ran through the cave,that probably came from the frozen waterfall that was above her. She heard a patrol coming near and she called to them,but they were too far away to hear,she tried again but they still couldn’t hear her.she sighed and lay down on the hard rock floor,she stared at the stream and started to drift of to sleep when she saw a flash of orange in the water,she turned around and saw an orange muzzle striking through the crack.
    She stared at it in shock,as the rest of the head popped in,then the front paws,then the back paws,and at last the tail,and a fox cub popped into the cave,then two more came in,they had a mouse in their jaws.
    The fox cubs had come to save her.

    Chapter #7

    The fox cubs ran up to her and dropped the mouse at her paws.
    She ripped off a few small pieces and fed them to the cubs, then ate the rest.
    Once they had eaten they curled up to sleep.


    Dawn light was flooding into the cave when Glowingpaw woke up.She opened her eyes and yawned, i should probably get ready for training she thought, Birchtail liked to train and hunt early so that they’d be ready for patrols.
    She was about to get up when she remembered where she was.
    She sighed and got up to check for any weak rocks she might be able to push out, but found none. Beside her the cubs were starting to wake up, Russet woke up first and padded over to her, then let out a small squeak.
    Glowingpaw stared down at her, she squeaked again and jumped out of the crack.
    Glowingpaw stared after her, where was she going?
    Another squeak sounded behind her, the other cubs were waking up.
    They squeaked again and then, they to ran out of the cave.
    Glowingpaw sighed and continued to check and double check the rocks, they were still all tightly packed together and none of them moved an inch.
    Just then Russet climbed back in carrying a mouse, and the others followed carrying a vole and a sparrow.
    They lay the food down and looked expectantly at Glowingpaw, who ripped up the vole and gave it to the cubs who started eating.Then she dug a hole in the dirt and put the rest of the prey in it.
    Then she got an idea, maybe I could dig my way out!!!!!! She thought in excitement.
    She started to dig but got tired quickly, i’ll do more later she thought once i eat.
    She gulped down the rest of the vole and lay down to wash her fur.
    The fox cubs did the same, and for the first time Glowingpaw noticed the long scratch on Tawny’s side.
    She gasped at the cut and walked over to get a closer look.
    It wasn’t deep but it was long, Glowingpaw tried to remember the herbs to use for it. Horsetail for infection and cobweb to stop the bleeding she remembered.
    The cut wasent bleeding but it would be good to have some just in case.
    She called the cubs over then used her claw to trace a picture of horsetail and cobweb, the cubs nodded and ran out of the den.
    Glowingpaw decided to keep Tawny behind so she wouldn’t re-open the cut.
    She didn’t know if the cubs could understand her but they were her only hope.
    The cubs returned with the herbs a few minutes later and dropped them at her paws.She put the horsetail on the wound and let Tawny rest.
    Russet squeaked but it sounded more like “thirsty” but Glowingpaw decided she must have imagined it. Just to be sure she got some moss that was growing on the rocks and wet it in the stream, then passed it to her, she lapped it up.Then she squeaked something that sounded like thanks but Glowingpaw decided she had imagined it, cats couldn’t understand Fox!She shook her head and went to drink from the stream.When she was done she went back to digging her tunnel, this time she got a bit farther, far enough that she could fit in it.Pleased with her progress she lay down to sleep.

    Glowingpaw woke to a crash of thunder and saw that the fox cubs had curled up to her and were still sleeping.She got up and saw it was raining hard outside.The sun was peeking out in the distance, so she knew it was almost morning.As the sun started to rise she heard pawsteps and mews.She looked in the direction of the noise and saw the dawn patrol padding towards her no not the dawn patrol she thought, it was too big to be the dawn patrol.Thats when she heard their mews.They were looking for her.The clan had sent out a search party for her.She called to them, but the rain was too loud for them to hear. She called again but this time even louder, still no one heard her, she called again, as loud as she could and birchtail looked her way.She called again and birchtail said something to the cats then padded towards her.When she got there she looked at Glowingpaw, “so this is where you have been hiding” she said.
    “Please help me” begged Glowingpaw “these rocks trapped me”
    Birchtail looked at her, then inside the den, she saw the eagle. “I see you’ve caught something for the clan” she said as Glowingpaw passed it to her. Birchtail took it and padded off to the clan probably going to get them to come help me decided Glowingpaw, but when Birchtail got to the patrol she didn’t come back.She could hear the patrol talking “an eagle!” said Ebonystar “no cats ever caught an eagle before” Birchtail’s gonna tell them i caught an eagle!! She thought in excitement, she heard Birchtails voice, “i caught it on my own” she said “it was easy, i just picked it out of the air!” The patrol chatted as they walked away.
    Glowingpaw stared in disbelief at the patrol as they walked away.She sighed and went back to bed.When she woke this time she was in Starclan, Nightstar stood in front of her.
    He led her back to the place she went as a kit,
    She looked into the water, the entire camp was crowded around her eagle and talking to Birchtail, even Shadepaw was talking to her like she was the most awesome cat ever. Traitor thought Glowingpaw. She kept looking, none of the cats looked worried, and there were no more search parties.
    It was as if they had forgotten she had ever existed.
    The dream faded and she woke back in her nest in the cave, the rain had stopped, and the sun was beginning to shine into the cave.
    Glowingpaw continued to work on the tunnel, this time getting a lot farther , until she could fit in and walk for a few tail lengths.
    Pleased with her progress, she got back out and ate a mouse.
    Then she went back in and dug some more, if she was going to get out she was going to need to do a lot of digging, and she didn’t want to waste any time.She dug for about an hour , then went back into the cave and collapsed on the floor, exhausted. She sighed and lapped some water from the stream.
    The water seemed to be higher than normal.
    She shrugged and keeped drinking, then went back to digging the tunnel but she couldn’t push the thought that the stream was higher, so she went back to the stream and marked a line in the dirt that went all the way along the stream, that was right at the water’s edge.
    Then she went into the tunnel and dug some more, then came out and checked the stream, it was definitely higher.

    Chapter #8

    When Glowingpaw woke up the water was higher. Much higher. When she woke the moss in her nest was wet, but she was only a few tail lengths away from the stream, so she didn’t worry about it. She moved her nest farther from the stream, away from the water. But Glowingpaw wasn’t a mouse-brain, she knew the water would keep rising, until it filled the whole cave. She dug a long hole at the edge of the water so that the water would fill the whole, which gave her more time to get out before the cave flooded. Luckily the tunnel she had started was at the end of the cave, (closest to the door) so it was far away from the rising water (at the back of the cave). She looked back and saw that the long hole she had dug was almost full. She was going to have to work faster. She went to her tunnel and continued to dig, and asked the fox cubs to make a new hole next to the other one. The first hole had just filled up by the time the cubs were done, and Glowingpaw had made more progress on the tunnel, but she would have to work faster, if the water reached the tunnel she would have to start over. If the water got in the tunnel it would flood and I wouldn’t be able to go in it. She thought, as she continued to dig. After a while Glowingpaw was tired and hungry, but did not dare stop digging. Finally hunger drove her to the food in the corner and she picked out a mouse and lay down to eat it. Her claws hurt and her legs were numb. She lay there for a few more minutes, there was no way she could finish the tunnel before the water got there, or could she. I can build a wall she thought, she’d seen how birds made their nests, how bevers made their dams, how the clan made their dens, and how twolegs stacked up wood and rocks to make their fences. If she could get those materials she could make a wall strong enough to hold back the water until she finished the tunnel! She told the cubs what she needed, and they hoped out of the den to get to work. As the cubs went to find the stuff she needed, Glowingpaw continued to dig, and the water continued to rise. It had filled up the second hole and was getting closer. She dug a new hole, and this time she made it deeper. And this time it lasted until the cubs came back, and they started to build. Glowingpaw decided to start with some mud at the bottom then put some sticks on top, using the mud to hold it together. She also added some leaves and rocks. By the time they were out of stuff, the wall was……..only a quarter way to the top. Glowingpaw sighed, this was going to be a long day. They didn’t have more materials, and they couldn’t make the wall thinner or else it would break. The cubs went to find more stuff well Glowingpaw continued to dig. When the cubs got back they lay the stuff at the wall and they continued to add to it. Glowingpaw scooped up some mud and sticks in her paw and patted them down onto the wall, then did it again, and again, and again. This is really boring thought Glowingpaw as she added more mud. But it wasn’t meant to be fun Glowingpaw added to herself, it was meant for survival. Glowingpaw shuddered as it finally dawned on her that this wall could be her only hope of survival. Great she thought, my life depends on a clump of mud and sticks.

  • I decided to add onto my prologue for The Prophecy Keeper, so here’s a fun flashback.
    “You wanted to see me, Oakstar?”
    “I’m not sure if ‘wanted’ is the correct word anymore, Bleakstem,” Oakstar said wearily, rising to their feet inside the den, shaking out xyr dark brown fur. “Maplewind told me she discovered the omen that caused the battle with Shadowclan was a fake. She told me you faked it.”
    Bleakstem went rigid, astonished that Maplewind had blabbed. How could she do that? Didn’t she know what the consequences would be?
    “You know I have to exile you now. But first I want to know why you did it.”
    “As if I’d tell you,” Bleakstem scoffed. “I think I’ll be going now.” Bleakstem turned to stalk out of the den.
    “Wait,” Oakstar commanded, striding to block the exit. “Maplewind’s not going to make it.”
    Bleakstem froze.
    Oakstar nodded grimly.
    “You heard what I said. She’s going to succumb to her injuries sometime between sunhigh and dusk. She wanted to see you one more time before she dies.”
    “Then tell her she shouldn’t have told you what she did,” Bleakstem snarled. “As for you… This is your last life, isn’t it…?”
    Oakstar hit the ground wearing a shocked look of betrayal on xyr face.
    That’s why she’s in the dark forest…

  • New book. my first time trying this tell me what you think
    Ice walked into the water her snow-white pelt drenched. when she made it onto the island everyone just stared. three cats were behind her. each one bared deep battle scars.
    on their back, they carried a body of a small cat its black body sticky with blood. its body lay on their back unmoving. as they entered the clearing a grey tabby tom hopped onto a low branch of a tree.
    “What do you have to say for yourself” meowed the tom. his voice surprisingly calm.
    “They crossed the border, I didn’t expect there to be cats hiding on their territory” Ice meowed.
    “You should have called for reinforcement–”
    “but–” interrupted ice
    “But you didn’t” concluded the tom.
    “and that cost us the life of a great cat” he continued
    Ice opened her mouth but nothing came out.
    “you led the patrol into battle, so the death of Raven and your scars are your fault” he meowed.
    “and behaviour like that needs to be punished” he continued.
    “Ice you are hereby banished from Marshclan, if my cats find you on our territory they won’t hesitate to drive you out” he finished. Ice’s eyes grew in terror.
    “No” Came a voice from the edge of the island.
    “Rock, please don’t banish Ice” it continued.
    “Fern, please don’t” meowed ice. she turned and stared rock straight into the eyes.
    “Rock, you are making a mistake by banishing me. but your choice is your choice. I will leave, and don’t worry you won’t see me anytime soon” meowed ice.
    she turned around and walked off of the island. she swam across the pond and ran off. soon she made it out of Marshclan territory, and into the unknown. she followed the sun to a small pond. the sun started to set so she stayed by the pond and fought a plump mouse. she lay down by the pond and let the rhythmic lapping of the waves lull her to seep.
    Ice woke up in a lush green forest. she decided to hunt for a bit. then she heard something, A rustling of a small creature. Perfect she thought. she turned around and stalked her prey, step by step she got closer and closer, she pounced and caught the mouse between her claws and dispatched with a swift bite to the neck. she ate it in a few hungry bites. Suddenly she smelled something she turned around and a massive shape jumped on top of her and knocked the breath out of her. Startled she woke up, there was no massive cat in sight. she quickly caught another vole and ate. then she continued on with her journey.

  • Of Shattered Stars — Chapter 2 (Wind Runner + Tigerstar #1)

    “Those are horses, correct?” Stormpaw asked curiously, their sky blue eyes sparkling like the river on a sunny day. The apprentice walked with a happy bounce in their step, their head on a constant swivel as they took in the territory around them.
    Beside them, their new mentor, Quicktail, let out a purr of amusement. “Yes, those are horses.”
    Stormpaw grinned, sitting down to peer up at the huge creature that had it’s head draped over the fence in front of them. The horse, equally curious, stretched its long neck down towards the ‘paw. They tilted their head slightly, watching the giant animal’s nostrils flare as it sniffed them.
    Hesitantly, they reached a small black paw up to touch the horse’s velvety nose, then jerked back with a startled yelp as it snorted, splattering them with an unfortunate amount of watery mucus.
    “What in Starclan’s name is wrong with you?” Stormpaw hissed up at the horse, their ears flattening. Angrily, they swiped furiously at their face, then waved their paw wildly, their expression so comically disgusted that Quicktail couldn’t muffle her chuckle.
    “It’s not funny,” her apprentice growled belligerently, looking upset enough that their mentor shot them an apologetic blink.
    “Here, let me help,” she offered, but Stormpaw twisted away.
    “I don’t need help,” they grunted, wiping their paws off on the neatly shorn grass. “Dumb horse,” they added, shooting the creature a withering glare.
    Stormpaw headed off along the fence, their pelt burning with embarrassment and anger. It was only their first day of being an apprentice, but that didn’t mean that Quicktail could treat them as a kit. “Someday,” they murmured to themself, the words replacing the hot unhappiness with the gentle warmth of contentment, “You’re going to be a great Riverclan warrior.”
    Stormpaw could see it, their wonderful future they could have if they could just figure out how to grow a little faster. It was irritating, waiting for their pelt to lose it’s kit fuzz, but soon enough they’d be ready.
    “Hey, you’re one of those fish cats, right?”
    Stormpaw jerked out of their thoughts at the sound of the voice, and squinted up at the top of the fence. The bright sunlight made it hard to see, but they could still make out the form of a plump, reddish brown cat balancing on the wood above them.
    “You look a little small though, don’t they feed you?” the cat inquired, hauling their hind legs over the edge of the fence and dropping heavily onto the ground beside Stormpaw with a loud jingle from their collar. “Ohh,” they said, as they studied the apprentice closely, “You’re just a kitten. A baby fish cat!”
    “Are you a kittypet?” Stormpaw asked, a strange chill settling over their pelt as they gazed at the chubby stranger.
    “You forest folks talk funny,” the reddish cat replied, with a lopsided grin. “But yeah, I live in that den over there. Although, I wouldn’t exactly call myself a pet,” they added, their amiable voice taking on a smug edge, “Y’know, I caught a fish the other day.”
    Stormpaw bristled, the fur on their spine rising up into thorn-like spikes. “You stole Riverclan prey?” they pressed, stalking closer to the kittypet.
    “Uh,” the kittypet replied, backing up against the fence, “Well. I guess, if you want to put it that way. But there’s a bunch of fish in there, plenty for everyone. Right?” Nervously, they grinned a bit too wide, their eyes darting anxiously from side to side as if a kittypet could ever escape a clan cat.
    A kittypet. A useless, lazy kittypet was stealing from Stormpaw’s clan. They’d pay for what they’d done, every last bit of it.
    With a harsh snarl, Stormpaw darted forward, their claws leaving long, bloody rows in the other cat’s soft fur. As the pathetic coward tried to twist away, they used the kittypet’s momentum against them, flipping the reddish cat over onto their back in one smooth lash of their paw.
    “You’ll be sorry you ever underestimated me,” Stormpaw growled, raising their paw for the blow. The final blow, to finally even the score.
    Then, before they could move, Quicktail’s voice was breaking through their fury and they were being shoved down into the grass. Stormpaw pulled themself slowly back to their feet, watching as the kittypet disappeared over the brim of the fence once again.
    “Stormpaw, what’s wrong with you? They weren’t even on our territory!” Quicktail snapped, her face looming over them like an angry badger.
    Stormpaw shrank beneath her horror and anger, their heart beating loud in their ears as they realized what they had been about to do. “I-I don’t know,” they stammered, staring at their bloodstained claws. The kittypet had seemed familiar somewhere, like a face out of an old nightmare. “It won’t happen again,” they promised, struggling to ignore the whisper in their mind that wasn’t even the slightest bit sorry.

    “Stormflight, we’d best be going if we’re going to make the meeting on time,” Pepperheart said curtly, poking his head inside the medicine den without actually daring to meet his apprentice’s searing gaze.
    Stormflight gritted their teeth, their claws shredding the chervil they had been organizing into a soggy pulp before they realized what they had been doing. “Mousedung,” they muttered, flicking a bit of green gunk off of their paw as they rose stiffly to their feet.
    Pepperheart slipped to the side, allowing them to exit before falling into step behind them. Stormflight had the sneaking suspicion that the little weasel was too jumpy to turn his back on them. Pepperheart was a fool, but at least he wasn’t stupid. Stormflight wasn’t sure they trusted themself not to slit his throat if they were given the chance.
    “Stormflight!” a voice voice called, the weary, forced cheerfulness of the sound making Stormflight’s heart shrink. They smiled reluctantly as their mothers clustered around them, wishing that they could fall for Mintrain and Stingclaw’s act like they had as a kit. “Good luck,” Mintrain murmured, blinking at them. The warmth in her gaze was bittersweet with grief, and the pang it sparked in Stormflight was so sharp it nearly cut them like a claw.
    “Thanks,” they replied, hoping that they were doing a better job of acting happy than the two of them were.
    “You’re sure this is what you want?” Stingclaw asked awkwardly, shifting her weight uncomfortably from one paw to the other. “You were always so set on being a warrior.”
    “I’m sure,” Stormflight managed to choke out. “Look, I need to go,” they added, abruptly turning away and heading for the camp entrance. They were grateful for the way the darkness cloaked their fur, hiding the lies their face couldn’t quite bury.
    “Come,” Pepperheart instructed, flicking his tail in the direction of the border. He initially took the lead, but quickly slowed his pace to once again fall behind them.
    Stormflight scowled, their eyes raking the darkness listlessly as they neared the horseplace. The kittypets knew better than to show their faces with clan cats around now, but that didn’t stop them from checking. Even if they weren’t a warrior anymore, they could still fight.
    They weren’t a warrior anymore.
    The realization hit like a cold splash of ice water, just like everytime Stormflight remembered. Their clanmates were all so bewildered, and they didn’t blame them. After almost a year of serving unwaveringly, Stormflight had become a medicine cat. The stars had chosen them, they claimed, as if anyone said mousedung like that unironically anymore.
    Experimentally, Stormflight slowed their jog, dropping back until their tail was close enough to brush Pepperheart’s shoulder. Around the soft symphony of crickets and the lapping of the lake on its bank, they heard the tom’s pawsteps slow to match their pace.
    Scowling, Stormflight switched from a slow trot to a brisk walk, flicking an ear back towards their mentor. It was ridiculous, honestly, that they were expected to take instructions from the foxheart. He was half their age, barely old enough to have his full name, even if his soul did seem to be the equivalent of a grumpy elder.
    Stormflight could remember him as a kit, always fearful and nervous. They never would have guessed that he would end up being such a thorn in their paw.
    They walked slower and slower, until they finally stopped. There were no pawsteps behind them, and besides the usual wildlife, the night was suddenly silent, enough to make them wonder if Pepperheart was even there anymore.
    Maybe, they allowed themself to hope for a moment, maybe he’s fallen in the lake and drowned.
    But no, when they turned, the little ginger tom was staring intently at them. “Why don’t you lead?” Stormflight prompted icely, noting with satisfaction the way his gaze immediately drifted a little to the left of them. “After all, I’ve never been to the moonpool before.”
    “No,” Pepperheart replied, matching their frosty tone, “I don’t think I will. Go on,” he added, nodding ahead. “I’ll tell you when to turn.”
    Stormflight glanced around, sniffing to see how close to the Windclan border they were. Then, reassured that no one was in ear shot, they let out a loud hiss of rage, slashing their claws through the grass. It was hard to think through the anger. It was even harder to remember that killing Pepperheart wasn’t something they’d be able to get away with.
    But it would only be fair. After all, he’d ruined their life. If Stormflight couldn’t be a warrior, they were as good as dead already.
    “Is it really so bad?” Pepperheart murmured, his voice both curious and patronizing. “I’ve always found comfort in being able to heal instead of hurting.”
    “Is that what you’re doing now?” Stormflight snarled, taking a menacing step forward. “Healing me?”
    “No,” the tom replied simply, “I don’t know if that’s even possible.”
    Stormflight stalked closer, until they were towering over him. “I could kill you right now, you know,” they whispered, staring down at him. It would be so easy too. Pepperheart had never bothered to learn any battle moves, and even if he had, he was about as durable as a dried leaf.
    For the first time since they left camp, Pepperheart raised his eyes to meet their gaze. His expression, fearful and nervous, was all too familiar. “See, this is why we have this agreement in the first place,” he whispered back, as if they were apprentices sharing some particularly interesting gossip.
    Gingerly, he pressed a paw against Stormflight’s chest, pushing them back and away from him. He let out a short breath, and bent to lick down the ruffled fur on his shoulder. “I’m not doing this out of my own kindness, you know,” Pepperheart said softly, “If it were up to me, I’d tell Hawthornstar everything. But Starclan wants you to be a medicine cat.”
    “And why’s that?” Stormflight demanded.
    “Maybe they think it’s the only way to keep you from hurting anyone else.”

    • WOAH i love the atmosphere here! very curious about how Tigerstar seems to manifest in ways where Stormflight doesn’t exactly know *why* they’re doing these things, but feels the need to do so anyway
      i do wonder if stormflight killed somebody SDOIFJSDFJI

    • Also, Flame, idk if you saw but you won my contest, so you get a secret page if you want it

  • Five short stories from the five Clans
    Ashstorm’s heart
    Part 10

    Previously: Lightbreeze explained everything to Ashpaw, and asked her to be her apprentice.

    It had been many moons since the quest she had been given by the Clan medicine cat and StarClan. She had accepted Lightbreeze’s offer to become a medicine cat apprentice, and though on some days she yearned to tell the cats of her Clan that one day SkyClan would have to flee the forest, the feeling always passed. And yesterday Ashstorm had been made a full medicine cat. Lightbreeze turned out to be a very kind cat- she even allowed Ashstorm to visit Brownie once or twice a moon, saying that since Brownie wasn’t technically a cat part of their Clan, meeting him would not distract her from her duties.
    It was a bright, clear morning, dew dripping from the leaves and birds singing their joy to the sun. New-leaf was just around the corner, melting the frosty blankets of still snow, allowing the season of life and joy to take over. Ashstorm woke, and stretched, feeling content and happy. She gave her pelt a quick wash before padding out into clearing, sun dappling her speckled grey pelt like golden water droplets. The camp was waking, the dawn patrol had already been sent out, a few apprentices had been woken by their mentors and dragged out of camp to train. The elders seemed rather cheerful, gossiping, their eyes shining with the light of a young warriors. It felt like the Clan knew that there would be no more snow, no more frosty nights and cold mornings, no more shortage of prey and healing herbs, no more sickness or death. Only the light of life.
    Ashstorm was about to pad into the woods, thinking of restocking the catmint and poppy seed, when Bluepaw and his mentor, Nightfleck, walked through the entrance tunnel.
    Ashstorm still felt a pang of sadness a regret when she looked at the apprentice; the cat she had hoped to mentor herself. She realized Bluepaw was hobbling on three paws, his teeth gritted, his face twisted in pain. (rather dramatically, if you asked Ashstorm)
    Ashstorm padded over, and looked at Nightfleck.
    “A thorn got stuck in his paw” Nightfleck said.
    “Ouch. Alright, Bluepaw, come on. Let’s get you patched up.”
    She let Bluepaw lean against her shoulder, and guided him toward the medicine den. Bluepaw sat down in the corner, holding his paw above the ground. Ashstorm nuzzled his paw, saw the small thorn sticking out of his paw, gripped it in her teeth, and gently pulled it out.
    “There,” Ashstorm said, spitting the thorn out onto the rock.
    She scanned the rows of herbs for the right one, while Bluepaw asked:
    “What are you looking for, Ashstorm?”
    Ashstorm smiled, and drew the apprentice close with her tail. She pointed to a stack of green leaves.
    “The juice of chewed pine leaves is also good for infection. I discoverd that when I- egh, when I was out walking one day. I’ll rub some on your paw pad to make sure it doesn’t get infected from the thorn.”
    Bluepaw watched Ashstorm with a sparkle in his bright blue eyes.
    Ashstorm slipped some pine needles onto her tongue and started to chew. Soon, her tongue was covered with pine juice, and she rasped it over Bluepaw’s cut a few times. She spat out the crushed leaves, and smiled down at Bluepaw.
    “Ashstorm?” He asked.
    “Yes, Bluepaw?”
    Bluepaw had launched himself at Ashstorm and buried his muzzle in her chest fur.
    He looked up at her with shining eyes.
    “Can I be your apprentice?”
    “You want to be a medicine cat?”
    “Yes! You know so much and I want to learn it too! I want to help cats and save lives!”
    “You’ll not be allowed to have mates or kits…”
    “That’s okay! I’ll be fine.”
    “Well, alright, if that’s what you want!” Ashstorm purred.
    “Oh, and Ashstorm?”
    “I love you!”
    Ashstorm felt her heart melt. Bluekit had always felt like a little brother to her, even though she had lots of other litter mates. As a kit, she had kit-sat him many times, and she guessed Bluepaw returned her care with his love. He didn’t love her as a mate- he loved her as a friend- as a sister, and though they weren’t blood, their bond was just as strong- maybe even stronger.
    “I love you too.” Ashstorm purred.

    A year had past. Bluemoon, Ashstorm, and Lightbreeze were padding side by side in the forest, hunting herbs to restock their storage. Cinnamoncloud, Bluemoon’s sister had been made a warrior many moons before Bluemoon could become a medicine cat, and it was hard from him, but he worked hard and became a full medicine cat at last.
    Ashstorm had visited Brownie last night, so she felt extra cheerful. It had been good to rub her muzzle against his, and breath in his familiar scent.
    Ashstorm looked up to the rising sun, breathing in the sharp, crisp air of New-leaf.
    She had so much time ahead of her- so many adventures yet to come. And Ashstorm was ready to face them head on.

    The end.

    • Ahhh I loved this story so much why is it overrrrr

      I think your RiverClan short story was one of the first things I ever commented on

  • A Dark Shadow Chapter One
    Everest awoke to the sound of wind whistling through the trees. Her body was stiff and cold, she shivered. “It’s cold out here when I went to sleep it was hot.” she muttered as she scrambled to her paws shaking the loose twigs out of her long gray fur. Everest jumped off the rock she was laying on. Nice place to make a camp. Very open. She thought. The clearing was big and surrounded by Willow trees. A small stream ran through the trees. There were a lot of bushes that could be dens and the rock she had just stood on would be a perfect spot for a place to talk to cats.
    Everest’s nose twitched; she smelled something… delicious! She crept towards the smell placing her huge paws carefully on the ground. Trying to not make a sound, she saw the mouse. It was at the edge of the stream lapping up the water.
    She crept slowly, the mouse didn’t see her coming. A leaf crackled right beside her. She froze, one paw raised. “Who are you? Come out.” A small white she-cat came out of the bushes. “What’s your name?”
    “My name’s Ice, what’s yours?” Ice tipped her head sideways.
    “Everest is mine. I am sorry if I sound a little… I don’t know… suspicious.” Everest said.
    “It’s alright. We’ll at least not like my friend who hates me!” Ice hissed with anger. Everest froze. She was surprised by Ices’ anger.
    “Follow me to my home. I’ll explain everything on the way.” Everest started off towards the clearing. “So I got a vision from this Clan if that’s what you’d call it. It’s called StarClan. So they told me to start another clan. They said to grow the clan and then go look for a car named Gorsestar of BrushClan. Now I have a question: do you want to join? I’ll name the Clan after you. How does IceClan sound?”
    “ That sounds wonderful! I’ll join!” Ice said with excitement. When they got to the clearing Ice burst out. “This is a perfect place for IceClan! I also think you’d be a good leader! And here we can use this stone as a place to host meetings and dig a den under it so it can be a den for you. Then we can use some of the bushes as dens and dig under them for more dens.”
    “That’s a wonderful idea! You’d be a wonderful deputy. Now let’s get started. Let’s start with the leader’s den.” Everest padded over to the rock and started to dig under it and Ice came to join her. They kept digging until it got dark. “It’s getting late lets get some sleep.” They walked over to a bush and scraped some grass together into separate nests.
    Once Everest was done she curled up and fell asleep. She was exhausted and hungry but she slept anyway. They’d hunt in the morning.

    A golden she-cat lay on the rocks screaming in pain, a black tom stood over top over the she-cat. Everest stood frozen in shock, she couldn’t move. The black tom clawed at the she-cats belly, blood all over his paws.
    Just then Everest heard a voice. “ A shadow will rise, and a darkness will cover the forest.” The forest fades around her and she wakes up.

  • People might be mad at me for not replying to Chapter Five, but it’s not posted yet as I write this.
    Chapter Six
    Cliffpaw was lonely. Since Flameclaw became a Warrior, Cliffpaw had no one to play with. His little sisters were growing fast, but they were 3 moons old and still two young to be apprentices(Dovekit often complained about this fact). And now, Cliffpaw had to treat 3 Elders ticks and feed them and make moss nests for them all by himself! Cliffpaw was frustrated. Cliffpaw looked over at his little sisters, who were playing Find the Pebble. Rubystar had hidden a pebble, and Dovekit and Cloudkit were scampering around camp looking for it. Cliffpaw smiled at his sisters and giggled. Both of them didn’t now that Rubystar still had the pebble! Cliffpaw watched his father assign cats to patrols. Cliffpaw’s father was the King, so he assigned patrols(out of the story Kings are just like Deputies but they’re mate to the Queen and can’t lead the Clan). Cliffpaw watched his father be confident, muscles rippling in the sunlight. Cliffpaw then noticed that when Mountainrose and Flameclaw were put in the same patrol, they both looked happy and then awkward. Cliffpaw rolled his eyes. His friend was getting farther away from Cliffpaw every since Flameclaw became a Warrior. Dovekit and Cloudkit found out that Rubystar had the pebble, and they attacked her. Cliffpaw watched them play-fight her, and he shivered as he remembered something: one of his sisters would have to kill Rubystar in a battle to be Queen. But that will be in a long time, Cliffpaw thought, They’re just kits. They need Rubystar now. Cliffpaw kept on padding through the camp. Suddenly, Rubystar, Dovekit, and Cloudkit padded away from the nursery. Rubystar padded over to-Cliffpaw!
    “Hello, Mother,” Cliffpaw meowed. Dovekit and Cloudkit bounded forward.
    “Hi, Cliffpaw!” Dovekit mewed. Cloudkit jumped up and down.
    “Mommy says she’s going to make you a Warrior!” Cloudkit mewed, “You’re my hero!” Cliffpaw purred. Then he thought over what Cloudkit had mewed.
    “Mother, is it true?” Cliffpaw asked, “I’m becoming a Warrior?!” Rubystar nodded.
    “Eaglepelt already knows,” Rubystar meowed. Eaglepelt, Cliffpaw’s mentor, padded over and took Cliffpaw into the Apprentices Den. There, Cliffpaw let Eaglepelt groom his pelt. Cliffpaw heard Rubystar call the Clan Meeting. Cliffpaw and Eaglepelt scurried out of the Apprentices Den. Cliffpaw sat down on the roots of the treetop, and then Eaglepelt went into the crowd of cats.
    “I, Rubystar, Queen of WingClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Rubystar meowed, “He has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I hope you let me make him a Warrior in return. Cliffpaw, do you promise to uphold the Warrior code, even at the cost of your life?”
    “I do.”
    “Then Cliffpaw, I name you Cliffheart,” Rubystar continued, “StarClan honors your kindness and hunting skills.”
    “Cliffheart! Cliffheart!” Cliffheart felt happy. This was his Clan. His Clan was cheering for him. Dovekit and Cloudkit were mewling their cheers in the treetop, Rubystar and Smokeflame cheered proudly for their son, Eaglepelt cheered because he was proud of his apprentice, and everyone else cheered as well. Cliffheart felt warm. Not cold, warm. Flameclaw pressed himself against Cliffheart.
    “So, now you’ve joined the Warriors!” he meowed, “After your silent vigil, I want to talk to you.” Cliffheart nodded and went to his silent vigil.
    The Clan had cheered for him.
    Prince Cliffheart of WingClan.
    Prince Cliffheart the Warrior of WingClan.

    • Chapter Seven
      Cliffheart purred as Dovepaw and Cloudpaw padded out of the WingClan camp with their new mentors, Scorchflame and Infernofeather. His little sisters had just become apprentices, and Scorchflame and Infernofeather were their mentors. Scorchflame and Inernofeather were mates, and they were Flameclaw’s parents. Wait, where even is Flameclaw? Cliffheart wondered. He looked around and spotted Flameclaw sharing a mouse with Mountainrose. The two of them had become closer than two peas in a pod, and Cliffheart felt like he had lost his friend. Cliffheart sighed and got off the roots of the treetop. Rubystar immidietly took her Queen duties back on. Now that Rubystar had two heirs, she didn’t need to have any more kits, so she wouldn’t have to make Smokeflame, the King, do her Queen jobs while she cared for kits. Cliffheart sat down and groomed himself, then noticed everycat gathering around Smokeflame. Oh, Smokeflame must be assigning patrols, Cliffheart thought. He got up and padded over to them.
      “All right, Blareflame, you lead the Evening Patrol, and take Rutilefoot, Firetail, and Eaglepelt this evening,” Smokeflame ordered, “Mountainrose, Flameclaw, and Cliffheart, you can go on a Hunting Patrol now. Cliffheart, you’re leading it.” Cliffheart gasped.
      “B-b-but Father, I’m not ready to lead a patrol!” Cliffheart yelped. Mountainrose and Flameclaw were too busy staring into each other’s eyes to care. Cliffheart ignored them.
      “You’ll be fine, I was nervous on my first patrol, which your mother was on, and I liked your mother then, and look at me now!” Smokeflame meowed, “Assigning patrols and the King.” Cliffheart rolled his eyes.
      “Dad, you know I’m never going to be King, I can’t marry either of my sisters!” Cliffheart hissed. Smokeflame laughed.
      “I know, I was messing with you, but what I mean is: you’ll be fine,” Smokeflame meowed. Cliffheart sighed.
      “I hope that’s true,” Cliffheart meowed, and he padded out of camp, the two love birds Mountainrose and Flameclaw following.
      “Where will we be hunting?” Flameclaw asked Cliffheart. Mountainrose pressed herself on Flameclaw.
      “I’ll hunt wherever you hunt, Flameclaw,” Mountainrose purred. Cliffheart rolled his eyes.
      “Oh bother,” Cliffheart meowed. Cliffheart would have said oh brother, but he didn’t have a brother.
      “No, I’ll hunt wherever you hunt!” Flameclaw purred. Cliffheart rolled his eyes.
      “StarClan help me,” Cliffheart meowed, “All right, we’re going to go hunt at the Rabbit Feilds.” Mountainrose and Flameclaw snapped to attention.
      “Okay,” Mountainrose meowed. Flameclaw nodded.
      “Let’s go!” Cliffheart meowed. Cliffheart charged down the cliff face and stopped when he crossed on a log over a river and entered Rabbit Feilds. Mountainrose and Flameclaw did as well. Cliffheart nodded, and the three of them split up through the feild. Cliffheart saw a rabbit, and Cliffheart made sure that his sent was blowing down wind when he stalked it. Then, Cliffheart caught it when it realized that Cliffheart was there and the rabbit couldn’t get away fast enough. Cliffheart returned to camp with Mountainrose and Flameclaw following. They each carried a rabbit. Cliffheart dropped his rabbit on the fresh-kill pile, and so did Mountainrose and Flameclaw. Cliffheart went to the roots of the tree and let the eating system unfold. The Elders(fully weaned kits and Queens would take prey too now, but there were none) got prey first and padded just outside their den to eat it. Then the Warriors and the Medicine Cat went. The Warriors scattered out across the camp with their prey, but Sunflight, the Medicine Cat, took his prey into his den. Cliffheart didn’t get prey with the Warriors because royalty made sure that the rest of the Clan was eating before they could eat. When Rubystar went to get prey when every commonblood cat was eating, Cliffheart, Smokeflame, Dovepaw, and Cloudpaw ate as well. Cliffheart sat by himself and ate. He looked around and saw cats eating in places. Rubystar and Smokeflame were eating in the long shadow of the treetop. Dovepaw and Cloudpaw were eating together outside the Apprentices Den. Mountainrose and Flameclaw were eating outside the Warriors Den. And Cliffheart? Cliffheart was eating alone.
      Just like when he was an apprentice.

    • Chapter Eight
      Cliffheart padded into camp. He had just gone on a border patrol with Blareflame, Rutilefoot, and Cloudpaw. Cliffheart had asked Cloudpaw where Dovepaw was, and Cloudpaw had responded that Dovepaw was out training. The reason Cliffheart had asked was because he wanted to spend more time with his little sisters. Dovepaw and Cloudpaw didn’t understand how lucky they were, to have a littermate to play with, and to both be the heirs to the WingClan treetop. Cliffheart had none of that. At least he was a Prince. That was a plus. Cliffheart saw Flameclaw and Mountainrose returning from a hunt together. The two of them were mates, so Cliffheart barely ever got to see his friend anymore. Flameclaw and Mountainrose had agreed that they didn’t want kits for at least a few moons because Mountainrose wanted to live the life as a Warrior, not be cooped up with kits. At least that proves that Flameclaw is a good mate because he listens to Mountainrose, Cliffheart thought. It was sunhigh, the time for cats to share tounges with each other. Flameclaw and Mountainrose shared tounges, Dovepaw and Cloudpaw shared tounges, Rubystar and Smokeflame shared tounges, and Cliffheart even saw the Elders sharing tounges. Cliffheart decided to join Blareflame and Rutilefoot in sharing tounges. Nearby Cliffheart, Blareflame, and Rutilefoot, Scorchflame and Infernofeather were sharing tounges, staring proudly at Flameclaw, their son. It’s like everycat in the Clan has a mate but me, Cliffheart thought, Well, except for Dovepaw and Cloudpaw, but they’re apprentices, so therefore exceptions. Cliffheart sighed and let Blareflame and Rutilefoot continue sharing tounges with him. After sunhigh, Cliffheart went out hunting by himself. He actually saw Scorchflame, Infernofeather, Dovepaw, and Cloudpaw in Rabbit Feild, where WingClan cats hunted rabbits and apprentices trained. Cliffheart smiled at his sisters and went hunting in Falcon Cliffs. There were lots of mountains that had cliff where there were falcons, but the WingClan cats didn’t hunt falcons. Falcons were too big to hunt. So instead, the WingClan cats hunted different birds there, like wrens, blue jays, and sparrows, as an example. Sunflight gathered herbs there as well. Cliffheart caught a sparrow and a wren and brought them back to camp. Dovepaw and Cloudpaw noticed the wren and the sparrow.
      “Awesome!” Dovepaw meowed. Cloudpaw picked up the sparrow, and Dovepaw picked up the wren.
      “You two love wrens and sparrows so much, you should be Wrenpaw and Sparrowpaw, not Dovepaw and Cloudpaw!” Cliffheart laughed. Dovepaw took a bite of her wren and glared at Cliffheart. Cliffheart backed away.
      “I-I’ll just go now,” he meowed. Cliffheart padded away and purred as he watched his sisters gulp down the wren and the sparrow. Dovepaw and Cloudpaw were getting to be the sizes of Warriors, they would probably be Warriors soon. Cliffheart wondered what their Warrior names would be. He was sure that Dovepaw and Cloudpaw were wondering that as well. Cliffheart got a drift of their conversation.
      “I hope that when I’m a Warrior, my name is Doveflame!” Dovepaw meowed. Cliffheart purred a quiet purr.
      “Well, I want to be called Cloudfeather,” Cloudpaw meowed. Cliffheart purred a little louder.
      “And my final name will be Dovestar!” Dovepaw meowed. Cloudpaw glared at her.
      “Not unless I challenge Mother first!” Cloudpaw retorted. The two of them started play-fighting. Cliffheart’s purr grew a little bit louder again. They’re already fighting over the treetop, Cliffheart thought, Well, one of them will have the treetop and the other won’t. Simple as that. But Cliffheart wasn’t sure.
      Was it really all that simple?
      Or was it actually very, very complicated?

  • Chapter 3 of The Lost Warrior

    Foxkit stared up at her mother. “What do you want to tell us about our father?” she was scared. She had never thought about her father, and thought that Tigerfoot had kits alone. She looked over to her brother, and saw fear in Nettlepaw’s green eyes. Foxkit felt the same way Nettlepaw looked, but tried to hide it.
    Pinewhisker licked the scar on his flank. “How about I tell them,” the warrior looked sad. Tigerfoot nodded. “You can.”
    Pinewhisker sighed. “A long time ago, when I was just born, our old medicine cat, Emberpelt, told my mother she was going to have another kit. He had been stuck inside of her for a day, nobody knowing about him. Emberpelt helped my mother birth the kit, and she named him Nettlekit. We had an older brother, Frostflurry. But, as you know, he is dead now.”
    “Nettlekit eventually became Nettletuft, and he was a wonderful brother. He was funny, and brave, and loyal, and your mother grew to love him. Then, one day, when Tigerfoot was supposed to give birth, a fox came into camp. Nettletuft and I went to fight it, and we did. But, right when we thought it was leaving, we saw it carrying off Kinkkit. Nettletuft raced over, and saved Kinkkit, risking his own life.”
    “I told Tigerfoot what happened. She saw her three beautiful kits, and named them after the attack. Nettlekit, Pinekit, and Foxkit. But then, Pinekit began to make sounds. He died then, right after his name was given. Your brave father is with him now, in StarClan.”
    Nettlepaw’s eyes grew wide. “Is that true?” he looked at Tigerfoot. Foxkit felt her pelt quiver. She had a dead father and a dead brother that she had never known about.
    A black nose peeked into the den entrance. It was Kinkpaw. “Mudstar needs you all at the Highledge. Twistpaw and I are being made warriors.” For the first time, Foxkit noticed the dent in Kinkpaw’s nose. It must have been from the fox attack.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting!” Mudstar called out. Twistpaw looked excited, and Kinkpaw looked bored. “Cats of ThunderClan,” Mudstar said, “Today, two apprentices are ready to become warriors. Twistpaw, StarClan honors your kindness and loyalty. From this day forward, you will be known as Twistclaw. Kinkpaw, StarClan honors your ambition and strength. From this day forward, you will be known as Kinknose. Meeting dismissed!”
    Foxkit looked at Tigerfoot. “That was quick,” she said. She watched as Nutflurry spoke to Mudstar. Mudstar sighed. “Come back, ThunderClan,” he said, sounding bored. “We must make a kit an apprentice. Foxkit, from this day forward, you will be known as Foxpaw. Your mentor will be Twistclaw. Clan dismissed.”
    Twistclaw bounded over to Foxpaw. “Hello! I’m so excited that I’m a warrior now. You’ll be a great apprentice. Let’s build you a den!”
    As Foxpaw followed Twistclaw into the apprentices’ den, she heard Kinknose grumbling. As she stepped inside the wonderful den, she thought about her father. Killed by a fox . . . and her brother had died, too. Why had she never heard about this before?
    Then, some cat leaped on Twistclaw.

  • Aaaand here is Chapter 31! Let me know what you think!

    Chapter 31

    Dawnlight stumbled forward, leaning on Feathersong for support. Everflame was dead. He was dead and he died for her. Why did everyone she cared about die for her when she had done nothing to deserve it? It wasn’t fair.
    Feathersong stared gravely at the forest. “It’s gone,” she whispered. “Everything is gone.”
    Dawnlight lifted her eyes off the ground to see what her friend saw. She felt a sharp burst of emotion at the sight of the charred, broken forest that had once been so full of life. “Oh no…” She looked around at her surroundings for the first time, and saw the fire’s destruction stretching into ShadeClan and LakeClan territory. Only RockClan remained untouched.
    Feathersong’s eyes were round as she gazed over towards LakeClan territory. “How could StarClan allow such a thing to happen?” she breathed.
    Dawnlight simply closed her eyes, letting grief wash over her. She wished everything didn’t have to change. She wished that she could go back to when things were simple, when Lilywish and Everflame were alive, and Stormfrost still loved her, and the forest was whole. She longed for the days when she was just a carefree apprentice, and nothing really mattered. She wished with all her heart that she wasn’t falling for Lionscar, and that he wasn’t in love with her. Nothing made sense any more.
    Dawnlight still couldn’t believe that Lionscar was in love with her, or that he claimed he was. She found her heart hoping they could find a way to make it work, but her head was saying how stupid it would be, how it could never be. She knew her head was right, but a small part of her wanted to follow her heart.
    No. She couldn’t. It didn’t matter what her feelings were, because she was a medicine cat. And that was just the least of her problems.
    “What are we going to do?” Feathersong asked softly. “There’s nothing left of our home.”
    Dawnlight tried to clear her head. Now wasn’t the time to worry about her own problems. Her Clan needed her. “We are warriors,” she told her friend. “We will find a way to survive.”

    “Dawnlight, we’re holding a vigil for Everflame, Saptail, and Wasppaw.”
    Dawnlight looked over her shoulder to see Ambershine standing in the entrance of the den.
    Fresh tears pricked her eyes at the thought of the lives that were lost. “I’m coming,” she mewed. “Just a few moments.” She turned back to the herb stock and breathed in the familiar scents. “Thyme for shock, honey soothes sore throats, watermint for bellyaches,” she murmured under her breath. Peace touched her like a ray of sunlight for a heartbeat, but then she was back in the cold, dark den. Dawnlight let out a long sigh, and padded out into the camp for the vigil.
    There were no bodies for those who were lost, which Dawnlight took as a blessing. She would rather remember them for who they were when they were alive then what they looked like when they died.
    Deerskip and Fallowleap were helping Spruceleaf out of the elder’s den. The forgetful elder looked around in confusion. “Where is Saptail?” she croaked. “He would hate to miss a Clan meeting.”
    Dawnlight’s heart broke for Spruceleaf. She didn’t even understand that her denmate was dead. She sat down next to Feathersong and bowed her head.
    Needlestar stepped into the camp. His eyes were round with sorrow. “We are gathered here to honor the spirits of Everflame, Wasppaw, and Saptail,” he mewed gently. “Saptail served his Clan for many seasons, and deserved to die peacefully, surrounded by his loved ones.” Needlestar’s voice broke off. “He didn’t deserve this.” Needlestar scanned the group. “Would anyone like to say anything for Saptail?”
    Dawnlight watched as Icestone dipped her head and rose to her paws. “When I was an apprentice, I would always have to clean out Saptail’s bedding. He would never fail to make the job as hard as possible for me, and he would find everything possible to complain about, but it was familiar. Saptail was a friend, and a good one. I never thought I would miss hearing that cranky old cat complain while I changed his nest, but here I am.”
    Dawnlight’s heart ached at Icestone’s words. She would miss Saptail, too. She felt terrible that he had met such a painful end.
    Needlestar nodded in thanks as Icestone sat back down. “Would anyone like to say a few words for Wasppaw?” he murmured.
    Dawnlight watched as a few cats parted to let Shadowpool pass. Shadowpool looked small as she made her way to the center of the camp.
    “Wasppaw was so brave,” she whispered. “Just like his father. I think they’re probably together right now.” She swallowed. “My son… he didn’t deserve what he got. All he wanted
    was to be a warrior, and now that will never happen.” Tears filled her eyes. “He will be an apprentice forever.”
    Needlestar let her lean against his shoulder as she cried. “I think we can give Wasppaw his warrior name,” he told her. “He died as an apprentice, but he will be remembered as the warrior who helped the elders in the fire. Let StarClan hear my words as I name an apprentice who has joined their ranks a warrior. From this moment forth, Wasppaw will be remembered as Waspwing. PineClan honors his kind spirit.”
    “Waspwing! Waspwing! Waspwing!” The name swept through the camp, and Shadowpool gasped.
    “Thank you, Needlestar,” she sobbed. “Thank you.”
    Sorrow for the young tom shone in Needlestar’s eyes. “Of course.”
    Stormfrost stood after Shadowpool sat back down. “Do you mind if I say something for Everflame?” she asked timidly.
    Needlestar dipped his head. “Go ahead.”
    Stormfrost blinked rapidly. “Everflame was one of my best friends,” she began. “When I first joined PineClan with my sister, we weren’t accepted. But Everflame didn’t care where I was born. He didn’t care what was in my blood. He loved me for me. When I left to go to RockClan, my deepest regret was leaving him behind. And when I felt like I had lost everything, I turned and saw Everflame, and I knew I would follow him anywhere.” Tears thickened her mew. “He helped me raise my kits when I wasn’t strong enough to, and when Lilywish died and I felt like I was drowning, Everflame was my air. I loved him so much, but not the way he did. I did nothing to deserve him, but he didn’t care.” Stormfrost looked up, her eyes glittering. “And now he’s dead.”
    Dawnlight took in a shuddering breath, suddenly realizing that she was crying. She needed Everflame, but he was dead. She needed Lilywish, but she was dead too. She needed Stormfrost, but that just wasn’t possible anymore. She needed Lionscar, but…
    Needlestar started talking again. “I must name a new deputy. That deputy will be Lynxnose. She is a senior warrior, and I know that I can always trust her.”
    Lynxnose blinked. “Thank you, Needlestar. I am honored.”
    Dawnlight knew that Lionscar must have been disappointed. He wanted to be deputy so much. A mix of confusing emotions stabbed her. Why was she thinking of Lionscar?
    She couldn’t. She couldn’t because whether she liked it or not, she was falling in love with him. And that was a dangerous thing.

    “Did you catch anything?” Shadowpool called hopefully from where she was training Dewpaw.
    Redfall shook his head regretfully. “Nothing. The fire destroyed it all.”
    Prey had been running dangerously low lately. Some days, only the elders and queens and kits got to eat. Cherryfur, Flameleap, and Smokefoot retired, leaving the Clan with fewer warriors to go out hunting.
    Dawnlight scraped her claws against the ground in frustration. She had almost grown used to the dizzying pain of hunger, but she had been so hopeful that the patrol would return with prey. Her head felt faint from the lack of food. It had been three sunrises since she had last eaten.
    Ambershine was worse, though. Her pelt clung to her bone, and every rib showed. It had been even longer since she had eaten, as she gave everything to Dawnlight.
    “Dawnlight,” she rasped. “I need you in here.”
    Dawnlight padded back into the den. “What’s wrong?” she asked, praying it was nothing serious.
    Ambershine closed her eyes. “Stoneskip and Owlpaw aren’t feeling well. Can you check on Owlpaw while I look over Stoneskip?”
    Dawnlight’s heart dropped. “Is it greencough?” she whimpered. With everything going on, they couldn’t afford to have greencough in the camp.
    Ambershine glanced at Stoneskip. “I don’t know,” she admitted. “I can only hope that StarClan wouldn’t be that cruel.”
    Dawnlight approached Owlpaw and pressed her ear to his chest, listening to his breathing. “Your chest is clear…” she mewed thoughtfully. “What are your symptoms?”
    Owlpaw’s eyes were glazed with fever. “My belly hurts,” he mumbled. “And my head. And my throat. And everything aches–” He broke off with a hacking cough that startled Dawnlight. His breathing was fine, so why was he coughing? Owlpaw’s eyes widened as he continued to cough uncontrollably before vomiting on the floor.
    Dawnlight jumped back. That wasn’t vomit, that was blood! Owlpaw was coughing up blood! She took in a shuddering breath, cold fear chilling her to the bone. “Ambershine?” she called weakly. “You might want to look at this.”
    Ambershine turned around. “Is it the blood?”
    Dawnlight met the older medicine cat’s frightened gaze. “Stoneskip too? Were they poisoned?”
    Ambershine shook her head slowly, her expression dark. “No. This is a terrible sickness that I have never seen, but my former mentor, Softwater, spoke of from when she was a kit. It’s called redcough.”
    Dawnlight shivered at the name. “What do we do? How can we cure it?”
    Ambershine looked away. “We can’t.”

    Dawnlight couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t stop thinking about Stoneskip and Owlpaw, and the redcough. Ambershine decided that they had to quarantine from the rest of the camp, so the elders moved into the nursery and the elder’s den became a home for the sick cats. Dawnlight sighed. They had to find a cure! Just because Ambershine didn’t know of one, it didn’t mean there wasn’t one. They just had to work harder to find one.
    She rolled over just as a twig snapped outside the den. She looked over to see Lionscar standing in the entrance, and her belly squeezed. “What do you want?” she hissed.
    Lionscar looked hopeful. “You can’t just ignore me forever, Dawnlight,” he mewed. “Come on. We need to talk.”
    Dawnlight narrowed her eyes before rising to her paws to follow him. She knew it was a mistake, but she didn’t really care.
    Once they were out of the camp, Dawnlight faced Lionscar, her belly fluttering. “What did you want to talk about?”
    Lionscar gazed at her. “Don’t play dumb. You know exactly what we need to talk about.” He took a deep breath. “I don’t know why, but I’m falling for you, Dawnlight. You’re… you’re special. And trust me, I wish this wasn’t how I felt, but it is.” His amber eyes searched hers. “Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way.”
    For a heartbeat, Dawnlight forgot who she was and who he was. She almost thought that she could agree, and they could be happy together. Then she remembered. “We can’t,” she
    whispered. Her heart felt like it was breaking into thousands of pieces. “It’s not a part of your destiny, and it’s not a part of mine.” The words pained her to say, but Dawnlight knew they were true.
    Lionscar tilted his head. “Destinies aren’t who we are, Dawnlight,” he told her. “They don’t shape us. Maybe we have a choice.”
    “I love you,” Dawnlight blurted out, and clamped her jaws shut. Why did she say that? What was she doing?
    Lionscar took a step closer. “I love you too, Dawnlight.”
    Dawnlight almost leaned her head against Lionscar’s shoulder. She almost told him that she would stand by him, no matter what the consequences were. Almost. But then everything came flooding back to her. Lilywish. The hunger back at camp. Redcough. Her duties as a medicine cat. She couldn’t just abandon her Clanmates for a hopeless dream that wasn’t meant to be. “I’m sorry,” she murmured, and ran away, leaving Lionscar alone in the forest.

  • Here is the new fanfiction I’ve been working on! Hope you enjoy, and any feedback is appreciated. Also, in Fanfiction Orginization, I have a form that you can fill out so you can have a character in the story. With each chapter I’ll update the allegiances.

    A Story By Leafsky

    Petalstar: The clan leader; a light brown she-cat with white petal-shaped patches and deep blue eyes

    Brooksplash: The clan deputy; a black she-cat with greenish bluish eyes and a white patch on her right eye

    Daisypaw: A young she-cat with light brown fur and very light grey/white patches the same color as daisies, soft yellow eyes, and a fluffy tail

    Lightpaw: A cream colored she-cat with bright, round yellow eyes, black-tipped ears and tail

    Needlebranch: A dark grey she-cat with sharp, dark blue eyes and a long tail

    Gorsehop: A mostly tan tom with black and white patches and one light green eye, one dark green eye

    Sweetberry: A completely dark brown she-cat except with a snow-white belly and watery blue eyes

    Pearfang: A pale pinkish-creamish tom with bright green eyes and one black front paw, clan medicine cat

    Poppypool: An orange tabby she-cat with darker orange stripes and soft pinkish-redish eyes with a white tail

    Flowerspirit: A black she-cat with a completely white head and ears; black tail, black body and paws along with soft, hazel eyes

    Pinewhisper: A light brown she-cat with soft yellow eyes and a fluffy tail

    Thistlewisp: A very light grey/white tom with sharp sky-blue eyes and long claws

    Olivefeather: A brown tabby tom with golden eyes

    Chapter One

    “Hey, Daisypaw!” Daisypaw pricked her ears as Lightpaw called to her. “We’re apprentices!” Daisypaw felt her paws trembling with anticipation.
    “Yes, I know, Lightpaw,” Daisypaw responded. “I’m excited too. Whoa!” Lightpaw barreled into her and swiped at her flank, claws sheathed.
    “I’m a ForestClan warrior,” Lightpaw growled. “I’m going to rip you to shreds!”
    “Never!” Daisypaw responded mockingly. “I’m a StreamClan warrior!” Lightpaw’s eyes widened in mock surprise and exclaimed,
    “Oh, no! I’d better run!” Lightpaw squealed as Daisypaw chased her around the camp.
    “You’re not going to have any energy for exploring the territory if you keep that up!” Brooksplash, the clan deputy, scolded. “Now, go to your mentors. I’d expect they’re waiting for you.”
    “Yes, Brooksplash,” Daisypaw and Lightpaw mumbled. But their excitement wasn’t crushed.
    “What do you think Needlebranch and Gorsehop are going to teach us?” Lightpaw asked.
    “I suppose the territory, as Brooksplash said,” Daisypaw responded as they padded over to their mentors. “We should definitely get to know our own territory if we are ought to hunt and fight it in.”
    “Know-it-all,” Lightpaw teased. Daisypaw rolled her eyes.
    “Yeah, yeah. Come on.”

    “Alright! We’re coming up to the Daisy Falls. Come, take a look,” Gorsehop called. He padded over to highly stacked rocks with water running down that created mist on impact, with the trees thinning out so the sun touched the rocks and warmed them, and the rush of water formed a shimmering, crystal-clear pool. A waterfall. Her mother, Pinewhisper, had described one far away, out of clan territory, that she’d ventured and stumbled upon.
    “It was huge,” Pinewhisper had said, her yellow eyes shining. “The water tumbled down the rocks and hit the river below with a crash. Mist sprayed everywhere, soaking me. But it was worth it. It was worth it to see the sun light up the waterfall with the orangey yellow glow of the sunset. It’s beyond beautiful… magnificent.” Now Daisypaw stared in awe at the waterfall, then noticed the daisies. The daisies were pressed together tightly, and they were at full bloom. Their sweet aura made Daisypaw’s body relax and her muscles loosen.
    “Legend has it these daisies have healing properties,” Gorsehop said, his eyes flicking from Lightpaw to Daisypaw. “Legend also says that one of TulipClan’s previous leaders, Sharpstar, was saved from a deadly disease just when one of our previous medicine cats, Daisypounce, made Sharpstar swallow a daisy petal as a last resort.” Lightpaw’s eyes narrowed with disbelief.
    “Yeah, right. It’s just a legend.” Yet Daisypaw was curious. When her and her friend’s mentor were discussing training techniques, Daisypaw beckoned Lightpaw and then unsheathed her claws.

    Daisypaw stood still as Lightpaw hurried over.
    “What is it?”
    “I’m going to test it out,” Daisypaw responded. She lifted her claw, and with much self contro, cut her flank. Lightpaw’s eyes widened as blood oozed out.
    “What are you thinking, Daisypaw?” Lightpaw hissed. “It’s not going to-” Daisypaw leaned down and plucked a petal from a daisy and swallowed it. Lightpaw’s eyes stretched wide with shock. Daisypaw felt the pain ease, and she glanced at her flank. The scratch was gone.
    “Oh, StarClan,” Lightpaw gasped. “No- way- it just healed, I…” Daisypaw’s paws quivered with excitement, but then she froze.
    “We can’t tell anyone about this,” Daisypaw said quietly. “What if- what if everyone in the clan thinks we’re crazy? Or then get rid of the daisies? What happens?”
    “We can’t tell anyone about this,” Lightpaw echoed. “Alright… fair enough.” Daisypaw’s fur lifted.
    “How creepy I’m named after these daisies and I’m the one to discover the healing properties…”
    “Maybe you should become a medicine cat,” Lightpaw teased.
    “StarClan, no!” Daisypaw exclaimed, her fur smoothing. “I’m a warrior to the bone!” Lightpaw snorted and they both fell silent.
    “Lightpaw! Daisypaw! Come on back!” Gorsehop called. “We’re going to explore the rest of the territory.” Daisypaw hurried over to their mentors, excited to see what else they had to learn.

    Daisypaw unenthusiastically swiped at Lightpaw, halfway in her own thoughts. Daisypaw could sense Lightpaw, who had managed to get behind her, and Daisypaw snapped back to the training to perfectly dodge the swipe. Her mind wasn’t on the training session completely; she was more focused on what had happened with the daisies- she still could barely comprehend the event that had occurred. What was behind the daisies? Had they always been there?
    “Daisypaw, concentrate,” Needlebranch said, annoyed. Oops. Daisypaw felt a rush of guilt and focused on Lightpaw once more. Lightpaw pounced, and landed on Daisypaw. Daisypaw immediately remembered what Needlebranch had told her once- if an enemy surprises you, pounces on top of you, and rolls, roll with them. Daisypaw rolled, and Lightpaw tried to roll with Daisypaw but lost her grip, and fell to the ground. Daisypaw sprang to her paws, and stared at Lightpaw, anticipating another move. But Lightpaw just got to her paws, and sat down. She glanced at Gorsehop, and he nodded.
    “That’s enough for today,” He said. “You head back to camp. Me and Needlebranch will catch up with you.” Lightpaw began heading back to camp, and Daisypaw bounded after her.
    “What’s wrong with you?” Daisypaw hissed. “You never just give up like that! Tell me!”
    “Why should I?” Lightpaw challenged, whipping around to face her. Daisypaw was flooded with alarm as she saw that Lightpaw looked surprisingly sick. Her eyes were glazed, bright with fever, and she was trembling.
    “You should go see Pearfang,” Daisypaw said, trying to press back her fear. “You’re sick.” Lightpaw shook her head stubbornly.
    “I won’t. I don’t need to. It’s nothing; it’ll go away in a day or two.” Daisypaw glared at Lightpaw.
    “You are going to Pearfang, whether you like it or not.”

    Daisypaw sat dully in her nest, her ears flat. Lightpaw had just grown sicker over the days, and she lay in the medicine den, slipping in and out of consciousness. Daisypaw stared longingly out the apprentice’s den, and contemplated the choice of exposing the daisies or not. She felt a tugging feeling not to, but the desire to see her friend well and happy again overpowered it. She slunk out of the apprentice’s den, looked up briefly at the starry night sky. She took a deep breath, and welcomed the stream of scents. She recognized Olivefeather on guard, and she winced at the thought of being caught by the strict senior warrior. She slipped through the dirtplace tunnel and wrinkled her nose at the stench. She finally emerged into the forest, and she headed toward the sound of Daisy Falls.

    Daisypaw emerged from the undergrowth, watching Daisy Falls in awe. The water gleamed in the moonlight, the daisies even more beautiful than day. She felt a twinge of regret as she padded up to one of the daisies. She hesitated for a moment, and just as she reached to pluck a petal off, something knocked her back. Daisypaw hit a tree, the breath knocked out of her. She scrambled to her paws, anticipating a fight, but she just saw a starry grey tabby she-cat with sharp yellow eyes. She gaped in awe.
    “Are- are you a Starclan cat?” The grey tabby narrowed her eyes.
    “Yes. And you are just an apprentice. What is your business with these daisies?” Daisypaw swallowed nervously. Had she disturbed StarClan’s sacred grounds? She finally gained enough courage to speak.
    “My friend is sick with a disease even our medicine cat doesn’t know. And I know these daisies are the last resort.” She lifted her head and stared challengingly at the StarClan cat, only to see her gaze clouded with anger.
    “You are forbidden to touch these daisies,” the she-cat said with a warning in her voice. “Do not abuse the power of them. Not just for your friend. ” She dissolved with a flash of white light, and she was gone.