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  1. Dewfeather and my friend Spiritflower
    March 29, 2020 at 1:14 am

    Welcome to……

    The Name Games!

    This is where I..
    1. Give a quote and you have to name that warrior- who am I
    2. give pelt colors and you have to name that warrior- what’s my name
    3. Give you a description, name, prefix, or suffix and you have to name them- name that cat!

    Game 1 and 2 are from the books, number 3 is from your imagination
    Don’t copy a name
    You can do research but you cannot have another Clanmate do the work for you
    Try not to copy anything
    Be supportive!

    Last round’s winners are…
    Needleshard by Cottenpaw!
    Fabricrose by Puddleshard!
    Feltwhisker by Spirit!
    Threadfoot by Ambixie!
    Stitchtuft by Pinestripe!

    No one did Needleprick or prickle

    Hopefully you can see it but, my mouse is below. I need a good name for her.


    You can make one like it at annwoodhandmade.com It’s under free patterns and really easy to make!

    Back to the game!

    Winner will get an art request and bragging rights. My skills are in my avatar.
    The game ends when someone reaches 20 points.

    Game- Name That Cat!
    Coronavirus theme

    Paperpaw (toilet paper)

    Did you know? Corona is another name for crown. The virus was named for the crown like tubes coming out of it

    One point: Mouseheart, Jaguarpaw, Vortexclaw,
    Monkeyfur, Moonmist, Moona, Goldenfawn, Thunderblaze
    Two Points: Eaglepaw, Ivystream
    Three Points: Cottenpaw, Pinestripe
    Four points: Goose
    Five points: Briarpaw, Ivystream
    Six Points: Ambixie!
    Seven points:
    Eight points: Lilaca, Puddleshard
    Nine points: Spirit

    Good luck!

    I own a book company

    • Pinestripe
      March 29, 2020 at 1:27 am


      • Dewfeather and my friend Spiritflower
        March 29, 2020 at 1:52 am

        It still has the countdown to edit an d you comment is awaiting moderation

        I own a book company

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