Warriors Games Page

Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀


    • Goldensplash – ginger-brown she-cat with golden splashes and hazel amber eyes
      Midnightstreak – quiet white she-cat with purple-blue eyes and black streaks
      Wavecloud – long-haired speckled pale gray-blue and white tabby tom with ocean blue eyes
      Skyshadow – white and gray tom with sky blue eyes and dark gray tabby patches
      Dappledmoon – light gray tortoiseshell she-cat with white eyes. She has white speckles on her face and her paws are white.
      Everlight – bluish-black she-cat with bright blue eyes and brightly pale white tabby patches
      Dreamflight – long-legged pale gray she-cat with pale blue eyes

  • Winners of last round
    Heatherdawn-cream tabby she-cat with fluffy fur and light blue eyes tinged with a hint of lilac around the edges and small paws by Spiritpaw/willow!
    Gingerspark-white tom with ginger splotches on his legs and back. He has ginger flecks on his face and a ginger tail tip. He has bright green eyes flecked with gold by Frogstorm!
    Lilyfawn- small silver she-cat with white spots, soft fur, pale green eyes and a short, stubby tail by Marblerose!
    Shimmeringfrost-small, silver-white she-cat with delicate paws, soft white chest fur, and ice-blue eyes by Shadeleap!
    Ivyshine-gray she-cat with misty dark gray blotches and teal eyes by Icemist!

    6 points: Marblerose (Marb, please stop being so good at these games 😛 )
    5 points: Icemist
    2 points: Dreampaw, Frogstorm
    1 point: Shadowflare, Tidepaw, Ravenpaw/snow, Sunflowerpaw/seed, Ravenpaw/snow, Sunflowerpaw/seed, Scorchpaw/light, Spiritpaw/willow, Shadeleap

    Hall of Fame
    Marblerose and Dewtail (Game 1), Ivypaw/shadow (Game 2)

    Round 6: NTA
    Guess the theme for an extra point!