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    July 7, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    Mystery: Round 2

    Spiritstar ~ A dark tortoiseshell she-cat with a sky-blue eye and a long scar on the other, making her half-blind
    Skyleaf ~ A white tabby she-cat with watery blue eyes
    Medicine Cat(s)
    Oakwing ~ A brown tabby tom with leaf-green eyes
    Smokestrike ~ A smoky grey tom with blue eyes
    Pebblepaw ~ A mottled brown-and-white she-cat with icy blue eyes

    Swoopshard ~ A pale grey she-cat with sky-blue eyes
    Ashcloud ~ A black and white spotted tom with amber eyes
    Sweetleaf ~ A tabby she-cat with watery blue eyes
    Leafwing ~ A grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes
    Icefrost ~ A white tabby tom with icy blue eyes
    Blazeheart ~ A dark tortoiseshell tom with yellow eyes
    Cloudjaw ~ A white she-cat with an amber and blue eye
    Thistleflame ~ A pale grey tom with amber eyes
    Leafsky ~ A red, white, and black tortoiseshell she-cat with a green and blue eye
    Beetletuft ~ A brown she-cat with golden eyes
    Shyspirit ~ A night-black she-cat with sky-blue eyes

    Turtlepaw ~ Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
    Mallowpaw ~ Tortoiseshell tom with hazel eyes
    Stonepaw ~ Stone-grey tom with green eyes
    Rubypaw ~ Dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes

    Thornbranch ~ Orange tabby tom with hazel eyes
    Juniptertail ~ Grey tom with blind amber eyes

    You can only ask three questions a post.
    You can make an accusation every two posts.
    The murderer has a 10% of having a sidekick.
    There is a 45% chance that a cat can survive an attack.
    A couple of clues will be added every post.

    Oh, no! Thistleflame was murdered and thrown into a stream just outside of camp!

    Lilyshine: Spiritstar, who found Thistleflame’s body?
    Spiritstar: My daughter, Shyspirit, found him while she was returning from a hunting patrol. There were some cats that stayed in camp, though.

    Skyleaf may know a thing or two about the patrols.
    Thistleflame was Shyspirit’s friend.
    Leafsky stayed at camp.
    Smokestrike was sorting herbs with his apprentice, Pebblepaw.
    Leafwing might know something…
    Swoopshard, Leafsky, Cloudjaw, Smokestrike, and Peblepaw stayed in camp.


    Next round tomorrow!

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