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    I’m dying, let’s get on with this.

    Alternate timelines:

    Sooooo…this game is all about (you guessed it) ALTERNATE TIMELINES! You will have to write a short scene about something that could have happened differently in the canon warriors timeline! I will give a new scenario each round and that’s it! Have fun!


    First place goes to FROSTO!

    Jessy was right in front of Bramblestar. Her soft brown tabby fur seemed to flutter in the breezeless air.
    I love you, Bramblestar. She’d told him that.
    But how could he choose? He had such a loving mate already. Squirrelflight was all he ever wanted – but now he had Jessy. He was the leader of ThunderClan, for StarClan’s sake! He couldn’t abandon them. After everything the Clan had just faced. They needed a strong leader.
    But what if he wasn’t that leader?
    Squirrelflight was ThunderClan’s best option. She would make them proud. Unlike what Bramblestar had done. A few moons into his leadership, and he’d already watched an apprentice die. Seedpaw…she was so young…
    No. He wasn’t a good leader. The Clans weren’t his destiny. He’d never be free of the name Tigerstar, as hard as he tried. Unlike Tawnypelt, who was mates with Rowanstar, the new ShadowClan leader. He’d always be the treacherous brown tabby’s son.
    This was for the better.
    He had Jessy now. He could finally be free of his father, of Firestar’s legacy and how he had to live up to it. A new, better cat would lead. He’d let the Clan decide.
    Maybe it would be Squirrelflight. Maybe not.
    He’d grieve later about leaving. About leaving his Clan forever. A traitor to everything he’d ever known.
    But for now, for once in his life, Bramblestar was free.


    Bramblestar moves away to Twolegplace. Squirrelstar is heartbroken, appointing Lionblaze as deputy. She is never the same. She never has kits, losing her last life in a battle with ShadowClan.
    Jessy goes on to have three kits: Squirrel, Tawny, and Jay.
    Tawny later leaves, joint ThunderClan as Tawnynose. Squirrelstar sees her beloved mate in him, and she later becomes leader.

    I really like how you included Seedpaw and Bramblestar’s old worries about being like Tigerstar, and Squirrelstar’s life after that was so sad!

    Second place goes to MAPLE!

    “I love you Bramblestar.”
    Jessy glanced nervously to the ground swishing her tail side to side, embarrassed and appalled that she had even considered telling the dark tabby tom how she felt about him.
    “I know you love Squirrelflight, and I don’t want to take that away but.”
    She was cut short by a glance from Bramblestar, who sat down beside her, and entwined his tail with hers.
    “Look Jessy, you don’t have to apologise, because I think I love you to. You are the most beautiful, bravest she cat I have ever met, and we will work it out, I promise. I’m the clan leader, no one can stop me from letting you into the clan.”
    Smiling softly, Jessy glanced up at Bramblestar, love and hope glowing in her eyes. Resting her head on his shoulder, she purred softly as he lazy his head on top of hers. Rising to his paws, Bramblestar sighed. He had to go and confront Squirrelflight, and tell her he had made a choice. Jessy would join the clan and be his mate. Grinning at Jessy nervously, she nodded and smiled back, and Bramblestar slowly padded back to camp, worry squirming in his belly. How was he meant to say this !
    When he finally lay eyes on her, his mate, well, former mate Squirrelflight, he quickly padded up to her, and tapped her on the shoulders, their signal that he wished to talk alone, away from the eyes of the clan.
    Taking a deep breath, he started to speak.
    “Squirrelflight, I’m so sorry, but I’ve decided, I love Jessy. I’ll give her a ceremony tomorrow, and she can join the clan as my mate.”
    Squirrelflight’s gaze turned to anger quicker then he had expected, and her ears drew back, pinned against her neck. The fur on her spine stood on end, and her muzzle was drawn back in a vicious snark.
    “You think you can just prance around letting cats into the clan as you please just because they look pretty ? Jessy is too independent for clan life ! Sure this little amount of time might work, but any day, she’ll run back home. You’ve seen how she glances at her old housefolk’s den, how could you not spot the longing in her eyes !”
    Bramblestar took a step back, as Squirrleflight’s stepped closer to him in fury. But, his eyes narrowed, and he glared at her, lifting his head to he towered over the smaller she cat.
    “I am clan leader ! If I believe she belongs in the clan, she belongs in the clan !”
    His former mate laughed softly, her green eyes like poison as they bore into him.
    “Clan leader huh ? You are no leader I want to live under. In your short time leading please remind me what happened ? Oh that’s right, an apprentice DIED because you couldn’t keep control over them ! You were too busy mooning over some house cat ! I was rushing around drying out all the bedding, and you spent your days in the forest, talking away the hours. You are no leader Brambleclaw.”
    Flinching back at her use of his warrior name, Bramblestar wasn’t expecting it, as Squirrelflight’s unsheathed claws came down on his ear. It was only a small nick, but blood dripped down his fur.
    “Leave Brambleclaw, leave and never come back. The clan’s will remember you as a terrible leader, who couldn’t even look up for their clan !”
    Bramblestar raced away from the dark ginger she cat. She was right. He had been an awful leader, and let his whole clan down. When he finally found Jessy amongst the trees, and reached out tentatively to touch his sore and bleeding ear. Shaking her paw away, he licked her affectionately on the cheek.
    “We have to leave. The clans are no place for us.”
    And after that day, they were never seen again, and Squirrelstar became a fair and wise leader, alongside her deputy Whitewing.

    Whitewing is a really interesting choice as deputy and I love how Squirrelstar became a better leader than Bramblestar!

    Third place goes to POTATO!

    Bramblestar paced back in forth, his nest littering the floor. He had torn it in frustration, and from his tossing in the night.
    “Fox dung.” He snarled, why could this just be easier? He loved Squirrelflight, didn’t he? So why get worked up over a kitty pet! A.. a foolish, skilled, and beautiful kitty pet. As he tore the moss again, Squirrelflight padded into the den.
    “Bramblestar? What’s wrong?” Her forest green eyes darted around the mess of a den. Her eyes… her fur… in the light she looked exactly like her father. A noble tom, and great leader. All while Bramblestar, who looked nearly identical to his father and brother, was forced to fill his pawsteps.
    “Bramblestar?” Squirrelflight took a nervous step towards him, “What’s going on?” As he was about to answer, Jessy came into the nest.
    “I know I’m supposed to ask, but I had something important to tell you.” She looked at the nest in confusion, and Squirrelflight wrinkled her nose.
    “What was oh so important, that you needed to barge into the leader’s den, huh?” She growled.
    “Don’t talk to her like that.” Bramblestar growled, his amber eyes dark. Squirrelflight looked at him in anger, while Jessy looked in admiration. Her smile erased all logic from him.
    “I’m leaving. Squirrelflight, you will lead ThunderClan, and you will always have my respect, but Jessy…” The She-cat thrusted her cheek against his, purring loudly. “Will always have my heart.” He mumbled into her fur, her scent intoxicating.
    Squirrelflight watched, heartbreak evident in her gaze.
    “Fine!” She snapped, “If you’re so sure, then leave.” Her hackles raised, she thrust her muzzle into his face. “But will have lost the respect of all clans, and me.” Fury blazing in her green eyes, she snarled and swung at Bramblestar.
    “Just like your FATHER.”
    Bramblestar didn’t dodge, letting the blow score his cheek. Jessy looked furious, but Bramblestar lead her out of camp, and together they left with their tails twined. Like a single cat.
    Bramblestar changes his name to Brambleclaw, and has three scars across his cheek.
    He and Jessy have three kits, Flower, dark brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, Falcon, light brown tom with black patches and pale gold eyes, and Vole, small dark golden tom with black stripes and bright green eyes.

    I really like that we get more of Squirrelflight’s temper that seemed so promising in TNP and the ending is really powerful!

    Round Two:
    Another cat is the third in the three cat prophecy and they don’t have Dovewing’s canon power! Have fun and good luck!

    Frosto – 3 points
    Maple – 2 points
    Potato – 1 point

    Thanks for playing!

    Bold of you to assume I'm Navy

    • Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
      February 8, 2019 at 4:49 pm

      ooh cool I won! 😀

      Ivypaw didn’t understand. How had she known? Horror tore through her as she looked back at the camp, a huge scar in the earth now. The crushed bodies of Firestar, Dustpelt, Jayfeather, Millie, Leafpool, Spiderleg, Mousewhisker, and Foxleap lay in the clearing. The cats that had died so the others could escape. A sob convulsed through her chest. Feeling numb, her legs buckled as she stared at the tree.
      Briarpaw and Dovewing had been in the camp when it fell, but they’d only gotten minor injuries. Briarpaw’s forepaw was broken, and Dovepaw – her beloved sister! – had a crushed leg. She would never walk again.
      ThunderClan had no leader.
      ThunderClan had no medicine cat.
      Barely any warriors.
      Because of her.
      Ivypaw had known.
      She’d seen it.
      She’d seen bodies.
      She didn’t know what it was.
      If she’d acted sooner, warned Firestar – they’d all still be alive.
      A tear trickled down her eye.
      Cinderheart placed her tail on Ivypaw’s shoulder. “Oh, Ivypaw, I’m so sorry,” she whispered, her eyes full of tears.
      Ivypaw didn’t say anything.


      It was so dark.
      Fallen Leaves was the only one who had kept Hollyleaf company for the past moons. He was the one cat she’d told everything to. How her brothers thought she was the one. Kin of Firestar’s kin. They were supposed to have the power of the stars in their paws!
      Not Hollyleaf.
      Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and that silver-and-white tabby – Ivypaw.
      She’d seen that Ivypaw was different. Very different.
      Sometimes she would see things. Things that made her look as though a demon was clawing through her.
      Sometimes, she heard things.
      Hollyleaf knew.
      Knew Ivypaw was the third.
      The cat the sister of the Three was never meant to become.
      If only it was her.
      Hollyleaf’s drifting thoughts were cut of by a scream. “You said she’d live, Mothwing!”
      “I don’t know what’s going on, Ivypaw. There’s an infection in her broken leg. She’s dying.”
      “I’m so sorry.”
      “No! You’re supposed to save her! I saw her die! I heard her scream! ‘Ivypaw, save me!’ I can’t do this! I…”
      Not caring about not being seen, not caring about how she’d run away, Hollyleaf tore into camp.
      What she saw made a scream rip its way up her throat.
      Dead bodies littered the clearing. Among them-


      Hollyleaf gains powers after her brother’s death. Ivypool joins the Dark Forest, but the others convince her to fight on the side of the Clans just in time.
      Bramblestar becomes the next ThunderClan leader. He disappears after a few moons, five days after a strange she-cat named Jessy wanders into the territory. Lionstar becomes the next leader.


    • February 8, 2019 at 10:44 pm

      Part 1
      Jayfeather POV

      Jayfeather sat alone in the medicine cat den, his mind whirring. Who could be the third cat in the prophecy now that Hollyleaf’s gone? Jayfeather pondered this for a while and came up with nothing. Lionblaze padded into the den and voice Jayfeather’s exact thoughts. “Jayfeather, we need to find the third cat so we can fulfill the prophecy!” “I know.” Jayfeather snapped. “How about we observe our clan mates for a while?” Lionblaze suggested. “It could work.” Jayfeather conceded. The two brothers padded out of the den together. “Ok, see anyone who looks like they might have a power?” Jayfeather asked. “I don’t see anyone suspicious.” Lionblaze responded. Jayfeather pricked his ears as he heard a rustle in the bushes. “Lionblaze.” Jayfeather whispered. “Did you hear that rustle in the bushes?” “Yes.” Lionblaze answered. “Go find out what’s back there.” Jayfeather ordered. Lionblaze padded off to investigate while Jayfeather waited. Lionblaze padded back and told Jayfeather about his find. “Just a dead mouse.” Lionblaze said glumly. “But that means someone was back there!” Jayfeather said excitedly. Jayfeather leapt up from his spot and started pacing excitedly. This means someone was spying on us! “Come on.” Jayfeather told his brother. “Let’s go back to the medicine den to talk.

      END OF PART 1

      Part 2

      Leafpool’s POV

      Leafpool looked out of the warriors den, watching Lionblaze pad into the medicine cat den. After a while, Lionblaze and Jayfeather padded out together. They sat down in front of a bush and started whispering. Why are they staring around the camp like that? Leafpool ducked her head back into the den when their gaze was about to reach her. Leafpool stuck her head back out when she thought the coast was clear. Leafpool saw Jayfeather prick his ears at the rustle of the bush behind them. He whispered to Lionblaze and Lionblaze padded behind the bush. As Lionblaze padded over to the bush, Leafpool saw a flash of orange fur. Squirrelflight? What is she doing back there? Squirrelflight leaped out from behind the bush and quickly padded over to Leafpool. “Leafpool!” Squirrelflight said excitedly. “What?” “I heard Jayfeather and Lionblaze talk about a cat with powers!” Leafpool was startled by this. Do they know? “What do you think they mean?” Squirrelflight asked. “Follow me.” Leafpool told her sister. Squirrelflight followed Leafpool out of camp. When they were out of earshot from anyone, Leafpool started talking to Squirrelflight. “Listen Squirrelflight, I know this might sound crazy, but I’m the cat with a power.” “Yeah right.” Squirrelflight scoffed. “It’s true!” Leafpool mewed. “Prove it.” Squirrelflight said stubbornly. “Fine.” Leafpool sighed. “But you have to go get someone.” “Who?” “Anyone.” Leafpool said impatiently. Squirrelflight raced back to camp and left Leafpool sitting alone in the forest. Jayfeather and Lionblaze padded towards Leafpool and abruptly stopped when they spotted Leafpool. “Oh, hi, Leafpool.” Lionblaze said awkwardly. “Sorry Leafpool, no time to chat.” Jayfeather said briskly. “Wait.” Leafpool mewed. “Why should we?” Jayfeather snapped. “I have to tell you something, I’m the cat with the power.” Leafpool admitted. Jayfeather and Lionblaze broke into purrs of amusement. “Yeah, sure Leafpool.” Lionblaze chuckled. “It’s true!” Leafpool said angrily. “Then prove it.” Jayfeather snapped. “Squirrelflight’s on her way with someone, and then I’ll show you.” Squirrelflight raced into the clearing with Birchfall. “This better be good.” Squirrelflight muttered. “It will be.” Leafpool snapped. “Climb up this tree behind me and sit on the first branch. Leafpool commanded. Birchfall immediately stood up and then climbed the tree, sitting down when he reached the first branch. Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather had shocked look on their faces when Leafpool glanced over. “Wow.” All three cats murmured. “Now climb back down the tree and forget this ever happened.” Leafpool commanded again. Birchfall scrambled down the tree and sat down. “How did I get into the forest?” Birchfall asked. He shrugged, and padded back to camp. Lionblaze and Jayfeather dipped their heads in respect and padded back to camp. Squirrelflight still had a shocked look on her face so Leafpool nudged her back towards camp.

      END OF PART 2

      Dovewing grew up as a normal apprentice and Ivypool never joined the Dark Forest. Birchfall realized that the Dark Forest was evil and spied for ThunderClan. The Clans still won the battle with the Dark Forest and Leafpool defeated the Dark Forest warriors by using mind control on them. Hollyleaf did not die, because Hawkfrost never tried to kill Ivypool. Firestar did not die either because Leafpool used her mind control to have him dodge the tree.

      (Hope you enjoyed it!)

      Star Wars And Cats

    • Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
      February 10, 2019 at 3:06 pm

      Hollyleaf’s PoV

      Hollyleaf sprinted across the clearing. She knew. Sol had told her the truth. She had never been one of them, she had never meant to be part of this whole mess. She was only the messenger. One who could fix Hollyleaf when she was broken. Leafpool and Crowfeather were her parents, she was a mark on the warrior code, a mark that could spread and destroy everything she loved. And she could not let that happen.
      It hadn’t taken her long to figure out. Everytime she used her power, a little bit of what was good in her slipped away. She needed it gone. And that was why she would return it to its true owner.
      Sprinting into the camp, she turned to face the one cat she knew could fix her. Everything about her fitted in with the propechy, every word of it. And she had given up and placed the burden on another’s shoulders. Hollyleaf’s gaze narrowed as she saw the other she cat, an exact opposite of her, with a pure white pelt. Whitewing.
      “Take it back !”
      She cried desperately, knowing the rest of the clan had left for the gathering, and the kits were sound asleep in their nests. The look of surprise on Whitewing’s face nearly fooled Hollyleaf into thinking she had made a mistake, but she knew it was true. Whitewing was the propechy cat. As the white cat shook her head and stepped back, Hollyleaf used her power. Closing her eyes, she felt in control for the first time. She could move any cat as she pleased, but Whitewing stood still, as calm as a summer breeze, even though she should have began to walk out of camp
      “We need to talk”
      Whitewing spoke softly, her voice quiet and gentle as she lead Hollyleaf out of camp. Why am I agreeing to this ! Hollyleaf though. She placed this burden on me, and she can take it back.
      When they finally stopped walking, Hollyleaf turned and pinned Whitewing against a tree, her claws unsheathed.
      “I know what you can do ! Were you planning to tell my brother’s that you are the third ? Or are you just going to keep me in your place, and not own up to the fact that you can share your powers. I know you can do what I do, I know you can move cats like me.”
      Whitewing shook her head softly, closing her eyes and slipping out from Hollyleaf’s grasp easily.
      “You’ve got it all wrong. I can’t gift powers, I don’t even give them away or anything like that ! I can change the universe. Switch things around, move things from other universes. I never wanted to be part of a prophecy, and the way your brothers use there powers, I know it’s dangerous ! All I had to do was find a universe where they had a sister and bring her here. I spoke to Leafpool and Squirrelflight, they agreed to cover for me !”
      Walking away from Whitewing, Hollyleaf bowed her head, eyes glinting in the shadows. So not only was she half clan but she wasn’t even meant to exist ! She was never meant to be here.
      “Why ! Why did you give up so easily, why didn’t you try to keep going as the propechy cat ?”
      Her voice was quiet, partially with shock, but also sadness, for she knew that if there were all these other universes, in one there would be two brothers, who missed their sister, and spent all their time trying to find her. Somewhere cats were searching for her. And they didn’t have a Whitewing to bring her back.
      “My power is more violent then others. Your brothers have low effort powers, there isn’t that much strain on them. Everytime I use mine, the universe fights back. Once, my parents disappeared, trapped by twolegs. Another time, I nearly killed someone before I could calm myself down. If I keep using my power, what would happen, I would kill everyone and become more of a danger than the Dark Forest is.”
      Hollyleaf sighed, shaking her head. It all made so much sense now she knew. But she didn’t want to be here, stuck as the fourth cat in a propechy that only asked for three. She had to go home, wherever that was.
      “Put me back,”
      “ What ? “
      “You heard me, put me back where I came from, I don’t want to be here anymore !”
      Whitewing’s eyes widened in shock, and she gazed at Hollyleaf, looking like she wasn’t focusing on anything.
      “You realise I’ll have to take another cat, another Hollyleaf and find a way to hide her. And you’ll still have your power where you came from.”
      Taking a deep breath, Hollyleaf nodded.
      “Ok, so all you need to know about the world I took you from is this. Your name was Leafkit, and you went missing very early on. Your parents are Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. Leafpool went missing before you were born, and so did Crowfeather. They never returned. I’ll send you back now.”
      Whitewing stretched out a paw to Hollyleaf, and she took it without a thought.

      Whitewing’s PoV

      Hollyleaf vanished, and Whitewing heard a creaking in the trees behind her, and one slowly began to fall. At least the consequence wasn’t that bad. This time.
      She had to fix it. Hollyleaf had to go on existing, otherwise cats would start to ask questions. There was only one other cat who knew about her power besides Leafpool and Squirrelflight. When she had tried to run, he had comforted her.
      Fallen Leaves.
      She had to hide another Hollyleaf with him, so he could teach her everything that had happened in the world that she needed to know. All she needed to do was bring the new Hollyleaf into the tunnels, and disappear.

      — Later that Night —

      It was done.
      Hollyleaf was back, but she was different. She knew Ashfur and Squirrelflight as her parents, and that Brambleclaw was a warrior of RiverClan, and her mother didn’t have a sister, but a brother named Spottednight. But it would work. Fallen Leaves would work it out, and everything would be fixed. It would all work out some day, but for now, she needed to admit it to Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She would fix this mess she had made.

      (May add more later……)

    • Potato
      February 10, 2019 at 9:40 pm

      Yeah, third place!
      Honeyfern sniffed the honey, sneaking a lick before picking it up and padding towards camp. As she trotted away, a few bees started following her.
      “Oh! Uh, sorry guys, Briarkit has a cough. So, we need this.” She trotted off, flattening her ears against her head, but the bees continued to follow, the group growing larger.
      Honeyfern purred as she leaned into Berrynose, both of them absorbed into each other. Then, she heard a yowl and saw a snake darting for Briarkit.
      “No!” She shrieked, throwing herself in the way, preparing the sharp teeth and venom.
      But it never came.
      Instead, she heard gasps and heard a roar in her ears. She looked up, and saw a swarm of bees stinging the snake. The snake was hissing furiously, and slithering towards its hole.
      “What in StarClan?” Graystripe’s jaw dropped, while Millie threw herself at Briarkit, scooping her up. Honeyfern watched the snake get closer to its hole, and growled.
      No! I want it gone! It can’t be in camp! My kits!
      The bees seemed to read her mind as they buzzed around the snake, and lifted it out of camp.
      The clan went silent, shocked and confused at this. Honeyfern stood up numbly, staggering on her feet.
      “Honeyfern!” Berrynose screeched, pressing against her. “What are you doing? You could’ve gotten killed!” Honeyfern shook her head, clearing out the, well, bees in her brain.
      “I,” Honeyfern gasped as a small bee landed in front of her, seeming to stare into her eyes, “I… was protecting my clan.” She went numb once again while staring at the bee, before being snapped out of it by Berrynose.
      “Your eyes, they turned white!” Berrynose backed up slightly, concerned. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jayfeather and Lionblaze glance at each other.
      “I need to have a look at Honeyfern, Leafpool, can you grab thyme for Briarkit?” Jayfeather nosed her into the medicine den, and she heard him mumble, “And Berrynose and Millie.” Honeyfern glanced around the den, her fur fluffing up.
      “What’s wrong with me? Will my kits be okay?” Jayfeather blind gaze seemed to stare into her eyes, and they both turned their heads to see Lionblaze come in.
      “Well?” Lionblaze asked Jayfeather, glancing at Honeyfern.
      “Honeyfern, bring a bee in.” Honeyfern opened her mouth to ask what he could possibly mean, when a bee flew into the den, and rested on a leaf. Again, Honeyfern went numb, and Jayfeather growled her out of it. “Just what I thought.”
      “Honeyfern, we have something to tell you.” Lionblaze smiled grimly, his entire body flashing white for a split second, his claws sliding out, while Jayfeather’s eyes darkened until he looked like he could see.
      “You’re part of the Three.” They were in unison, and Honeyfern felt herself go numb once again.
      Well if that wasn’t the cheesiest ending ever-
      Honeyfern’s power is bee control! It was a power I saw a while ago, but it fits perfectly!
      And yes, Honeyfern DOES. NOT. DIE. From the snake.
      Her power is control over a sizable swarm of bees, but when she controls them, she loses most control over her body until someone snaps her out.

    • Gingie (Gingerpaw/frost)
      February 11, 2019 at 4:22 pm

      Breezepelt’s fur ruffled as he stared at his half-brothers, confronting him after a gathering. “What is this?” Jayfeather’s eyes narrowed. He would have to play this the right way, in case he had some how messed this up. He thought that his dream from StarClan had been pretty clear,though. It had started with a flame. The flame had burned big and bright. From it, there leaped a lion. Probably meant to represent Lionblaze Then, a blue jay had flown out. That would be me And last, strong breeze flew from it. That has to be Breezepelt. He must be the third cat. He is kin of Firestar’s kin, after all. But what’s his power? Jayfeather couldn’t afford to be wrong. No cat could know about the prophecy except for the three. Carefully choosing his words, he said, “You’re a powerful cat, Breezepelt. You’re smart, and good at fighting.” The words felt bitter in his mouth, but he needed to be subtle, and butter him up. Breezepelt opened his mouth, and then closed it, utterly confused. “You’re powerful Lionblaze said, and put special emphasis on the word. “You have special skills that other cats don’t have.” Breezepelt eyes flashed with understanding, and narrowed. “I er, don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said in a strong, almost scared voice. We were right! “Look,” Lionblaze confronted him, “We both know you have a special power. There may be a prophecy about you.” I’m glad he didn’t mention us. being involved. Jayfeather said smoothly, ” If you could help us, we could tell you more.” “No,” Breezepelt growled. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jayfeather slowly said,”I believe you do, though. Look, we may be destined to save all the clans. You just have to-” “No, Jayfeather, ” Lionblaze said in a thunderous voice. “Breezepelt doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. Let’s go.” As Jayfeather was escorted by Lionblaze back to the rest of the group, he looked back at Lionblaze, bewildered. What’s gotten into him? Doesn’t he understand? We may not like Breezepelt, but we need him. And we still don’t know what his power is!, Jayfeather felt cold power radiating from Lionblaze. He was almost unfeeling. He stumbled on a root, and Lionblaze mumbled, “Hurry up.” With a start, Jayfeather realized that Breezepelt had said that. But it’s coming from Lionblaze? Is that Breezepelt’s power? Mind control? Jayfeather tried to make a desperate run back, but it was too late. The third cat of the prophecy was gone.

  2. Wren
    February 7, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    Oof I just posted my game as a reply, but I can’t edit for some reason so I can’t copy it and then delete the reply 😛

  3. Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
    February 8, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Frosto’s NTA
    Maplesong by Raven
    Mistysnow by Flighty
    Moonshimmer by Raven
    Mudbrook by Navy

    Ravenmist – 10
    Muffinfern – 9
    Sandstone – 4
    Cheetahflight – 3
    Badgerflight – 1

    Round 13

    Hall of Honor
    Potato – BrightClan Rising


  4. February 8, 2019 at 5:59 pm


    43 points – Frosto
    40 points – Sandpaw
    21 points – Crystie, Tinykit
    16 points – Rainshine, Badgerflight
    13 points – Willowrain, Shadowmoon
    12 points – Willowbrook, Fallen
    9 points – Creekdapple
    8 points – Brackenpaw, Muffinfern
    6 points – Wolfpaw
    5 points – Bluefire, Midnight
    4 points – Bluepaw, Twilightpaw, Mothpaw, Spottedpaw, Mistlepaw
    3 points – Pastelpaw, Embermoon, Phantomclaw, Minnowleap, Spottedfern
    2 points – Ivykit, Cheetah, Flighty, Robin
    1 point – Craterpaw, Emberpaw, Hawthornclaw, Fireleap, Dapplepaw, Holly


    Redmoon by Crystie and Frosto
    Redlantern by Sandpaw
    Fishflip by Badgerflight
    Fishleap by Sandpaw
    Tangerinestep by Badgerflight
    Tangerinesplash by Tinykit
    Goldsnow by Frosto
    Goldflower by Badgerflight
    Luckheart by Crystie
    Luckwish by Tinykit
    Riceflower by Flighty
    Ricepetal by Frosto
    HM: Luckcharm by Robin and Lucklily by Frosto
    Bonus task: One point to Crystie, Robin, Flighty, Frosto, Sandpaw, and Tinykit. The winner is POTATOFACE by Sandpaw!

    New round: Aesthetic things, I guess? Idk?


    gold’s fake & real love hurts

    • Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
      February 9, 2019 at 4:29 am

      yesss I love aestic things 😛



    • February 9, 2019 at 4:31 am


      Don't Lose Ur Head 🗡💚

    • February 9, 2019 at 8:30 am



      Running for SW in 14 days!

      • Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
        February 9, 2019 at 11:00 pm

        grrrr 😛


    • Cheetah that flies through Love 💖💘
      February 9, 2019 at 9:17 pm


      ~ SquirrelXBramble4life ~

    • February 9, 2019 at 9:30 pm


      procrastination EXTREME

  5. Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
    February 8, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    Frosto’s NTW
    Hopespring by Fallen
    Iceblossom by Shadow
    Brokensong by Raven and Shadow
    Stardust by Shadow
    Feathermoon by Firey
    Snowlake by Rainie
    Honeydrop by Raven
    Jewelswan by Flighty
    Moonsnow by Shadow
    Tearbloom by Shadow
    Penguinglide by Sandy
    Shattershock by Flighty
    Lakemist by Tinyfrost
    Goldengrass by Rainie

    Shadowmoon, Rainshine – 9
    Ravenmist – 8
    Cheetahflight – 7
    Tinyfrost, Fireleap – 2
    Fallenshadows, Sandstone – 1

    Round 5

    Hall of Honor
    Potato – BrightClan Rising


  6. Furzepaw
    February 8, 2019 at 9:46 pm

    heyo guys i’m running a nta


    no one yet!

    round 1: leader, deputy and medicine cats

    ps my nickname is fizzy 😛

  7. Furzepaw who doesn't have a crush (Fizzy)
    February 9, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    i’ve judged it early, I don’t care

    cakeshimmer by moonbreeze
    jaysong by frosto and ravenmist
    flowerbloom by ravenmist
    birchblossom by frosto

    ravenmist, frosto~2 pts
    moonbreeze~1 pt

    round 2: blackouts

    • February 9, 2019 at 8:11 pm


      Don't Lose Ur Head 🗡💚

    • February 9, 2019 at 9:34 pm


      procrastination EXTREME

    • Cheetah that flies through Love 💖💘
      February 9, 2019 at 10:15 pm


      ~ SquirrelXBramble4life ~

    • Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
      February 9, 2019 at 11:01 pm



    • Ravenmist on her iPad
      February 10, 2019 at 4:29 am


  8. Shadey's running for SW
    February 9, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    I nEeD tO uPdAtE mY NtA


    • Furzepaw who doesn't have a crush (Fizzy)
      February 9, 2019 at 10:36 pm


    • Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
      February 9, 2019 at 11:02 pm

      mood 😛


  9. Frosto's Scared of Getting a Candy Gram (Frostpaw | Frostfire)
    February 9, 2019 at 4:17 pm

    The Frosty Games
    Nightingaleflame by Raven

    Tinyfrost – 13
    Rainshine – 12
    Sandstone – 11
    Ravenmist – 8
    Muffinfern – 6
    Fallenshadows – 4
    Cheetahflight – 2

    Round 14 – Defend a Character
    Make up a reason to defend the controversial character!

    Hall of Honor
    Potato – BrightClan Rising


    • Cheetah that flies through Love 💖💘
      February 9, 2019 at 9:15 pm

      Okay, Dovewing was part of the Three, and she was a kind person. It doesn’t matter if she felled in love with other cats. I mean, lots of cats have been mates and had kits with another cat from another clan. Plus, I really don’t think that Bumblestripe would be a good mate. He…. is like in a rush to have kits. So Dovewing should stay in ShadowClan with her cute kits.

      ~ SquirrelXBramble4life ~

    • Furzepaw who doesn't have a crush (Fizzy)
      February 9, 2019 at 10:36 pm

      dovewing is nice
      that’s all because i’m lazy

    • February 10, 2019 at 2:19 am

      Dovewing was a kind cat, yes she fell in love with a ShadowClan cat, but that choice saved the Clans.

      Oof, I’m bad at this.

      Ich bin sehr einsam.

    • February 10, 2019 at 10:45 pm

      Dovewing was nervous about having a power. Like, I’m nervous even about being in front of a line! Being in a super important prophecy is super nerve-wracking, and Dovewing did try her best to include Ivypool.

      gold’s fake & real love hurts

    • Rainshine 🌸 Rainie
      February 15, 2019 at 3:20 am

      Dovewing is nice, determined and caring. It really isn’t her fault she’s part of the Three. Her situation with Bumblestripe is so common in the real world, even if it’s not ideal.


  10. February 9, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Shadow’s NTA
    Chinabloom by RAVEN!
    Indiapool by FLIGHTY!
    Pakistanmoon by TINYKIT!
    Franceshade by ROBIN!
    Russiawhisper by RAINIE!
    Austrailiawind by TINYKIT!
    Canadasnow by SANDY!
    USfrost by SANDY & FLIGHTY!
    Brazilberry by FROSTO, ROBIN, & FALLEN!
    Africafrond by FALLEN!
    Koreafern by FROSTO!
    Honorable mentions:
    USwall by TINYKIT!
    Francepotato by SANDY!
    Austrailiameatpie by SANDY!
    Francedance by RAVEN!
    1. Frosto~10 points
    2. Tinykit, Sandy~7 points
    3. Fallen~ 6 points
    4. Rainie~5 points
    5. Flighty, Gingie~3 points
    6. Smoke, Crystie, Raven~2 points
    7. Spotsy, Wolfie, Wishi, Badgerflight~1 point
    Round 5: Weather (By FALLEN! 1 point!)

    Suggest a theme, you get a point if I use it! 😛
    Anyway, good luck!

    procrastination EXTREME

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