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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀

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Lilly that Blows in Breeze (Lillypaw/Lil)
Lilly that Wilts in Winter (Lillypaw/Lil)
January 21, 2021 2:48 am

Lillypaw’s NTA:

Round 9 Winners:
Aspenwish by Springpaw
Birchsplash by Florie
Yewripple by Rainypaw
Oakshine by Silvy
Myrtlesong by Minktail
Pinedapple by Poppypaw
Beechspring by Rabbitflame

Honorable Mentions:
Aspenglow by Moky
Birchblossom by Silvy
Yewdusk by Midnight
Oaksong by Springpaw
Myrtlefrost by Smokeypaw
Pinefall by Leafyshadow
Beechwing by Minktail


Rainypaw- 23
Silvy -15
Echopaw, Rabbitflame-7
Springpaw- 5
Mapledrift, Shimmermist, Cheetahspark, Minktail, Midnight-4
Waffles, Smokeypaw-2
Starpaw, Vortexfang, Drizzlenose, Viperfrost, Ambercloud, Moky-1

Round 10: Mods

Bonus: Come up with a new name for Cakestar
You have to have a new in the DotC style, in Tribe style and in warrior style.

✨ Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm) ✨
✨ Shimmers (Shimmerpaw/storm) ✨
January 21, 2021 3:19 am

So, this is an adventure game I made. To play, you reply to my post and I will continue it until the story is done! I will only write one track, but anyone can make decisions on that track. Whoever ends up responding first is the one whose decision will be acted on because I can’t write a bazillion versions of the story. I hope you all like it!

Part 1

You can’t remember who you are and you don’t recognize the area where you are. You can’t remember how you got here either. It had something to do with… a she-cat with purple eyes? No, that can’t be right! Cats don’t have purple eyes!
The only things you can remember are things about living in the five warrior Clans: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. You don’t really see how that information is useful to you, though.
You look at the surrounding area more closely for a sign of what might have happened or a trace of the probably-not-purple-eyed-cat. I’ll just call her Purple, for now, you think.
There! You see a tuft of silver fur caught on a bramble bush nearby and you see signs of a fight. You open your mouth to scent the air and then realize that the recent rain is muting the sents. Did I fight Purple? Is that her fur on the bush, or is it my fur? you wonder, and you drag yourself over to a puddle nearby and glance at your reflection.
I’m a mess! you think. I was definitely in a fight! Your dark brown fur is matted with blood and riddled with scratches. The worst scratch is probably one near your forest green eyes.
Glancing around, you see a patch of marigold and start chewing some up to make a poultice to put on your scratches. You spit it out onto a leaf and start licking your scratches clean. Then, you apply it and seal it in place with a bundle of cobwebs.
How do I even know how to do this? you ask yourself. Was I a medicine cat? You stop thinking about it because it seems to give you a headache.
You spot a large bush nearby and claw some moss off of a fallen tree trunk to make a nest under it. It’s a little wet, but thanks to a large bush, it was a little sheltered and isn’t completely soaked. You curl up in your makeshift nest and fall asleep.

Next morning, it is pouring! You don’t want to go into the rain, but you know that you have to hunt. You spot a squirrel that has ventured out from it’s home to eat some beech nuts that have fallen from the beech tree in a nearby clearing.
After catching a particularly speedy squirrel, you settle down to eat it, but when you are nearly done, a patrol of cats comes up to you.
“Who are you and what are you doing on our territory?” demands a black-and-white tom that seems familiar for some reason.
“Your territory?” you ask him, confused. She had checked for scents of other cats before settling down for the night, and she hadn’t found any. At least, I think so.
“Um, yeah!” says a yellow she-cat next to him. “You should get out before we make you!” They seem to be too young to be warriors, so you conclude that they must be apprentices.
“Calm down, everyone!” mews a gray tom pushing his way to the front of the small group of cats. “This cat is our guest until Froststar decides otherwise.” He turns to you.
“Hello! I’m Boulderslash of ThunderClan, and these two,” he meows, flicking his tail towards the two apprentices, “are Nightpaw and Lighteningpaw. Behind me is Dawnfeathers.” He points his tail at a friendly-looking sandy orange she-cat.
“Why are you being so nice to her?” mutters Lighteningpaw. “She’s an intruder!” Boulderslash flicks his tail at her to tell her to be quiet.
“Would you please follow us back to our camp to meet our leader, Froststar?”

What do you do?
A. You hiss and say, “Never!” You don’t trust these cats.
B. “But I don’t know you! How can I trust you?” you cry. You are willing to go with them when you learn more about them.
C. “Of course!” you say, curious to meet other Clan cats because you hope it might spark your memory. You also hope that you might find out more about Purple.

🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
January 21, 2021 4:54 am

Sandy’s NTA

Rip my new game, no one noticed it 😞😞😞 😛

Autumndust by Raven!
Fallenash by Frost!
Leafpuddle by Stormpaw!
Orangenose by Silverwolf!
Maplebronze by Midnight!
Ridgecrawl by Florie!


  1. Frost, Midnight (4 pts)
  2. Raven (3 pts)
  3. Poppypaw, Turtle (2 pts)
  4. Pinestripe, Drizzlenose, Rainypaw, Lil, Stormpaw, SIlverwolf, Florie (1 pt)

ROUND 5 – Flowers

Crystalpaw (Crystie) – Winner of Sandpaw’s first NTA 
Ivypaw (Ivie) – Winner of Sandpaw’s second Hunger Games 
Pineblossom (Pine) – Winner of Sandpaw’s second NTA
Monkeyfur (Moky) – Winner of Sandpaw’s clan builder

*`~^Food-obsessed Cinder-Burrito-Tea--CINDA--Cinderpaw/whisker!^~`*
*`~^Food-obsessed Cinder-Burrito-Tea--CINDA--Cinderpaw/whisker!^~`*
January 21, 2021 1:18 pm

Sorry Everyone!! 😬
You can only win in my guess the cat if you get it ALL right sorry because no. 2 was ASPENFALL AND NO ONE GOT IT RIGHT

sooo round 2
No. 1. I am a Oak-something
No. 2. I am one of Swiftbreeze’s kits and a, a she-cat
No. 3. I am a half-clan cat with Thunderclan and Windclan blood
No. 4. I offered to pretend to be a father of three kits who got taken to a different clan anyway

Turtle🐢🐢🐢Has “King & Lionheart” Stuck In Ots Head😜
Turtle🐢🐢🐢Has “King & Lionheart” Stuck In Ots Head😜
January 21, 2021 2:40 pm
January 21, 2021 4:09 pm

This game is based off of my fanfiction I’m writing called Silverstar’s Journey
Ivyclan murderer mystery part 1
Leader- Silverstar- Silver tabby with blue eyes
Deputy- Wrenfeather (now Snowdance- white she-cat with amber eyes)
Medicine cat- Turtlepelt- Tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes (has white fur)
Dustcloud- Light brown tom with amber eyes
Shellgaze- Fawn she-cat with blue eyes
Nutbranch- Dark brown tom with white paws an amber eyes
Sleeppelt- Dark gray tom with amber eyes
Dovefeather- old white she-cat with amber eyes
Chivenut- Brown tom with amber eyes and white ears
Gemwhisper (You)- White she-cat with a gray front right paw and emerald green eyes
Willowbrook- Light gray she-cat with light blue eyes
Wingkit- son of Willowbrook and white tom with light gray paws and blue eyes
Dawnkit- daughter of Willowbrook and gray she-kit with amber eyes

The beginning
Silverstar: “Gemwhisper… Wrenfeather has died. You may be one of the suspects, but I trust you the most. I want you to find clues on who killed my deputy. May Starclan be with you.”
Gemwhisper (You): “Yes Silverstar.”

What everyone said on Day 1:
Silverstar- “I have no information.” *Silverstar said this seriously. So it’s obvious it’s not her.*

Turtlepelt- “I can’t believe someone would do this. Killing our deputy… I’m pretty suspicous about you. Well everyone does think your a little suspicous. You do have white fur. Shellgaze and Dustcloud said when they found the body they saw white fur in his claws. But it could be anyone one with white fur. Anyways Good luck finding the murderer!” *she said happily. But her smile slowly faded and she continued sorting herbs*

Dustcloud: *You find Dustcloud by Wrenfeather’s body still mourning. Dustcloud doesn’t feel talking to you right now, probably try again on Day 2*

Shellgaze: “Yeah we found white fur in Wrenfeather’s claws. Dovefeather was sleeping in the warriors den with me. Before all this drama happened.”

Nutbranch- “Yes I know that I have white paws, but that doesn’t mean it’s me. Also besides Wingkit wanted to tell you something when he heard you where searching for the murderer. I wonder what he wants to say to you. Anyways I shouldn’t keep you busy. Good luck.”

Sleeppelt- *You find him sleeping in his moss bed in the warriors den. Probally try talking to him on Day 2*

Dovefeather- “Now I’m old. I used to be able to sneak attack but I can’t do that anymore. Cause I’m old.” *Try talking to her on Day 2*

Chivenut: “My brother is spending a long time mourning for his apprentice. I’m worried about him. Also Wingkit wanted to talk to you.”

Snowdance: “The whole clan is grieving for Wrenfeather. These are desperate times for our clan.”

Willowbrook: “Wingkit had something to tell you”

Wingkit: “Finally you’re here! I want to tell you something in private.” *he lead you to the farthest corner in the nursery away from his mom and sister* “Ok so I was awake when Wrenfeather was killed. He was killed last night. I-I didn’t see who killed him but I saw their eye color in the dark. Their eye color was amber. I just wanted to tell you that.”

Dawnkit: “I was asleep when Wrenfeather was killed. So was my brother and everyone else in the clan. Or I could be wrong.”

*It is night time and you head to the warriors den and you sleep in your moss bed.*
To be continued. (I will post the second part later.) Also who do you think is the murderer so far? I will only say the answer after I post the second part. So stay tuned!

Whitepaw (Whiterabbit) doesn't like hamburgers
Whitepaw (Whiterabbit) doesn't like hamburgers
January 21, 2021 6:27 pm

Whitepaw’s Connect the Cats, Round 3!
So, let do the results:
For the first one, everybody found the same solution in four steps, so Starpaw, Raventhorn, Cinderwhisker and Springtail all get a point.

Springtail and Raventhorn tied for the second one, connecting the cats in six steps!

Starpaw, (or anybody else for that matter) is BumblexDove canon? Cause I didn’t think so. If so, Starpaw gets the point. If not, Raventhorn and Springtail do.

And then Raventhorn and Springtail get the fourth point.

And for the last one, lemme say something. Raventhorn, you answered Ashfoot > Crowfeather (son) > Leafpool (mate) > Lionblaze (son) > Cinderheart (mate) > Lilyheart (sister) > Snowbush (mate) > Leafshade (daughter) But couldn’t you just go from Lilyheart to Leafshade? And straight from Crowfeather to Lionblaze? Crowfeather is Lionblaze’s parent and Lilyheart is Leafshade’s parent. And that’s allowed. Sorry just a thought. Anyway, Starpaw gets the point for that one. So, the leaderboard:

Starpaw 6
Raventhorn 6
Springtail 3
Hollyfern 1
Rainypaw 1
Cinderwhisker 1

And if BumblexDove is canon:

Starpaw 7
Raventhorn 5
Springtail 2
Hollyfern 1
Rainypaw 1
Cinderwhisker 1

And for this round: And because its round three and I feel like mixing it up a bit, the last one will be three cats, which you will have to connect all of them in order.

  1. Sorreltail and Crowfeather
  2. Brightheart and Cloudtail
  3. Fidgetflake and Honeyfur
  4. Shrewpaw and Myrtlepaw
  5. Baypaw and Ambermoon
  6. Crookedstar, Briarlight, and Patchfoot
January 21, 2021 7:10 pm

Part 2 is out

Ivyclan murderer Mystery part 2 (There will be a Day 3. I will post who killed Wrenfeather after everyone takes their guess on Day 2. Also Day 1 is on page 547)

Leader- Silverstar- Silver tabby with blue eyes
Deputy- Wrenfeather (now Snowdance- white she-cat with amber eyes)
Medicine cat- Turtlepelt- (now Dovefeather old white she-cat with amber eyes)

Dustcloud- Light brown tom with amber eyes
Shellgaze- Fawn she-cat with blue eyes
Nutbranch- Dark brown tom with white paws an amber eyes
Sleeppelt- Dark gray tom with amber eyes
Chivenut- Brown tom with amber eyes and white ears
Gemwhisper (You)- White she-cat with a gray front right paw and emerald green eyes
Raven- Black tom with a white chest
Willowbrook- Light gray she-cat with light blue eyes
Wingkit- son of Willowbrook and white tom with light gray paws and blue eyes
Dawnkit- daughter of Willowbrook and gray she-kit with amber eyes

Day 2: 
Silverstar: “Gemwhisper…. Dustcloud is was a little off today. I sent him to the medicine den to get some herbs for his grief. But he found Turtlepelt dead in the medicine den. I’m suspicious about him. I want you to find out who killed Turtlepelt as well. But it could be anyone. I’m afraid there is either 2 murderers working together. Or there is one murderer causing all the trouble. Also a cat named Raven joined the clan. He joined yesterday when everyone else was asleep. I want you to talk with him too. May Starclan be with you.”
Gemwhisper (You): “Yes Silverstar I won’t let you down.”

What everyone said on Day 2:
Silverstar: “Why would someone do this. They killed our medicine cat and our deputy.”

Snowdance: “Why are you looking at me? I know I didn’t speak much yesterday. But it’s not me. W-Wait Turtlepelt died? Oh sister… Why would anyone kill her? She was a sweet and caring cat. She’s now with our mother now… Stop looking at me like that! Look I would never kill my sister. She’s very dear to me.”

Dovefeather: “I never wanted to be medicine cat. But I understand why Silverstar chose me. I have knowledge when it comes to herbs. Good luck Gemwhisper. I hope you find the murderer.”

Dustcloud: *you find Dustcloud in the warriors den in his moss bed* “If you think its me just tell Silverstar. I know I’m very suspicious but its not me. I found white fur in her claws… Please believe me Gemwhisper. Everyone thinks I killed Turtlepelt. You want me to talk about before Wrenfeather died? Sure I can do that. Snowdance was second in line for deputy. She always was. She was an amazing apprentice. She nailed everything. Including my apprentice Wrenpaw. They nailed fighting, hunting, sneak attacks, everything. Some say that when Snowpaw was sleeping it was like she was walking. Some also say that her scars appear when she sleeps. But no one believe those stories right? I’m pretty sure she was just having a bad dream when people see her walking. There was a badger attack one time. Snowpaw thought bravely, and so did Wrenpaw. I believe she got her scars from the badger. Wrenpaw and Snowpaw were natural warriors. When it was time for Silverstar to choose her first deputy. She chose Wrenfeather over Snowdance. Now I’m speaking like an elder. I don’t want to waste any of your time.”

Shellgaze: *Shellgaze is not available on Day 2*

Nutbranch: “Snowdance nor anyone will kill Turtlepelt. But someone did. Who would even kill our medicine cat? What you want me to talk about Turtlepelt? Sure. So Turtlepelt’s sister was Snowdream. They were very close. Snowdance is heartbroken now. That’s all I know sorry if it wasn’t helpful.”

Sleeppelt: “I know nothin about who killed my sister’s deputy. Nor do I know about who killed Snowdream’s sister.” *Try talking to him on Day 3*

Chivenut: “Everyone thinks its Dustcloud who killed Turtlepelt. My brother is not guilty. I think I’m the only one who believes him.”

Raven: “I’m new to this clan life… Too many rules… It’s stressful… I never met anyone here… They’re all new to me… All I remember is hearing someone screaming that uh Turtlefur? No.. Turtleshell? No… Turtletail? No…. Turtle something is dead. Sorry if I’m not helpful.”

Willowbrook: “Why is all this happening?”

Wingkit: “I have no information this time sorry.”

Dawnkit: “Wingkit was a little shaky this morning… But it could be just my imagination.”

Silverstar’s den:
Silverstar: “Do you know who the murderers are yet?”
Gemwhisper (You): I dont know the one for Turtlepelt. But I think Wrenfeathers murder is ____________ (What ever you chose in the comments)”

There will be a 3rd Day. For finding out who killed Turtlepelt.
                                          TO BE CONTINUED

Pinestripe who loves her adorable chickens 🍑 & 🍒 💕
Pinestripe who loves her adorable chickens 🍑 & 🍒 💕
January 21, 2021 7:45 pm
January 21, 2021 11:09 pm

For those who picked Nutbranch in my game. This is what would happen if you chose him.
Silverstar: “I never knew he would do something so terrible. Thank you Gemwhisper for finding out who killed my deputy.” *she got onto the highrock and called a meeting for everyone* “Gemwhisper has figured out who killed my deputy. It is Nutbranch. Nutbranch… For commiting a dastardly deed you are banished from Ivyclan!”

Nutbranch: “But Silverstar it’s not-

Silverstar: “Leave Nutbranch… You are a disgrace to Ivyclan.”

Nutbranch: *he left the camp and sadly*

Silverstar: *she dismissed the clan and went into her den*

*You head to your moss bed proud of what you did. But when no one is watching… You are killed… But before you die. You hear this voice.. “You chose the wrong cat… I’m glad You lied.”*

So those who chose Nutbranch you are wrong

January 21, 2021 11:19 pm

Those who chose Snowdance. This is what happened if you chose her.

Silverstar: “My own deputy…. How could I be so blind…. Thank you Gemwhisper for finding out who killed my deputy.” *She climbs up onto the high rock and calls a meeting for the whole clan* “Gemwhisper has found out who killed Wrenfeather. It was Snowdance. Snowdance you are banished from Ivyclan! I’ve been so blind letting you be deputy.”

Snowdance: *She growled at Silverstar* “Fine banish me! But I’ll be back. Watch your back. I know who killed Turtlepelt. But I’m not sayin who. *she ran out of camp*

Silverstar: Thank you Gemwhisper for finding out who killed him. Now go get some rest.

*You head to your moss bed proud of what you did. You have a peaceful nights rest*

Indigo Flowers of a Mistletoe (Flowermistle/Florie)
Indigo Flowers of a Mistletoe (Flowermistle/Florie)
January 22, 2021 12:23 am

Florie’s NTI (Name Those Initials) Round 7!
Winners Announce
2 points:
Flowerspark by Ambercloud!
Ivyarch by Raventhornpaw!
1 point:
Fallingshadow by Lilypaw!
Alderice by Shimmermist!
(Whoa, the exact same people took over the 1 point part! :D)

Leafyshadow – 6
Lilypaw – 5
Ambercloud – 4
Minktail – 3
Midnight – 3
Coldheart – 3
Shimmermist – 3
Frost – 2
Turtlepaw – 2
Icestripe – 2
Raventhornpaw – 2
Springtail – 1

Next Round:
PL or LP
AN or NA

January 22, 2021 3:57 pm

Recent Purrs


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  • Ravensong
  • The Light of StarClan by Valleypaw
  • Blue and Cream Dilute Tortoiseshell
  • FriskPaw by Fur of the Howling Moon
  • Starkit
  • Squirrelflight by Minktail
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