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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀

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springtail who is an extreme solangelo shipper
springtail who is an extreme solangelo shipper
January 22, 2021 8:04 pm

Catmintcloud by lillypaw
GOldenrodfern by Midnight
Marigoldmist by Lillypaw
COltsfootclaw by COldheart
Thymefrost by Rainypaw
Poppyfeather by Rainypaw
Parsleydawn by Poppypaw
Boragestripe by Poppypaw
Tansysnow by SHimmerpaw

5 pts-Turtlepaw, Shimmerpaw
4 pts-Silvy, Poppypaw, Lillypaw
3 pts-Rainypaw, Midnight,
2 pts-CInderpaw, Sandypaw, Smokekitty
1 pt-Raventhorn, Hollypaw, Flamepaw, Silverwolf, Flowermistle

The catch is that you have to use the mods suffixes and rearrange them to any other mod.

Turtle: obsessing over fictional characters 🐢🐢🐢😜😜😜
Turtle: obsessing over fictional characters 🐢🐢🐢😜😜😜
January 22, 2021 10:26 pm
🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
January 23, 2021 6:36 am

Sandy’s NTA

Orchidpath by Silvy!
Daiyheart by Florie!
Blossomlake by Shimmerpaw!
Tuliptwist by Rainypaw!
Rosedawn by Springtail!
Marigoldwisp by Sparkspots!


  1. Frost, Midnight (4 pts)
  2. Raven (3 pts)
  3. Poppypaw, Turtle, Florie, Rainypaw (2 pts)
  4. Pinestripe, Drizzlenose, Lil, Stormpaw, Silverwolf, Silvy, Shimmerpaw, Springtail, Sparkspots (1 pt)

ROUND 6 – Birthday!

Crystalpaw (Crystie) – Winner of Sandpaw’s first NTA 
Ivypaw (Ivie) – Winner of Sandpaw’s second Hunger Games 
Pineblossom (Pine) – Winner of Sandpaw’s second NTA
Monkeyfur (Moky) – Winner of Sandpaw’s clan builder

I’m also going to make a hunger games simulator, inspiried by Riv! 😀

🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
🥳 New year's Sandy hopes for the best in 2021! 🎉 (Sandpaw/frost)
January 23, 2021 6:37 am

Haha, I decided Imma make another hunger games simulator as well! Credit to Riv and Moons for bringing it back 😛

Just comment if you’re interested!! 😀

𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
January 23, 2021 4:24 pm

Note: Soo, last round I forgot to turn on notifications, so some of your submissions may have not been counted. Also, Fangflick, Graysong, Ashholly, Slipslide, Shattersight, Wavewing, Umberfern, Silverclaw, Darkstrike, and Spotheart were also my OCs, but I didn’t put them in because 1. they were too minor, and if I added them the list would overflow and I would die (like, most of them), 2. they were created, like, 3 three days or something (Ashholly), and 3. I just…forgot (Spotheart).


New Updates
> Added diamond coins in Round 5 as a special coin. It currently has no use or anyway to get it.
> Renamed ethereal coins into omnia coins.
> Added abbreviations for golden coins (g), silver coins (s), bronze coins (b), omnia coins (o), and diamond coins (d). This only applies to bank accounts, however. 
> For grading-style games, submissions can no longer earn both non-special coins or special coins. This was applied to prevent bias. 
> Added ability to trade bronze coins for golden coins.
> Modified currency corner. Italicized names now mean it was an honorable mention, and player names are bolded. 
> Player names are now bolded in the bank accounts as well.

> QAMDO does not stand for anything. It’s not an acronym, just a random word I thought at the top of my head.
> Every round, there will be a new game (e.g NTA) for you to play. Please follow the rules for each game. 

Slightly differing points system:
> Every round, the winners and the amount of coins (points) they receive will be determined. This number may be more than one depending on the difficulty of the game. 
> There are currently three types of coins: Golden coins (g, 1), silver coins (s, 0.5), and bronze coins (b, 0.25). 
> In the bank accounts, all your coins will be totaled to one balance. Instead of pricing just golden or silver coins for one product, player stores can accept any coins as long as it matches the “total price”. 
> The currency corner is where the winners are announced. In grading-style games, winners are left alone and honorable mentions are italicized. 

*SPECIAL* coins:
> You DO NOT have to earn the special coins. I don’t want you sacrificing your chance to earn golden or silver coins in favor of special coins. Special coins can only be rewarded through coincidences or knowing me well and not recommended as currency for Player Stores. Also, it isn’t even worth earning special coins as they serve practically no purpose except being cool.
> Omnia Coins: These coins currently have no function other than bragging rights. When OCs are involved in this round, if you *somehow* managed to submit something that is fits them, is related to them, or IS them, you get one of these coins. 
> Diamond Coins: These coins currently have no function and no way to get them. 

Stores, something you do not see in games:
> If you receive enough coins, you may purchase something from the QAMDO store. Right now, there isn’t much, so suggest your ideas for QAMDO rewards below (and play the game). 
> To buy something from the store, 1. Have enough coins and 2. Just comment what you want I’ll get to your order in the next post. Meanwhile, if I’m not finished at that time, I’ll put your purchase in the “pending” section. 
> Alternatively, you can also set up your own shop if you want to. Just tell me your product and the pricing. If someone else decides to buy your products, you will recieve the coins. However, your product cannot be a physical object that can be held by human hands and you can only price your products with in-game currency. However, special coins are not recommended as currency. 
> In order to set up a shop that doesn’t use only one coin type, but instead the “total price”, only use the number.  
> When trading coins, you can only purchase with those newly founded coins AFTER the purchase is verified. 

Suggestion Boxes:
> You may suggest ideas for whatever is in these boxes. Highly recommended.

Currency Corner
Riv > Moonbounce, Redwind, Fearspark, Stormstrike, Frostshimmer, Ironstorm, Laserflake, Snowshadow, Bluecloud, Tidedance > +7 silver coins, +3 bronze coins
Midnight > Sundapple, Flameblaze, Moondream, Redhaze, Fearstorm, Stormfire, Frostwind, Spottedflake, Goldeneye, Furzefeather, Oceanheart, Shivercloud > +6 silver coins, +6 bronze coins
Lil > Swiftcloud, Leafdapple, Spitbounce, Frostwind, Ironstorm, Ringflake, Iceflake, Shimmerdream > +5 silver coins, +2 bronze coins
River > Moonbounce, Bluecloud, Shimmerflake > +1 silver coin, +2 bronze coins
Rainy > Swiftdream, Flameblaze, Redfire, Fearspark, Terrorflake, Tinywing, Spitwind, Spottedshard, Furzespeckle, Lightcloud, Oceansky > +6 silver coins, +5 bronze coins
Star > Sunfire, Moondream, Fearspark, Terrorblaze, Spitspeckle, Frostshimmer, Ironcloud, Goldeneye, Tidestorm, Shimmerheart > +8 silver coins, +2 bronze coins
Leafyz > Sunfire, Swiftdream, Fearstorm, Terrorblaze, Tinystrike, Lightbounce, Potatoshard, Bloodshimmer > +5 silver coins, +2 bronze coins

Nothing. There was nothing to guess, after all

Use this round to suggest more ideas for games, trade coins, and buy stuff from the store. 

Bank Accounts
Lil: 8G, 10S, 2B, ½O (13.5) 
Leafyz: 7G, 6S, 2B, 2O (10.5)
Midnight: 6G, 6S, 6B (10.5)
Silvy: 3S, 8G, 2O (9.5)
Riv: 4G, 9S, 3B, ½O (9.25)
Rainy: 2G, 12S, 5B (9.25)
Star: 2G, 10S, 2B (7.5)
Shimmer: 6G, 1S (6.5)
Spring: 2G, 3S (3.5)
Mink: 3G (3)
Florie: 3S (1.5)
Ice: IG, IS (1.5)
Echo: 1G (1)
River: 1S, 2B (1)

Used Secret Page (8 remaining) ~ 50 golden coins per page
Unused Secret Page (infinite) ~ 100 golden coins per page
Access to my not-so-secret art gallery (infinite) ~ 25 golden coins for lifetime access
Golden Coin (infinite) ~ 2 silver coins per 1 golden coin or 4 bronze coins per 1 golden coin
Silver Coin (infinite) ~ 1 golden coin per 2 silver coins or 2 bronze coins per 1 silver coin
Art Request (infinite) ~ 10 golden coins per request

Player Stores

Pending Orders

Suggestion Box
> Suggestions for new games. 
> Suggestions for new products in the QAMDO Store. 
> Suggestions for new *SPECIAL* coins
> Suggestions for functions of the *SPECIAL* coins
> Suggestions for how to get the diamond coin

Pinestripe who loves her adorable chickens 🍑 & 🍒 💕
January 23, 2021 8:33 pm

Come play my NTA!
(Current round- Round 2)

January 24, 2021 1:15 am

ps stormpaw you werent on the winners list bc you didnt use the moddos suffixes and rearrange them :/
Cheetofrost and foot by FLowermistle, Cindy, Lillypaw, and Poppypaw
Vipershine by Silverwolf
Goldendawn by Lillypaw and Cindy
Emberspark by Sliverwolf
Birchfawn by Flowermistle
Jaywhisper by Lillypaw
Raindance and fawn by Lillypaw and Smokeypaw
Winterfawn by Silverwolf
Sunfrost by Poppypaw
Cheetospark by Raventhorn
Viperfrost by Raventhorn
Goldenfawn by Raventhorn
Emberdawn by Raventhorn
Birchfoot by Raventhorn
Jayfrost by Raventhorn
Rainshine by Raventhorn
Winterwhisper by Raventhorn
Sundance y Raventhorn
i wasnt lying when i said id put you on honorable mentions for your creativeness :3
6 pts-Lillypaw, Poppypaw
5 pts-Turtlepaw, Shimmerpaw
4 pts-Cindy, FLowermistle, Silvy
3 pts-FLowermistle, SIlverwolf, Midnight
2 pts-Sandpaw, Smokekitty
1 pt-Raventhorn, Hollypaw, Flamepaw
why do i have a extremely strong feeling lillypaw is gonna win or there is gonna be a tie

✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 24, 2021 5:10 am

Story Maker (does anyone have any other suggestions for the title?)

I have no idea if this will work, but basically, I’m going try to form story from random sentences you guys comment below.


You have to send at least five sentences or more.

Sentence Examples: Leafpool walked over to Squirrelflight and jumped out, saying, “Boo!” or “Alderheart grabbed some catmint from the herb store” or “ThunderClan attack!” Firestar screamed.”

And you can only use the cats stated below;

Brambleclaw (not star)

Captain, defender of the Giga Cat Bell | Falconstorm/Captain
January 24, 2021 6:02 am

Hello, contestants! Welcome to Name that Apprentice! I’m your host, Captain, and I’ll walk you through this game show, as well as judge your answers.

Name that Apprentice is a classic game where you name a warrior cat apprentice by giving them a suffix to replace “-paw”. But watch out, for at any given episode, the rules may change slightly.

Now with the rules out of the way, it’s time to reveal this episode’s themed list of names.

This episode’s theme is… BOLT!


Answer away, contestants, and I’ll see you next week.

*`~^Food-obsessed Cinder-Burrito-Tea--CINDA--Cinderpaw/whisker!^~`*
*`~^Food-obsessed Cinder-Burrito-Tea--CINDA--Cinderpaw/whisker!^~`*
January 24, 2021 3:10 pm

CONGRTS Minktail For Getting Them All Right!! 😁
You get 1 pts

Round 3——
I am a Birch
I am a Tree 😼
I loved then hated my son
I am a kittypet that joined the Clans during the Great Storm

Minktail- 1 pts

Kestry who’s just their
Kestry who’s just their
January 24, 2021 7:26 pm

Welcome to the first round of warrior cats series one TRUTH TRUTH AND LIE!

I will have a wheel to randomly select who will do the truth truth and lie . People will have 2 days to guess which is which

First we will be doing level 1, the prophecies begin series. For the person who gets chosen they will spin a wheel to see which cat you have to talk about with the 3 traits, if you are unable to do so your out of the next round. If you fail to do so again your out of the game for level 1.


the points work in 2 ways

If the caller succeeds to allude everyone they get 2 points, if they allude half they get one

For the guessers they get a point if they get it correct

In level 1 their will be 5 rounds whoever has the most points at the end wins and gets a personal drawling from me(I prefer animals)

I will also be participating so you guys don’t steal all the fun!


People joined

Crystal paw

You can only join once round one has ended now

I have selected a caller with a wheel and it is……..

Sandfrost! If you are willing to be the caller you may spin this wheel


Then reply to this comment with a truth truth and lie of that cat and the people who joined identify the truth truth and the lie!

Ok have fun everyone, and sandfrost if you don’t want to be the caller just tell me and I will call a new one! And if you don’t respond in a day I will pick a new one to keep the game going

Starla | Starpaw/mist
Starla | Starpaw/mist
January 24, 2021 11:25 pm
January 25, 2021 4:52 am

Hey guys! I’m making a new game called Replace where you guys will vote on which cats that are listed on my board that you think should’ve replaced another Main Character! Whichever cat gets the most votes will win! I’ll list the name of the winners (the people who voted for the cat with most votes) the next time I post a game! I’ll post a game every other night and you all will have ’till tomorrow night to decide this one! GOOOOOOD LUCK!

This one is for the power of three. Some people think it should’ve been Ivypool who had the powers. Some other people think it had to be Hollyleaf. Others think tht Dovewing was the obvious choice. So i ‘ll give reasons for why and why not to each she-kitties and y’all will vote!

Dovewing: Why: She is already there and has the powers. She likes Tigerheart, which means DRAMA! Why not: She’s actually “Kin of his kin of his kin”. She’s kind of a Mary sue except for the tigerheart shtuff.
Ivypool: Why: She has a great character and a half evil prophecied cat?!?! Yes! She is strong and loyal! Why not: She is also “Kin of his kin of his kin”. If she were to be the main cat, she wouldn’t have her envious character.
Hollyleaf: Why: She’s actually lionblaze an jayfeather’s sister so she is “kin of his kin”. Lik Ivypool, she is strong and half evil. Why not: She tried to run away from the clans and she pointlessly killed Ashfur. If she were the third cat, there would almost be no point for omen of the stars.

Thanks for being at my first game! I’ll list winners tomorrow!

Recent Purrs


  • EchoClaw
  • Ravensong
  • The Light of StarClan by Valleypaw
  • Blue and Cream Dilute Tortoiseshell
  • FriskPaw by Fur of the Howling Moon
  • Starkit
  • Squirrelflight by Minktail
  • NeedleClaw and Rootspring by DogWillow