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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀


  • N T T (Name That Tribe cat)
    The round’s winner is…

    Slate that falls into Juniper pool by Brightshine!
    Falcon That Flies Over Tall Jagged Rocks  by Silverfeather!

    Golden Petal Decorated with Leaves by Flowermistle!
    Penguin Outlined by Lightning by Silverwolf!

    Bonus (0.5 pt)
    Finch that perches on Juniper bush by Creekkit!
    Pale Light of Cloud Covered Moon by Lilypaw!

    R U L E-
    1.I’ll give you a two letter that is one of the letter A-Z.
    2.Than, I’ll describe that cat.
    3.You can name that cat with these.
    -Ex. I give you a letter B, G. And the cat’s appearance is blue cat with green eyes, you can name that cat as a Blue cloud with Green mists.-


    Flowermistle/Florie, Lilypaaw/Lil-1.5pt
    Cinderpaw/pool, Ravenpaw/thorn, Silverfeather/Silvy, Silverwolf, Creekkit-1pt

    This round’s cats:}
    C and L- long-legged sleek black and golden striped she-cat with pale sky blue eyes.
    B and W- sleek black and golden striped she-cat with pale sky blue eyes.

  • P U Z Z L E P A G E | R A Z Z L E D A Z Z L E

    Hello, internet! This is a s m a l l game I was planning on hosting. As it is only one question long, I’ll post the answer tomorrow. Solve the phrase below to get a common phrase. Use the hints if needed, but please note in your reply which number(s) you used. Remember, in the words of the wise Aesop,

    Honesty is the best policy

    The Puzzles:

    Puzzle One:

    Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid, Aid

    Puzzle Two:

    👁 + 🏞

    Puzzle Three:

    What’s wrong with this paragraph?

    The soft, autumn breeze wafted the scent of apple pie into the
    open window of the apartment. Shelly padded over to the window
    and, in a fury, slammed it shut. Screaming about her troubles,
    she stubbornly stormed out of the room and furiously slammed the
    the door, creating a large vibration which shook the entire building.
    Shelly headed towards the outermost door of the complex. She
    needed to get to her meeting fast. However, in her briskness, she
    slammed the complex door so hard that the apple pie perching on
    the windowsill fell right onto her head.


    [spoiler title=”Puzzle One – Hint One”] Which “aid” is the arrow pointing to? [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Puzzle One – Hint Two”] Don’t think of it as a number, but rather a place… [/spoiler]


    [spoiler title=”Puzzle Two – Hint One”] Say the words out loud… [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Puzzle Two – Hint Two”] This is a geological feature…[/spoiler]


    [spoiler title=”Puzzle Three – Hint One”] The error doesn’t necessarily have to do with grammar, spelling, punctuation, or plot… [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Puzzle Three – Hint Two”] The error occurs in the middle of the passage… [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Puzzle Three – Hint Three”] Don’t make me repeat myself! The error occurs in the middle of the passage… [/spoiler]

    Have fun! Have a wonderful week, BlogClan!

    [Yes! Finally got those evil spoiler boxes to work!]

    • 1-uh left bottom and top
      2-I don’t know
      3-she somehow shook the whole app apartment complex?

      • [spoiler title=”Answers Confirmed”] 1. First Aid 2. Island 3. There are 2 “the”‘s between the line when she slams the door. [/spoiler]

    • [spoiler title=”Answers”]

      1. First aid
      2. idk
      3. When she slammed the door, the entire building shook [/spoiler]
      • [spoiler title=”Answers Confirmed”] 1. First Aid, Correct! 2. Island 3. There are 2 “the”‘s between the line when she slams the door. [/spoiler]

  • Hi guys! This is Replace Results! BERRYNOSE SHOULD OF OF DIED!!!!!!! According to most of my players 🙂 Thanks for playing but. . . I’m changing my schedule! I will make a Replace/Name It EVERY NIGHT. I hope you like this schedule. If you don’t, please tell me and I can change it again :3

    The Replace Question: Who should’ve Mapleshade killed in the last hope?




    I hope you guys EnJoY! You don’t need to say why if you don’t want to! 😀 :3

  • [spoiler title=”Completed Answer”] Sparkpelt was an annoying mommy who thinks she’s always right? [/spoiler]

  • Hi! I’m creating a new game called “Tied Trees”. About once a week, I will post a new round with three questions concerning warrior family trees. There will be 3 questions, each worth 1 point. You can answer 1, 2, or all 3 of them. Do this by replying to this comment. I will keep track of points, and you can join in on any round.

    Round 1 of Tied Trees:

    1. Who was Lioneye’s half-sibling?
    2. Who is the other brother: Littlecloud, Wetfoot, ???
    3. Who was Mudclaw’s mate?

    Have fun, and good luck!
    *Don’t forget to number your answers*

  • hi, 2day it is my first round of unscramble that quote. each week I will post a warrior quote and you’ll have to unscramble it

    esfltpdeato si a butuelifa act.

  • Rabbitflameo’s Rotation:
    Exactly what it sounds like
    VulpineNecromancer got it right and will recieve 2 pts.
    Viperfrost – 8 pts
    VulpineNecromancer – 6 pts
    Midnight – 5.5 pts
    Shimmerpaw/mist – 3.5 pts
    Flowermistle and Turtlepaw – 3 pts
    Cinderwhisker, Shimmerpaw/storm and Lillypaw – 2.5pts
    Kestrelfeather, Sunnyslip, Starpaw, Silverfeather. and Silverwolf – 1.5 pts
    Stormpaw and Icestripe – 1 pt
    Sunpaw – 0.5 pts
    Round 10: NTA
    Theme: FLOWERS

  • Dawn Falling, Dusk Rising Interactive Fiction Game!

    Starclan is calling…
    Will you answer?

    Welcome to Dawn Falling, Dusk Rising! (DFDR for short!) A Warrior cats interactive fiction! If you have no idea what that is, then allow me to explain: an interactive fiction is basically just a story that you control! Cool right?
    The game will start off with as many players as we can get, then I will make polls, such as: What should the cat’s eye color be, green, yellow, etc…
    Then you guys will vote on the answers and we’ll go from there! Once we get our player cat set up, the game will really begin and you will choose their future in life! Will they be a Medicine Cat, a Warrior? Only Starclan knows!

    Read the stuff below, and when you’re ready, go here:

    [spoiler title=”How to Join”] How to Join:

    Joining is super easy! All you have to do is comment something along the lines of:

    Hi! My name is (name) and I would like to join!

    Please post this on the most recent page of the secret page: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/paw-jpg/rhc-upcoming-events/3/ ^^

    Then your name will be added to the ‘Players’ list.
    If you would like to leave, please just say something along the lines of:

    My name is (name) and I would like to leave, please!

    Your name will be removed from the players list and you will then no longer be able to participate unless you join again. [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Rules and General Things to Know”] Rules and General Things to Know:

    This game is intended to be played with a whole community via polls, so for instance, there might be a poll saying: Go Left or Go Right? You may choose Go Right, but the majority chose Go Left, so that’s what wins and what will be used to decide the future of the cat you all control.

    • Absolutely DO NOT, throw a temper tantrum or get angry if the choice you wanted wasn’t picked. This is a community game, so not every choice you make will be the majority vote.
    • Polls will be posted three to two times a day, and that is when you have the opportunity to vote, any votes cast after the day that the poll is posted will be vetoed.
    • After each choice/vote, the consequences of that action will be posted, for instance it will show up as:

    The choice was: Should we eat a vole or a mouse? The majority vote was vole!
    Unfortunately, after eating the vole, you got a bad stomach ache and had to stay in camp all day.

    • After each day, a summary will be posted about where we are in the story so far. For example:

    Today you decided to go hunting, caught a mouse, and met a new friend Leaffall. You went to bed happily dreaming of tomorrow.

    • Please refrain from posting individual comments, if you would like to comment something please reply to a previous comment. The only exemptions of this rule are if you need to remind me to continue with the story, as I may very well forget lol, or if you are introducing yourself and joining.

    [spoiler title=”Clan Allegiances”] Duskclan Allegiances:

    Rainstar – a pale-gray tom with ocean blue eyes. (Mate: Heatherflower)


    Heatherflower – an old gray she-cat with soft green eyes. (Mate: Rainstar)

    Medicine Cat:

    Nightfall – Jet black tom with pale gray eyes and a white paw.


    Pebblepounce – small dark gray tom with fluffy fur. ( Mate: Quietflame)
    Slowpool – White and gray patched she-cat with blue and green eyes.
    Dreamcloud – blue-gray tom with white stripes and blue eyes. (Mate: Heartsong)
    Violetsnow – white tabby cat with violet eyes.
    Blazeheart – fiery red she-cat with amber eyes.
    Apprentice – Silentpaw
    Kestrelwing – soft brown-gray tortoise-shell she-cat with dark brown eyes.
    Shadowsnap – black tom with darker stripes and stangely redish-orange eyes.


    Slientpaw – soft, gray she-cat with kind green eyes, mute.

    Queens and Kits:

    Quietflame – she-cat with orangy-red fur and green eyes. (Mate: Pebblepounce)
    Kits – Tawnykit, and Bristlekit.

    Heartsong – Soft looking she-cat. (Mate: Dreamcloud)
    Kits – Pouncekit, Whisperkit, (Player)kit

    Voletail – Brown-gray she-cat.
    Halfeye – Speckled gray tom with a blind, sightless eye.

    Dawnclan Allegiances:

    Crowstar – Black she-cat with piercing gray eyes.

    Frostheart – White tom with cold blue eyes.

    Medicine Cat:
    Leafdapple – Tortoise-shell tom.

    Roseleaf – Redish-brown she-cat with green eyes. (Mate: Dusksky)
    Dusksky – Dark-gray tom. (Mate: Roseleaf)
    Shadowheart – Black and gray tom with amber eyes.
    Apprentice – Snappaw
    Foxfur – Fox colored she-cat with yellow eyes.
    Stone: Blue-gray cat with blue eyes.
    Jumpfire – flame colored tom with hansome blue eyes.
    Apprentice – Mosspaw.

    Snappaw – burly gray tom.
    Mosspaw – spotted gray tom with gray flecked eyes.


    Silvercoat: Silver colored she-cat with amber eyes.
    Kits – Skykit, Fallenkit, Snowkit, and Lamekit.

    Lizardbite – Brown tortoise-shell cat.
    Vinestem – She-cat with green eyes and gray fur.
    Brokenscar – Black tom with many battle scars. [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Current Players”] Players:


    [spoiler title=”QnA and FAQ”] QnA and FAQ:

    Kinda dusty here, huh? Ask some questions! [/spoiler]

    [spoiler title=”Plot”] Plot:
    We haven’t really started yet, but when we do, I will post the plot here! [/spoiler]

  • hello! welcome to my new game called “which fact is true” so basically im going to give you some facts,and you have to figure out which one is not true, the tittle of the game is called that because… idk maybe bc all are true and one is wrong…? idk why i did it but lest start!

    1. deadfoot is breezepelt’s grandfather
    2. mistystar is the current leader of riverclan
    3. sol had a mate

    lastly, 4. there was a leader named cloudstar

  • results of which fact is true!

    1. true
    2. true
    3. false
    4. true

    swirlfeather: 5 points
    moonbreeze (moon that is covered by gentle breeze): 5 points
    starla(starpaw/mist): 5 points
    turtlepaw: 5 points
    fur of the howling wolf (wolffur): 5 points

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