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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀


  • Winners!

    Dawnshimmer by Midnightmoon
    Rainsight by Lilybreeze (Lil)
    Snowflame by Flowermistle (Florie)
    Tumblepaw by Ospreymist
    Drizzlepelt by Ospreymist

    1. Ospreymist (2 pts.)
    2. Midnightmoon, Lilybreeze, Flowermistle (1 pt.)

    Round 2:

    golden tom with blue eyes (can’t be Rootspring)
    “Walk a little louder, please. I don’t think they heard you over in the mountains.”

  • Hey guys!
    If any of you remember, I used to run a game of Purrsona That Cat (as I believe it is called, I’m pretty sure I used to call it something else). I have decided to restart it! No scores will be kept over due to the fact I can’t remember them.

    For those who don’t know the rules, basically I’ll give a warrior name and you have to make a detailed profile of that cat, using this format:

    Clan: (can be the clans from the books or your own, or not from a clan)
    Rank: (are they a warrior? a medicine cat? a deputy? or other?)
    Family: (parents and siblings)
    Mate/s: (optional, past and/or present mates)
    Kit/s: (optional)
    Skills: (are they better at hunting or fighting? do they love to gather herbs/swim/climb trees?)
    Backstory: (a brief telling of the character’s life from their birth to the present)
    Other: (What’s their favourite prey? do they love a particular basking spot? put anything here!)

    i will choose one winner, who will receive 1 point, and 1-2 runner-ups (depending on how many players there are in that round- 1 runner up if there is 2/3 and below players but with more there will be two) who will receive 1/2 a point. 🙂

    your first name is Roseberry
    have fun! 🙂

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw=testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GGRound6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      WOW! Lovely!
      Clan: EchoClan
      Rank: Mentor/deputy/leader in future
      Truthsight – father
      Crystalpool – mother/former deputy
      Shiningstar – leader/father-in-law
      Glorykit – actual younger sister
      Hummingkit – actual younger brother
      Amberpaw – younger sister-in-law
      Irisdew – older sister-in-law
      Sparkheart – older sister-in-law
      Cloudsong – sister from same litter
      Mate/s: N/A, although Crystalpool tried to sway her towards Grandflight, who she would choose for deputy if she became leader.
      Kit/s: N/A
      Apprentice: Nightpaw
      Appearance: A short-furred red-brown she-cat with beautiful amber eyes, and white hind legs that seem like they’re wearing shoes.
      Personality: Sweet, kind, caring, gentle, soft, affectionate, sympathetic, patient, but a little short-tempered, concerned that she always isn’t good enough
      Skills: ‘Mother to all’, good fighter, often seen hiding in bushes
      Backstory: Roseberry was the ‘least important’ out of her mother’s kits. She wasn’t the daughter of Shimmerstar, and also her mother didn’t like her too-sweet personality; thus her mother didn’t love her as deeply, which is ironic since her mother chose to be with Truthfinder, although maybe she might have been hoping just a little that Roseberry would be the daughter of the leader. Her younger sisters were more important, because they were far more to her mother’s liking. However, her personality as well as purrsona atrracted the affection of many toms, and Crystalpool realized this; thus she started to talk with her a lot more often, and tried to sway her to become mates with Grandflight, the tom that she would choose if she became leader, and she knew that Shimmerstar was on his last life. Roseberry knew this just as well, but she also knew that Shimmerstar loved Crystalpool deeply and no one would dare to stain her reputation without risking the wrath of Shimmerstar. Thus, Roseberry started hide and whisper to him when he was on his own, as if StarClan was there, and he started to believe. He lowered Crystalpool from her position, and decided to promote Roseberry. He revealed that he knew that she had been whispering to him, and ever since she has had a good relationship with the leader. She would later suceed Shimmerstar when he died in a honorable fight with a badger, defending an apprentice.
      Other: She loves trout, and secretly thinks the taste of travelling herbs are pretty cool

  • Here are the Round 6 winners of my NTA!

    Robinwhisper by Prismpaw/kit!
    Thrushfall by Koalapaw!
    Sparrowspark by Gracey!
    Hawkstep by Briarpaw!
    Eaglefeather by Mountainpaw!
    Finchwing by Midnightmoon!
    Owlwind by Frostshine!
    Birdshadow by Poppypaw/sky!

    9 points: Firepaw/stream (formerly Firepaw/fall)
    8 points: Nobody
    7 points: Drizzlepaw/winter
    6 points: Nobody
    5 points: Midnightmoon
    4 points: Prismpaw/kit, Briarpaw, Frostshine
    3 points: Gracey
    2 points: Raven, Hazeshine/paw, Mistfeather
    1 point: Crystalpaw/frost, Shimmerfrost, Dazzlepaw/dawn, Koalapaw, Mountainpaw, Poppypaw/sky
    0 points: Frogpaw/storm, Emberstream

    Please join Round 7!

    I’ll try to post a new round whenever a new page appears on here (or whenever i have time – i’m a very busy person irl), which can unfortunately take a while sometimes.

    Ballisticstorm by Juniperbranch!
    Gospelshine by Briarpaw!
    Zavodilafern by Drizzlepaw!
    Madnessfrost by Whisperpaw!
    Wockyfeather by Mistfeather!
    Norwaybreeze by Juniperbranch and Ravensnowpaw!
    Glitcherspark by Briarpaw and Mistfeather!
    Manifestclaw by Cheetahheart!

    8 points: Hazeshine/paw
    7 points: N/A
    6 points: Crystalpaw/frost
    5 points: N/A
    4 points: N/A
    3 points: Flowermistle, Blazestrike, Drizzlepaw, Ravensnowpaw
    2 points: LittleleapTheMedicineCat, Juniperbranch, Briarpaw, Mistfeather
    1 point: Turtlepaw, Shimmerkit, Whisperpaw, Cheetahheart, Firepaw/fall

    ROUND 4:
    Tigerstar’s Kin!

  • Here are the Round 4 winners of my Purrsona That Name!

    Applefur- a sleek, crimson-brown tom with blazing green eyes – by Gracey!
    Mudflower- A white she-cat with splashes of dark brown all over her body – by Mountainpaw!
    Blackstone- A jet black tom with cold, hard amber eyes – by Firepaw/stream!

    4 points: Briarpaw
    3 points: Nobody
    2 points: Drizzlepaw, Gracey, Firepaw/stream
    1 point: Mountainpaw, Ospreymist, Crystalpaw/frost, Pinestripe
    0 points: Blazestrike, Emberstream, Frostshine

    Please join Round 5!

  • Here are the Round 5 winners of my Make a Mate!

    Bumbleroar’s mate: Addersun by Speckledpaw/panda!
    Poppyflower’s mate: Bullhorn by Firepaw/stream!
    Snaketail’s mate: Viperflight by Mountainpaw!

    5 points: Firepaw/stream
    4 points: Nobody
    3 points: Drizzlepaw
    2 points: Gracey, Emberstream
    1 point: Ospreymist, Speckledpaw/panda, Mountainpaw
    0 points: Willowpaw, Briarpaw

    Please join Round 6!

  • Dairydrop by Prismpaw!
    Milkdrizzle by Pinestripe!
    Cheesebriar by Briarpaw!
    Yogurtcloud by Lilybreeze!
    Butterpetal by Pinestripe!
    Creamberry by Frostwillow!

    6 points: Briarpaw
    5 points: Pinestripe
    4 points:
    3 points: Lilybreeze, Prismpaw
    2 points: Midnightmoon, Gracepaw, Drizzlepaw, Frostwillow
    1 point: Emberstream, Coldheart, Flowermistle, Gracepaw, Nightpaw, Ospreymist

    Hall of NTA champions: Midnightmoon, Lilydawn

    Round 6


    • Vegetabledream

    • Vegetableswoop

      (just asking, is the lilydawn in the hall of fame lilykit/dawn or lilypaw/dawn, just curious because i was lilydawn for a while before i changed it and then a new lilydawn popped up :D)

      • Lilydawn is Lilykit/dawn!
        But I think you’re on your way to be on the Hall of NTA champions too! 🙂

    • Vegetableswallow

      lol only things I could think of 🤣

      you know how you think of a name and it gets stuck in your head even when you dont like it?

      thats what happened here

      Im sorry if I copied anyones names if I did I didnt mean too please tell me if i did

      • Peanose has been taken by Pinestripe.

        Also, when I first read the name “Parsleystalk,” I thought it said “Parsleys talk.” 🙂

        • Sorry Pinestripe for taking your name.
          Ima change it to…….(why am I so tempted to change it to Peapod?!)


          Thanks for telling me Frosty!

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem) says:

      Avocados are actually fruits 🙂 they’re actually a type of berry!


      History Has Its Eyes On You

      • Some sites categorize them as vegetables, due to the way they are eaten, their taste, and their nutrients! ^^
        But yes, you’re right, they are a berry. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll pay more attention next time! (I have to study more.. 😛 )

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw=testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GGRound6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      Vegetabledragon (sorry dragon ball reference)

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw =testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GG Round6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      Waaaaait why are there two me’s, on the 2 pts and 1 pt???

      • Oh, I’m sorry! That’s on me! I forgot to delate you from the 1 points. 😛

  • Seems like a good time to fire up Who’s Dat Cat for again.
    I’m delighted to say that 4 of the 5 cats last round were guessed!

    Cats of Round 5
    Cat 1 was Toadfoot, guessed by no one 😛 Tigerheart was a very popular option, and I had you all fooled hahaha
    Cat 2 was Dawnstar, guessed by Irinapaw! Florie but Dawnstar as Cat 4, though, so if you are reading this Florie and it was a typo or something, please tell me!
    Cat 3 was Onestar, guessed first by Indigo Flowers of a Mistletoe! (Pinestripe and Irinapaw also got it)
    Cat 4 was Honeyfern, guessed first by Turtlepaw! (Pinestripe also got it)
    Cat 5 was Sedgewhisker, guessed first by Speckledpaw (Icepaw and Pinestripe also got it)
    I chose from The Untold Stories

    14 points – Irinapaw
    12 points – Briarpaw
    5 points – Dawnpaw, Nightpaw
    4 points – Drizzlepaw, Indigo Flowers of a Mistletoe
    3 points – Sunny Cat, Speckledpaw, Pinestripe, Turtlepaw,
    1 point – Mountainpaw, Icepaw

    Back to normal for Round 6
    ROUND 6
    1. Dark brown tabby tom
    “I’d rather die than follow you.”
    He’s related to Shadowsight

    2. Light brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive white chest and paws
    “She’s just seen some of the worst about it, and she doesn’t like it.” (This was said by another cat about Cat 2!)
    She’s related to Thriftear

    3. Dark grey tabby tom
    There’s more than prey among trees. Herbs, for one thing. I know Barkface needs plants that we’d never find on open moorland.”
    He’s from WindClan

    Happy guessing!

    I’ll try to post a new round whenever a new page appears on here (or whenever i have time – i’m a very busy person irl), which can unfortunately take a while sometimes.

    Tigerdance by Flowermistle!
    Brambleheart by Briarpaw!
    Tawnymist by Briarpaw!
    Mothshadow by Briarpaw!
    Hawkflight by Flowermistle!
    Tadpolestream by Briarpaw!
    Dawnwillow by Briarpaw!
    Flamefinch by Poppypaw/sky!

    8 points: Hazeshine/paw
    7 points: Briarpaw
    6 points: Crystalpaw/frost
    5 points: Flowermistle
    4 points: N/A
    3 points: Blazestrike, Drizzlepaw, Ravensnowpaw
    2 points: LittleleapTheMedicineCat, Juniperbranch, Mistfeather
    1 point: Turtlepaw, Shimmerkit, Whisperpaw, Cheetahheart, Firepaw/fall, Poppypaw/sky

    ROUND 5:
    Makka Pakka!

  • ROUND 2 OF… (dramatic drumroll. the crowd goes silent)
    Purrsona That Cat (cheers)

    1 Point- Graceblossompaw! I loved your description of Roseberry!

    (Due to low participant numbers, there were not enough players for a runner-up)

    Basically, I give you a warrior cat name and you fill out the form below based on the name:

    Clan: (can be the clans from the books or your own, or not from a clan)
    Rank: (are they a warrior? a medicine cat? a deputy? or other?)
    Family: (parents and siblings)
    Mate/s: (optional, past and/or present mates)
    Kit/s: (optional)
    Skills: (are they better at hunting or fighting? do they love to gather herbs/swim/climb trees?)
    Backstory: (a brief telling of the character’s life from their birth to the present)
    Other: (What’s their favourite prey? do they love a particular basking spot? put anything here!)

    This round’s name isssssss (more drumrolllll) Otterpounce!!!!

    Have fun! (:

    • Name: Otterpounce
      Clan: RiverClan!
      Rank: Mediator
      Family: A sister named Rainwhisper who became the Medicine Cat and a brother named Pebblefrost who became an awesome warrior for the Clan.
      Mate/s: Breezesong, past mate. She died in battle.
      Kit/s: Springkit, Milkkit, Dewkit, Stonepaw, Larkpaw
      Appearance: A pale brown tom with one bright green eye and another stone-gray one. Sleek and lithe with large paws and long legs.
      Personality: Easily excitable and operates in bursts of energy. All though they don’t seem super serious and calm like one would expect, he is able to approach a situation logically and fight for the best resolution.
      Skills: He loves to climb trees and play games. Good at entertaining the kits and always has awesome stories.
      Backstory: Born to Shadowdusk and Stormleap. An energetic kit that was bullied by older apprentices for his eyes, his siblings were the only ones to defend him. He began telling stories as an apprentice (mainly at gatherings) to explain why he was like that, each more outrageous than the next. He avoids conflict at all costs but is adept at solving it. When he was 11 moons old, his mentor, Flipleaf, approached the leader of RiverClan and mentioned the idea of Otterpaw becoming a Mediator. His close friend, Breezesong was supportive of the idea and after both of their ceremonies, she became his mate. She was the calm to his storm and after she died, he went a little crazy, becoming over protective of the kits she’d left behind and died defending. He’s slowly come to terms with it and their last litter of kittens is close to becoming apprentices now.
      Other: He secretly loves the taste of mice, a rare commodity in RiverClan. He basks by a cove off of the river and has brought all of his kits there at some point. He leaves a pebble everytime he goes, in remembrance of Breezesong, his lost love.

    • Name: Otterpounce
      Clan: SkyClan
      Rank: Warrior
      Family: Mother – Littleripple, Father – Harewillow
      Mate/s: None
      Kit/s: None
      Appearance: A light brown tabby she-cat with hazel eyes, chocolate brown stripes, paws, ears and tail tip and a white chest. She is very slender and has long fur
      Personality: Very defensive, a bit of a chatterbox, demanding, but helpful and sweet on the inside.
      Skills: An amazing swimmer, great at hunting fish. Is getting there slowly with things like hunting rabbits
      Backstory: Otterpounce was one of the first cats born after the warrior code changed, stating that cross-clan relationships were allowed. Her mother, a RiverClan cat, and her father, a WindClan cat had already planned out that Otterpounce would spend her kithood in WindClan, allowing her mother to return to deputy duties quickly, before she went back to RiverClan for the rest of her life. Otterpounce’s father, Harewillow, let her know about this from a very young age, and she was content there for the first 6 moons of her life, with Harewillow staying in the nursery to play with her. She developed close friendships with the other kits and even apprentices, and was looked up to as a leader figure, and was quite bossy, but a generally fun cat to be around. Otterkit lost track of time, and before long, her mother, Littleripple, was ready to take her back to RiverClan.
      Continued next Comment 😀

    • Part 2 😀
      Littleripple, who Otterkit had barely met before, struck her as being stuck-up and very snobbish, and way too interested in her life. Littleripple revealed that she had arranged to make Otterkit the leader’s apprentice, but after Otterkit, now Otterpaw, had met her mentor/leader, she was more upset about her than she was her mother. The leader was a strict cat, and wasn’t interested in fun, and encouraged Otterpaw not to interact with the other apprentices becasue she thought they weren’t good enough for her. Otterpaw evolved into a great hunter and fighter and attended every gathering, but in sadness and anger, and she constantly lashed out at her mother and leader, because she felt like they were guarding her from the rest of the Clan. The other cats loathed her, and Otterpaw didn’t want to talk to them anyway, they were boring. She wished for the time she felt like a normal cat again, like in WindClan. She was made an apprentice early, under the name Ottermoon, and when she was keeping her vigil, where neither her mother nor the leader were watching over her, she saw her chance and ran back to WindClan. The leader there was surprised to see her, but excepted her back into the Clan without a second thought, and made Otterfish an apprentice again. After 8 hard moons of training, Otterpaw earnt her second and true warrior name – Otterpounce.
      Other: Otterpounce is a bit of a traitor and teaches WindClan cats RiverClan fighting moves, though they hate it. Otterpounce is a lot worse at moorland fighting than the other WindClan cats.

    • Name: Otterdance

      Clan: RiverClan (previously)

      Rank: Loner

      Family: Mother is Clamdrift,bio dad is unknown,step-dad is Stemwave,younger siblings are Mallardflutter and Leafpurr

      Mate/s: None

      Kit/s: None

      Appearance: A thick-furred dark brown tomcat with faint stripes and hazel eyes

      Personality: Easily worn down by stress and grief,indecisive,fretful,doesn’t often have large outer reactions to things

      Skills: Good at swimming,digging,and scent tracking

      Backstory: Otterdance was born to Clamdrift and an unknown tom in new-leaf,and spent his childhood listening the the elders tell him stories of battles they’ve been in and finding nice things to adorn his nest with. He was apprenticed to Fingleam,and soon became a warrior after a bit of struggle catching aquatic prey and learning fighting techniques. Stemwave joined his family around two years after he had his full name,and while the tom was kind to both him and his mother,he often wondered about his birth dad.

      When Mallardkit and Leafkit were born,he tried hard to be a good role-model for them,but worried that they didn’t like him. When they were apprenticed,he started feeling out of place in his family,more connected to his friends than them. He started spending a lot of time roaming the territory on his own. When a strong wave of sickness hit the clan,supposedly from an infected animal bite a warrior had,Otterdance was put under a lot of stress,and when Mallardflutter was killed by it and two close friends were in critical condition,he couldn’t handle it. He left,and grapples with guilt and grief still,often wandering close to the RiverClan border. Somedays he wants to return,but is too scared of what cats would say.

      Other: None

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw=testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GGRound6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      Thank you! also it’s Gracepaw, just me tryna save some space on my name, but you can put Graceblossompaw or Gracey or Gracie if you want to make it shorter 🙂
      Name: Otterpounce
      Clan: VixenClan
      Rank: Senior Warrior
      Father: Sleekowl
      Mother: Weaselhunter
      Brothers from the same litter: Shrewcloud, Yarrowscar
      Sister from the same litter: Pinepool
      Brother from younger litter: Woodpaw (another senior warrior’s apprentice)
      Mate/s: (formerly because forbidden relationship) Wavereed, Glittershine (arranged by parents), Snakeleap (medicine cat but she quit)
      Kit/s: Deerkit (with Wavereed in LakeClan, forbidden relationship), Flightkit, Dewkit, Wishpaw (Glittershine’s kits, although he’s not a very good father to them), and also Snakeleap is expecting
      Appearance: A sturdy, shaggy-furred mottled brown and dark gray tom with a short tail and long legs, eye-catching bright green eyes.
      Personality: Hard-wired to do justice and cannot join in on any dark plots, stubborn, loyal to the last, but has dark thoughts sometimes that he dare doesn’t say out loud. silent.
      Skills: Tree-drop, good teaching skills, leap very long
      Backstory: Otterpounce never knew how to love. All he could see in his parents was the dark urge to become the most powerful in the clan, his sister as well, and his brothers were always picking on him just because he had a illness since birth, like permanent whitecough. The first and only (or so he thought) love of his life, Wavereed, was a forbidden secret he had to keep, and eventually Wavereed had another mate, leaving Otterpounce behind in their shadowy past. He became a hard, dark cat, and although his mentor, Berryflower tried to loosen him up, he barely succeded. Otterpounce started to stay inside more and never moved, and his illness started to get worse. Glimmershine didn’t help one bit, because them becoming mates was arranged by their parents, who wanted ‘pure blood’. Snakeleap, Crowlight, and Brightpaw, the medicine cats, tried to treat him, especially Snakeleap. Snakeleap realized she was falling for the stone-hard tom first, and eventually Otterpounce did too. Their relationship was mutual, and they didn’t know what the other thought of them, so when Sight, a kittypet who had wandered in when there was an avlanche in the Twolegplace, pointed that they both liked each other out, they just froze in their positions, staring at each other, and the clan started to congratulate them. Snakeleap even quit her role as a medicine cat for Otterpounce, and ever since, Otterpounce has always stayed quietly and loyally by her side. He only smiles or shows any emotion at all when Snakeleap is around.
      Later, however, he would die because his illness got worse during a battle, and was killed by Wavereed, her new mate, new kits, and worst of all, Deerkit, who was now Deerdawn. Snakeleap stayed by his side until the end, and would desperately try to heal Otterpounce, and would slowly and painfully decend down the steps to death, only to be brought back up by the arrival of her kits, who she promised she would love with all her heart. Snakeleap would hold a deep, dark, silent rage, fury, and resentment towards Wavereed and her new family, she would go on a massacre, and then leave the clan with her kits, and no one except for a daring apprentice named Lynxpaw, who was Wavereed’s last surviving kit, knew where she went. Lynxpaw was sworn to secrecy, because only then she could escape with her life.
      Other: He dislikes maggots and squirrels, but will eat anything else. Also, he is for some reason seen eating the leaves of a beech tree sometimes.

  • Frosty’s NTA/PTN Winners!!! (Loved the long descriptions!”

    And the winners of Round II’s PTN were…

    Gracey, with Fleckledream’s purrsona!
    Blazestrike, with Rippleclaw’s purrsona!
    Frostwillow, with Kestrelblossom’s purrsona!
    Lilybreeze, with Blueshiver’s purrsona!

    I literally could not choose. It’s so hard to choose between two things that have different elements.
    Anyway… make way for the:

    2 points: Gracey, Lilybreeze
    1 point: Ospreymist, Flowermistle, Ravensnowpaw, Blazestrike, Frostwillow

    And now, for ROUND III:
    Theme: Running Water