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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀


  • Lil’s NTA:
    Mistlily- Juju
    Breezesong- Bri
    Flightripple- Poppy
    Songflare- Ospreymist
    Frostflower- Mountainpaw
    Sparkwing- Gracey

    Bonus Points:
    Bri, Poppy, Florie, Blazestrike, Mountainpaw, Ospreymist, JuJu, Cheetahheart, Gracey

    1. Juju, Bri, Poppy, Mountainpaw, Ospreymist, Gracey – 2pt.
    2. Florie, Blazestrike, Cheetahheart- 1 pt

    Round 2: Names from RPs

    Bonus Points:
    Make a tribe name for the name Sunburst!

    • Silverfoot (oc)
      Rainwing (oc)
      Drizzlefleck (oc)
      Cloudfeather (oc)
      Wolfshadow (oc)

      Bonus: Bursting Sun That Brings Light

    • Silvercloud

      Bonus: Sun’s Burst on a Bright Morning

    • Silverwolf
      Sun that bursts with glorious light

    • Silverbird
      Bonus: Burst of Light From Sunlit Ice

    • Silvermist


      Sun spark that Bursts in splendid glory

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw =testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GG Round6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      Yay! Congrats to everyone!!!
      Wolfrunner (one of fav names)
      Sunburst – Flame Burst on Sun’s Surface

    • 🌺https://www.Graceblossompaw =testingoutnewname?/Questioning-She-They/GG Round6/unreliable?invalidlink.com🌺 says:

      Yay, 2 pts! Congrats to everyone!!!
      Wolfrunner (one of fav names)
      Sunburst – Flame Burst on Sun’s Surface

  • Repost! It got buried. (If you’ve already submitted, don’t worry. I have your responses logged.)


    Dawnshimmer by Midnightmoon
    Rainsight by Lilybreeze (Lil)
    Snowflame by Flowermistle (Florie)
    Tumblepaw by Ospreymist
    Drizzlepelt by Ospreymist

    1. Ospreymist (2 pts.)
    2. Midnightmoon, Lilybreeze, Flowermistle (1 pt.)

    Round 2:

    golden tom with blue eyes (can’t be Rootspring)
    “Walk a little louder, please. I don’t think they heard you over in the mountains.”

  • Hi BlogClan! I’m Mintypaw(Minty) and I wanted to play a little game 🙂 I named it ‘Name That Purrsona’(NTP).
    So the rule is simple: I’m going to list a few purrsonas and you need to name that cat. Try not to mention the same name another person already created. Good luck!

    1. Light gray tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes
    2. Brown tom with light brown splotches and green eyes
    3. White long-furred she-cat with amber eyes
    4. Ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes
    5. Black she-cat with white muzzle, paws, and tail tip. Hazel green eyes

    Post the names before August 7th!

  • Winners!

    Orangeblaze by Lilybreeze
    Brightmist by Briarpaw
    Summersky by Graceblossom
    Shadowquill by Poppypaw
    Leafblossom by Flowermistle

    1. Ospreymist, Lilybreeze, Flowermistle (2 pts.)
    2. Midnightmoon, Graceblossom, Poppypaw, Briarpaw(1 pt.)

    Round 3!

    a tortiseshell-and-white she-cat with green eyes
    “I find my dreams over the horizon. Yours are right here at home.”

    Archerystreak by Gracepaw
    Swimsong by Flowermistle
    Triathlondust by Fallowheart
    Fencingleap by Midnightmoon
    Taekwondoslash by Blazestrike
    Soccerfox by Mountainpaw

    Flowermistle (16 points)
    Drizzlepaw (15 points)
    Frogpaw(storm) (12 points)
    Hazeshine(paw) (11 points)
    Prismpaw (9 points)
    Mountainpaw (7 points)
    Midnightmoon (6 points)
    Shimmerkit ,Crystalpaw/Frost(5 points)
    Stormpaw(flurry), Daydream, Pinestripe (4 points)
    Leafypaw/shadow, Ravensnowpaw, Blazestrike (3 points)
    Emberstream, Turtlepaw, Frostshine, Coldheart, Gracepaw (2 points)
    Sparkpaw(tail), Moonpaw/pelt, Aspenclaws, Loyalfire, Smokeypaw, Icefall, Lilykit, Sunny Cat, Shadowstorm, Midnightcacoon, Firepaw/fall, Lilybreeze, Viperfrost, Frostwillow, Cheetahheart, Sandpaw/frost, Skypaw/blaze, Fallowheart (1 point)


  • And… here is…
    Frosty’s NTA/PTN Winners!!!

    And the winners of Round III’s NTA were…

    Frogpaw/storm with Waterfalltwinkle!
    Mintypaw/sky with Riverwillow!
    Ospreymist with Currentberry! (Is this a reference to currant berries???)
    Flowermistle with Swimshimmer!
    Gracey with Driftwhisper!

    3 pts: Gracey
    2 pts: Lilybreeze, Ospreymist, Flowermistle
    1 pt: Ravensnowpaw, Blazestrike, Frogpaw/storm, Mintypaw/sky, Frostwillow

    And now, for ROUND III: PTN!!!
    The names for this round are:
    BONUS: Frostshine (purrsona me! you can get 2 pts for this)

    Also, do you guys think it would be better if I moved this onto a secret page?
    Enjoy, and congratulations to all who participated!

    • Fallowstep- A mottled brown tom with gentle blue eyes and an open, friendly face. He has lighter stripes running along his back and a fluffy, soft tail. He’s friends with pretty much everyone, and is always there for you.
      Owldrizzle- A dark brown, almost black she-cat with small splotches of light grey on her body. She has intense hazel eyes, and a slight limp from an old battle wound. She doesn’t take code-breaking lightly, and will and can fight any cat if she thinks they did anything wrong.
      Milkeye- A small, frail white she-cat with leaf-green eyes that are always squinting. She has one black paw, and an unusually short and stubby tail with a dark tip. She’s a medicine cat that’s getting a little old, but still very respected by all the clans for her knowledge of herbs and healing.
      Blackcloud- A stocky, dusky black tom with nicked ears and sky-blue eyes. He has a large scratch running diagonally across his back, an old scar from his first battle as an apprentice. His light grey legs are covered with barely healed scratches, reflecting his aggressive personality. He’s kind of short tempered, and even the slightest annoyance can set him off.

      Frostshine- A light grey she-cat with small black dots all over her body, and a fluffy pelt that’s always getting snagged on brambles. She has clear, emerald eyes, and a tinkling laugh. She’s very charismatic, and can make friends with anyone. However, her claws are as sharp as a blade of grass, and you don’t want to face her in battle.

    • I personally like this being on the games page,but a secret page would work better if you’re worried about your game getting buried or something ^-^

      Fallowstep-A broad-shouldered cream and ginger tomcat with a kinked tail and wide hazel eyes.
      Owldrizzle-a grey and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with patchy fur,a silvering muzzle,one very prominent scar on her left flank,and yellow eyes.
      Milkeye-A ginger-tinted white tomcat with a long,feathery tail and green eyes
      Blackcloud-A lithe,fluffy black cat with an angular face,flecked blue eyes,and distinctive swirls on her sides made up of grey-tipped fur.
      Bonus: Frostshine-A long-legged,short-furred white cat with a few blue-grey speckles,a blue-grey splotch on her muzzle,and shiny amber eyes

    • Fallowstep– large dark brown tabby tom with one white paw and gleaming yellow eyes
      Owldrizzle– small gray she-cat with a white under belly, big ears, and watery ice blue eyes
      Milkeye– cream colored she-cat with a black splotch on her backside and milky eyes. One eye is leaf green and the other is golden yellow
      Blackcloud– Extremely dark black tom with one white splotch on his side. He has a scar on his right cheek and has a short stubby tail. His eyes are amber with white speckles.

    • 🌺𝒽𝓉𝓉𝓅𝓏;\𝓌𝓂𝓌. 𝒢𝓇𝒶𝒸𝑒𝒷𝓁𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓂𝓅𝒶𝓌 =𝒮𝒽𝑒-𝒯𝒽𝑒𝓎/ 𝒾𝓃𝓋𝒶𝓁𝒾𝒹𝓁𝒾𝓃𝓀. 𝒸𝓍𝓂🌺 says:

      Congrats to everyone else <3333333333333333333333
      IDK, if you want to! I wouldn't mind, but as poppypaw said, if you don't want your comment to get buried it would be better to do it on a secret page.

      Fallowstep – (why does this nag the back of my mind?) A plump, sleek, soft and long-furred ginger-splashed brown cat with a startling, large scar across their back, and captivating multi-colored eyes that seem to swirl with color and are never the same color twice. They are reputed to be a daydreamer, and may turn away from their warrior status to that of a permanent queen or medicine cat.

      Owldrizzle – A strong, lean, large oak-brown tabby she-cat with fierce, sharp amber eyes, plumy tail, and white underbelly. She is reputed to be a powerful huntress, and her strongest weapon is her stealthiness, which is unbelievable compared to her size, but she just manages to sneak up on the enemy for a suprise attack. There are always rumors going around that she will become the next deputy, or even leader of her clan.

      Milkeye – An elderly tom with misty/milky white eyes, was born blind, with mottled gray coat, and a strange twisted fore-right leg. He loves the taste of water vole, but he lives on the moor.

      Blackcloud – A shaggy grayish black tom with a white muzzle and spots, and gooseberry green eyes. Reputed to be a scaredy-cat, and hates battles, tries to talk it out peacefully. Was warrior, currently apprentice to the meditator.

      Frostshine – A thin, short-furred white she-cat with black stripes like a siberian tiger, long tail with black tip, and icy sapphire eyes. Reputed to be a strong swimmer, and her long tail helps her to control the currents to her will. Almost no chance of winning against her in the water. Also good at confined-space fighting.

    • Fallowstep – A lithe, slender light brown tabby tom with light green eyes and white dapple across his back. He is extremely tall, but also extremely thin, and his legs are long and lanky, with black paws. His ears are long and triangular, with a neat nick in the leaf one. He is very quiet and shy, and doesn’t often speak.
      Owldrizzle – A Massive, extremely fluffy Persian cat with yellow eyes and a dark brown tabby pelt. They have an absolutely massive, spiky mane of fur, with a long, fluffy tail and large paws. If it weren’t for their goofy and friendly nature, you would be dead by now. They are amazing at hunting at night. They were given the prefix ‘drizzle’ for their ability to keep things light and happy, even on a miserable, rainy day (bad explanation, I know)
      Milkeye – An off-white she-cat with light blue eyes. She is very slender, and her pelt is feathery. She is pretty quiet, but is very reasonable when talking about things, never raises her voice, and generally a nice cat to be around.
      Blackcloud – A mid grey she-cat with large, deep blue eyes and Black patches, that are cloud shaped. She is very small, has short fur and a very long tail. She looks extremely kit-like, and by the time a kit is 4 moons old, chances are they are taller than Blackcloud. She is as grumpy as she is short. Always prattling on about ‘apprentices today are so ungrateful’ and ‘that last patrol that went out didn’t catch enough prey! Now I have to share with Owldrizzle!’ She is still pretty wise, though.
      Frostshine – A light grey tabby she cat with white patches and one yellow and one blue eye. She is tall and slender, with neat, feathery fur and a long tail. Her ears have large tufts on them, and she has a fluffy mane of fur. She is extremely kind and caring, and is a role-model to those around her.

  • Vegetablenose by Ospreymist and Vegetabledragon by Gracepaw!
    Avocadoadder by Turtlepaw!
    Peaflower by Flowermistle!
    Celerystripe by Moonblaze
    Cucumberpeach by Pinestripe!
    Parsleystalk by Moonblaze and Parsleysong by Lilybreeze!

    (I’m sorry, I had a very hard time choosing names this round. I promise this won’t happen again!)

    6 points: Briarpaw, Pinestripe
    5 points:
    4 points: Lilybreeze
    3 points: Prismpaw, Gracepaw
    2 points: Midnightmoon, Drizzlepaw, Frostwillow, Ospreymist, Moonblaze, Flowermistle
    1 point: Emberstream, Coldheart, Nightpaw, Ospreymist, Turtlepaw

    Hall of NTA champions: Midnightmoon, Lilydawn

    Hall of NTA champions: Midnightmoon, Lilydawn

    Round 7