Old Warriors Names

Do you have a great name for a warrior? Are you testing out a new warrior name and want feedback from BlogClan? This is the place to do it.



  • Results!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for taking so long.
    The theme is Mistystar’s family, but everyone guess Bluestar’s Prophecy.
    #1 Stonefall: Russetfeather
    #2 Stonefrost: Wavey, Mistypaw, Petalfrost
    #3 Stornfeather: Willowkit, Wavey, Mistypaw
    #1 Mossberry: Wavey, Brightstorm, Mistypaw, Petalfrost
    #2 Mosspool: Owlheart
    #3 Mossflower: Flashtail, Wavey, Frostflower, Petalfrost
    #1 Graycloud: Flashtail, Mistypaw, Frostflower
    #2 Graysky: Owlheart, Wavey
    #3 Graydawn: Wavey, Brightstorm, Mistypaw, Frostflower
    A big welcome to PETALFROST for join us this round, and an applause to Wavey for moving the most.
    #1 Wavey-44 points
    #2 Mistypaw-39 points
    #3 Frostflower-33 points
    #4 Brightstorm-30 points
    #5 Lightningpaw-29 points
    #6 Dewpaw-21 points
    #7 Brightpaw-14 points
    #8 Russetfeather-12 points
    #9 Mistlepaw-11 points
    #10 Willow, Breezepaw, Flashtail-9 points
    #11 Willowkit-6 points
    #12 Leaffeather, Lupinepaw-5 points
    #13 Dawnheart, Owlheart-4 points
    #14 Petalfrost-3 points
    #15 Shadowpaw, Featherkit-1 point
    Great job~!!!!!!
    Next round~~
    Cannon names: Redclaw, Redscar, Redtail, Redthistle, Redwillow
    Cannon names: Spotted Fur, Spottedleaf, Spottedpelt
    Cannon names: Patchfoot, Patchpelt
    There’s a theme, guess it! Here’s a little hint: The theme is NOT Swiftbreeze and Adderfang’s kits.

    • Redfern, Redcloud, Redwhisker, Redwing

      Spottedblossom, Spottednose, Spottedberry, Spottedtail

      Patchcloud, Patchflower, Patchshade, Patchface

      Uh…cats who were a part of SkyClan?

      Redclaw (who joined when the Clan was first formed), Spottedpelt (who was born into the Clan when they were being forced out), and Patchfoot (who joined the Clan when Firestar rebuilt it)

    • Redbush, Redberry, Redmoon
      Spottedflower, Spottedbreeze, Spottedfern
      Patchtail, Patchwing, Patchwhisker

      Not sure

    • Redpaw: Redflower, Redblaze, Redflame, Redsky

      Spottedpaw: Spottedflower, Spottedfeather, Spottedwing, Spottedsky, Spottedfire

      Patchpaw: Patchfire, Patchfeather, Patchstorm, Patchwing

      The theme is either SkyClan cats through the ages (Red Claw from DoTC, Spottedpelt from Cloudstar’s Journey, and Patchfoot from current times), SkyClan cats who didn’t live their whole life in the Clan (Red Claw and Patchfoot were born rogues and Spottedpelt lived in ThunderClan) or all their names have to do with pelt colors/spotting.

    • Cats from SkyClan?

      Redfang Redmoon Redblood
      Spottedscar Spottedhope Spottedpool
      Patchwish Patchfeather Patchcloud

    • Redfeather, Redscorch, Redfire
      Spottedfern, Spottedmoon, Spottedbranch
      Patchfur, Patchnose, Patchheart


    • Redmoon,Redflame,Redswipe,Redberry,Redwing




    • errr
      SkyClan cats??? patchfoot and red claw and idkcat

      Redflower, Reddust, Redsky
      Spottedmist, Spottedheart, Spottedshade
      Patchfall, Patchfeather, Patch

    • Redflame, Redstorm, Redstripe

      Spottedcloud, Spottedwing, Spottedfern

      Patchshade, Patchcloud, Patchsky

      Theme: Redtail, Spottedleaf, and Patchpelt 🙂

  • You should create a leader of all the clans. That way they will be in peace.

    Their all good names

  • Results!

    Kit #1!

    Marshkit by Mistypaw and Mistlepaw, and. . .

    Buzzardkit by Brightstorm!

    Kit #2!

    Petalkit by Dawnpaw, and. . .

    Nettlekit by Brightstorm!

    Kit #3!

    Strikekit by Shadowpaw, and. . .

    Lightningkit by Wavepaw!

    Kit #4!

    Splashkit by Owlheart, and. . .

    Blizzardkit by Aspenkit!

    Next round! There is a theme this time.

    Kit #1 – Small tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with bright amber eyes.
    Kit #2 – Grey tabby tom with a long tail and blue eyes.
    Kit #3 – Speckled grey tom with watery blue eyes and thick, ragged fur.
    Kit #4 – Light brown tabby she-cat with white markings and amber eyes.

    1. Willowstream (18 points)
    2. Brightstorm (17 points)
    3. Mistypaw, Wavepaw (15 points)
    4. Owlheart (12 points)
    5. Frostflower (10 points)
    6. Mistlepaw (8 points)
    7. Lupinepaw (7 points)
    8. Dawnheart (6 points)
    9. Aspenkit (4 points)
    10. Petalfrost (2 points)
    11. Robinpaw, Shadowpaw, Dawnpaw (1 point)

    Have fun, and tell me if I missed something!

    • Sorrelkit, Birchkit, Specklekit
      Wavekit, Pebblekit, Streamkit
      Pigeonkit, Puddlekit, Rainkit
      Emberkit, Brackenkit, Gorsekit

      I stink at themes -.-

    • Kit 1: Tawnykit, Nettlekit, Maplekit, Falconkit

      Kit 2: Cloudkit, Longkit, Rainkit, Graykit

      Kit 3: Streamkit, Hailkit, Dappledkit, Stonekit

      Kit 4: Sparrowkit, Fernkit, Cedarkit, Oatkit

      Hint for the theme?

      • Pay close attention to the descriptions – They’re all a certain rank 🙂

    • Brightkit Dawnkit Echokit
      Graykit Longkit Jaykit
      Waterkit Gorsekit Bouncekit
      Leafkit Flowerkit Whisperkit


    • Sedgekit, Bushkit, Mosskit
      Stonekit, Breezekit, Fluffkit
      Waterkit, Ashkit, Shadekit
      Amberkit, Glowkit, Sparkkit

      • Med cats, right?

    • Kit 1: Spottedkit, Amberkit, Maplekit

      Kit 2: Stonekit, Splashkit, Rainkit

      Kit 3: Stormkit, Specklekit, Waterkit

      Kit 4: Twigkit, Brackenkit, Blazekit

      Medicine cats of ThunderClan? (Spottedleaf, Jayfeather, Featherwhisker, Leafpool)

    • EYYYYY
      and featherwhisker, spotted, and leaf?
      thunderclan medicine catssssss

      – Dawnkit, Blossomkit, Leafkit
      – Houndkit, Palekit, Pigeonkit
      – Runningkit, Smokekit, Stormkit
      – Patchkit, Birchkit, Larchkit

    • Dapplekit, Cherrykit or Poppykit
      Skykit, Sagekit or Stormkit
      Rainkit, Cloudkit or Cinderkit
      Snowkt, Frostkit or Briarkit
      Theme: ThunderClan medicine cats: Goosefeather, Spottedleaf, Leafpool and Jayfeather

    • #1) Dapplekit, Frecklekit, Sparrowkit
      #2) Jaykit *coughcoughfeathercoughcough* Gorsekit, Ripplekit
      #3) Goosekit *coughcoughfeatheragaincoughcough*, Snailkit, Nightkit
      #4) Leopardkit, Mallowkit, Lightningkit

      Theme) Errrrr… ThunderClan medicine cats??? (I had to look on warriors wiki 😉 )

    • Pebblekit, Shinekit, Leafkit

      Hawkkit, Jaykit, Brookkit

      Specklekit, Rainkit, Raggedkit

      Leafkit, Maplekit, Amberkit

      Theme: ThunderClan med cats!! 😀

  • Some random names to rate or use:

    • I love Honeysplash, Mossflower, Wrensong, and Ravenflight! Rainsplash is canon 🙂

    • Love Honeysplash, Mistybrook, Meadowgaze, and Sorrelwing a lot! Nice names~

    • Honeysplash: Fluffy small white she-cat with yellow splotches and pale blue eyes.

      Lavendergaze: Dark pinkish gray she-cat with a glossy pelt that looks purpleish in some lights and bright green eyes.

      Wrensong: Thick short furred brown tabby tom with thin darker brown stripes, a cream colored underbelly and paws, and yellow eyes.

      Starbreeze: Lean gray tom with white spots across his pelt like stars, feathery fur, and blue eyes.

      Emberspark: Pale ginger tabby she-cat with orange stripes, a patch of russet in her chest, and fiery dark amber eyes.

      Dewdrop: Thick furred silver she-cat with long whiskers and dark green eyes.

      Rainsplash: Glossy furred dark blue gray tom with one white front paw and ice blue eyes.

      Sorrelwing: Pale brown tabby she-cat with faint gray stripes and leaf green eyes.

      Mistybrook: Smokey gray tom with darker gray flecks and paws, yellow eyes, and a long tabby striped tail.

      Mossflower: Lithe gray and white she-cat with white legs and muzzle and green eyes.

      Heronclaw: Broad-shouldered white tom with dark ginger splotches, sky blue eyes, and large front paws.

      Meadowgaze: Cream-colored she-cat with dark brown points and pale green eyes.

      Ravenflight: Sleek black she-cat with a small flash of white on her chest and wide yellow eyes.

      Great names!

      • Can i please use some of these names for the fan made warriors book im trying to make? I will not share this book with anyone except my warrior loving friends, not the internet, it’s just a book for me and my bffs. I also write better then when i write comments, it’ll be a good book.

    • I love Honeysplash, Wrensong, Emberspark, Mistybrook, and Heronclaw.

  • Round 3 results!!!

    A big thanks to everyone who submitted and we again had 100% correct guessers 🎉😸🎊💟😽

    It was our last Halloween theme and it was…A VAMPIRE!

    Congrats to ❄️🌸ICEFLOWER🌸❄️ and 🌬MISTYPAW🌬 who were both the first to guess the theme and got the maximum number of bonus points for their two groups with 7 points for Icey and 5 points for Mistypaw 🎉😽🎊

    Everyone else who guessed after them got 3 points extra if they had a score above 20 or 5 points if they had a score below 20.

    Before we jump into the names and descriptions for our lovely families, a quick shoutout is in order for OWLHEART and MISTLEPAW who both were the first at having more than 1 winning descriptions this round 🎉😸🎉 Keep up the awesome work everyone!

    So let’s see about our three fang-tastically themed families:


    Longpetal, a pale brown tabby she-cat with darker stripes, long whiskers and a really long tail. Her left front paw is white, she has a scar across her face that she got from a hawk as a kit, and she has pale blue eyes. Described by Owlheart.
    Duskcloud, a thick-furred, lean, strong-framed orange-and-silver tabby tom with a bushy gray tail, a white cloud-like patch on his chest, shredded ears, thick fur clumping around his muzzle and paws, and bright, pale amber eyes the color of sunlit ice. Described by Mistlepaw.

    AND, their kits:
    LARKKIT, a lithe dark brown tabby she-cat with faint dark gray stripes, silvery white paws and muzzle, and dark blue eyes. Named by Lupinepaw.
    FERRETKIT, a dappled dark brown and gray tom with bright yellow eyes and a long, wipe-like tail. Named by Mistypaw.
    SPOTTEDKIT, a long legged tortoiseshell (dark ginger and black) and silvery white she-cat with large black patches down her back and amber eyes. Named by Owlheart and Wavepaw.
    CLOUDKIT, a wiry dark ginger tom with a silvery white underbelly and paws and pale blue eyes. Named by Frostflower.


    Palewhisker, a lithe, small-framed, wiry, pale silver-gray-and-black splotched she-cat with a dark gray tail-tip and paws, long, pale whiskers, a pink nose, ripped ears, a triangular face, a graying muzzle, and dark, midnight-blue eyes. Described by Mistlepaw.
    Redstrike, a russet tabby tom with a white ear tip, a large ruff and dark green eyes. Described by Russetfeather.

    AND, their kits:
    POPPYKIT, a small white she-cat with red splotches across her pelt and pale green eyes. Named by Lupinepaw.
    MOONKIT, a pale silver tabby tom with faint gray stripes, white paws, and bright blue eyes. Named by Snowbreeze.
    CLOVERKIT, a mottled tortoiseshell (reddish brown, black, and gray) and white she-cat with mismatched green and blue eyes and a thick, patchy coat. Named by Wavepaw.


    Thornfang, a inky black tom with brown flecks, a torn ear, and amber eyes. Described by Iceflower.
    Dawnsky, a ginger tabby she-cat with orange stripes and emerald eyes. Described by Owlheart.

    AND, their kits:
    THISTLEKIT, a spiky furred dark brown and white she-cat with white patches over her face and across her back, a white underbelly and front paws, and amber eyes. Named by Wavepaw.
    LIONKIT, a pale ginger tabby tom with pale brown stripes, a white underbelly, and dark green eyes. Named by Lupinepaw.
    BEETLEKIT, a thick furred black tom with white specks on his muzzle, a brown patch on his chest, and emerald green eyes. Named by Iceflower.

    Congrats again to everyone who submitted this round because everyone also got a solo winning name/description! Thanks for all the diversity and uniqueness 🎊😽🎊

    Wavepaw: 35 points.
    Mistypaw: 34 points.
    Frostflower: 32 points.
    Owlheart: 32 points.
    Iceflower: 30 points.
    Russetfeather: 28 points.
    Lupinepaw: 23 points
    Mistlepaw: 19 points
    Willow: 17 points.
    Snowbreeze: 16 points
    Snowpaw: 9 points

    The former champion 🌊Wavepaw🌊 has just splashed back into 1st place with 35 POINTS. 🌬Mistypaw🌬 and ❄️Frostflower❄️ are directly trailing her with 34 and 32 points and OWLHEART is now tied for 3rd place with Frosty! And let’s not forget about LUPINEPAW who is quietly creeping up the leaderboard!

    It’s still anyone’s game though on a race to 100 points!

    Next round we have here is themed but for the first time in forever (since October 😛 ) is actually based on the series.

    The first 3 correct guessers will get 10 BONUS POINTS and those who guess correctly afterwards will get 5 POINTS.

    HINT: All these characters had a similar storyline with different circumstances. Sometimes this was permanent, other times temporary.

    Look at the prefixes of the adult cats for clues as to who these cats could be 😉

    Here’s our next batch of families:

    In RiverClan…a family of six:

    Stormfeather, a tom. He’s easy-going cat, but fiercely loyal to his Clan despite his laid back demeanor. He is a strategic thinker, and often helps the leader and deputy form battle plans. He knows how to use the river to their advantage and won Sunningrocks with his skills.
    Turtlemist, a she-cat. A quiet and clever young cat. She is one of the best hunters in the Clan. She got her name because she learned the skill of using the morning mists on the river to snatch fish up from the shallows.

    AND, their kits:
    1 – A thick furred gray tom with a white patch on his nose, one white paw, and dark green eyes.
    2 – A pure black she-cat with long, thick, glossy fur and bright leaf green eyes.
    3 – A mottled gray and white tabby tom with darker gray stripes, pale blue eyes, and a short glossy pelt.
    4 – A black she-cat with white patches over her face, tail, and back, white front legs, and blue eyes.

    In ShadowClan…a family of six:

    Pinefoot, a she-cat. A thoughtful and energetic warrior who always gives good advice when a problem arises. She often goes on night hunting trips to catch frogs for the dawn patrol to eat when they return in the morning.
    Ravencloud, a tom. A responsible and solemn cat, he is often quiet except when a cat directly speaks to him. The deputy (who is also his littermate) and his mate are the only ones he openly talks to, though he’s warming up to his kits.

    AND, their kits:
    1 – A pale brown she-cat with yellow eyes and small pale gray spots on her chest.
    2 – A white tom with one large patch of black over his ears and stretching to halfway down his back and green eyes.
    3 – A broad-shouldered splotchy brown and white tabby tom with black stripes and pale green eyes.
    4 – A pale gray she-cat with faint brown stripes on her legs and tail, amber eyes, white paws, and tufted ears with brown tips.

    In SkyClan…a family of four:

    Grayclaw, a tom. A bit of a sarcastic know-it-all, it’s a joke among the Clan apprentices that all of his battle scars actually come from him getting cuffed at various times by his mentor to be quiet. He makes up for his annoying personality with being a good mate and father to his family.
    Hollythorn, a she-cat. Always ready to defend her Clan, she’s the first to speak out when her Clan’s honor is called into question and often volunteers to lead battle patrols. She had a hard upbringing, being the one kit from a litter of four to survive and her own mother, Nightwillow, died of greencough when she was an apprentice. She loves her own kits even more fiercely as a result of these tragedies.

    AND, their kits:
    1 – A tortoiseshell (ginger, black and gray) she-cat with bright green eyes, large ginger patches across her pelt, and a black muzzle.
    2 – A gray tom with large black paws and sharp amber eyes.

    If you have any questions about the game please ask! Good luck and have fun!

    • PS. I’m still deciding on my Thanksgiving name, it’s between Bright Candle On Thanksgiving Table or Bright Leaves That Fall On Thanksgiving Day.

      Tell me which one you like better 😊

    • Um. . . Cats that have had multiple mates? I don’t know 😛

      Stormfeather – Muscular, thick-furred dark, smoky grey tom with thin black stripes and white paws, and crystal blue eyes.

      Turtlemist – Snowy white she-cat with soft fur and black and silver splotches, a long, fluffy tail, a black spot over one eye, and pale green eyes.

      Kit #1 – Cloverkit, Ripplekit, Smokekit
      Kit #2 – Riverkit, Yewkit, Skykit, Willowkit
      Kit #3 – Tigerkit, Mousekit, Dapplekit
      Kit #4 – Frostkit, Flowerkit, Cloudkit

      Pinefoot – Fawn-coloured light brown mottled tabby with white legs, ear-tips and chest. She has long, messy fur, relatively large ears, and bright, leaf-green eyes.

      Ravencloud – Black tom with little white speckles, dark grey ears, a scarred muzzle, and pale, milky yellow eyes.

      Kit #1 – Brackenkit, Mousekit, Deerkit
      Kit #2 – Darkkit, Patchkit
      Kit #3 – Tigerkit, Rowankit, Seedkit
      Kit #4 – Sunkit, Pebblekit, Sunkit

      Greyclaw – Large, powerful grey tabby tom with dark grey – almost black – points, and amber eyes.

      Hollythorn – Sleek, short-haired tortoiseshell she-cat (golden-brown, white and black patches), a short, squared-off tail, and pale green eyes.

      Kit #1 – Patchkit, Cypresskit, Blossomkit
      Kit #2 – Slatekit, Shadekit

    • RiverClan:
      Stormfeather- Lean dark gray, almost black tom with lighter flecks, a long, ringed tail, and golden eyes.
      Turtlemist- Thick furred brown and orange torbie she-cat with black paws, muzzle, eartips, hazel eyes, and a short tail.
      Stonekit, Dovekit, Slatekit
      Crowkit, Shadekit, Coniferkit
      Streamkit, Cinderkit, Thistlekit
      Patchkit, Icekit, Breezekit

      Pinefoot- Russet she-cat with brown splotches, tufted ears, large brown paws, and amber eyes.
      Ravencloud- Black tom with a white chest, silver stripes only visible in sunlight, and deep green eyes.
      Gorsekit, Brackenkit, Fawnkit
      Frostkit, Eaglekit, Gullkit
      Owlkit, Logkit, Oakkit
      Fernkit, Poolkit, Juniperkit

      Grayclaw- Soot-colored tom with black patches, a long, bushy tail, and dark blue eyes
      Hollythorn- Large fluffy dark brown tabby she-cat with long claws and bright green eyes
      Willowkit, Amberkit, Mothkit
      Thornkit, Boulderkit, Emberkit (ember and amber lol)

      Theme is Stormfur, Turtle Tail, Pinestar, Ravenpaw, Graystripe, and Hollyleaf, aka cats that left the Clans (permanently or temporarily)! I THINK I GOT IT RIGHT THIS TIME WHOOO

      • It just came to me that Crowfeather and Stormfur have very similar descriptions 🙂

    • Stormfeather: Short, thick-furred dark gray speckled-black tom with short legs, a stubby tail, and small ears with black ear-tips. He has dark amber eyes and a very fluffy, thick tail.
      Turtlemist: Small, slender, short-furred brown dappled she-cat with darker and black spots, a black tail-tip and ears, and pale green eyes. She has small ears and small, quick paws, and she is very nimble, with sharp eyes.
      Kit 1: Stonekit, Splashkit, Vinekit
      Kit 2: Nightkit, Ravenkit, Dewkit
      Kit 3: Mottlekit, Patchkit, Rainkit
      Kit 4: Hollykit, Frostkit, Streamkit

      Pinefoot: Small, long-furred dark brown tabby she-cat with bright, leaf-green eyes, a long, thick tail, and small ears. She has sharp eyes and a dark pelt suited for her night hunting.
      Ravencloud: Broad-shouldered, stocky, thick-furred black tom with white ears, patches, and one white forepaw, a white underbelly, and pale blue eyes. He has a long tail and a white stripe down his head.
      Kit 1: Twigkit, Mistykit, Fernkit
      Kit 2: Snowkit, Blackkit, Grasskit
      Kit 3: Spottedkit, Oakkit, Leafkit
      Kit 4: Mistkit, Flamekit, Dapplekit

      Grayclaw: Tall, long-furred gray tabby tom with long claws, a white muzzle, and a white, fluffy tail-tip. He has long claws, dark blue eyes, and a short, thick tail.
      Hollythorn: Short-furred black she-cat with a white splash of fur on her chest like a thorn, a long, thin tail, and white paws. She has a white tail-tip and sharp, dark green eyes.
      Kit 1: Spottedkit, Blazekit, Leafkit
      Kit 2: Stormkit, Crowkit, Firekit

      The theme is toms who left their birth Clan to be with their mates/follow their hearts (Stormfur, Pinestar/Ravenpaw, Graystripe)

    • Cats that left their Clan.

      Stormfeather: a big muscular dark grey tom with a fluffy tail he has light grey spots and a torn ear and light blue eyes
      Turtlemist: a lean black she-cat with a white tail tip and one white paw she has piercing green eyes
      Pinefoot: a sleek brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Ravencloud: a small black and white tom with yellow eyes
      Grayclaw : a gray tabby tom with blue eyes
      Hollythorn: a fluffy black she-cat with piercing green eyes

      These weren’t very good but I have to leave in like two minutes so they’re the best I could do.

      • Yours are always good Owlheart, thanks for submitting!

    • Stormfeather-sleek, thick-furred, broad-shouldered, dark, ash-gray tabby tom with narrow black stripes, darker gray speckles along his flank, a long, bushy, plumy, fluffy, feathery, white-tipped tail, powerful hind legs, distinctive dark gray patches shaped like storm clouds around his eyes, and clear, brilliant, dark stormy gray eyes

      Turtlemist-slender, long-furred, broad-faced, pale tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with misty silver patches resembling a turtle shell, a short, stumpy tail, pale cream-colored splotches, gray-and-black tipped ears, short legs, a narrow muzzle, and pale, bright, foggy green eyes the color of leaves through mist

      Juniperkit, Stonekit, Tendrilkit
      Nightkit, Smokekit, Ebonykit
      Cometkit, Flintkit, Steelkit
      Clearkit, Waterkit, Drizzlekit

      Pinefoot-lithe, long-legged, short-furred, dark brown tabby she-cat with small, shady grayish-brown mottles, a graying muzzle, a long, sleek, wiry tail, jet-black paws, fluffy head fur dusted with white speckles that resemble snow-covered branches, and dark, stormy, leafy-green eyes the color of pine needles

      Ravencloud-lean, small, ragged-furred, ebony-black tom with a white cloud-shaped patch on his chest, a white tail-tip, ears, paws, and muzzle, a long scar that stretches from his shoulder to his tail, sleek, dark gray dappled markings like raven feathers, and large, unblinking, cobalt-blue eyes the color of a cloudy night sky

      Hazelkit, Bushkit, Splashkit
      Shadowkit, Darkkit, Blackkit
      Thistlekit, Brackenkit, Cedarkit
      Chestnutkit, Rowankit, Laurelkit

      Grayclaw-large, thick-furred, patchy, dark stone-gray tom with a wiry, black tabby-striped tail, a torn ear, a battle-scarred flank, muddy-brown legs, a grayish-white underbelly, long, sharp claws, a muzzle turning white with age, matted fur, short, frazzled whiskers, and clear, watery-blue eyes the color of a stream at night

      Hollythorn-spiky-furred, lightly-framed, lithe, black she-cat with distinctive small silver dapples that resemble thorns, sharp, hooked claws, untidy, clumped fur, a V-shaped nick in one ear, very dark gray, barely visible tabby stripes on her head, and dark, brilliant, holly-green eyes the color of holly leaves

      Mosskit, Sedgekit, Sagekit
      Sootkit, Coalkit, Shadekit

      • Thanks Mistlepaw! Did you want to guess the theme?

        • Cats that left their Clan/group? Stormfur, Turtle Tail, Pinestar, Ravenpaw, Graystripe, Hollyleaf?

    • Stormfeather – thick-furred dark gray tom cat with light gray tipped fur and amber eyes
      Turtlemist – short-furred white she-cat with black spots and a short bobbed tail with bright yellow eyes
      Kits – #1 – Splotchkit, Stonekit, Ripplekit
      #2 – Vixenkit, Echokit, Nightkit
      #3 – Icekit, Blizzardkit, Timberkit
      #4 – Petalkit, Otterkit, Dawnkit

      Pinefoot – light brown tabby she-cat with extremely soft fur and pine green eyes
      Ravencloud – gray tom with white tabby stripes and a long fluffy tail with amber eyes
      Kits – #1 – Fawnkit, Finchkit, Parselykit
      #2 – Puddlekit, Deerkit, Cedarkit
      #3 – Nutkit, Toadkit, Rowankit
      #4 – Kinkkit, Dewkit, Willowkit

      Grayclaw – lean, extremely skinny dark gray tom sleek fur and dark yellow eyes
      Hollythorn – orange and white but mostly black tortoiseshell she-cat with a long skinny tail and leaf green eyes
      Kits – #1 – Leafkit, Fernkit, Duskkit
      #2 – Volekit, Beechkit, Rookkit

      Theme is cats that didn’t live in the same Clan or any Clan at all for their whole life.

    • Storm: silver-gray tom with white splotches, shredded ears, a long tail, and stormy green eyes
      Turtle: short-tailed, lithe, small gray, ginger, brown, and white tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and a long scar on back
      Splashkit, Berrykit, Frostkit, Dewkit
      Leafkit, Nightkit, Hollykit, Cinderkit
      Lakekit, Minnowkit, Carpkit, Cloudkit
      Skykit, Eaglekit, Yewkit, Snowkit

      Pine: reddish-brown tabby she-cat with ginger paws and muzzle, a white slash on her legs, and green eyes
      Raven: night-black tabby tom with silver fur around his eyes, a large silver patch on his flank, a white-tipped tail, and blue eyes
      Dovekit, Pigeonkit, Swampkit, Emberkit
      Sootkit, Smolderkit, Stonekit, Icekit
      Owlkit, Houndkit, Larchkit, Mudkit
      Branchkit, Willowkit, Rowankit, Brookkit

      Gray: large, powerful white tom with gray toes and ears, huge paws, and yellow eyes
      Holly: black-and-pale brown she-cat with long whiskers, prickly fur, and holly-green eyes
      Duskkit, Poppykit, Sorrelkit, Dapplekit
      Sharpkit, Swallowkit, Flintkit, Lightningkit

      The theme is cats that left their Clans! (or at least, temporary.)-Stormfur, Turtle Tail, Pinestar, Ravenpaw, Graystripe, and Hollyleaf.

    • Ah! I’m so late! Sorry! 🙁

      Theme: Cats that left their group?

      Stormfeather: Thick furred, gray tabby stom with broad shoulders and black paws. Ice-blue eyes.
      Turtlemist: Tortoiseshell she-cat (Ginger, gray, white) with long, silky fur and bright emerald eyes.
      Kit #1 : Patchkit, Hawkkit, Hailkit
      Kit #2: Ravenkit, Hollykit, Cinderkit
      Kit #3: Mottlekit, Rainkit, Bluekit
      Kit #4: Cloudkit, Icekit, Rainkit

      Pinefoot: Graceful, pale brown tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes and white paws. Leaf-green eyes.
      Ravencloud: Jet-black tabby tom with large gray and white patches. He has broard shoulders and striking yellow eyes.
      Kit #1: Leafkit, Specklekit, Maplekit
      Kit #2: Emberkit, Shadowkit, Tigerkit
      Kit #3: Oakkit, Beechkit, Brackenkit
      Kit #4: Tuftkit, Hailkit, Silverkit

      Grayclaw: Large, thick-furred gray tom with black stripes and a thin scar on his left shoudlder. He has a white patch on his chest and teasing amber eyes.
      Hollythorn: Night-black she-cat with faint ginger stripes on her legs and tail and fierce green eyes.
      Kit #1: Spottedkit, Sorrelkit, Honeykit
      Kit #2: Hailkit, Hawkkit, Flamekit


  • I have some warrior names but not sure if their actually good or not… so plz give your feedback!
    -Emberblaze she-cat
    -Moondusk tom
    -Puddlesplash tom
    -Tumblehide tom
    -Rosefall she-cat
    -Goldendaisy she-cat
    -Blossomberry she-cat

    • Moondusk and Puddlesplash are absolutely beautiful! 😀

    • I like Emberblaze, Moondusk, Puddlesplash, and Rosefall!

    • They are amazing! 🙂

      Emberblaze: 9/10 I love this name! It makes sense and flows well.
      Moondusk: 10/10 This is seriously one of the prettiest, coolest sounding names I have heard in a while! I LOVE it!
      Puddlesplash: 10/10 Ooh, I love the prefix and suffix in this name, and it works well together! Love it!
      Tumblehide: 7/10 I like the name a lot, I am just not sure about the -hide prefix. 🙂
      Rosefall: 8/10 I really like this name!!! It sounds great.
      Goldendaisy: 10/10 This is SO pretty!! I love it, and I love how it makes sense!
      Blossomberry: 8/10 I like the way this name sounds, and the image it creates! It doesn’t make sense, but with warrior names they rarely do. 🙂

      Loved them! 😀

  • Results
    Everyone guessed the theme correctly.

    1. Rowanfall- Brightstorm
    2. Rowandusk- Mistypaw
    3. Rowanbreeze- Mistlepaw, Aspenkit, Mistypaw, and Willowkit

    1. Birchleap- Aspenkit
    2. Birchwind- Mistlepaw
    3. Birchsong- Wavepaw and Mistlepaw

    1. Hazelsky- Wavepaw
    2. Hazelberry- Mistlepaw and Mistypaw
    3. Hazelpool- Brightstorm

    1. Oakstorm- Wavepaw and Mistlepaw
    2. Oakdapple- Wavepaw
    3. Oakbreeze- Brightstorm

    1. Wavepaw-66
    2. Brightstorm-57
    3. Willowkit-53
    4. Mistypaw-52
    5. Shadowfox-38
    6. Mistlepaw-33
    7. Frostflower-31
    8. Snowpaw-20
    9. Willowstream-18
    10. Flashtail-14
    11. Dawnheart-12
    12. Brightpaw-12
    13. Aspenkit-12
    14. Lupinepaw-9
    15. Asterpaw-8
    16. Russetfeather-6
    17. Sunpaw-5
    18. Darkkit-4
    19. Moonkit-4
    20. Petalfrost-3
    21. Breezefire-3
    22. Oatpaw-1

    There’s a theme try and guess it!

    • Cloudwhisker, Cloudtuft, Cloudshade, Cloudbreeze

      Nightwillow, Nightshimmer, Nightflower, Nightsong

      Hailcloud, Hailfall, Hailpelt, Hailfeather

      Sundapple, Sunblaze, Sunpool, Suncloud

      Tallclaw, Tallstep, Tallwillow, Tallgorse

      The theme is weather/things in the sky.

    • Cloudleap, Clouddusk, Cloudfeather
      Nightbird, Nightwind, Nightstep
      Hailshine, Haildawn, Hailshadow
      Sunspirit, Sunbriar, Sunmist
      Tallbreeze, Tallflight, Tallheart

      The theme is leaders of the five clans? (Cloudstar of SkyClan, Nightstar of ShadowClan, Hailstar of RiverClan, Sunstar of ThunderClan, Tallstar of WindClan)

      • Yay! I set a theme that everyone agrees on!

    • Cloudmist, Cloudwing, Cloudlight
      Nightshine, Nightbreeze, Nightpool
      Hailfang, Hailclaw, Hailtooth
      Sunfrost, Sunstorm, Sunflight
      Tallfoot, Tallwhisker, Tallear

      Theme is leaders! (Cloudstar, Nightstar, Hailstar, Sunstar & Tallstar)

    • Cloudstorm,cloudfrost,cloudsong

      The theme is leaders (cloudstar nightstar hailstar sunstar & tallstar)

      • Oh it Changed cloudsong too cloudstorm i didnt notice that and it should have been sunleap not Sunleaped

    • Cloudleaf, Cloudflower, Cloudleap or Cloudbreeze
      Nightfire, Nightmist, Nightsong or Nightbreeze
      Halstorm, Hailleap, Hailcloud or Hailflight
      Sunleaf, Sunsong, Suncloud or Suntuft
      Tallclaw, Tallflower or Tallwhsiker
      Theme: Leaders of the five Clans; Cloudstar (SkyClan), Nightstar (ShadowClan), Hailstar (RiverClan) and Tallstar (WindClan)

    • Cloudpaw: Cloudfeather, Cloudshine, Cloudsong, Cloudfrost

      Nightpaw: Nightberry, Nightbreeze, Nightbird, Nightsong

      Hailpaw: Hailfall, Hailstorm, Hailbreeze, Hailsky

      Sunpaw: Sundapple, Sunblaze, Sunflame, Sunstorm

      Tallpaw: Talltree, Tallflower, Tallfeather, Tallflame, Tallpine

      Them is leaders of the five Clans! (Cloudstar of SkyClan, Nightstar of ShadowClan, Hailstar of RiverClan, Tallstar of RiverClan, Sunstar of ThunderClan)

    • Cloudheart, Cloudflight, Cloudsong
      Nightberry, Nightlight, Nightfoot
      Hailstorm, Hailfrost, Hailstrike
      Sunblaze, Sunscorch, Sunflame
      Tallfoot, Tallbird, Tallwing

      Leaders from all 5 Clans(Cloudstar, Nightstar, Hailstar, Sunstar, Tallstar)

    • Theme:things in the sky
      Sundapple,Sunshine, Sunpetal,Sunflower
      These are terrible,I did them without thinking at all late at night

    • Cloudfrost, Cloudpetal, Cloudbreeze, Cloudwing, Cloudfire
      Nightstorm, Nightfire, Nightwind, Nightberry, Nightfeather
      Hailcloud, Hailstorm, Haildusk, Hailsplash, Hailshade
      Sunblaze, Sunfeather, Sundapple, Sunstream, Sunleaf
      Tallbriar, Tallsky, Tallbranch, Tallpool, Tallfoot

      The theme is leaders from the five Clans? (Cloudstar from SkyClan, Nightstar from ShadowClan, Hailstar from RiverClan, Sunstar from ThunderClan, and Tallstar from WindClan.)

    • Cloudshade, Cloudsky, Cloudbreeze

      Nightshade, Nightflame, Nightbreeze

      Hailstrike, Hailfall, Hailflower

      Sunflame, Sunbreeze, Sundapple

      Talldapple, Tallsky, Tallcloud

      Theme: Leaders 🙂

  • I’m bored so here are some names I came up with! Feel free to use them in fanfics or whatever! 😀

    Leaf shadow over puddle: Leafshadow, Leafpebble
    Pebble rolling down hill: Pebblehill
    Branch falling into river: Branchfall
    Kestrel calling in sky: Kestrelsky
    Pebble plopping into creek: Pebblecreek
    Fox hiding in shade: Foxshade
    Frosty leaf crunching in the wind: Frostleaf
    Finch wing sparkling from dew: Finchdew
    Sparrow wing shining in sun: Sparrowsun
    Minnow struggling up stream: Minnowstream
    Dewy moss clinging to oak: Dewmoss
    Fern under berry bush: Fernberry
    Wolf slinking through shadows: Wolfshadow
    Turtle basking in sun: Turtlesun

    Hope you like them! 😀

  • Tribe names!
    1.Bee That Jumps Around
    2.Dragonfly That Stays on The Belly
    3.Grass as Tall as a Tail
    4..Raven With a Stripe Between it’s Eyes.
    5.Dead Cat Running Through the Field.
    6.Bee That Gets Crushed by a Rock
    7.Sage That Grows to The Sky
    8.Fox That Leaves Behind the Dust
    9.Creek That Swallows Legs
    10.Creek With a Dark Tone.

    Wich one did you like?

  • *is stalking old warrior names page*