Warriors Names

Do you have a great name for a warrior? Are you testing out a new warrior name and want feedback from BlogClan? This is the place to do it.


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Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 25, 2020 6:12 pm

Rapidfire-black tom with with orange horizontal lines on his fur and yellow eyes

September 25, 2020 6:31 pm


September 25, 2020 11:40 pm

Here’s six warrior cat names:

Bestmuzzle- brown tabby tom with the best looking muzzle and amber eyes
Lobsterbite- bright red tom with the habit of biting and amber eyes
Numbtail- black tom with numbness of tail and blue eyes
Saplingpelt- brown she-cat with light brown marking and amber eyes
Honestheart- white she-cat with the complete honesty and green eyes
Purrecho- black and white she-cat with the loudest purr and blue eyes

😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
September 26, 2020 4:44 pm
Reply to  Midnight

I like purrecho

September 26, 2020 9:06 pm
Reply to  Midnight

Saplingpelt is good

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 26, 2020 1:15 am

LEADER-cragstar(a pale gray tom with darker stripes and a crooked muzzle with stern yellow eyes)
DEPUTY-windtrail(black tom that fades down to gray and all the way to white at his tail tip has white paws and muzz and has gray streaks in his fur and has moor green eyes)
MEDICINE CAT-Minnowmink(Purple is gray with light blue eyes and black paws and tail tip)

Puddlelynx(light gray tom with short tail and big ear tufts on tips of ears and has darker gray lynx stripes and paws and has golden leopard spots)
WARRIORS-burntfox(dark orange tom with black spots paws belly chest ears and muzzle and has red eyes and read stripes)

Sheerdrop(white she with gray patches and blue streaks and one misty blue eye and one dark blue eye (they are beautiful) and has gray paws And blue tail tip)

Larkripple(dark gray tom with lighter gray rings around body ears muzzle eyes and tail and ankles and has sea blue eyes)

Highledge(tall darkbrown she cat with black flecks and gray paws and midnight blue eyes)

Spidercrawl(pitch black tom with dark brown eyes and is very short and a stub tail)

Stuffednose(a orange tom with white stripes and ringed tail and legs and has black mask and white blaze and is allergic to everything and nose is always clogged so is not a great hunter but an amazing fighter And a trickle of green snot down nose and dull green eyes)

Blizzardtrout(a light gray tom with white dapples and flecks and paws tail tip and muzzle and has dew blue eyes and black paws and stub tail and black tufts on ear tips)
APPRENTICE-shortpaw/sloth(white munchkin tom with ginger paws chest stub tail with ginger muzzle rounded ears and tail tip with minty green eyes)

Lightningpaw/bat(yellow tom with jagged black stripes and a white mask and has dark yellow eyes)

Lightpaw/feather(cream she cat with white mask belly and paws and soft green eyes)

Nutpaw/streak(brown she with black muzzle paws and chest has ginger belly and flecks and a black mask)

Bugpaw/blink(Black tom with hairless tail and big swamp green eyes And light brown paws)
QUEENS-creamylight(cream she cat with white paws and mask and soft green eyes)
(Mother to spider crawls kits, dawn kit pidgeonkit bugpaw lightningpaw and lightpaw)

Barksap(brown she cat with ginger paws belly muzzle tail tip and ears and has golden flecks and a gold spot around right eye, has forest green eyes)
(Mother to cragstars kits, shatter kit tree kit nutpaw shortpaw)
KITS-dawnkit/fever(yellow she cat with green eyes and black paws and white markings and is small and feverish)

Pidgeonkit/squabble(black tom with white belly and brown paws chest ears and stripes and has white muzzle and tail tip and has green eyes

Shatterkit/stone(gray kit with gray flecks and white paws and muzzle and black ear fluff and eye spot and has icy blue eyes)

Treekit/tickle(giggle ginger she cat with
With brown paws belly and ears and has white chest tail tip and muzzle and has forest green eyes)
ELDERS-snoutsneeze(pale white time with gray muzzle and ears and is a munckin with a stub tail and gray tail tip and chest and is sickly and always has a running nose and sneezes a lot)

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 26, 2020 1:56 am

Names that match to treebee

Rules-make a name that matches what the first name actually is example birch flame=treefire=alderblaze=oakflare

Have fun!
(This is a cross of a game and warriors name page and the game page)

🌊🍬Gracepaw(splash)/Gracey the Candy Crazy🍬🌊
🌊🍬Gracepaw(splash)/Gracey the Candy Crazy🍬🌊
September 26, 2020 4:02 am

Birchsting Maplewasp Oakhornet

I am the storm after the calm

🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
September 26, 2020 9:01 am


CAT CAT CAT o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
September 26, 2020 10:51 pm

Got to make the suffix related to bee

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 26, 2020 1:06 pm

Don’t stream all of them 😺 one is good but good job

🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
September 26, 2020 10:37 pm


CAT CAT CAT o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

Last edited 25 days ago by 🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
September 26, 2020 7:17 am

Here are som names:


September 26, 2020 7:32 am

Leader: Cinderstar
Deputy: Leopardpelt
Medicinecat: Cheetahspot
Warriors: Froststorm,Firetail,Barkwihisker,Falconstripe,Sunfrost,Mudspot
Queens: Heatherblaze,Pebblefoot, Moonfur
Kittens: Nightkitt,Leafkitt,Sootkitt,Sandkitt,Snowkitt,Greykitt
Elders: Specklefur,Liontail
Apprentices: Rosepaw,Otterpaw,Eaglepaw

The Amazing Briarkit!!!
The Amazing Briarkit!!!
September 26, 2020 1:34 pm

Dawn of the Clans form of those names:
Leaf Heart
High Leap
Blaze Light
Shadow Fur
Petal Fall
Tribe form of those names:
Leaf in the heart of a Storm(Leaf)
High leap of mountain Lion(High)
Blaze lighting up the Sky(Blaze)
Shadow casting darkness on Fur(Shadow)
Petal’s fall of the Bush(Petal)
Kittypet version:
Loner version:
Leaf or Livy
Rouge version:

Last edited 25 days ago by The Amazing Briarkit!!!
Sunpaw who was Ravenshard (Lux)
Sunpaw who was Ravenshard (Lux)
September 26, 2020 3:25 pm

Random namesssssssssssssss:
Skyfire- Bright ginger tabby tom with sky blue eyes
Aldersmoke- Dark brown tabby she-cat with grey eyes
Owlflight- Mottled brown tom
Lakeripple- Dark grey tabby she-cat

Cloudpaw who is bored out of her mind
Cloudpaw who is bored out of her mind
September 26, 2020 5:15 pm

here’s 2020Clan, since I haven’t been active in forever

Leader Kobestar
Deputy WWIIIleap
Medicine Cat Austrailia’sonfirestream
Googleclassroomflower, mother to Covid-19tail’s kit: Isolationkit

🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
🌳LEAFYPAW-leafyshadow-who is always playing🌳
September 26, 2020 11:09 pm

Shadeheart-White and light gray tom with yellow eyes
Creampool-dark cream she-cat with dark copper eyes(formly kittypet names lu)
Cindertail-dark gray tom with blue eyes
Featherflight-fluffy ginger she-cat with gray and white patchs,green eyes
Plumtail-white tom with ginger tail and amber eyes
Shineglow-White she-cat with huge hazel eyes
Mistypetal-Misty gray she-cat with blue eyes
Sparklefur-yellow tom with dark amber eyes
Quailwhisker-brown tom with ginger spots,and golden eyes
Sparrowstripe-ginger tabby she-cat with gray tabby muzzle,light golden eyes

CAT CAT CAT o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
September 27, 2020 12:56 am

LEADER-rosestar|white she with red splotches and red eyes and poofy fur|
(sister plumstar mother redshade father kinkfish)
DEPUTY-runningrunner| black tom with white face belly paws chest and tail tip and has yellow eyes|
(Brother: Scarface-parents are dead-mate: lakeshine-kits: frostykit , ashykit, shinykit)
MEDICINE CAT-wetwink|silver she cat with white paws belly tail tip and muzzle and has blue speckles by end of tail a bit above eyes a bit on muzzle and on back a bit and above paws a bit and has stream blue eyes|
(Sister: lakeshine-parents dead)

Juniperholly|black she cat with white belly muzzle paws tail tip and chest and has brown spots and green eyes|
(Brother-leaffrost-parents dead)
Maplepool|brown tom with ginger belly chest and muzzle and black paws flecks tail tip and ears and one spot over right eye and has green eyes|
(mate: yellowPetals-kits: shrubkit, chickkit, berrykit, sapkit-parents: gorsetumble grassstep-sister: shellmask)

Cleartracker|white crystal like fur and a great tracker and has clear blue eyes is a tom|
(Parents dead)

Shellmask|white she with light gray mask paws stripes rings on tail ears and spots and belly and has ocean blue eyes|
(Brother: maplepool-parents: gorsetumble and grassstep)

Redshade|a she cat senior warrior who haS red russet fur with black shadow to it and black paws and muzzle with dark red eyes|
(Parents dead-kits: plumstar, rosestar, plumstar, mountainpaw, alderpaw, pinepaw-mates: leaffrost, kinkfish)

Scarface|pitch black tom with darkbrown eyes and a long scar across his face|
(Brother: runningrunner-parents dead)

Leaffrost|light brown tom with darker spots and white flecks belly paws muzzle and tail tip and chest and one green eye and one frosty blue eye|
(Sister: juniperholly-mate: redshade-kits: mountainpaw alderpaw pinepaw-parents dead)
APPRENTICES-alderpaw/chase|red tom with white belly tail tip paws and muzzle and has green eyes|
(Siblings: mountainpaw and pinepaw-parents: redshade leaffrost)

Mountainpaw/crumble|white she with brown spots paws belly chest tail tip and eye spots and ears and has blue eyes|
(Siblings:alderpaw and pinepaw-parents: redshade and leaffrost)

Pinepaw/hawk|brown tom with black stripes and paws and belly and muzzle|
(Siblings: mountainpaw and alderpaw-parents: redshade and leaffrost)
QUEENS-lakeshine|silver she cat with white paws and muzzle and lake blue eyes|
(Parents dead-mate: runningrunner-kit: ashykit shinykit and frostykit-sister: wavewink)

Yellowpetals|gold yellow she cat with gold paws belly and dapples and muzzle and has green eyes|
(Parents dead-mate: maplepool- kits: chickkit shrubkit berrykit sapkit)
KITS-shrubkit/spud(lightbrown she with green eyes)

Chickkit/lick(yellow fuzzy Tom with green eyes and orange hind paws)

Berrykit/fawn(yellow she kit with brown spots and white paws belly and muzzle and one brown eye spot around eye and has ginger flecks and green eyes)

Sapkit/slap(ginger tom with brown patches and eye spots and has green eyes)

Shinykit/sparkle(silver she kit with white paws and blue eyes)

Ashykit/flash(pale gray tom with black flecks and paws and yellow eyes)

Frostykit/freeze(white tom with gray spots and paws and frosty blue eyes)
ELDERS-gorsetumble(gray tom with darker swirls paws and muzzle and green eyes)

Grassstep(light brown she with white paws belly and muzzle and has green eyes)

Cindery Smoke That Warms Autumn Frost ~ Cindy
Cindery Smoke That Warms Autumn Frost ~ Cindy
September 27, 2020 4:19 pm


Leader: Dumbledorestar (song)
Deputy: Mcgonagalldapple
Medicine Cat: Pomfreybounce

Snapesnap ( 😉 )

Harrypaw (scar)
Hermionepaw (flower)
Ronpaw (berry)
Fredpaw (streak)
Georgepaw (strike)
Dracopaw (talon)
Crabbepaw (tooth)
Goylepaw (wing)


Hope you liked this!


Last edited 24 days ago by Cindery Smoke That Warms Autumn Frost ~ Cindy
😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
😎Kestrelfeather😼 (kestry or feathers)
September 27, 2020 5:45 pm


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