[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]

Five Steps To the Perfect Blogclan article (Rosie-style!) by Rosefern

Rosefern shares their tips on writing an article.

[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]
[a monochrome picture of a kitten sleeping in the cavity of a typewriter]

Hi all!
It seems to be becoming a trend that people who write a lot of blogclan articles are writing articles on how they write their blogclan articles! So I feel like this is gonna be fun, so here I am! W/ my own lil touch of Rosie flare!
Step one: Pick an idea.
So the first step to writing a successful article is to have a solid idea. It has to be something you can write at least 350 words about, and those words cant just be a bunch of gibberish. And remember, it cannot be fanfiction. Fanfiction is defined as clear storytelling of events that have not happened in the Canon warriors world. Hey, why do I sound so serious? Im supposed to be adding my own Rosie flare to this, not making a basic template of how to write an article! LOL
Some examples are: Fav and least fav characters (For a touch of flare, add characters your neutral on), why you like or dislike a certain character, or giving warrior names to characters of other things you like. Or just type in Rosefern in the search bar at the top of Blogclan and you should get a few ideas from those results ahaha
Step 2: Write it down
Yes! Now! Dont just sit there like, oh yeah I’ll write it in the article submission box later. Make a beeline for whatever text editor you have on hand (I use iOS Pages!) and get your ideas out there! And if you only have an idea, at least enter the name of what your planning your article to be, into the title. Because your idea will run away, I promise you! And it’ll be nice, when you’re scrolling through your docs, you see all your ideas, and you have a fresh, clean slate for each of them!
Step 3: Keep writing!
In the doc! Whatever you do, do not just write it in the article submission box with no backup! Unless you want a fair chance of it being cut off, that is!! Also, I think I finally figured out the reason behind articles “getting cut off” there might be some time while your typing that the form just stops responding. It acts like its responding, but its not remembering it. It’d explain why, one time, an article got cut off, and right before I submitted it I changed the name, but the name change didnt go through either. And I haven’t gotten an article cut off ever since I started copy-pasting directly from pages. Yeah I had a one article I was winging and I worked so hard on it! But it got cut off on the first sentence! I learned my lesson then. Never ever ever just wing articles in the box again for me!
Personal experience, bla bla bla, just get to the point!
Okay. Write your article in da word doc you made, making sure its
1: Blog-Appropriate (No cussing etc)
2: Not fanfiction
3: Over 350 words.
If its a song article, the lyrics cant be the exact song it has to be changed, and it has to have at least 350 words other than the lyrics.
I know Google Docs has a word count, and Pages (Which is what I use!) has this neat lil word counter tool you can turn on, that shows the word count right under the text, and it updates so you type! How fun and easy is that??!! If you don’t have a word count you can use wordcounter.net . Check for any embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes. That is, unless you want a reminder of how horrible past you was at spelling! /LH Also, just check for mistakes in general, ok? Its important that the reader can understand you. Make sure your article is clear and understandable, basically. Make sure your fine with it, then…
Step five: Submit!
Once your sure you got your article all good and right, copy it all, then go under the “Feeling Creative” tab at the top of blogclan, and got to “Submit your article”. You can also find it in the site directory as “Article submission”. At the bottom, just above the comments, will be a form where you can put your name (Blogclan name, of course) the title of the post, and the content of the post. Write your blogclan name in the name box, the title you picked for your post in the title box and then paste the content of your post into the content box. Make sure its still in the doc too so you have back up! Once your done, hit the submit button, and wait until the “Success!” message comes up, before x-ing out. You might wanna reply to Embix’s top comment, and ask the mods about it. The format of your message can be something like this:
Hi Mods! I just submitted my article, [name of article], did you get it and was it cut off?” Embix or Birchy will answer it when they get time. Proceed as necessary.
Enjoy your articles!
I hope you found this article helpful (And maybe entertaining!) Until next time,, this is Rosie the Fern, and Im signing off!

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  • … What if I have my article idea on a vehicle, and don’t have a device with me to write idea down…?

    (Also, I would like to say- sometimes I go for days before writing some ideas I have to articles-)

    But overall, great article! I usually just write down whatever comes to mind!

  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T. Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!! | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | I love Umbreon and Lucario! | Huntlow forever!!!!!!! | WE DEMAND A SEASON 3 OF ROTTMNT | Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! This is very helpful =)

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