[a set of the first four books in The Wizards of Once book series by Cressida Cowell]

Giving The Wizards Of Once characters Warrior names Part 1 by Skyshimmer

Skyshimmer gives warrior names to characters from the book series The Wizards of Once.

[a set of the first four books in The Wizards of Once book series by Cressida Cowell]
[a set of the first four books in The Wizards of Once book series by Cressida Cowell]

Hi guys! Skyshimmer here, and today I’ll be giving The Wizards Of Once characters Warrior names! This series has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while and I recently reorganized my books and found it, and I thought, “Why not read it?”
So yeah, now I’m giving the characters warrior names haha! Anyway, let’s get started!

*Note: Winter, my inspirational stuffy, helped me with this article because these names were actually really hard to come up with! Everyone give a hand to Winter :D*

Xar: Well, of course I had to start with him! Maybe his prefix could be Boyofdestiny- Bolt- because he’s very brave and tends to act first and think later (this is actually directly quoted in Twice Magic, the second book). For the suffix, maybe -witchbloodfingers -shade, because he put witchblood on his hand and everyone started complaining about “the dark side” and stuff like that, so yeah
Xar’s Warrior name would be Boyofdestinywitchbloodfingers Boltshade!

Next up is, of course, Wish! For her prefix, I’ll pick Enchantedspoonhead- Iron- because she has *spoilers* magic that works on iron *end of spoilers* and for her suffix, maybe -wish or -eye? Or -witchslicingswordofdestiny! Actually, I think I’ll choose -patch, for her eyepatch.
Wish’s name would be *drumroll* Enchantedspoonheadwitchslicingswordofdestiny Ironpatch!

Next I’ll do Bodkin. I think his prefix would be -Terriblebodyguard -Vigilant, because he’s a bodyguard 😛 and he tries to avoid dangerous situations. His suffix would be -sleepysidekick -rain, because he tends to see the bad side of things.
Bodkin’s name would be Terriblebodyguardsleepysidekick Vigilantrain.

Next up is Queen Sychorax. Her prefix should be Black-, because in the first book, when she first appears, she’s dressed completely in white, except for one black earring, so I thought it would be ironic haha, and also because of her personality. In my opinion, her suffix would be -stone, because that’s what her heart is made of 😛 but also because of the Stone-That-Takes-Away-Magic that she keeps in her dungeons.
Sychorax’s name would be Blackstone! Sorry I couldn’t think of any jokes for this one 😛

That’s the end of my article, I hope you enjoyed and may StarClan light your path! Comment down below what your favorite name was!

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