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    July 20, 2018 at 2:02 am

    Rainpool sat quietly in her Aquatic lesson. Her teacher, Dolphin, flashed her pale yellow stripes. “Reply to me in Aquatic: What is your name?” She asked.

    “My name is Rainpool, daughter of Queen Abyssal, princess of the SeaWings,” the aqua dragon replied in her tribe’s distinct language.

    Two new characters for myself to RP:
    Dolphin: Pale blue female dragon with speckled gray scales and snout. Yellow light-up stripes. Top Aquatic Teacher in the Tribe. Extremely smart, can be stern but has a soft and playful side too. She is friendly but not always kind to those she meets.

    Queen Abyssal: Dark blue female dragon with unusual silver light up stripes. Logical, thoughtful, not afraid of war. Fiercely protective of Rainpool. Secretive and wary of newcomers. Harsh with punishments. Has very faint NightWing ancestry that is rarely suspected of.

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