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  • Can I just put my form here?

    BlogClan name – Sorrelpaw/stream
    Loner name – …Sorzi
    Preferred Clan – Ripple
    Age(moons) – 29
    Preferred rank – Med-cat? Or warrior
    Fursona – light brown she-cat with cream stripes and yellow eyes
    Backstory(optional)– meowmeowmeow
    Other – Ask!

  • I’ll put mine here too:

    Blogclan name- Flowerstep
    Loner name- Flower
    Preffered clan- ? I’ll do any of them
    Age (moons) -27
    Preffered rank- warrior/queen
    Fursona- pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Backstory- grew up with mother and littermates, whom all died young, and after mother died, am simply wandering, looking for a place to call home
    Other- Has no mate yet (?)

  • Snow padded through the nice spring forest, thinking quietly, her jaws crammed with moss, she purred spotting the den and darted over to it, wondering what the group might be up to.

    • Snow gently put the moss in the den and padded back out into the forest thinking that she would hunt, she padded deeper into the forest and found herself close to the pines, she felt weird, unsafe almost she narrowed her eyes and looked around her eyes darting around the undergrowth. She tasted the air and the thick scent of bager came to her she gasped and spun around to see the huge creature looming over her, ready to strike.

      • Wren heard a yowl. A cat’s in trouble! She quickly stood up and followed the noise. Snow was pinned down by a badger. Wren leapt onto the back of the badger and clawed at it. “Rake it’s belly!”she screeched. Snow clawed at its belly and the badger reared back,making Wren fall. The badger gripped Snow in his jaws. Wren twisted around and bit the badger’s leg. “No you don’t!” The badger let go of Snow and turned around to bite at Wren. It bit Wren’s throat. The last thing she saw was Snow on top of the badger,biting its ear before her vision went black.

        • Snow only felt pain, her whole body felt on fire, she couldn’t move her leg but she ignored it and clawed the badger viciously,, worry for Wren and herself fueled her and she drove the badger away with one final blow. The badger lumbered away and Snow panted heavily, her body was dripping blood, her leg dragged along the ground, making every step painful, she limped over to Wren and collapsed beside her, her eyes growing wide at the gash in her throat.
          “Wren?” She whispered, trying to fight her growing unconsciousness.

  • Robin was dreaming about padding in the pines. She loved the scent of the pines, and she knew just about every step of it. Suddenly she could hear a yowl, and scented a faint scent of a badger. ‘This… this is a dream… but could it be happening in real life?’ She woke up and dashed out of her makeshift den. She darted to the pines, following her nose, following the rank scent of a badger. She saw the badger lumbering away, and Wren unconscious. Snow was lying next to Wren, and Robin could see that she was still slightly awake, but losing conscious fast. ‘What do I do….’ she thought, panicking. Then her mind cleared, and she remembered what a loner had taught her about herbs. ‘I need cobwebs for sure, and marigold leaves. Comfrey, and would burdock root help?’ She dashed to find all of the herbs and came back. Snow was unconscious by then, and Wren’s breath was getting shallow. ‘I hope this works,’ she thought. She put the herbs on them and slipped Wren on her back. “I’ll be back for you, Snow… stay alive,” she whispered, knowing that Snow wouldn’t hear her. She brought Wren back to camp, where Patch was sleeping. Robin prodded him with her paw, and Patch growled, “What is it?!”
    “I need you to wake up to keep an eye on Wren. She got attacked by a badger,” explained Robin. Patch nodded and shifted into a sitting position. As Robin ran to get Snow, she saw that Patch had a suspicious look on his face. She ran back to the pines, where Snow was beginning to get shallow. “Stay strong, Snow…” she mewed and got Snow on her back. SHe ran back to camp, careful not to drop SNow. When she got back, she put Snow into her nest, along with Wren. “Now all we can do is wait,” she mewed, stepping back. “They are in the paws of… the stars.”

  • Wren opened her eyes. She was in a forest with a sparkling river running beside her. There were familiar cats around her. “Breezeroze? Mint . . . Moon,Sorrel . . .! What are you doing here?” Breezeroze dipped her head. “We’re here to give you your nine lives.”

    After the ceremony,Breezerose announced”You shall now be known as Wrenstar!”

  • BlogClan name – Honeysprint
    Loner name – Marble
    Preferred Clan – GorseClan
    Age(moons) – 28
    Preferred rank – Meddie…? If not then Warrior
    Fursona – White cat with large, dense light gray spots on his back, silver eyes.
    Backstory(optional – His mom abandoned her four kts, and they barley managed to survive. Two died before tey where 4 seasons old, and his last remaining brother got hit by a monster, just a quarter moon ago. His past is filled with tragety, but he is still a cheerful, focused, and efficeint cat.
    Other- Currently lives at the edge of twolegplace, near the moor
    May I join please? Cant wait!

    • Hello! I am currently a spirit of this place,wandering around 😛

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