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  • books i love
    warrior cats
    keeper of the lost cities (kotlc)
    land of stories
    the unwanteds
    percy jackson (i’m only half done the first book)
    secret of black hollow lane
    the hunger games
    aru shah

  • If you know me well enough then you probably know by now that I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with Friday Night Funkin.

  • I have a dream smp obsession-
    Let’s see if you can guess my favorite things from dreamsmp
    Favorite Character?
    Favorite DreamSMP song?
    Favorite pet?
    Favorite quote?
    Favorite ship?
    Favorite nickname

    • ok here goes (i know very very little about dream smp so sorry if my guesses are super basic)

      1. georgenotfound
      2. i see a dreamer
      3. patches or patchy or whatever dream’s cat is called
      4. don’t know any bc i don’t watch it
      5. same as above
      6. same as four and five

    • im just gonna answer

      Character- Quackity
      Song- Voices, Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye, Syndicate (all by derivakat)
      Quote- “If I can’t make people smile, I will make them cry”- Fundy
      Ship- idk probably dreamnotfound or wilbur and sally
      Nickname- Wilby or Tubbox… or gogy… definitely gogy

  • Cheetahheart, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) tell me if i missed any names! says:


  • Am I the only person here who watches Happy Tree Friends? If nobody else watches it due to the violence then that’s kinda understandable.

    • welp looks like im the only person on the blog that watches htf 😶

  • I’m still not the biggest fan of Myers-Briggs, but I took a quiz and read into the ones that seemed most like me and I actually fit *super* well into INFP, The Mediator (introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving) — which to be clear is the one I got on the quiz, too lol

    What ones do you think you guys are, and what do you think about all of it? 😛

    • I have got INTP, ENTJ and ESTJ before over the course of 3 years so I don’t think the test is very accurate. 😛 My friend actually sent me a whole article about how it’s scientifically nonsense and completely fake but it swore a lot so I can’t post it on BlogClan.

      I don’t think it’s a problem to enjoy taking the test even if it’s not accurate, as long as people don’t center their life around the ‘advice’ it gives each personality type.

      I like the logic parts of the INTP, the strong will and confidence of the ENTJ and the clever people-reading part of the ESTJ. I don’t think any are me fully but I identify with aspects of all of them. 🙂

      • Yeahhh, agreed 😛 I’ve also recently read an article about how nonsensical it is, which I am in agreement with. I did it as a fun little quiz 😄, and for sure, dooon’t take too much advice from it 😛

    • I’ve never done the test and don’t really intend on doing so, bc A: I don’t think it’s that important for people my age to do it (I’m 11¾ btw) and B: I’m extremely indecisive when it comes to most online quizzes/tests.

    • The test isn’t accurate, most MBTI tests are actually based on the Big 5 traits and not cognitive functions which determine your real type. For example how emotional you feel that day or how much you’ve been procrastinating lately can change your MBTI type if you use the letter system but with cognitive functions it’s the same functions, you just use them differently depending on your maturity level/current mental state. For example on the 16p test I’ve gotten INFP, INTJ, ISFP, ISTJ, ISFP, ESTJ, ENTJ, etc on different days but with functions I’m pretty sure I’m an INTJ. (Sorry for the long comment lol I like personality type systems)

      • Yeah, I’ve gotcha! 😉 I had had a feeling it wasn’t done in a manner that would work for what it was telling you (such as work compatibilities) and my interest in it was never high; I looked into it a teensy bit more (actually focusing mainly on that part — accuracy, per se — so yeah, I’ve heard of the Big 5 vs. cognitive functions thing ;D) and so, yeah, it’s definitely not to be taken too seriously by an accurate standpoint (but what do I know, take it for fun if you want; don’t use what I say to stop you from absorbing yourself in anything ^^).

    • I think that I could be either an INFP or ISFP (probably the latter), but when I first took the 16 Personalities test I got INFJ (the rarest MBTI personality type, apparently) and I got INTP on my most recent test results. 😛

      I read an article on this very recently (I think it was from the website of The Guardian UK newspaper) and it talked about how the internet created a fandom for Myers-Briggs and what some MBTI fan-sites said you should do and like based on your MBTI type.

      I think that your MBTI type should be used as a tool to understand yourself, not a label to obsess over and let dictate who you “should” become.
      Your Myers-Briggs type is a way to identify why you do the things you do, not a way to change your hobbies, interests or even behaviour based on a stereotype of what your personality is (e.g. ISFP is an artist, INTP is a Scientist etc) even if you didn’t see yourself as an artist or scientist before you knew your Myers-Briggs type.

  • I just finished the last episode currently released of TOH and I just love the show. Anyone want to talk about it?