Comparing Cats: Mothers Edition! Ferncloud VS. Bluestar by Brightkit

Brightkit compares Ferncloud and Bluestar as mothers.

Artwork by Lithestep

All right, Brightkit is back. Just for the sake of making an article. So, where do I begin with? Well, remember the article where I said I’d make a series on? Well, I’m VERY lazy these days so I gave up on that……😅 So I said, “Hmm… why not make a series on comparing different cats?” Well, here you go! Today, as you might’ve guessed from the title, I’m comparing one of the most underrated queens and a noble leader. FERNCLOUD VS. BLUESTAR!!!!!!!

Number 1. (We’re only going to discuss their time as queens in this article) Ferncloud, my favorite queen of all time!!! She apparently received her warrior name, became pregnant, and gave birth to Shrewkit and Spiderkit,, all between books, which already is clear evidence that she is underrated and she is shown less than some other queens are shown. She was killed off because of fan-hate (GRR FANDOM!!!) And Also, her personality is not that well developed in my opinion. Which means she is underrated. In my opinion. But overall she’s a good character.She definitely deserves to be in more books, She is a permanent queen only because she was gentle, nurturing, and watchful, perfect to watch over mischievous kits. I love her, because she and her fellow queens (ex. Brightheart, Sorreltail, and Daisy) helped the kits grow into fine warriors and helped the Clan grow. Queens like her have strengths that warriors could never have.

Number 2. Bluestar
Okay okay, I know that Bluestar’s time as a queen was very short but still I just wanted to put her here because she is awesome! Okay, so she had three kits, Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit.She had a Riverclan mate, Oakheart and apparently she wanted/needed to be deputy so she gave her kits, all except for Mosskit, to Oakheart That alone was brave. I personally do not agree with giving her kits away but what if she had given her kits to a ThunderClan queen? Cats would recognize them. So that wouldn’t work out. WindClan and ShadowClan are out because they.. wouldn’t necessarily be looking for another three, maybe four, mouths to feed. Minus Mosskit and you get two. Neither ShadowClan nor WindClan would be truly happy to have to feed two new mouths, right? Neither would Riverclan but need I remind you that Oakheart, the father of these kits, was a Riverclan cat? So that would be the only Clan that could adopt these “strays”? No. Okay this is going to turn into a rant if don’t stop RIGHT NOW so I’m stopping here…

What did you think of this article? Please comment on your opinions! Hope you enjoyed this article!

Brightkit out!

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