A History of Clan leaders: Lesson 1. Forgotten leaders by Mossnose

Mossnose shares the stories of some of the forgotten leaders in Warriors history.

Art by AulrenArts

We do know a lot of some Clan leaders, but some need a lot of information of some of them. For example, at the start of the original series, it was likely for Firepaw to turn into a warrior and then a deputy and a leader. Why? Because all the main characters have a future adult life as the leaders and everything. It happens in a lot of books. It happens the same to Brambleclaw, and Lionblaze, Crowfeather and Squirrelflight all become deputies in future life. But others are leaders just because the authors need them to be there. For this reason, this second kind of leader hides many secrets and is ten times less humble than a “cool” Clan leader. Raggedstar, for example, is pictured to be a kind leader when mentioned in Into the Wild, but isn’t as cool in Yellowfang’s Secret.
Raggedstar, for example, is said to be born Raggedkit together with Scorchkit (who will later be Scorchwind) to Hal and Featherstorm. Hal never stopped being a kittypet, so Raggedkit was born half-Clan. When he and his littermate were born, the identity of their father was unknown, but some people think that Featherstorm had mated with a kittypet. We don’t knkow how, but Raggedkit seems to have a big family: his father has a daughter called Russetfur who is also a ShadowClan cat, and his mother seems to have had three more kits with Blizzardwing. Raggedkit later turns into Raggedpaw and is mentored by Backenfoot. He is very good at fighting in battle, and earns his warrior name, Raggedpelt, after a fight against WindClan. As a warrior, he starts to feel close to Yellowpaw, and they talk about how people gossip about Raggedpelt’s heritage. They search for his father together, and find out who it is. Hal seems to have no care for his son, and Raggedpelt fights in a battle against a group of kittypets, in which his mother Featherstorm is included, and kills Hal. Yellowpaw, now Yellowfang, later shows interest for being a medicine cat, and they stop having love contact when she becomes Sagewhisker, the ShadowClan medicine cat, ‘s apprentice. Raggedpelt later receives Coludpaw as his apprentice and becomes ShadowClan deputy. Yellowfang and Raggedpelt finally have kits, two she-cats and a tom, Hopekit, Wishkit and Brokenkit. Brokenkit is the only survivor to the birth, and after Raggedpelt forces Yellowfang to hide that she has done birth being a medicine cat. Brokenkit is turned on to Lizardstripe, and when this young cat grows he become Raggedpelt (Raggedstar)’s deputy. Brokentail later kills his father and lies to ShadowClan telling them Raggedstar died in a battle against WindClan and becomes leader after his father. Raggedstar was shown to regret his son’s appointment as a deputy.
Raggedstar’s story is pretty sad, but in Yellowfang’s Story we can observe that he wasn’t a really fine cat either. However, he’s not the only cunning leader that had his wings cut for his ambitiousness. This is the case of Beechstar and his son Mothpelt.
In Code of the Clans, Beechstar is an ancient SkyClan leader. He lays in his nest as he holds on to his last life after being mortally wounded by a RiverClan warrior in the border between SkyClan and RiverClan. As he dies, he appoints his son, Mothpelt, to be the new leader of SkyClan, even though he isn’t the deputy, and tells Mothpelt to make him proud as he watches from StarClan. Mothpelt grieves heavily for his father, and swears that he will be the best leader StarClan has ever known. Mothpelt instead, raged because of his father’s death, attacks RiverClan in terrible weather conditions, and gets substituted as a leader by his father’s deputy, whose name I don’t remember. At this moment, the new leader establishes a new law in the warrior code: the deputy will substitute the leader when the leader dies.
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