Ashfur’s big plan by Nightpaw

Artwork by Fox Desert

Nightpaw examines what Ashfur’s longterm plans were

Hi everyone! This is my second article on Blogclan and I will be talking about Ashfur and what his big plan is.

Spoilers for TBC

Firstly, let’s talk about Ashfur’s goal. I believe his main goal is to win Squirrelflight’s love. It is not power-hungry thirst for blood. It is power hungry thirst for love.
“Are you ready to fight me? Because that’s what you’ll have to do, if you want to stop me.”
“No, I don’t want to harm you, I still love you.” Ashfur and Squirrelflight, The Place of No Stars.
This quote shows that Ashfur still loves Squirrelflight and wants to win her love.

Now let’s talk about Ashfur’s big plan. I think he chose to become Bramblestar’s Impostor because he could be with Squirrelflight again. But he showed several signs of a bad leader by punishing codebreakers but breaking the code himself. And it was clear for Squirrelflight that he was an impostor.
“I’ll leave, but there’s something you must know. My mate would never behave like this. You must know in your hearts that this cat, has none of the courage, honor, and honesty of the real Bramblestar. This Bramblestar is an impostor.” Squirrelflight to The Impostor, The Silent Thaw.

In Veil of Shadows, the impostor caused a battle which resulted in the loss of 8 cats. I think Ashfur did this because he wanted cats as his ‘servants’ in the Dark Forest doing his treacherous bidding. While the impostor was deposed and became a prisoner of Shadowclan, the terror of the impostor was still to come.

In Darkness Within, Ashfur manipulated Shadowsight to let him free so he could go on with his evil plan. Then Ashfur dragged Squirrelflight through the Moonpool so he can have time with Squirrelflight alone.

Finally, In The Place of No Stars, Ashfur makes use of all his captured spirits. He shows Squirrelflight all the spirits he has captured and shows her how much power she has. But it has the reverse effect on her, making her hate him even more. He makes Bramblestar, her real mate, attack her. He does this to show her that Bramblestar doesn’t care about her, but Squirrelflight knew that he was controlling Bramblestar.

Thank you for reading my article and I’m sorry it wasn’t that good. I will write more articles in the future. Bye for now!!!

Nightpaw/wind, 5 August 2021.

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