My Random Opinions on Fictional Fighting Cats *PART ONE* by Shimmerfeather


Shimmerfeather discusses some random opinions that, quite frankly, everyone has had

Hi! I decided to make a random opinion thing. And for some reason my ‘i’ key isn’t really working well today so if I make any mistakes please excuse me.

I’m also going to say how I imagine the cats and their breeds!

Also, keep in mind that my opinions might not be the same as yours; so please don’t give me any hate.

Also beware of the SPOILER MONSTERS!

Firestar – I love Firestar, and contrary to popular belief in the Warriors fandom, he was not a Gary-Stu. The only Stu-ish trait that people over-exaggerate is being leader for too long. Umm, you do realise every leader is given 9 lives, right? Firestar is smart and polite, he won’t get his 9 lives ripped out at once like Tigerstar. AND it’s a little ironic to love the books and hate Firestar because he’s the reason we’re reading in the first place! I imagine Firestar as a ruddy 100% Abyssinian (which would work since he was born as a kittypet) – he would still look like fire in the sunlight, don’t worry.

Sandstorm – I love Sandstorm as well, and cried like a baby at her death. I imagined her as described in the books, and I also love Sandstorm’s change of heart; so sweet! She never stole Firestar from Spottedleaf, because technically they weren’t ever together. FirexSpotted is really gross, in my opinion – it’s like a 30 year old woman falling in love with a 10 year old boy. See? Also, it was never developed, unlike FirexSand, aka one of my fave ships.

Greystripe – I love Greystripe too, he’s amazing and floofy and he loves food like me!! I imagine he has some Maine Coon blood, since he’s so big and shaggy and I imagine him with tufted ears too. Or even a Norwegian Forest cat! Greystripe’s adorable and he was Firestar’s original bro.

Ravenpaw – One of my all time favourites <3 he’s so cute, and I imagine him as an Oriental cat, and though my aesthetic screams ‘purple eyes’, my logical mind screams ‘GREEN EYES! Get it right!’. I ship RavenxBarley together btw <3

Squirrelflight – Honestly, I never understood the hate she got! She never used Ashfur or Brambleclaw and I love her transformation from spunky, sassy and bouncy apprentice to mature, brave and clear-headed deputy. You can tell she deeply cares about her family, and I overall love her. I also imagine her as an Abyssinian mix (because Firestar is 100% Abyssinian and Sandstorm is a mix-bred in my headcanon).

Bramblestar – I love Bramblestar as well and BramblexSquirrel is one of my favourite ships ever. Those two had been through so much together! Also, Bramblestar is a great leader and if Squirrelflight ever dies I hope he makes Brackenfur deputy, although he would be too old. Plus, I love how he kept going even though he was scorned for being Tigerstar’s son! Bramblestar and Squirrelflight have a lot in common, more than what people realise. I also imagine Bramblestar as how he’s described in the books, with Maine-Coon and Norwegian Forest blood.

Leafpool – I have a love-hate with Leafpool. In many ways she’s a lot like me, but I hate LeafxCrow so much. I feel terrible for her but at the same time, I don’t know. Help me out! 🙁 I also imagine Leafpool as a short-hair and canon appearance.

Crowfeather – NOOO! SHOOT ME NOW! I HATE CROWFEATHER SO MUCH! HE LITERALLY DISOWNED EVERYONE! NIGHTCLOUD = NO. BREEZEPELT = NO. LEAFPOOL = NO. LIONBLAZE, JAYFEATHER AND HOLLYLEAF = NO. UGH. I also imagine Crowfeather to be an Oriental, because I imagine Hollybae to be an Oriental (because of her long legs and figure), and Hollyleaf is supposed to be the spitting image of her father.

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  • Firestar is critiqued because he’s too old?
    Tallstar was born when Pinestar was ThunderClans leader! He overlived Sunstar AND Bluestars leadership!
    That’s a long life!

    And if I may correct you about Crowfeathers love:
    Nightcloud = No, but she didn’t love him either
    Breezepelt = He tried, but Breezepelt always believed his father would hate him because of Nightcloud told him that. So he behaved like that.
    Leafpool = Yes, but he acknowledged that Leafpool had to go her way!
    ‘The Three’ = Deep in his heart: Yes! (As you see in The last Hope)
    He only didn’t want to show it outwards because he had to show his loyalty to WindClan after his Run-Away with Leafpool!

    I’m no fan of Crowfeather (I don’t even like CrowXLeaf), but I like to see him as a complex character with many facets, not only as the introverted cat we always see!

  • Good article. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Firestar, Sandstorm, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw. I agree with you on the others except for Jayfeather and Leafpool.

    Nice job!

  • Honestly they should be talking about Mistystar 😛 She’s an old old fart by the time of TAS right now!

    Also, while I absolutely love Hollyleaf and can see all your points about him, I love Crowfeather as a character and you know I can’t really find it in myself to hate a character.

  • The reason I believe Firestar is a Gary Stu is because he is too easy to love. Starclan puts him in nearly every main plot and he is just too perfect. He gave every one of his lives for his clan, which I only find a problem because Bluestar and other leaders just died a few times of sickness that wasn’t due to them trying to directly help their clan. Firestar is also loved by three cats, which is too many in my opinion. I really like the article though! Sorry that I RANTED ALL OVER YOUR COMMENT SECTION!!!!!

  • Please credit the artist if you know how it is.

    (I don’t mean to be rude but it annoys me when people don’t credit.)

    Nice article by the way.

  • I agree with much of what you said, Shimmerfeather! I have a love-hate relationship with Leafpool as well and I don’t really like Crowfeather with any cat. They broke the code too far (both codes). Sure the Three were born because of them but Rock said that if they weren’t born, the Dark Forest wouldn’t have risen. But anyway, love love love Squirrelflight!!!! And Graystripe has a similar personality to me. And go Firestar!