Hollyleaf’s Power? by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot discusses Hollyleaf’s possible power.

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As you may know…. Hollyleaf didn’t have a power. And most of the fandom raged about that because Hollyleaf GOT. CRAP. DONE! That’s what we love about her. So when she died the fandom actually gave her a list powers she could have had or still do have. I am here to give out the list, reasoning, analyzing and more about our chick Hollyleaf!
Now one of my fav troll fic kind of power is that she is IMMORTAL! Well I wouldn’t completly disagree with that and here are my reasons why. As an analyst I have to give my legit reasons for things. Hollyleaf pretty much went off and tried to get rid of herself! But when she tried it was foiled by herself living the terrible crash. This could explain this power. I really like how insane but true this is. The funny part is, well this could be IT!
Next up is my personal favorite. Well as you know Hollyleaf was the leader of the group. So maybe she was able to harness her brothers powers into a channel of command. What that means is maybe Hollyleaf was able to bend her brothers powers to her will. This could have made a her a villain. Which this is what Firestar powers and control StarClan itself! I know I know, I’m getting ballistic but wouldn’t that be a pretty awesome storyline or plot twist?! So in the end this power would be beneficial to both sides leaving her with the choice!
Now I was reading the wiki and Hollyleafs power popped up. I immediately clicked it. It said maybe… just maybe… she possess this power: she has the element of all four clans! Think about it. It was noted that she could swim easily in Dark River. (I think) and has a pelt to hide her in the night like a shadow, as for her shadowclan abilities. Later it is said that she has the impeccably strong back legs of a runner. This can come from her father but she wasn’t a full WindClan cat. And she is born of thunderclan, which left her with each ability of her home. What about dem apples?!
Another one I thought of was maybe she was part physic. She was said to have been able to think… wait wait wait, KNOW every possible outcome of a single action. If you were to know what happened out of
Now last but not least, her power could have been her words. Her words tore the clans heart into pieces! She fact that every word she said hurts someone pretty much destroyed every Clan! This is a great lesson. Words can tear down so think before you say.
*bows* Well that’s the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any suggestions about anything else to write about comment! Au revoir! http://pre05.deviantart.net/c9c8/th/pre/f/2014/168/d/5/hollyleaf_by_klaracrystalpaws-d7mqawz.png

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  • “Words can build you up. Words can break you down. Start a Firestarfire in your heart, or put it out…”

  • Nice article! Another possible power that I’ve seen is that she had a power (they did not name it) because she could see Fallen Leaves in the tunnels without dreaming, and this guy is like, almost as old as Rock, and Jayfeather has to see them in his dreams.

    • Jayfeather sees Fallen Leaves and Rock all of the time outside of dreams, and other cats have seen StarClan spirits outside of dreams before, like Squirrelflight seeing Yellowfang, and Firestar seeing Spottedleaf when he saw the lion in his reflection.

  • The power/abilities from every clan was my personal favorite possibility of Hollyleaf’s power.
    I will forever wish she hadn’t died and we could’ve seen more of her, but I guess at least she died in battle and redeemed herself.
    But her death aside being able to channel her brothers powers is a good idea, she could glimpse into cats thoughts like Jayfeather or have Lionblaze’s strength, plus with her cunning she’d have been able to do so many things with that.
    It could’ve made her into a great villain, but even though she killed Ashfur, and revealed Leafpool’s secret, she wouldn’t really need to be a villain.
    Personally, I think the only way Hollyleaf would’ve/could’ve gone down the path to being a serious villain would be if she’d not had a power and let her jealousy that Dovewing replaced her as a member of the three take hold. And maybe she’d get those channeling powers from like the Dark Forest. Ooohh could you imagine her being able to use the 3’s powers and serving the DF or her own purposes.

    • I really don’t think Hollyleaf would betray her Clan though. She would never be fully villain.
      My personal favorite is also the elements of the four Clans thing as well. It’d be awesome! But I also think that her ability to see Fallen Leaves in the tunnels without dreaming might be a power.

  • I don’t consider her words a power. A lot of words can tear people apart. If Ashfur had said it, it would have had the same result.

    I like the power of all four Clans idea! I love Hollyleaf and I understood her pain seeing Dovewing get everything she ever wanted.

  • Woah!!! Really good article!!!

  • It really is too bad that the Erins didn’t give her a power. It would’ve been a good scene for Hollyleaf if she were still loyal. I feel like Hollyleaf would tear herself apart because she was loyal to the Clan, but her brothers were urging her to use her power. (This is, of course, if she was one of the three.)

  • I love the powers you thought of! The idea of her being able to bend powers to her will would’ve made a great storyline! She would’ve most likely become my new favorite villain. Great job with this article!

  • Wow, a wonderful article! I didn´t think of most of these theories, and I am one of these, that prayed for her return!! The power of words is another great idea, and it is just completely logical. Words have might. And that might is stronger than every claw, because they can hurt deeper. And sometimes these scars won´t disappear.

  • Yes my name is HollyLeaf. Only cause shes my favourite cat and i put my favourite cat as my name. Ive seen the abilities from all 4 clans idea, except for ThunderClan, her power could be a really good hunter (which she is) just like a thunderclan warrior like sandstorm. and she may also have the power of taming other animals, cause in ‘HollyLeaf’s Story’ a fox was in the tunnel and FallenLeaves told her not to go after it, but she said she knew what she was doing and she went after it and tamed it and became its friend, she knew that she could tame the fox sooooo