Comparing and Contrasting Different Depictions of Warrior Cats by Briarpaw

Briarpaw takes a look at how the appearances of characters differ from different parts of the Warriors series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Gosh I haven’t written an article in so long

Hi! It’s Briarpaw here. I thought today I’d try out my first picture article! Today, I’m going to look at different depictions of warrior cats, hence the title- the art in the books versus the art in the manga versus someone else’s art I found online versus an image (also found online, thank you, Google Images) of a cat that fits the character’s description.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

First up: Leafstar!

First off, let’s look at some art from SkyClan’s Destiny:

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Leafstar is shorthaired with a bit of fluff on her chest, belly, and tail. She has white paws and a white chest. Widish head. Basic build. Average. Her muzzle is also white, and she has white rings around her amber eyes. Her paws are a bit large, as well.

Now, let’s take a look at her manga self:

Official art by James L. Barry (SkyClan and the Stranger manga series)

Here, she has large ears and brown patches on her eyes. Unlike the image we saw before, she is mostly white, not brown. The browns are significantly different, too- in the first one, she is reddish-brown, and here she has patches the color of tree bark. Let me give you an image in color so you know what I was talking about- I couldn’t get a good color image that showed her physical characteristics well.

Official art by James L. Barry (SkyClan and the Stranger, fully coloured compilation)

All right, there you go.

Next, I’ll give you a drawing I found online of Leafstar.

Her fur is on the grayer side. She has bright amber eyes and a fluffy tail. Her fur is medium-length.

I think it’s interesting to look at the many different ways warrior cats are illustrated.

Next up, we have…


Official cover art

Feathertail is blue-grey with a fluffy tail and a lighter muzzle. She has a cute little curl on her head. She is a tabby.

Here is Feathertail in The Ultimate Guide!

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

This is one of my favorite pictures in The Ultimate Guide, it’s so cute!! The silver here doesn’t really stand out that much, in fact, some parts look brown. She has white paws and a white muzzle. Her nose is pink. She looks small. (Feathertail is on the smaller side, right?)

Alright, here’s a picture I found online! It’s by one of my favorite Warriors artists, Shyranno Art!

Her eyes are blue, but there’s some yellow in there, too. You don’t quite see the silver but it’s pretty close. Parts of her are darker than others. Her tail is very fluffy, like Squirrelflight’s. She is lean and looks small like last time. I love her fluff.

And finally, to conclude Feathertail, did you know there is such a thing as a Feathertail glider? I didn’t know myself until I researched Feathertail and found that out! Here is an image, they are very cute!

Photo from A Little Bit of the World (

I mean, look at that feathered tail.

Thank you for reading this! Comment how you felt about it below! Bye, and see you around!

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