Spoiler Page: Yellowfang’s Secret

Ah, my first blog post. And it’s a sunny day at my location, too.

So, here it is: the place to blab all the spoilers you like! If you may, keep polls that may reveal spoilers on this page. Have fun! Too bad I can’t read this– haven’t gotten the book yet.



Have fun, all!

Hazelburrow edit: Also, it’s the monthly(ish) gathering tonight (October 27th). Come along!


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  • If Foxheart (from Yellowfang’s Secret) was in a warrior names taken literally post, they would have to do litterally NOTHING.
    *Cause she’s a foxheart?*

  • I read Sunny Cat’s comment and. . .
    If Lizardstripe never mothered Brokenkit, would he be an ok cat? If Yellowfang were to just suck it up (Raggedpelt could probably pull some strings) and be his mother, maybe none of the blood shed would have happened. I think it is Lizardstripe’s fault that Brokenstar became evil. And, so what if Brokenkit had a glare on his face when he came out, so does many actual babies!