• Kate! What do you think Breezepelt’s siblings’ names were (if Nightcloud and Crowfeather ever named them) and what they looked like? I think of them as a black she-kit and gray tomkit.

    • he does, but they had to be separated because of the whole they’re-from-different-clans thing, and the Leafpool-is-a-medicine-cat thing, or something like that idk 😛

  • Question – are Breezepelt’s siblings in StarClan? Are they toms, she-kits, or one of each?

  • So Kate, it’s apparently been confirmed that Heathertail is the daughter of Onestar and Whitetail. Do you think it’s possible that Kestrelflight and Harestar could be her brothers? It’s a pretty popular idea in the fandom!

  • This book always makes me curious about the dynamic between Breezepelt and his kits. (Maybe also Heathertail after they’re in a long-term relationship) Will we get to see it more detail at any point? As in Vision of Shadows, Breezepelt seemed to go back to some of his old habits, shouting hypocritical statments at Gatherings. Even attempting to prevent a pregnant Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker returning from exile and given a second chance. Why does Breezepelt believe he deserves forgiveness but not those two?

  • I think Breezepelt would try to be the dad he never had, so he’d be congratulating them whenever they did well, being kind to them in general, etc. As for why he didn’t think Yarrowleaf and Sleekwhisker should return, maybe he felt like he had a more just reason for making his mistake and he didn’t help cause WildClan to fall to pieces they like did for ShadowClan.

  • Hey Kate, I was recently rereading Last Hope and there were some Breezepelt moments I’m a little confused with. So I was wondering if you could add some context to the scenes, as Crowfeather’s trial didn’t get the chance as it already had so much to resolve. Thanks! :

    “No!” As Breezepelt reared up to attack a WindClan warrior, Ivypool launched herself at him. Smashing into Breezepelt’s flank, she sent him flying. “You can’t fight for the Dark Forest!”
    “Are you crazy?” Breezepelt struggled free and stared at her. “This is what we’ve been training for!” “But you can’t believe that this is right!”

    Suddenly claws raked Ivypool’s cheek. Pain shot through her and she staggered sideways. Thistleclaw loomed over her, his lip curled to show long, yellow teeth. “Traitor!”
    “I’m no traitor!” Ivypool hissed. “I’ve been loyal to my Clan all along! I only came to the Dark Forest to find out what you were planning!”
    Her heart froze as Hawkfrost appeared behind Thistleclaw’s shoulder. Then Snowtuft landed beside her, his eyes darkening with hate.
    “We won’t fight for you either!” Birchfall flung himself at a Dark Forest tabby.
    Applefur lunged for a ragged tom. “I fight for the Clans!” Rage flared in Hawkfrost’s gaze. “Then we shall kill you first, before we destroy your wretched Clans!” – Chapter 25.

    Breezepelt mysteriously disappears midway through the scene just as Ivypool is attacked by the Dark Forest cats right in front of him. And if he stuck around long enough in the background, he would also overseen Birchface and Applefur’s defiance and Hawkfrost swearing to kill them. Why did he disappear? What were Breezepelt’s intentions?

    And lastly, “As she flung the tom off, the thorn barrier rattled. Crowfeather leaped into the hollow, Breezepelt on his tail. As they dived into the throng, Dovewing stumbled.” – What exactly was Breezepelt doing to Crowfeather?

    • Hey, Mellowix!
      I wrote The Last Hope so long ago, I can’t remember what the context was. But as I writer, I suspect that if context isn’t clear, it isn’t meant to be clear. Sometimes in storytelling, vagueness is a useful tool for keeping the reader from knowing too much too soon and/or leaving the future open to possibilities that would be blocked if an action was fully explained earlier on.
      i.e. We don’t tell you everything on purpose, to give ourselves wriggle-room. But you should be able to make a guess at what was motivating Crowfeather in the past by looking at his actions in the future.

  • This book made me absolutely love Crowfeather. 😀
    From his sarcasm to his character development… he’s great! If he isn’t my new favorite cat, he’s up there on my favorites list. I know! Kinda crazy, right, seeing as I used to not like him?
    And OMG, I HATE ONESTAR SO MUCH! (Sorry, don’t crush me if you read this and like Onestar…) I think Crowfeather’s potentially over-the-top anger at him wasn’t over-the-top, and the “leader” deserved it. Lol

  • This is proof that this book is amazing.
    It made me stop hating Heathertail and Breezepelt.
    That is the proof.
    Cats who die:
    No one
    No one
    No one
    Cats who almost die:
    There. Yeah Breezepelt does almost die A LOT. I love this book so much. 😀
    And a quick point of view from a RiverClan kit(that kit is me, Briarkit).
    I worried about the stoats, ate, slept, and thought the stoats were going to come kill me(What? It’s what a kit would think.).

  • Everyone else: This book made me stop hating Breezepelt!
    Me: Hello, I read this book and still hate him.
    Just One Heartbeat

  • I hate Breeze X Heather! Breezepelt and Heathertail are both SO annoying, but for some reason everyone in the fandom thinks they’re adorable together!
    Just One Heartbeat

  • This book really changed my mind on Nightcloud. I used to kinda dislike her, but now I love her!
    MothPool Shipper

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