Who was the first true Warrior? by Moonripple

Moonripple wonders who the very first, true warrior was.

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Greetings clanmates! I have summoned you here under the highrock for a clan meeting to ask you a very important question. Fellow warriors, apprentices, queens, elders and kits, what ties us together? What bonds us?

Not only blood, but the belief we share. We have all pledged or will pledge our lives to the clans but why? Not only for the prey we share or the security of our nests. We have cut off all possibilities of another life, without looking back. We are warriors, we follow the ‘warrior code’ which makes us very different from rouges, loners and kittypets. When we die we will join ‘Starclan’ and spend the rest of eternity playing in the stars. But who was the first true warrior? How was Starclan made?

Was it Half Moon (Teller of the Pointed Stones / Stoneteller) who sent her fellow tribemates to another land with only the sun trail of her dreams to guide them? Or was it the brave and noble Gray Wing who first named the clans and died shortly afterwards. The cats who lived in the Tribe of Rushing Water joined the Tribe of Endless Hunting when they died. Why don’t the warriors also join the Tribe of Endless Hunting as well? Who was the first cat in Starclan?

The first clan leaders were Thunderstar (Thunder), Shadowstar (Tall Shadow), Rivestar (River Ripple), Skystar (Clear Sky) and Windstar (Wind Runner) but were they warriors? How do you become a warrior? Yes, you must be an apprentice and train to become a warrior so does that mean the first apprentice was the first warrior? But you must be trained by a warrior to become one so this theory doesn’t really fit.

I remember when Gray Wing announced that the cats were warriors but who was the first one? This depends on what your idea of a warrior is, A. whether they hunt and fight, B. whether they hold the beliefs of Starclan and of the warrior code, C. whether they have warrior blood or D. if they train to be a warrior

If this is how to be a warrior, then all cats are born warriors. They can hunt and fight. But this one doesn’t make much sense since rouges are looked down as ‘uncivilised’ and ‘mean’. Rogues are a pack of cats who work together but have no honour, believe in Starclan or follow the warrior code. But this raises some questions: what about Bloodclan? They called themselves a clan although they are not worthy of the name. So what makes a clan ‘worthy’?

This one also doesn’t fit because Ravenpaw did believe in Starclan even though he was a farmcat with Barley. Also, the warrior code theory doesn’t work because Brokenstar and Tigerstar didn’t follow the warrior code yet when they died, they went to the Place of No Stars and only clan cats can go there, no rouges.

You have probably heard a lot of this one from Tigerstar when little Rusty came to the forest and became Firepaw and Tigerstar always saying he was born a kittypet and never could be a clan cat. We all know Firestar proved him and his cronies wrong when he took on the status of a leader after the death of Bluestar. So we know that pure blood is not the answer.

This one makes the most sense in my opinion, if they are trained the ways of a warrior. If a cat learns about the warrior code, how to hunt and fight like a warrior and believes in Starclan there you have a warrior! This is the path all kits make on their journey to become a warrior.

So, warriors, I have finished my speech. Now it is your turn to comment and tell me who you think the first true warrior was. I am excited to hear your suggestions!


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  • Hey! I like your article, but before the Clans settled into the forest, there were only prey hunters and cave guards, there were never a true warrior then! So I think that the first warrior ceremony took place after “A Forest Divided” and “Thunderstar’s Echo”, according to my meowculations. Forestkit, signing off.

      • What about sharpclaws?

        They believe in the Tribe of Endless Hunting
        They hunt and fight for the Tribe of Rushing Water
        They are apprenticed as softpaws and trained by other sharpclaws.

        So what about them?

      • Moonripple, but could prey hunters and cave guards also be classified as warriors? But did they believe in the warrior code then? No, because their was no warrior code then! But it sparks a few more questions: Who was the first cat in the Tribe of endless hunting?

        • Well, I don’t really think they would because back then they were only known as prey hunters and cave guards, they technically had no warriors. Though you could argue that warriors aren’t anything but a name. Also, there were the ancients like Half Moon and Rock so lets say the prey hunters and cave guards were warriors, then the first ancient who ever lived in a group of cats and this would be before the birth of Half Moon (Stoneteller)

    • Bright stream is… I think🤔
      “Bright stream!
      Shaded Moss, Fox, and Moon Shadow padded into the clearing after her.”
      Also, why is Emberkit getting a suffix? Why? Why!? Why?!! Emberkit, Moth flight, Dust muzzle- WHY!?

  • I think either Wind Runner (Star), Tall Shadow (Star) or Gray Wing were the first true warriors. They all hold true love for their clanmates, loyalty, and leadership. Even though Gray Wing turned down Tall Star’s offer to help her lead her camp, this shows Tall Star trusted Gray Wing and thought he would be able to uphold leadership one day. Wind Star was the first leader, she was very strict loving, and a true leader. She was only strict to her kits bc her others died when they were born, and that effected Wind Star, she didn’t want anything to happen to MothFlight and her brother. lets just say that Tall Star suffered a lot, and her father gave her the role of leading the rest of the cats to their homes, she was well respected and one of my favorite cats!

  • You said that “If a cat learns about the warrior code, how to hunt and fight like a warrior and believes in Starclan there you have a warrior!” However, Cloudtail didn’t believe in Starclan, and he is also a warrior. There are also numerous cases in which cats were born and lived outside the clans for a while and after, they got accepted and they became warriors. Anyways, great article! 😀

    • That is a valid point, yes, that is true but would they technically count as warriors even though they wouldn’t go to Starclan after their death or the Place of No Stars. Also, this leads to another question. If cats can’t get 9 lives from the Moonstone/pool if they become a leader, can they be a warrior? Because if you don’t believe in Starclan, then you can’t get your 9 lives and you wouldn’t be protecting your clan properly. This is a very open topic and thank you for your opinion.

  • It is hard to say who is the warrior/warriors I think it would either be the first kits to be called kit then paw then get there full names. Or it could be the first cats to really see each other as a clan and work with there clan mates, cats like Graywing Riverstar Pebbleheart Mothflight Windstar Gorsefur Thunderstar Shadowstar Skystar Lightningtail Smoke and Violet dawn. Please let me know what you think. Sparkfire- deputy of Bramblestar and Thunderclan meows.😊🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 If you could guess were my name came from that would be great.

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