Top 3 Firestar mate’s, Spotted Leaf, Sandstorm or Cinderpelt? by Golden

Golden discusses the best mates for Firestar.

Hi Blogclan and hello fellow cats! My name is Golden and this is my first post there, as you probably saw on the title i’m gonna discuss with you guys who of SpottedLeaf, Sandstorm or Cinderpelt would be the best Firestar mate, now we all know that Sandstorm is Firestar formal mate in the series, but i’ll ignore that in my top 3 ‘list’, and PLEASE remember that i don’t want to cause a flamewar on the comments so PLEASE respect my and others opinion about this, whitout further ado let’s begin!

3- Sandstorm: Well, well, well… just because Sands is Firestar formal mate that doesn’t mean i have to accept her, She’s loyal, it’s a great cat (atleast after being a warrior), and like’s to do important things (Apprentice’s Quest). But i just don’t feel that Firestar ‘always’ liked Sandstorm, even after Fireheart saved her life (which is the only cause that made they start a relationship), he only start liking she then Sandstorm changed his behavior towards him, i fell like if Firestar only took Sandstorm as a mate to forget Spottedleaf, so sorry Sandstorm and Sandstorm Fans, but she’s 3rd.

2- Cinderpelt: Uh, that we can talk about Cinderpelt… (Well, enough words to place her 2nd), CinderPelt has pratically evey good characteristic a Medicine cat could have, She’s Nice, wise, intelligent, care about others, loyal, is funny then she wants to be. Now just think if Cinderpelt had all of those in a Warrior life not a Medicine life? Sure, Firestar always saw her like a sister, but he had way more contact with she (than Sandstorm) and the first cat Fireheart always visited then he has troubled has Cinderpelt (Until Fireheart begin his relationship with Sandstorm *Cries in the corner*) in the medicine den, and she had feelings for him! tell me a better mate than that one? (Actually there is one, the 1st place in my top 3).

1- SpottedLeaf: I know, you guys are wishing for me to die now, but let’s all sit and calm down, SpottedLeaf couldn’t have a relationship with Firepaw (C’mon Spotted look you’r age), because of the ‘medicine-cat rule’ and then she started liking him (Which is probably after Firepaw started taking care of YellowFang) she got murdered (i hatz u Clawface), but even dead she had an ‘relationship’ with him from apprentice until he turned a leader, in this case, nothing much special happened for either Firepaw start liking she, and neither for Spotted liking him (*Insert here Sandstorm*) and talking about Sands, she acutally worried about losing Firestar to Spotted as she knew about their ‘Relation’ (Firestar’s Quest), and on the battle agains’t Dark Forest (The last Hope) is the book there we saw how much Firestar still love her as he says that she promised to be there then he went to Starclan, and later Bluestar says that SpottedLeaf gave Firestar the ‘life and gift of love’. So, yeah a ‘Happy Ending’ between those two would be sweet, don’t you think?.
So yeah guys that has my opinion, hopefully you enjoyed, and comment that do you think about it (But please respect it, pliz :|) So that’s it. Bye!


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July 17, 2020 4:57 am

At first Sandpaw (Sandstorm) and Dustpaw (Dustpelt) is’t happy of Rusty/Firepaw but now that he’s a loyal warrior. But I think that Spottedleaf isn’t um uh very well.. i never rly liked Spottedleaf at all. Cinderpelt welll.. i like her VERY much but she is a medicine cat and is not RIGHT for Firestar. And i think Sandstorm makes Firestar happy!

🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
🌒💖🌖Hollykit(frost) thinks Moons is awesome🌔💖🌘
July 17, 2020 5:34 am

Honestly, I really disagree with this. But nice article!

I think Cinderpaw’s crush on him is cute, but I don’t ship it.

And I like how Spottedleaf was Firestars crush. And now, she’s dead. And he’s moved on. He still sees her in his dreams, as guidance from Starclan. And that’s all. I don’t understand the hate for Spottedleaf—not everyone needs much backstory. She’s important in the story. Although, she did get backstory from Spottedleaf’s Heart.
I still don’t ship her with Firestar.

Cake alone will save our blog.

September 24, 2020 6:54 pm

I hate Spottedleaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😠😤 Rant over. Please don’t take offense

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